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On This Day

On This Day is an awe-inspiring app that lets you go back on the same day from your gorgeous history. This app makes it quite simple and accessible to get the stuff you are doing for the same day of this past year or years ago… read more
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8 Apps Like On This Day for iOS

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1. Collect

Collect is a fine app that allows you to collect rich memories, not just photos. It delivers a modernized scenario for collecting your most worthy and precious photos and memories from the past. It offers quite easy interaction from users and users can handle this app with extreme friendliness. It is perfect daily photo journal. It has some unique and extraordinary features along with delivery of beautiful and elegant design to show off your photos which also comprises the date (year, month, and day), as well as captions. It also carries detailed notes support on your past memories because it believes that sometimes only a small caption is not enough to explain that memory, that is the reason, you can enlarge as much detail as you want with unlimited notes with each of your photos. Rather than these, it also enables adding photos in bulk, use tags to sort your photos, multiple calendars and albums support, lock with password protection, automatic backup, and sync, etc. It also enables the creation and sharing collages, sending files to flicker and Dropbox, the creation of amazing video slideshows, no sign up scenarios, and is also perfect for printing as well.


2. Moments

Moments is a fabulous app that helps its users makes an effective journal of their previous memories that users want to save and share. It efficiently helps you create and share photo albums with your family, friends, and others. With this memory holding app you can quickly send your amazing photos to your friends to get photos back. It offers free unlimited storage capacity to keep all your videos and photos organized under one private, protected and secluded platform. It possesses full resolution support that enables you to keep your photos in the resolution of the exact size which it is holding. You can easily send your favorite stuff with other and Moments stays you connected with your Facebook friends and events as well. Its intelligent organization approach helps you keep your stuff in a well-organized way, and you can easily manage photos of yourself, your friends, events, parties, trips, and other and easily search any from them easily. It also enables you to view awesome slideshows of your pics and share them on some social media platform for more fun.


3. Throwback

Throwback is an intellectual and most sage app that sends your awesome memories (photos, videos, and other stuff), to your future self. It captures photos for you, but not save them to your phone. Actually this app makes it possible to get all of your awesome stuff and throw it to future and emailed back to you randomly as anywhere from 1 month to almost 5 years from the day or time of that photo taken. Throwback is an effective app that works flawlessly to capture and keep your memories so protected and also makes you happy by getting those back after a small time span to make a comparison of your past and future. This app makes it conceivable to keep all of your favorite stuff in one place. It delivers a considered and a bit unique opportunity to forget these photos for a shorter span so they can be remembered again right through this app. Hence, it is an exciting app for keeping your stuff more precise and private.


4. Instagram

Instagram is an easy solution to capture and share the world’s moments. Boost your daily photos and videos into pieces of art and also, share them with your friends and family. Start to see the world via somebody else’s site by just following as well as the people you already know, but inspirational Instagrammers, photographers, sports athletes, famous people, and fashion icons. Anytime you open Instagram, you will see fresh photos and videos from your dearest friends, plus surprising instances shared by creative people across the globe.

Over 400 million people use Instagram to you can edit pics and vids with free, custom-designed filter systems also improve pictures along with ten advanced creative methods to modify brightness, saturation, and contrast and even shadows, highlights, and perspective. You can find people to follow based on the accounts and photos they already love.


5. Timehop

Timehop is a fine looking app that enables users to celebrate and share the most nostalgic moments of their past. This app makes it possible to collect your best photos and memories from the preceding times. Through this app, you can easily make it possible to tap through your old photos, videos, and other posts from your phone, Instagram account, Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, and Swarm. This app makes it so simple and handy to get the photos and posts from the exact day in the history, and manages you to share that day experience with the community of people that cares for you. This app exactly tells you that what stuff were you doing for the past time and enables full and handy integration with some social media platform including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Dropbox, etc. This app made it a bit easier to share your memories for a comparison of then and now, and lets you decorate those memories with frames and connect with friends and family members the most precious and the most embarrassing memories.


6. Life’s Time Capsule

Life’s Time Capsule is an exciting place to capture all of your family photos and videos. It is one of the most secure apps that helps its users make effective storage of their exquisite moments. It is a fine app that provides a damn secure platform to the users to manage, organize, store, and edit your life’s most deliberate stuff and precious moments and memories through photos, audio, videos, journal entries, and other secure media storage. This app enables you built a legacy to share with your family and friends now and forever. It safely stores your expensive data in one of the largest internet cloud storage global network. It keeps your digitally stored memories well-protected, safe, and secure for you to share them for many upcoming years. It provides a robust opportunity to simply, privately, and securely capture moments in time with photos and videos to save exciting moments of graduation, your baby’s first steps, family outings, weddings, parties, and others, etc. It also captures audio recordings (babies first word, breathtaking stories from your grandparents and parents, etc.), and journal entries.


7. Path

The Path is the latest online social network that gives a kind of ‘public’ diary to ensure that only your nearest family and friends can easily see what you perform and wish to do. You can discuss all this information quickly with Path. As well, you’ll be able to back them up through taking photographs along with your mobile phone and also consisting of these folks in the timeline, which has a beautiful style.

If you have the link to other social support systems that are very normal in today’s community, you will probably be capable of link Path with Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr, or Facebook, such as the links on your timeline, and vice-versa. This most useful point of this social networking app that you will have a few close friends (just your most intimate circle) is its visible style. It has some detail that is very easy-to-use and will permit you to do everything quickly.


8. Vigo.Video

Vigo Video is the simplest way to share all the beautiful experiences captured on your phone. Create exciting short movies with your photos, video clips, and modern music. Share secretly or with followers in the Vigo community and beyond. Explore popular flipagrams to find out new folk and stories from around the globe. Get featured, go traditional, and become famous! Vigo Video editors will search for fun, impressive, or innovative videos to highlight the fast-growing community.

Vigo Video is the simplest way to produce, modify and share incredible videos, slideshows, and stories with your photos, videos, and lots of free licensed music (videos at present just compatible on most Android and iOs devices). Along with millions of monthly users throughout the world and also growing, Vigo Video is the world’s preferred way to tell an incredible story.

More About On This Day

On This Day is an awe-inspiring app that lets you go back on the same day from your gorgeous history. This app makes it quite simple and accessible to get the stuff you are doing for the same day of this past year or years ago. This app lets you travel back to your past time and enjoy the memory you were enjoying at that time. On This Day requires Facebook integration for managing this app. Using this app, you can effectively keep all of your favorite and most remarkable past and easily share those moments with your friends to live, imagine, and enjoy the same feeling now. It lets you take a look back to what you have done in the history. You can access all of your favorite events, meetings, get to gatherings, catch ups, fun parties, shows, and other memories and share these unforgettable photos for becoming more senti with your friends.