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Notesmartly is a great application which makes it tremendously easy to organize and manage your stuff with a breeze. Notesmartly – Smart Note-taking App is a great tool produced by Note smartly Inc. which has the capabilities to draw using wideboards, scribbpads, and various other things to collaborate in real-time… read more
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Notability is an intuitive, robust, simple yet an outstanding PDF annotation and note-taking app loved by millions of people from all over the world. Notability: Easy note-taking and annotation app is a great tool introduced by Ginger Labs Inc.


1Writer is a brilliant note taking tool which brings inline markdown preview feature while you write, and full, rich text preview when you are done. 1Writer – Markdown Text Editor is a fabulous product introduced by Ngoc Luu Inc.

Matcha App

Matcha App is one of the sleekest word processing, note organizing and taking app that puts your entire words down over your mobile screen and simplifies your minds. Matcha – Writing App and Text Processor is a classy tool introduced in the market by InterAre, PT Inc.

Keep My Notes

Keep My Notes is an astonishing and a widely used note taking application through which you can precisely capture notes in a way like never before. Keep My Notes – Notepad and Memo is an excellent offline notebook introduced in the market by LiteWhite Inc.


Squid is a marvelous stuff which allows you to take handwritten notes naturally over your tablets and mobile devices as well as the Chromebook sporting apps. Squid – Take Notes and Markup PDFs bought in the market by Steadfast Innovations, LLC which allows its entire users to have a writing experience the same as you would do over paper using a passive stylus, your finger and an active pen.


NoteLedge is a marvelous app that enables its worldwide users to enjoy easy to use tools and functionalities to take notes, insert pics, sketch ideas, record audio or videos, clip web content, share and present their work with the world.

Secure Notepad

Secure Notepad brings a classy note-taking technique for its entire users by letting them have a super secure place for creating and storing all their notes. Secure Notepad – Private Notes is a great tool introduced by Dmitrij Vinokurov Inc.


ClevNote lets you create, manage, monitor, edit, and manipulate your memos by letting you have this memo app to write memos necessary daily. ClevNote – Notepad, Checklist is a great app introduced by Cleveni Inc.


Noteshelf is a marvellous tool introduced in the market by Fluid Touch Pte. Ltd. which enables its entire users to create, manage, decorate, share, and review notes anytime, anywhere right using their smartphones.

Notes Plus

Notes Plus is a robust note-taking app which has enabled many folks to go entirely paperless and does all their creativity over here. Notes Plus: Like pen on paper, only better is a gorgeous application developed by Viet Tran Inc.


Annotations is a highly recommended note taking app which supports almost all the functionalities of everyday life by letting you do note taking at its best. Annotations – Notes, Drafts, Notepad, and Notebooks is a widely used app introduced by Rodrigo Inc.

Private Notepad

Private Notepad lets you manage, maintain, create, and protect your daily, monthly, and yearly notes ultimately. Private Notepad – Take Notes and Checklists was developed by Alexander Malikov Inc. which brings an exciting new way of taking colorful notes and stores them with extreme protection.

My Notes by Mob Utilities

My Notes by Mob Utilities brings a super healthy and intuitive way of taking and storing your notes that you do on a daily basis. My Notes by Mob Utilities brings an excellent way of taking notes using tons of exciting features to produce classy notes.

Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes is a real-time classy note-taking application, introduced by SYM Coding Inc. through which people can enjoy taking notes in a super colorful and exciting way. Sticky Notes and Widget app is a great application carries tons of exciting backgrounds for taking supreme notes by putting your desired words on them.


Xnotes is a widely loved note taking and checklist management tool which enables its worldwide users to keep all their notes over one place and access them anytime they want. Xnotes – notes, notepad, sticky notes, and notebook is a highly sophisticated tool introduced by 9xgeneration Inc.


ColorNote brings an awesome, simple, and sleek way to enjoy notepad and all its functionalities under one platform. ColorNote Notepad Notes app was introduced by Notes Inc. which allows its users to have a quick way of creating notes on a daily basis with all the stuff needed.


NOTEBOOK is a highly productive and versatile note taking app which brings so many exciting features for its entire users to write notes and create checklists. NOTEBOOK – Take Notes, Sync bought in the market by Zoho Corporation Inc.

Raloco Notes

Raloco Notes lets you throw everything whatever you want to have over this intuitive notepad app in your mobile phone. Raloco Notes bought in the market by Kenzap Ltd Inc. which helps you get excellent notes saving tool and a good helper to manage your notes, schedules, and everyday thoughts.

My Notes – Notepad

My Notes – Notepad is an intuitive, fast, elegant, secure, and easy to use notepad with cloud syncing. My Notes – Notepad app bought in the market by KeroSoft Inc. which is a widely loved app used by millions of people which can use this app as a notepad, journal, notebook, diary, agenda or anything in between.


Penultimate is an excellent product of one of the classiest and well-known developers Evernote Inc. which lets you have so many features while you capture your notes, thinking’s, and everything you want to store.

MyScript Nebo

MyScript Nebo brings an ultimate and brand new way to take notes and helps you be more productive, day after day and is specially crafted for active pens including the Samsung S Pen, etc.

Standard Notes

Standard Notes is a superb note-taking application which helps you keep all your personal or private stuff under extremely secure place. Standard Notes bought in the market by StandardNotes Inc. which lets you store all your love letters, business notes, private thinking journals, and various other documents in a secure platform and access them anytime you want.


Joplin is an excellent tool through which users from all over the world can get an intuitive, open source to do and note-taking app. Joplin – Notes and Reminders app is a great tool introduced in the market by Laurent Cozic Inc.


Rocketbook is designed effectively to work with the Rocketbook notebooks such as the Everlast, Wave, Color, One, Everlast Mini, and Rocketpad. Rocketbook is a great tool which enables its entire writers and readers to have the pleasure of writing over a traditional paper, pen notebook, and various others quality stuff in a way like never before.


Leanote is more than a notepad app which intuitively transformed or revolutionize the traditional note-taking experience by taking it to an ultimate level. Leanote – Not Just a Notepad app is a fabulous application introduced in the market by Tie Li Inc.

Wiz Note

Wiz Note is an excellent Note software which is specially designed for the mobile internet users as well as other internet users. Wiz Note app bought in the market by Beijing Wozhi Co., Ltd which brings an app focuses more on the knowledge of the rapid collection, reading, management, sharing, and caring.


Notezilla is an excellent note taking, journal building, and remainder app having loads of exciting features that helps you get things in a more intuitive and effortless way. Notezilla – Notes and Reminders is a useful note-management tool introduced in the market by Conceptworld Corporation Inc.


Alternote is an excellent tool when we talk about taking notes, saving journals, and managing to-dos, introduced in the market by Oleksandr Rakovets Inc. Alternote: The Journal and Note-taking App is an excellent note-taking app which enables its worldwide users to get one place for all their ideas, plans, imagination, and feelings.

MetaMoJi Note

MetaMoJi Note is a must have sketchpad and note app which brings PDP annotation, digital scrapbook and voice memo for your life. Meta MoJi Note app brings an excellent platform where you can capture your ideas, throw your passion of sketching, mention your plans, and store other things in an ultimate way.


MemPad is an intuitive application which helps you store things for managing them on time, and never let your valuable and significant thoughts, ideas, and plans to leave apart and faded.


Inkdrop helps you get the right pack of features if you want to jot down your daily hacking endeavors right on your mobile phone devices. Inkdrop – Robust Markdown Note-taking App is a robust markdown editor introduced in the market by Takuya Matsuyama Inc.

Tayasui Memopad

Tayasui Memopad is an ultimate tool which lets you draw anything you want and color them with your own choice of combinations. Tayasui Memopad: Draw, share, and store app is a great tool introduced by which lets you draw anything you want using a classy range of pens, erasers, colors, and more.


Hiro is an intuitive, small Bluetooth device that can intuitively be attached to the personal items and valuables, and easily tracked through this intuitive app from almost a range of 200 feet away.

More About Notesmartly

Notesmartly is a great application which makes it tremendously easy to organize and manage your stuff with a breeze. Notesmartly – Smart Note-taking App is a great tool produced by Note smartly Inc. which has the capabilities to draw using wideboards, scribbpads, and various other things to collaborate in real-time. It carries a smart dashboard where you can access and manage things with simple taps, and it acts as a central hub to all your docs like scribbpads, notebooks, and wideboards. It lets you get notified about your most significant tasks each day and enables you to focus on important tasks. This is a simple notebook app which carries a perfectly fit place for your research documents, tasks, drafts and lists. Notesmartly – Smart Note-taking App is just like your close friend for grabbing your abstract thinking, ideas, and thoughts. You can intuitively sketch all your ideas until you get it right. You can also have its wide board feature which acts as your personal canvas where you can intuitively plans, visualize, and execute stuff for the real-time. So just give a chance to Notesmartly – Smart Note-taking App by downloading it from the store to get exciting, all in one platform to take notes, image note, audio or videos notes, and collaborative chatting in one place.

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