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Obd Mary

Obd Mary is an all in one car diagnostic scanner, a trip computer, and gauge dashboard with several exciting features for everyone having any vehicle. Obd Mary – Car Scanner and Dashboard with ELM327 is an exceptional tool developed in the market by TechnoDrive Inc… read more
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1. DashCommand

DashCommand is an up-to-the-mark mobile application which precisely has transformed your cell phone into a customizable monitoring and display system. DashCommand (OBD ELM App) is a magnificent tool developed in the market by Palmer Performance Engineering Inc. which puts you in damn control by letting your monitor, as well as data, log the performance of the engine and overall vehicle efficiency. The app manages to clear and read troublesome check engine lights in a way like never before. Dash Command – OBD-II Gauges app supports all the EOBD and OBD-II compliment vehicles sold globally, and you have to make sure that your vehicle is OBD-II or EOBD before purchasing. DashCommand – OBD-II Dashboards, Scan Tool contains some performance gauges such as engine speed, open or closed-loop, boost or vacuum combo gauge, acceleration, corrected vehicle speed, torque and more. Some of the fuel economy gauges include instant fuel economy, average fuel economy, distance to empty, fuel level, remaining fuel tank, fuel flow rate gauge, and more. DashCommand (OBD ELM App) also contains an elegant trip computer which maintains the stats for almost 5 trips by providing distance traveled, fuel consumption, drive time, fur cost, average fuel economy, start date and time, driving speed, trip speed, fuel flow rate, and plenty of additional features right over the palm of your hands.


2. DashLink

DashLink is an elegant plug and play, virtual dashboard system for your OBD-II control vehicles that is fun to use and easy to establish as well. DashLink is an amazing tool developed by Palmer Performance Engineering Inc. which brings a classy interface for all the global users which must be used with the control module of AutoMeter DashLink OBD-II which is sold separately. The app contains professional skidpad which shows the acceleration/braking and lateral Gs along with the minimum or maximum indicators. Its elegant race tracker visually maps out your acceleration, location, and braking as you drive laps around the tracks enables you to visually analyze multiple race track laps to check how braking and accelerating changes from lap to lap. DashLink brings a magnificent inclinometer which shows rolling angle and vehicle pitch for off reading as well. Other than these, DashLink app also supports all the parameters for the performance engine, fuel economy gauges, engine gauges, sophisticated trip calculator and emissions testing, etc. It precisely logs data, playback log files, and record showing the OBD-II and acceleration data. You have to visit your on-line retailer or the local retailers to purchase the DashLink OBD-II control Module, or you can also go to its website for its installation.


3. NovaScan

NovaScan is an elegant tool which supports multiple OBD standards and carries the most comprehensive OBD functions having over 10000 trouble codes and live data more than 500. NovaScan – The OBD Total Solution is an exceptional tool presented in the market by UbiqCOM Co. Ltd, which brings an elegant, cool, and fully functional OBD dashboard. HUD, Gauges, and real-time Plots. The app contains effective dynamometer charts with performance tests such as the MaxHorsepower, 100 km per hour test, 60 km per hour tests, and more. The app makes it so easy to log, export and analyze data from data sources for the further tuning or physics analysis as well. It also works perfectly in gathering the vehicle information as well as the hidden live data. NovaScan – The OBD Total Solution app features vehicle profile management, performance management, fuel efficiency, engine status, fuel tank system, catalyst, gauge fun and more. Users can precisely analyze and logs highly precise and accurate data from the dashboard and export them in the CSV format for further comprehensive physics analysis. NovaScan – The OBD Total Solution app also brings advanced management strategies and time monitoring in high accuracy and data precision.


4. OBDLink

OBDLink is a superb tool which has transformed your mobile phones and tablets into a full-fledged and highly functional diagnostic scan tool and helps you grab the information that you want. OBDLink – OBD Car Diagnostics is an up-to-the-mark app which scans things by working with a wide range of adapters. The app works precisely with the OBDLink MX+, OBDLink MX Bluetooth, OBDLink LX Bluetooth, OBDLink Bluetooth, OBDLink Wi-Fi, OBDLink SX USB, OBDLink MX Wi-Fi, and some others. OBDLink Car Diagnostic App Android app effectively reads diagnostic trouble codes, check emissions readiness, estimate fuel economy, clear check engine light, and much more. Some of its highlighted features include checking and clearing of diagnostic trouble codes, display real-time data, emissions readiness for each US state, customizable dashboards, fuel economy MPG, multiple trip meters and more. OBDLink (OBD car diagnostics) App is superb for retrieving the vehicle information including the calibration ID and VIN and support GPS tracking for plotting vehicle parameters over the map for the real-time. OBDLink Car Diagnostic App Android app also features English and Metric units, log data to CSV format, oxygen sensor results, on-board monitoring tests, in-performance tracking counters, and helps you enjoy free unlimited updates.


5. inCarDoc Pro

inCarDoc Pro enables its worldwide users to see what your car is doing by providing you all the inner stats regarding the sensor data, fault of it for the real-time. InCarDoc Pro – ELM327 OBD2 Scanner Bluetooth/WiFi is an elegant tool developed in the market by InCarDoc Inc. which allows its users to enjoy an all in one engine code reader, monitor, scanner, diagnostics, and logbook tool for everyone having any vehicle. The app intuitively reads real-time and stored parameters from ECU of all sort of OBD2 compliment cars. Some of its elegant features include logbook notes, GPS parameters, register and upload data to web, console mode, and more. inCarDoc Pro – ELM327 OBD2 Scanner Bluetooth or Wi-Fi contains some pro-level features which contain real-time parameter recording, recording parameters in background mode, GPS trace support, upload to servers, extended widget (for acceleration and fuel economy), overlay to percent economy data over any app screen, and others. The app works as default codes OBD-II scanner, read MIL state, relate freeze-frame clear stored DTC, find descriptions, and more. inCarDoc Pro | ELM327 OBD2 Scanner Bluetooth/Wi-Fi app reads engine and vehicle parameters PIDs from car’s censors and multiple other PIDs as well.


6. MultiDashPro

MultiDashPro carries almost 8 digital dashboard interfaces that bring real-time engine data for everyone who uses iPads and iPhones. MultiDashPro: OBDII Gauges app was presented in the market by Eric Rosas Inc. that intuitively lets you get deeper information about your vehicles by supporting all EOBD and OBD-II compliant vehicles sold worldwide (and you have to make sure that your vehicle support it). Some of its performance gauges include vehicle speed, fuel gauge, oil temperature gauge, coolant temperature gauge, air intake temperature gauge, vehicle speed gauge, and more. Multi Dash Pro App requires a compatible third-party hardware interface to communicate with the vehicle, and you can purchase it from anywhere you want. While on the other hand, MultiDashPro: OBD-II Gauge Dashboards app also supports vehicle RPM gauge, coolant temperature gauge, oil temperature gauge, fuel gauge, and vehicle speed regarding the Corsa Mode Performance Gauges. It contains an amazing interface with cool meters which tells everything required regarding the vehicle. MultiDashPro: OBDII Gauges app allows you to get the data of the engine of your OBD-II as well as EOBD vehicles for free.


7. 720s

720s app intuitively brings automotive data while using the Wi-Fi OBD2 scanner tool for the real-time for your iPhones, iPads, and iPod devices. 720s: OBD-II Digital Gauges was presented in the market by Eric Rosas Inc., which allows you to grab the inner information about the vehicle you want to race or ride over the track. The app precisely supports all EOBD and OBD2 compliant devices from all over the world, and you have to check that your vehicle supports it before purchasing it anyway. 720s: Mclaren 720s Dashboard app needs a third party hardware interface to make communication with the automobile that you have. You can get to know the basic stats of performance and efficiency of the vehicle and manage everything before the journey started. 720s: OBD-II Digital Gauges app support vehicle speed, coolant temperature gauge, fuel gauge, oil temperature gauge, and various other parameters regarding the Performance Gauge (nit all OBD2 vehicles will support all those). 720s: Mclaren 720s Dashboard is an elegant and free to use tool which displays the information about the vehicle with the use of OBD-II Scanner tool for your iOS devices.


8. Engine Link

EngineLink intuitively transforms your mobile phone devices into car or vehicle diagnostic or performance tool and elegant scanner which uses a low energy Bluetooth adapter or an OBD-II Wi-Fi adapter to connect to your OBD2 engine management. Engine Link – OBD II diagnosis is an easy to use tool presented in the market by K Solutions LLC, which enables its worldwide users to use their iPhones or iPads into a car management tool. Some of the most highlighted features of the EngineLink app includes the emissions test, displays car performance, provide sensor data, customizable gauges, read and clear OBD fault codes, and helps you monitor what your car is doing for the real-time. Engine Link – Vehicle Monitoring & Diagnosis precisely shows and resets a CEL, DRL, Fault code just like a scan tool and graph data precisely. Apart from these, EngineLink – OBD II Diagnosis app brings HUD (head-up display) mode for driver who drives their vehicles in night time. EngineLink – Vehicle monitoring and diagnosis app let you have boost or vacuum gauge, HP and Torque, preloaded GM and Ford PID libraries, multiple ECU support, Multiframe data support, background color option, email user log function, and custom PID support, and various other features for free.


9. Track Day Genius

Track Day Genius is an ultimate video performance logger for car races and tracks day enthusiasts, with both two and four wheels alike. Track Day Genius – Performance Analysis Made Easy is a classy app developed in the market by Avant Grade Associates Limited Inc. which is designed elegantly to be simple and intuitive that gives you insights of your vehicle to enhance your on-track performance. The app brings the technical overview with the real-time lap timing, predictive lap timing, video sessions, dynamic vehicle profiles, more than 700 preloaded race tracks with leaderboards, and various other features. Track Day Genius – Performance Analysis Made Easy app precisely tracks line overlay over the maps with four color data zones such as coasting, light braking, visualize acceleration and heavy braking. The app supports precise lean angle detection with the combined use of telemetry GPS and data algorithms. It can easily analyze and compare speed, distance, G-force, cornering G-force, altitude, slope, GPS rate, GPS accuracy, time difference, acceleration or deceleration rate, and various other parameters. You can import data from friends and members you follow and compare almost 3 session files from either your own data from family members and friends. Track Day Genius – Performance Analysis Made Easy app contain loads of other features for everyone uses the app.


10. FORScan

FORScan Lite elegantly developed especially for a computer diagnostic of Mazda, Mercury, Ford, Lincoln, and various other vehicles. FORScan Lite – for Ford and Mazda Vehicles App was presented in the market by Alex Savin, which enables its users to get a sophisticated diagnostic tool for their vehicles. The app requires compatible OBD-II adapter or the ELM327 adapter with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB interface. Apart from this, FORScan also needs Ford, Mercury, Lincoln, and Mazda vehicles while the software will not work with low-quality ELM327 clones as well. FORScan Lite – Ford, Mazda, Lincoln, and Mercury App intuitively analyzes an on-board network configuration of the concerning connected vehicles and precisely reads the diagnostic trouble codes for all the modules. For Scan Lite – For Multiple Vehicles also reads sensors or other PIDs from all the modules. You can precisely grab multiple information regarding these listed vehicles by connecting it with them. For Scan Lite – Ford, Mazda, Lincoln, Mercury app helps everyone in getting diagnostics regarding multiple vehicles right through this intuitive application.


11. RPEDash

RPEDash is a simple to use digital dashboard for all the global folks who are looking to add a custom dashboard for their mobile phone devices. RPEDash: OBD-II Digital Gauges is a magnificent tool presented in the market by Eric Rosas Inc., which brings an elegant user interface so similar to an Aston Martin Valkyrie. The app uses a Wi-Fi-based OBD2 Scanner Tool which feeds data to the application. Some of its flashing features including real-time MPH, oil temperature gauge, coolant temperature gauge, fuel level meter, battery voltage meter, RPM gauge, and can easily be viewed in horizontal view only. RPEDash: OBD-II Digital Gauges contains an elegant user interface to manage all the things offered by this elegant tool. RPE Dash app precisely supports all the OBD-II and EOBD compliant vehicles sold globally, and you should have to test that your vehicle has the same compliment or not. You can simply grab RPEDash: OBD-II Digital Gauges app from the store and get a cool looking, digital dashboard right on your mobile phones and get information whenever you want.


12. OBD Fusion

OBD Fusion is an exceptional tool through which users can easily read OBD2 vehicle data from their mobile phones and tablets without any prior effort. OBD Fusion (Car Diagnostics) is an up to the mark car diagnostic tool developed in the market by OCTech, LLC Inc. which brings diagnostics, maps, dashboard, logs, monitors, and setting under one platform and helps you grab data on the move. You can intuitively clear your check engine light, estimate the fuel economy, read diagnostic trouble codes, and more directly from the app. Some of the highlighted features of OBD Fusion – OBD2 Scan Tool and Diagnostics app includes customizable dashboard, emission readiness status, data logging, exporting, oxygen sensor tests, boost readout, ultimate graphing of vehicle sensors, and a full diagnostic report as well. You can monitor the usage as well as the fuel economy of your vehicle and get cool looking gauges over your smartphones. OBD Fusion – Car Diagnostics App read and clear the diagnostic trouble codes, support real-time graphing, create custom enhanced PIDs, multiple trip meters, customizable dashboard, and more. OBD Fusion – OBD2 Scan Tool and Diagnostics is an intuitive vehicle diagnostic tool which precisely connects to EODB and ODB-II vehicles in a way like never before.


13. Car Scanner ELM OBD2

Car Scanner ELM OBD2 is a magnificent tool through which people can precisely get to know the performance, efficiency, sensor data, OBD fault codes, and various other information about the vehicle without any effort. Car Scanner ELM OBD2 (iOS and Windows) Compatible Adapter App was presented by OVZ Inc. which brings an all in one car scanner, car performance meter, trip calculator, and a magnificent diagnostic tool and scanner that uses Bluetooth or Wi-Fi adapter to connect to OBD-II engine management. The app contains a bunch of unique features which helps you get things way easier than ever. It helps you read free frames, layout your own dashboard with charts and gauges of your choice, check all the sensors, check if the car is ready for emission tests, and show and reset the DTC fault code with ease. Car Scanner ELM OBD2 – The Best OBD2 Diagnostic Tool includes a gigantic database of the DTC codes descriptions as well. It works precisely with any vehicle which uses the OBD-II standard. Car Scanner ELM OBD2 – Compatible Adapter App allows you to add extended PIDs and get data that was hidden from your by the car manufacturer. Car Scanner ELM OBD2 – The Best OBD2 Diagnostic Tool is an intuitive tool which also contains a sleek dashboard that consists of HID modes through which you can use the project data to your windshield.


14. Carista OBD2

Carista OBD2 is a fine tool that empowers you to flawlessly diagnose, customize, and service your car right using your mobile phones, introduced in the market by Prizmos Ltd. Carista OBD2 app perfectly diagnoses, service, and customize Audi, SEAT, Mini, Lexus, BMW, Skoda, Toyota, VW, and various other vehicles whenever you want. It precisely changes the behavior of the windows, doors, and various other things. You just have to plug in your OBD-II adapter, open the app and save your time, money and effort on mechanics and dealers. It lets you get data regarding the check engine light by providing you a list of fault codes stored in your vehicle as well as their consequences. Carista OBD2 app brings advanced (dealer-level) diagnostics of all the modules in the vehicle including airbag, AB, and other manufacturer-specific system. It support personalization of ease and comfort features of your vehicles and you can precisely customize it in the way you want by getting rid of all those annoyance that you have with it. It shows you if your car is prepared for the emission tests as well. Other than these, Carista OBD2 app brings advance service of electric parking brake retraction tool, launch control counter, detailed ECU info, service reset, tire pressure sensors, and various other advanced services over plenty of vehicles.

More About Obd Mary

Obd Mary is an all in one car diagnostic scanner, a trip computer, and gauge dashboard with several exciting features for everyone having any vehicle. Obd Mary – Car Scanner and Dashboard with ELM327 is an exceptional tool developed in the market by TechnoDrive Inc. which allows you to have diagnostics, trip logging, settings, dashboard, and the entire profile of your vehicle under one safe and precise place. Obd Mary App contains an awesome user interface through which you can precisely reset and read trouble codes from OBD2 compliant control units. You can effectively see the fault codes descriptions and search it on internet as well. Obd Mary – Car Scanner and Dashboard with ELM327 app intuitively read the freeze-frame data whenever the DTC is activated. You can precisely track your trips by keeping the adapter connect all the time with your car and log your trip data regarding the trip time, fuel consumption, average speed, fuel cost, max sped, average speed, and more. Obd Mary – Car Scanner and Dashboard with ELM327 app lets you buy the full version as well to get the entire functions of the app without ads.