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13 Apps Like Nokia Health Mate

Nokia Health Mate is a multiple health tracking apps designed by the Nokia for all smartphones. For those who want to enjoy the perfect and healthier lifestyle will surely like using this health tracking and monitoring app. This simple fitness tracking app is going to give them the features like viewing the complete history of health data along with multiple days to day activities like sleep, weight, calories consumed and much more. With this app, the people can even see the ongoing trends can track the progress, set the new goals and can improve their health over time. That is the reason why more and more number of people are using this featured app for controlling their health issues and monitoring it with a new style and passion. If you want to lose weight or want to look attractive, then Nokia Health Mate is an app that you surely need.

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1. Fit Journey

Fit Journey is an all in one fitness tracking app that keeps an eye over all of the days to day activities of its users. From measurement to the weight, Fit Journey tracks all areas and extends the real time monitoring reports to the users. Fit Journey keeps a lot…

2. Health by Zeplia

Living a fit and healthier life is the dream of every person living on this earth. But nowadays it is becoming difficult, but our busy life has forced us to keep ourselves engaged in other activities and don’t give us sufficient time to think seriously about our health. Here comes…

3. MapMyFitness

MapMyFitness is a GPS workout training and tracking app for the iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Rom waking to running and jogging to workout, this app maps all of the activities of its users and shows them the real time reports how overall performance is going. This app will…

4. Poundaweek

Poundaweek is a perfect diet coach and calorie counter app for the all smartphones. This simple app deploys the advanced level of artificial intelligence system that automatically the health status of the person according to the data of the profile. The artificial intelligence system of this app will analyze the…

5. Grow Fit

Android iOS
Activity tracker, fitness, and health maintaining applications are the only means of staying healthy and attractive for those people who don’t have enough time to do some work out or exercise on a daily basis. Grow Fit is an application that assists them in maintaining their health even they are…

6. Obino Health Coach

Android iOS
Obino Health Coach is a real time fitness and health activities tracking app that combines the features of setting health goals and enjoying the real time tracking anytime. This simple health monitoring application assists the people to stay healthier and fitter all the time with this personal and dedicated health…

7. HealthifyMe

Android iOS
HealthifyMe is although a health monitoring application but it emphasis more on losing weight and gaining some attractive muscles. Rather than controlling your health, HealthifyMe give you the option to control your life as you want. Its start from setting your goal first and after that sticking over them. When…


By offering several means for training, health tracking and monitoring system, ACTIVEx assist the people in living healthier and fit life all the time. A single good habit can improve the entire lifestyle that is the saying of this application. That’s why it is offering those fitness maintenance tools to…

9. FitWell Personal Fitness Coach

Android iOS
FitWell Personal Fitness Coach that is simply called as FitWell as well as a health monitoring and fitness tracking app that assist the people in losing their weight and getting in proper shape for living a healthy and attractive lifestyle. The main advantage of using this simple application is that…

10. PEAR Personal Coach

Android iOS
PEAR Personal Coach is listed among those fitness maintaining apps that are considered to be must have app for every smartphone holder. This amazing app works amazing and offers the great amount of workouts options to its users. The training, exercises, workouts material being offered by the PEAR Personal Coach…

11. Samsung Health

Samsung Health is your all in one health companion for getting a better health style. When it comes to living better then name of Samsung Health comes into the mind of most of the people. The specialty of this health monitoring and fitness tracking app is that it automatically record…

12. Lifesum

Android iOS
Lifesum is not a direct health tracking or fitness tracking app at all, however, combined some elements of both of these sections. This app basically assists the people to get smarter and attractive by maintaining their health and combating against the health issues that they have been facing for past…

13. Runtastic Running PRO

Android iOS Phone
Runtastic Running PRO is an excellent fitness tracking application that will keep an eye on your daily life movements. The multiple fitness tracking activities of this app like tracking time, distance, speed, calories taken and burned, elevation and much more will assist you in staying healthy and fit all the…

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