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NIV Bible is the new universal variant of Bible that is accessible fit as a fiddle of utilization for the cell phones. NIV Bible is the first interpretation of Bible in the English dialect that has been deciphered into the many prestigious Christian researchers over the globe… read more
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12 Apps Like NIV Bible for Android


1. AcroBible

AcroBible is a Bible application that contains the full form of Old Testaments and New Testaments. AcroBible is a multiplatform application that is to a great extent accessible for all versatile working frameworks. AcroBible is another approach to appreciate the Bible perusing background in a disconnected situation and especially intended to upgrade the Bible perusing knowledge of its clients. The simple to utilize touch interface of AcroBible make it simple and straightforward for the clients to effortlessly hunt down a specific verse and explore starting with one section then onto the next one and study the Bible with a shiny new perusing background. The principle highlights that are the part of the all variants of the AcroBible are accessibility of full form of both Old and New Testaments, propelled look framework that backing the both expressions and single word, framework for making and overseeing bookmarks in the application, alternative to append different notes to various verses, accessibility of two perusing modes scene and picture, setting the Bible perusing gets ready for an entire year, sync bookmarks, and notes, a great deal of study instruments accessible for downloading, free reverential downloads and a ton of others.


2. Logos Bible App

Logos Bible App is Bible perusing application that will help you in taking your Bible perusing and investigating level to a next stage. Logos Bible App is not about perusing the Bible just at the surface; truth be told, it is an application that will help you in investigating the genuine importance of Bible and getting the genuine message of God by experiencing the perusing style of Logos Bible App. Logos Bible App is pack with the very nearly seventy Bible interpretations that are made for every last kind of country and the gathering of individuals. The best about Logos Bible App is its sync framework that permits its clients to consistently match up the Logos Bible App over the greater part of their gadgets and can take their highlights, bookmarks, and notes all the time with them. The fundamental highlighted elements and capacities that can be said as preferences of Logos Bible App are accessibility of well-known forms of Bible, complete rundown of both Old Testament and New Testament, accessibility of cross reference framework and lexicons, content checking framework, impart the Bible verses to others, listen the talked words, get the report with respect to a particular verse, join your own particular musings and remarks and a great deal more.


3. Olive Tree Bible Study

Olive Tree Bible Study is a Bible study application that is accessible for all versatile working frameworks. Olive Tree Bible Study is the ideal approach to comprehend the genuine messages covered up in the expressions of God that He has uncovered fit as a fiddle of Bible. Olive Tree Bible Study is the essentially the accumulation of hundreds and a huge number of Bible applications. In a solitary application, Olive Tree Bible Study give the intense and simple to utilize adaptable settings, a huge number of titles, intelligent Bible study, prevalent examined Bibles, stay in a state of harmony and a great deal of others. Olive Tree Bible Study is a shiny better approach for improving your connection with the Bible and associating with God. Olive Tree Bible Study is the place of a considerable measure of cutting edge study devices that notwithstanding giving an extensive number of components and capacities support for the fundamental capacity of customization too and in that is way empower the clients of Olive Tree Bible Study to think about the Bible in the way that works best for them or can be said as indicated by their own particular enjoying. Olive Tree Bible Study is the stage of a great many titles and books that are accessible for nothing to download. Notwithstanding the accessibility of free books, Olive Tree Bible Study bargains in premium books too that can be acquired specifically from the Olive Tree Bible Study.


4. Blue Letter Bible

Blue Letter Bible is a Bible containing an application that is altogether taking into account the Old Testimonials of Bible and depends on the exemplary Hebrew and Greek word apparatuses. For the individuals who need to get themselves empowered and propelled all the time by just after the expressions of God are encouraged to utilize the Blue Letter Bible that will make them ready to locate the genuine fortunes from the Bible. The straightforward and perusing style of Blue Letter Bible to get the genuine importance of every last verse and customize their Bible perusing knowledge to take it to another level. There are right around thirty diverse Bible form in the Blue Letter Bible that are upheld by the sound framework, critiques, word references, propelled look framework, and the elements of customization. The design and customization arrangement of Blue Letter Bible roll out the clients ready to improvement the topics, text style, shading, course of action, auto looking over and different alternatives and capacities as per their own particular straightforwardness and likings. Every one of the components and elements of Blue Letter Bible has been inserted in the progressed and capable study dashboard of the Blue Letter Bible. Blue Letter Bible is the fine gathering of intense Bible study apparatuses.


5. BibleGateway

BibleGateway is an application to appreciate the most loved web experience of BibleGateway from the cell phones. BibleGateway is the supplier of different components and capacities that are fit as a fiddle of perusing any piece of Bible and listening to the same, notes making framework, alternative to highlights any piece of most loved verses, impart the content and verses to others, speedy history to effectively switch between various part of the sections, and setting the perusing arranges. The primary preferred standpoint of utilizing BibleGateway is that it furnishes the clients with a considerable measure of components and decisions. Like an arrangement of perusing and listening to the Bible is itself an abnormal state of a component of BibleGateway that builds the level of alternatives for the clients of BibleGateway. At that point comes the perusing arranges arrangement of BibleGateway that gives the clients the arrangement of setting the arrangements with respect to perusing the Bible. Perusing arranges framework is the best alternative of BibleGateway to keep the clients concentrated on their day by day readings, and get the indications of task once a day. The clients can impart their exercises to the companions and other BibleGateway clients too to rouse them to show progress.


6. Mantis Bible Study

Mantis Bible Study is the supplier of Bible applications and assets that improve the perusing background of Bible. Mantis Bible Study is the stage of right around two hundred or more assets that can be bought from the site of Mantis Bible Study or from the App Store. Mantis Bible Study is the arrangement of most developed Bible considering apparatuses that make the perusing knowledge of Bible simple and straightforward. Every method of Mantis Bible Study accompanies the full backing of King James content, works disconnected and requires no web association, extra Bible interpretation framework, accessibility of word references, quiet times, speedy pursuit history, network mode, tap the book name for effortlessly explore to a particular book, tap and drag highlight, auto looking over framework for simple perusing environment, inline note editorial manager bookmark structure, content and verse highlighting, email the notes and verses to the companions, support for live sacred writing references, accessibility of one of a kind break down verse highlight, quick and adaptable hunt framework, spare the inquiry framework and substantially more.


7. Holy Bible, King James Version

Holy Bible, King James Version is the King James Version of Bible application that gives the genuine implications of the expressions of God. Heavenly Bible, King James Version is primarily intended for the Android portable working frameworks that depend on the simple to utilize yet intense hunt structure. Blessed Bible, King James Version likewise bolster for the explaining and bookmarking also that improve the perusing knowledge of the clients. The principle highlighted elements and elements of Holy Bible, King James Version are never gathered the individual data of the customers, is an entirely standalone application, work in the disconnected mode, requires no web association, pure pursuit framework to experience sections and verses, hunt down particular words, get the word mixes and word pieces, bookmarking framework, including commentaries, shading code highlight structure for later examining content to discourse framework, auto looking over frame, actually route to any part or part, and significantly more. The content to conversation arrangement of Holy Bible, King James Version is entirely something new that is not the same as the sound perusing framework.


8. ESV CrossWay

ESV CrossWay is a Bible application that is the arrangement of different study devices that were mainly intended to be the most enjoyable and natural Bible perusing and comprehension application. ESV CrossWay gives the various determination alternatives to its clients fit as a fiddle of journaling, study, reverential, youth, content, reference and dialects. Every element of ESV CrossWay is accessible fit as a fiddle of a class that makes it straightforward and basic for its clients to simply go for any component by just taping over that element and right away begin getting a charge out of that element. The best about ESV CrossWay is that notwithstanding giving the Bible, it gives the different assets with no expense. These extra goods being offered by the ESV CrossWay are fit as a fiddle of sound spilling, customized perusing arranges, a full access to the ESV CrossWay Study Bible environment and numerous others. Notwithstanding straightforward perusing environment, whatever is left of the element and elements of ESV CrossWay are get the honor winning assets, set perusing arranges, sync with Apple Watch, propelled inquiry and channel framework, highlight the imperative regions and offer the most loved verses with companions by means of online networking channels, email or instant messages.


9. Holy Bible Offline

Holy Bible Offline is a standout amongst the most adjustable applications that you may have ever perused and will ever experience in future. With an entirely new and client snappy Bible application, Holy Bible Offline give the best perpetually perusing background to the clients. The best about Holy Bible Offline is that it is altogether unique in relation to the work of art and conventional level of Bible applications. Notwithstanding giving the Bible to perusing, Holy Bible Offline has an unusual arrangement of Quiz Game that makes the clients ready to play the recreations in light of the Bible to improve their insight into Bible. The alternatives for sharing the verses and experience overall gadgets are additionally the part of the Holy Bible Offline. Sacred Bible Offline is a thoroughly free Bible perusing application that is intended to make it workable for the clients to peruse the Bible in disconnected mode. There is no prerequisite of web connection for examining the Holy Bible Offline at whatever time. The principle preferred standpoint of utilizing Holy Bible Offline is that it contains the both New Testament and Old Testament. The pursuit arrangement of Holy Bible Offline is additionally extremely propelled that brings the careful consequence of the perusers’ discoveries.



With an index of 1205 languages, makes it simple for you to read, study, and impart God’s Word to loved ones around the world. Hear the Bible enlivened in high caliber, sensationalized sound in several dialects at home, church, or on the go. With JESUS Film mix, seeing Scripture wake up gives you a genuinely immersive Bible experience more than ever. is an application that permits you to get to and appreciate the Bible in more than eight hundred distinct dialects. Moreover, not just would you be able to peruse the Bible with, however you can likewise hear it out and watch it (as a video) as you never could. You can download content and recordings of book of scriptures verses utilizing so you can read and hear them out without a web association wherever and at whatever point you need to. You can hunt down a catchphrase, for the title of the book, for a verse, or for whatever you need. Likewise, you can banner, underline, or add customized notes to content just by tapping on the screen. A standout amongst the most fascinating thing about is that it permits you to watch the 61 video portions of the JESUS film venture. This is accessible in many dialects and new dialects are included consistently. The task allows you to see the Bible enlivened with genuine fragile living creature and blood performing artists. is a great Bible for Android. In addition to the fact that it is accessible in many diverse dialects, yet it likewise has bunches of components and social capacities for all if its clients.


11. Bible+

Bible+ is the accessibility of many numerous variants of Bible in which most well-known one are NASB, NIV, KJV and different others. Bible+ give its readers the best choice alternative and to switch between an essential and extra form of Bible as per their own particular prerequisite to get the learning of the Bible in a simple to reasonable environment. For the data of perusers, Bible+ has no backing for the sound book of scriptures framework. Thus, in the event that you are searching for a Bible application with the arrangement of sound Bible notwithstanding perusing then Bible+ is not made for that reason. You will need to go for some other application. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you are still intrigued by the Bible+ then the components and capacities that are the part of the Bible+ are works disconnected, support for different famous adaptations of Bible, accessibility of essential and extra Bible forms, seek particular words and verses in the Bible, highlights the specific words or verses for later on considering, bookmark framework, framework for offering of verses to others, making the reinforcement of the bookmarks, propelled look framework and a great deal more.


12. Bible

Bible is a necessary application that permits you to have many distinctive versions (in 22 unique dialects) of the Christian sacrosanct book. Every one of them will be accessible the length of you are associated with the Internet, and in case you’re not, you can at present get to a Spanish rendition release, which will be accessible to peruse at any given place and time. The project incorporates a progression of reading arrangements that permits you to stay steady and not forsake the work midway. Besides, it accompanies a little device that allows you to effortlessly send scriptural quotes by means of Facebook. Book of Scriptures is a fascinating application for the individuals who take after the Christian confidence, who will without a doubt be enchanted to dependably have it with them. The principle highlighted components and elements of Bible are with respect to effectively switch framework between several variants of Bible, a framework for both online and disconnected, accessibility of sound Bible that are not downloadable, get the verse of the day, profoundly adjustable and plenty of others. The customization arrangement of Bible makes the clients ready to highlight the particular verse, bookmarks any page, impart the verses to the companions, make the notes and a great deal more.

More About NIV Bible

NIV Bible is the new universal variant of Bible that is accessible fit as a fiddle of utilization for the cell phones. NIV Bible is the first interpretation of Bible in the English dialect that has been deciphered into the many prestigious Christian researchers over the globe. Notwithstanding English that is the essential rendition of NIV Bible, it is accessible in different other international languages to making it workable for all sort of country and a gathering of individuals to comprehend the genuine implications of Bible in their own particular dialects. NIV Bible is the stage of many variants of Bible that can be gotten to in an online situation too. NIV Bible permits its clients to efficiently explore starting with one a player in NIV Bible then onto the next one with the end goal of investigating the section, theme, verses, book and substantially more. The fundamental highlighted elements and elements of NIV Bible are downloaded the Bible rendition to peruse in disconnected mode, highlight the imperative verses with various hues, reinforcement the bookmarks/highlights/notes, see entirely designed content, set the perusing arranges, offer the verses with others, quick and straightforward pursuit framework, cripple auto-lock framework, appreciate the reverential perusing arranges, compose the notes, allow title to notes, monitor the history, select numerous verses at the same time and a great deal more.