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Nine Mail is best in the class biz email application that supports for sending and receiving emails from all email clients in addition to its own emails. Nine Mail contains a broad range of helping tools in the shape of Nine Calendars, contacts management, tasks management, notes, and much more… read more
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26 Apps Like Nine Mail for iOS


1. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook that is otherwise known as Outlook only and formerly known as Hotmail is an email app developed and controlled by the Microsoft. This free to use email service allow the smartphone users easily create free to use an email account and even use their existing account via this email app as well. In the recent version of the app, Microsoft Outlook has integrated a lot of features, functions and even external services like Evernote, Yelp, PayPal, and much more. The features like pin, sweep, and unsubscribing will make you able to organize each section of the inbox. With this newly launched function, you will be able to focus more on the important areas and can quickly deal with the rest. Moreover, you don’t need to manually organize all section as the automatic organization system of this app will allow you to organize all things by blocking unwanted emails, pinning important emails, getting rid of unnecessary services and much more. For the convenience of the users, OneDrive is also integrated into the application.


2. Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! Mail is a smartphone application by the one of the leading email clients of the world Yahoo! The application of Yahoo! Mail is containing a newly designed and powerful feature like accessing multiple mailboxes, fast searching system, and even password free sign in to get instant access to the email accounts from any smartphone and tablet. Yahoo! Mail is called to be one of the best email apps that let the Yahoo users to easily organize all of their accounts regardless of the email address they are using. At the official website of Yahoo! Mail you can login via Yahoo account only but the interesting thing about Yahoo! Mail application is that it allows the users to even deal with non-Yahoo email ID like Outlook, AOL, Gmail and several others. This application has made the customization very simple and allows the users to select different actions like managing emails, deleting and archiving emails and organizing emails by moving emails to specific folders and much more. You will get notification in case of new email in the inbox.


3. myMail

myMail is a free to use email application that is an ideal app for any mail service because of its advanced email management functionalities and system for dealing with all accounts from a centralized platform. The simple and streamlined interface of this application makes it the best app for email management and communication purpose. The era of email communication has raised the need for managing multiple email accounts from a single platform as well. That’s why more and more mail management apps are being developed and among these, one leading name is of the myMail that is capable of managing all of the email accounts at once. Whatever email account you have, myMail support for all email accounts like Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and much more. It is also capable of dealing with POP3, and IMAP enabled mailboxes as well. Security is the biggest question that is still unresolved by most of the mail clients. Thanks to the advanced security system of myMail that ensures the smartphone users the security of all of their email accounts and emails in one place.


4. EasilyDo Mail

This application lets the smartphone users get all of their inboxes collected at a centralized platform. It is offering the best email management way that an email management should be. Most of the time of the email users spends on managing multiple email accounts. That considerably wastes the productivity time and resources as well. Thanks to this application that is containing all those things that one can imagine. If you are using email management apps then you must have noticed same alike features but what makes this app different from the rests is its streamlined user interface that is simply very easy and addicting. This email management application is recommended for all those users who are looking for an almost perfect email management app. The latest version of this application contains two new features in the shape of smart notifications and customizable multiple account views. For the information of the readers, EasilyDo Mail is not meant for managing email clients only; rather it is used for managing the emails as well like organizing emails and dealing with junk emails.


5. Mail.Ru

Mail.Ru is an ideal app for any mail client because of the reason it allows the smartphone users to add all of their email boxes in one application and manage all of these with the swipe of a finger. Although Mail.Ru itself an official mail app of the Mail.Ru but it also serves as email management application as well and allows the smartphone users to work simultaneously with Yandex, Gmail, Yahoo and several other prevailing mailboxes. After clubbing the mail accounts at a centralized platform of this app, the users can then perform all kind of activities like sending and receiving messages, sharing documents and photos and much more. Like most of the mail management apps, Mail.Ru also contains a notification system that instantly notifies the users about the new message on the screen. A lot of email management functions are also the part of this application. Overall, this app will allow you to stay in touch with all of your emails including the emails of Mail.Ru.


6. Blue Mail

Blue Mail is a beautifully crafted email management app for the iOS and Android users. This app features a simple design, powerful management tools, unified inbox and supports for all leading email accounts. In addition to management of multiple email accounts, this email management app is capable of managing emails of these accounts as well. If you wanna enjoy productivity-centric mailbox, then Blue Mail is an application allowing you to focus your attention on those emails that are coming from the real people. The navigation picker of this advanced email management app will assist you in accessing any account then either it is of any leading email service provider or of the IMAP or POP3 mailbox. For the better management and identification of the emails of all email clients, Blue Mail offers the system of assigning avatar for each service provider. By easily and smoothly organizing all of the email clients and emails into a centralized platform, the users can refine the email productivity and save their precious time too. Sending group messages is also the part of this app.


7. TypeApp

TypeApp is a super-fast and universal email management app for the mobile devices. It intended to be working as simple, user-friendly and easy to use the app for the management of all email accounts from a centralized platform. The best about this email app is that it is totally customizable and allows the users to customize most of its working tools as per their management requirements. Wanna avoid email clutter then start using TypeApp as its automatic clusters feature will keep the inbox tidy and will aggregate all of the emails from all subscribed services automatically along with the service name and avatar. The unique feature of this application is tracking conversations in the inbox, and that feature is still not available on most of the email apps. That system of TypeApp creates conversations with both emails sent and received. By this way, it extends a conversation to new members and will also generate linked conversations and allow you full visibility to all emails being shared by all. That feature of TypeApp makes it recommended an app for group communication as well.


8. Newton Mail

Newton Mail is a subscription based email management service that offers the features like read recipients, undo send, send later, snooze, sender profile, connected apps and much more. For the information of the readers, it is not a free application at all; however, you can enjoy the fourteen-day free trial before purchasing this app. This email management app works all leading email clients including Office 36g ad POP3 and IMAP accounts easily as well. Wanna know why Newton Mail is best for managing emails from a single platform. The answer is very simple. Because of the different set of features that it is offering to its users in the shape of reading recipients, send later, instant push notification and save attachments to the cloud storage services. There are many other advanced features in the shape of two-factor authentications, one-click unsubscription for any email ID, custom inbox swipes and much more. Whenever you send any email, you will get the read status as soon as the recipient reads the email. We are sure that feature is hard to find in many email management apps.


9. Alto Mail

Alto Mail is a simple tale on the email that makes the process of managing and organizing multiple email accounts easy. This email management application will give back you full command and control over all of your emails so that you can examine all of the file attachments, can organize emails, view photos, view documents and almost all those things that you do on the official inbox of your email service provider. This simple to use application allowing its users to view all of their emails from all of their accounts from a standalone place. It also enables the multiple email accounts holders to organize all of their emails from all of their accounts or look at each account separately as well. Availability of free application, staying in touch with all email accounts, connecting all of email accounts at one place, getting real time travel and shopping alerts, user-friendly dashboard, availability of calendar to cover all important dates, organizing emails at a centralized platform, connecting with Slack and Alexa and few others functions make this app suitable for management of multiple email accounts.


10. WEB.DE Mail

WEB.DE Mail is an all in one and easy to use an email client that allows the smartphone users to manage all of their email accounts from a centralized platform. This email management app allows its clients to create a free email account and start managing all of accounts. Start adding all mail accounts as much you want. The latest version of WEB.DE Mail is containing new optimized mail app widget and even access to the mail folders and get the compose mail option as well. Check out the streamlined features of this email management app are that it allow the users to log in with mail address and password, customizable push notifications, intuitive user interface, read and write emails on the go, access all of the email accounts including IMAP and POP3, secure access with PIN code and sending and receiving of encrypted emails all the time. For the information of the readers, WEB.DE Mail is one of the largest mail providers over the Google Play Store. Start using WEB.DE Mail and never miss an important mail again because of the push notification system.


11. Libero Mail

Libero Mail is an ad-supported email management and mail organizing app for managing all of the main email accounts such as Libero Mail itself, Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail and much more. It is intended to be used as a simple and easy to use email management app by offering its users quick actions and user-friendly interface. It is widely available for both tablet and smartphone users. Let’s talk about the distinctive features of this app that are consisting of multi-account management, advanced password protection system for better security, quick contacts management system for easily picking up the right contact while composing message, custom notifications system to decide the way you want to get notified in case of new message arrival in the box, customization of inbox for setting avatars for both email accounts and contacts, instant searching system to find new message or contacts, attaching images and files to the emails before sending and much more. Overall this email management app will make the process of managing multiple emails accounts simply for you.


12. Hop Email

Hop Email is an email application that has made the process of creating and managing email addresses very easy and simple for the smartphone users. Hop Email is entirely different from most of the email service providers on the grounds it offers unique email ID to the smartphone users. The quality of this email service provider is that it will rescue your inbox from cluttered and distracted email ids. With the usage of this email application, you will be able to streamline all of your emails. It offers the unified inboxes to the smartphone users so that they can manage even multiple email accounts to combine work and personal email accounts from a centralized platform. Whatever you want to prefer, this application will give you the chance to customize its functions so that you can work faster than before. The light speed replies, real conversations and protecting the emails from spam are the real features that make this email application simply one of the best email applications available over the internet for free.


13. CommuniGate Pro

CommuniGate Pro is one of the most advanced email service providers over the internet that offer the flash based unified services to its users. The quality of this application is that it exchanges email with all other leading email servers that are using SMTP protocols and its extensions and also offer the instant access to the account mailboxes through MAPI, POP and IMAP protocols as well. CommuniGate Pro allows the users to even work with their emails via integrated customizable web user interface.  The email queue subsystem processes all email messages. The encryption system of this email service provider is so advanced that it scans the all emails using a broad range of anti-virus and anti-spam engines that run as separate processes. CommuniGate Pro is packed with the functions like email management, IP telephony, contact management and file server. It is simply the best in the class email application that offers the best in the class and secure email creation, email services, contacts management, files management, and tasks management services to the smartphone users.


14. FirstClass Mobile

FirstClass Mobile is an application for the iOS and Android users that offer fully functional voicemail, email, and calendaring capabilities and allow the users to securely communicate with both internal and external community of other email account holders. With the FirstClass Mobile app, the smartphone users can create, view and reply to and even forward and delete the emails as well. They can even play voice messages encoded in the MP3 format as well. One of the best things about FirstClass Mobile is that it allows its users to view and access all containers with this application. It also empowers its users with the system of reading, forwarding, replying to and checking the history of the messages in the conferences section of this application. For the information of the readers, FirstClass Mobile is not like the normal email providing applications. It empowers its users to access a list of bookmarks created on the desktop or web version of this application. With the usage of this application, you will also be able to attach files and view documents created in the web and desktop clients.


15. GW Mailbox

GW Mailbox is a real-time messaging and collaboration platform that offers the free emails, calendaring and instant messaging system to the smartphone users. This email service is the provider of modern and professionally designed email addresses for the business users. Email, instant messaging and scheduling are the three main areas of services of this email service application. This email application will allow you to always stay on track like scheduling, calendar tracking, task management and email management to keep everything organized. It offers its users with the system of IMs, emails, call back reminders and much more. With the usage of this application, you can even set follow-ups, tasks, and request replies all through emails as well. It will even allow you to centralize all of your business communication at a centralized platform. It will empower your employee’s robust email, task management, calendaring, and contact management tools wherever they are. One of the best things about GW Mailbox is that it offers the user a dynamic and flexible interface that works as per the demand of the users.


16. Gmail

Gmail is an official application of the one of the leading email providing services with the same name. It offers the same services in the shape of its app for the smartphones and tablets as it is offering in the shape of its online service for the desktop web browsers. This free email service by the Google offers fifteen GB of free storage space to all of its new users. The users can get the extended storage spaces well for their business purposes as well as Gmail is now dealing in business sectors as well with the name Gmail for Business. What makes Gmail special one among a lot of email services providing apps is that it saves the time of its users by keeping the message safe and shifting the spam messages to a separate folder or automatically in the draft. If talk about the app of this email client then it is jam packed with features like getting push notification of the new messages, reading and responding to message even in an offline environment and performing several other functions.


17. is the free email account provider that in addition to offering free email accounts offers the smartphone users to manage multiple email accounts from a centralized platform. In addition to getting the free email ID, you will get the chance to customize the email box as per your need. One of the best features of this email service provider is that it offers a huge selection of domains to its users in the shape of offering them a lot of email addresses. The features that you will get in this simple application are file storage up to two GB, access emails from most of the smartphones, mail collector to collect emails from different accounts, easy to use interface, online calendar, integration of antivirus to scan the emails first, spam filter to set aside the spam emails, availability of two hundred domains, webmail system, email archive to organize the all of the emails, file attachments up to fifty MB and much more. is available in both free and paid version with some differences in features and functions.


18. Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is an email hosting service for the professionals and business users who want to make their business communications more effective and efficient. It is just like normal email services providers but with the additional functionality of working for the business users only. The best about Zoho Mail is that it is a totally add free email hosting service provider with the additional functionalities like integration of contacts, calendar, notes, tasks applications and much more. The simplicity of this email app will give back you full command control on your inbox. The email inbox of this application is designed keeping in view the requirement of the business users. One of the best things about Zoho Mail is that it also contains the Zoho Suite as well. Now all of the team members can enjoy creation and editing of text, presentation and spreadsheet from the shared email account. In a single email account you will get the chance to access almost thirty applications that will allow you to increase your productivity and get more and more outcomes from your investment.


19. Atmail

Atmail is a premium email service that was first launched for the Linux operating systems users only but now available for the smartphone users in the shape of the application as well. This cost effective email hosting and email management app offer its services to the businesses and professional users. Being the provider of simple business email services, the email solutions being offered by the Atmail are simply called to be specialists of the business services providers across the globe. The first class features of this email application are multiple deployment options, availability of fully featured webmail platform, integration of high class security standards and high performance and scalability for both mail server and Atmail suite. It is so simple that even the application for the smartphone comes with standard usable functions and emails can be accessed from any web-enabled smartphone and tablet devices. The live updating and synchronization of this application will give you the experience new level of email management functionalities. Atmail is simply one of the best email apps available for the smartphone and tablets users.


20. Yandex.Mail

Yandex.Mail is a spam-free email service provider for the smartphone users. This email client is making itself different from most of the email providing services by offering unlimited storage space and protecting the emails against all kind of viruses and spam. The application of this web-based email service provider gives the smartphone users the chance to access all of its features and functions from a simple to use application. No matter where you are, your email inbox will always remain with you. This application will give you the advantage of accessing and enjoying all those features that you witness in the web version of this email service provider. With the application of Yandex.Mail you can send and receive emails along with attachments and detailed messages. The push notification of this app will automatically inform in case the new email will come into the mailbox. One of the best things about Yandex.Mail is that it gives the customized inbox to the smartphone users so that they can manage the entire inbox in addition to simply managing the emails.


21. Tutanota

This independent email addresses provider is the provider of free and secure email IDs and all related services for the smartphone users. The email services and IDs being offered by the Tutanota are secure and safe with the automatic encryption system that is often adopted by the banks and security agencies. This open source free email client is capable of protecting all kind of emails of its users. The best about Tutanota is that in addition to encrypting the emails it also encrypt the contacts of its users as well. The features of this email application are quite impressive but dealing with third party emails is not so much easy. Dealing with third party emails involves some complexities, but these ensure the protection. In case you send emails to the non-Tutanota holders then they will first get the notification for temporarily communicating with Tutanota account holders, and after that, they can send and receive emails. Now all messaging and discussion will be made in an end to end encrypted environment.


22. GMX

GMX is a free personal and professional email provider for the smartphone users. In addition to the website, the email service of GMX can be securely accessed from its official applications for iOS and Android devices as well. This convenient mail collector offers the spam filtered emails to its users. With the GMX application, you will be able to explore and enjoy the easy access to your free email account from anywhere and anytime subject to the availability of internet connection. It will give you a fully functional dashboard so that you can manage and access all of your emails in a more professional way. Various functions are integrated into this email application like finding contacts, viewing and managing emails, replying emails and much more that can be accessed with a single tap. The streamlined features of this email application are available for all smartphones, fully optimized inbox, simple and user-friendly interface, sending and receiving emails from other email service providers, access to the email accounts of the other email providers as well, push notification for incoming emails, dealing with attachments and much more.


23. Hushmail

First of all it is important to mention about this email application is that it is not provider of email addresses only. It mainly focuses on the security of the emails and for the same reason is called to be the provider of secure email IDs to the smartphone users. In addition to free email IDs, you will also get the chance to send encrypted email IDs to anyone even the users of other email clients in addition to the users of Hushmail emails. Hushmail is different set of services that are crafted according to the need of its users. For general users it has normal features containing email services and for premium and business users it is extending great amount of features and functions. For personal usage this email application is available for free, however, for premium or business purpose you have to go for the paid version of this application. Don’t worry about the interface of this app at all as it is just like all those email services that you are already using.


24. AOL Mail

AOL Mail is the provider of free email ID from the AOL. You don’t need to be the member of the AOL at all for getting free email ID. All you need is to install the application on your smartphone, and after that, you are ready to create your free account that you can access from any internet enabled device into your smartphone. With the newly launched mobile application of AOL Mail, you will get the chance to bring all of the features at a centralized place. You can access your email anytime and will be able to receive email notifications as well. The best about AOL Mail application is that in addition to email management system it offers its users with a high amount of functions in the shape of breaking news, trending videos and much more. The instant notification is the best feature of this application that sends an email alert to the users so that they should never miss the important email and messages with this new alert system again.


25. Spark

Spark email application that is also known as Spark by Readdle is an email app for the iOS devices only. It is a standalone application only so doesn’t confuse it with multiple email management tools at all. This beautiful and intelligent email application allows it users to create their email ID and use this application to access their email ID from anywhere right from their smartphones. The quality of this email application is that it offers time back to all those who want to live in their mailbox and want to quickly see what the important emails in the inbox are and what need to be clean up immediately. For the same reason, Spark is called to be one of the fastest and smartest ways to manage all of the emails. The smart inbox system of this email app allows the users to quickly view the important emails only rather than wasting time on junk or spam emails. Its inbox automatically categorizes the emails into personal, notifications and newsletters sections.


26. Airmail

Airmail is a lighting fast email client for the smartphones devices. Currently this email service is being offered for the iOS devices only. Airmail is the provider of unified inbox and allows you to deal with the email IDs of other email service providers as well. This powerful email management application is designed for being access from the latest version of iOS devices and allowing the users to enjoy the great amount of features like fast document previewing, native navigation and high quality PDF creation in addition to simply dealing with the emails. The workflow customization is the main advantage of using this application that offers the users featured rich functions like interactive push notifications, snooze and full inbox synchronization. The synchronization of iCloud with this email application gives the users a fully ubiquitous experience so that they can get full command and control over all of their emails. Airmail divides its services into two main sections namely basic and advanced. The basic area is containing simple features while advanced section is purely designed for the smartphone users only.

More About Nine Mail

Nine Mail is best in the class biz email application that supports for sending and receiving emails from all email clients in addition to its own emails. Nine Mail contains a broad range of helping tools in the shape of Nine Calendars, contacts management, tasks management, notes, and much more. It also supports for several other functions in the shape of multiple mail products. The quality of this application is that offers the Android users with a wirelessly synchronized, encrypted connection to the servers and email hosting services so that you can always get instant access to the new emails, contacts, calendar, notes and much more even you are away from your desk. The features and functions that make this email application special one are managing multiple accounts, availability of rich text editor, managing favorite folder, select folders to push email notifications, automatic setup for leading email services, great user experience and much more. Nine Mail is simply one of the best email providing services for the better management of the emails and email accounts.

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