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OurHome brings a new, simple, and elegant way to organize your family by keeping all the things under control. OurHome – Chores, Rewards, Groceries and Calendar app brings a truly transformative task system that allows you to stay motivated and productive in a way like never before… read more
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1. FamCal

FamCal is an elegant and easy to manage family calendar app designed intuitively for family connection, no matter where members are. FamCal: Shared Family Calendar app was presented in the market Appxy Inc. which lets you get organized with the family calendar to get things done. You can intuitively combine events, notes, contacts, calendars, birthday reminders, and everything you want in one place so that you can easily keep anyone organized and synced. Family Shared Calendar: FamCal app lets adult members to add an email address, child members without an email address, and brings color code events with member’s colors. It enables all the family members to stay synced and connected and organize tasks, notes, and calendars everywhere. FamCal – A Shared Family Organizer App makes it so easy to share events between moms, kids, couples or the whole family and every can add or edit events in the group. Family Shared Calendar: FamCal app enables you to set a reminder to notice someone in the family and have either the agenda or calendar view. FamCal: Shared Family Calendar allows you to create as well as share task lists, shopping lists, grocery lists, to-do lists, and more with families. Family Calendar – Shared Calendar app lets you jot down moments and share unlimited notes with the family.


2. Hub Family Calendar Organizer

Hub Family Calendar Organizer intuitively keeps your home as well as your family organized by sharing calendars, tasks, photos, lists, and everything needs to be share. Hub Family Organizer- Shared Calendar & to-do Lists app was presented in the market by SureSwift Capital Inc. which lets you stay organized at home by sharing all the crucial stuff with the whole family or your desired members of your family. You can manage your busy schedules having this app and stay in sync with everyone around. Hub Family Calendar Organizer – Shared Calendar & Todo Lists allows you to share events from your calendar and effectively sync all the crucial dates into the calendar (works precisely with all calendars). This app makes it possible to share todos, calendars, grocery lists, shopping lists, and more with ease. Hub Family Organizer- Shared Family Calendar is a simple, powerful and robust app which also lets you share messages, notes, comments, photos, documents, and various other significant stuff to stay connected. You can precisely manage your meetings, get-togethers, ceremonies, and other events and also share them on Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail, and more. Hub Family Calendar Organizer – Shared Calendar and Todo Lists app bring excellent management for sharing lists and tasks with your family members to stay in sync with everyone you want.


3. Picniic

Picniic is an easy to use family management tool which helps all the parents to keep their kids, parents, and all the concerned family members more organized, connected, and productive than ever before. Picniic -Family Organizer by Picniic app was developed by Picnic Labs Inc. which brings an effective family organizer to provide better syncing and get things done in a way like never before. Family Organizer by Picniic simplifies the family life so that you can spend more time while doing what you want and less on organizing it. All the parents can intuitively access the app through tablet and cell phone to keep their family members on the same page and well organized. Picniic – Shared Family Calendar & Lists app brings the healthy features of the family locator, shopping list, grocery lists, shared family calendar, recipe tips, information lockers, meal planner and more right in one app. The Picniic app carries a sleek user interface which makes it fun and easy to navigate for every kind of family. You can download Picniic -Family Organizer by Picniic app for free to enjoy the features mentioned above and also enjoy its premium family plan with a hell more features.



CURAGO brings a sleekly designed family calendar which enables all the family members to stay connected and organized and share their likely stuff with each other no matter where they are. CURAGO Family Calendar – Organize, Share, and Connect app was presented by Curago Inc. which brings an all in one shared family calendar to share the necessary stuff, view upcoming events, monitor weather, share lists, and get loads of significant features right on your mobile devices. CURAGO app carries amazing themes, and you can choose themes for your events accordingly. Curago Family Calendar carries one of the most reasonable ways to share events, to-dos, grocery lists, schedules, meetings, and get-togethers for free. It carries a simple and clean interface which lets you enjoy a fresh perspective on the management of the family. CURAGO – Organize, Share, and Connect allows you to spend less energy on the logistics of the family and more time while having fun with them. Curago – Calendar for Family brings shared family calendar, intuitive management for events, loads of themes, excellent home screen, Google calendar sync, security and share-ability, and much more features for its global users. CURAGO- Organize, Share, and Connect is an effective place to share things, organize family matters, and for establishing a connection between family members for free.


5. TipStuff

TipStuff is a superb family management tool which instantly schedules all the activities of the family just through the common calendar which is synced with each one’s organizer. TipStuff ­­­­­­­­­­- The Family Agenda is a fine management tool presented in the store by arNumeral Inc. which lets you manage everything regarding your family and enjoy the whole week from all the family at a glance. TipStuff – L’agenda de la Famille app enables you to share all your shopping lists, tasks, to-do lists, and other things to be done this week. This app is crucial for sharing all the useful and necessary information about the household including the baby sitter phone, kid’s clothing size, grocery management, furniture concerns, and the like. Tip Stuff ­­­­­­­­­­- The Family Agenda is also applicable for you to compose your plans about meals for the week by exporting all the necessary ingredients to the shopping lists available here. Tip Stuff app enables all the family members to stay in sync and get to know all the necessary happenings by intuitive sharing system of the app. TipStuff ­­­­­­­­­­- The Family Agenda lets you make a secure and healthy connection with the whole family and enjoy everything on the move.


6. To-Do List for Google Tasks

To-Do List for Google Tasks lets you get organized by managing your to-do lists, grocery lists, and sync up to your account on Google to access and monitor your tasks whenever you want. To-Do List for Google Tasks is a great tool introduced in the market by Build For The Web Inc. which lets you view your agenda for the next seven days and manage things in the same way. You can precisely view your calendar and tasks in Today, next week and any of the predefined categories. It allows you to effortlessly mark tasks whenever completed as well as swipe it to postpone. To-Do List for Google Tasks app makes it so easy to view, handle and set due dates for each of your tasks and you can also set a specific due time accordingly. To-Do List app provides up to the mark notification before your due time and notifies your own time and date for the reminder. You can effortlessly postpone tasks from their notification without even opening the app. It lets you create to-do lists and tasks, custom reminder time, and google tasks syncing including the background sync and multiple account switching. To-Do List for Google Tasks allows you to assign color codes to your tasks, search across all the task notes and descriptions, assign photos and contacts to a task, drag to reorder tasks in the list and get a hell more features for free.


7. TimeBlocks

TimeBlocks enables its users to create to-do lists, events, appointments, and various other significant shareable things with ease. TimeBlocks – Calendar/Todo/Note is a fine tool presented in the market by TimeBlock, Inc. through which you can view the schedules at a glance whenever you want. TimeBlocks – Mobile Planner was is an excellent planner tool which merges the best parts of the calendars and tasks list apps with an amazing drag and drop experience. It enables you to add as well as monitor limitless events with the responsive calendar display at a glance. TimeBlocks – Schedule Smarter, Fewer Touches app allows you to personalize your events and edit colors in the way you want. TimeBlocks – Calendar, To-dos, and Notes app allows you to stay connected as well as sync with Google Calendar, Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, and more. You can precisely drag and drop plans between memo notes, to-do lists, and calendar. Time Blocks enables you to manage limitless notes, organize notes by day/month, save tasks as notes, and intuitively edit, add and delete your notes with swiping. TimeBlocks – Mobile Planner makes it so easy to display or hide a custom calendar, share events with family and buddies, add notes to calendar events, and manage to-do list and memos in a way like never before.


8. Looping

Looping is a marvelous tool to organize your group appointments in an easy and robust scenario through the free calendar app. Looping – Group calendar & To-Do list is a massively used application introduced in the market by Familynet Inc. which enables you to get a fully functional calendar to manage, create, and monitor all the appointments for free. You can organize the events in your life with a simple way using this extraordinary simple tool. The app allows you to keep in the loop with all your most likely interests and enjoy its chatting functionality which has made organizing events a breeze. It allows its users to import events from their local calendar of the phone and manage them in their own way. Looping – Group calendar & To-Do list app lets you create significant lists and also provide you with the option of list sharing. Looping – To-Do list app allows you to get reminders for every appointment and never miss anything important ever again. The app also lets you keep the school timetable of your children with you all the time and get to know things on time. Looping – Group calendar & To-Do list app helps you manage the jam-packed life of your family and preserves the whole family in the loop.


9. To Do Reminder with Alarm

To Do Reminder with Alarm is a magnificent tool which lets you be relaxed and stress-free by managing all your critical things, times, dates, and meetings. To Do Reminder with Alarm app was developed in the store by App Innovation Inc. which remind you about all the crucial things of your life and never lets you get tense of keeping your upcoming things in mind for all the time. The app significantly reminds you about all the to-dos, meetings, homework, assignments, tasks, business appointments, paying bills, taking pills or medicines, importing calls, sending birthday or anniversary greetings, policy renewals, and everything you want to schedule. To Do Reminder with Alarm makes it quick and easy to set to-dos and reminders and lets you customize your reminders in the way you want with the repeat functions minute, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, weekdays, or hourly. You can precisely set in advance alerts for reminders and choose reminder alerts as alarms or notifications. You can intuitively sync anniversaries, birthdays, and other events of your friends from Google Calendar, Phonebook, Facebook, or add them manually and enables you to post their special events on various social platforms. So just give a chance to download To Do Reminder with Alarm app and enjoy easy to use simple, and quick reminder app.


10. Calendar – Family Organizer

Calendar – Family Organizer is a marvelous product introduced in the market by Sevenlogics, Inc. which enables you to focus on family rather than anything else. Calendar – Daily Calendar Planner app enables you to manage your busy schedules, save your memories and get more things done by keeping all your family concerns in one place. It is an amazing daily planner that presents your due dates as well as events in an easy to understand manner so you will never feel like you have left something out again. You can intuitively create a family calendar and assign duties to your family members. Calendar – Family Organizer enables you to view the schedule in a weekly and monthly view and color code your events in your own way. You can concisely sync your schedules and to-dos across various devices and keeps your family updated with everything that happened. Some of the highlighted features of Calendar – Daily Calendar Planner app includes the creating and sharing of shopping lists, tracking family’s special events, add sticky notes to any day, check weather forecasts, add to-dos with reminders or due dates, integrate your shared calendar events, and personalize the app with your desired backgrounds. Calendar – Family Organizer app helps you get a full-fledged management tool for planning and managing everything about your family matters.


11. Day by Day Organizer

Day by Day Organizer is a widely used planning and management tool designed sleekly to entirely implement the Google Task as well as the Google Calendar as in one place. Day by Day Organizer is a full-fledged organizer introduced in the market by Appiens Inc. which helps you plan your current to upcoming schedules over your Android devices and make them available over all your tablets and mobile phones connected via internet. It brings the presentation of tasks, to-dos, and the events in one list by providing extreme level synchronization with Google tasks and Google calendar. The app carries easy to manage month and agenda view, text month view, day view, and the text week view. Day by Day Organizer app brings an attractive and interactive widget for your desktop device with a configurable wide layout. While on the demo mode of Day by Day Organizer app, users can get the support of next week and month widget, invitations for events, the capability to use multiple profiles, check of the guest list, priority in tasks, rich set of functions for recurrent tasks, and various others. Day by Day Organizer app enables its users to create events with a proper beginning and ending along with all the postponed events, in any situation you’ll be endorsed to set reminders in the app which will help you in monitoring your schedules.



FAMANICE intuitively supports your family and you in the daily milestones by providing real help for getting things in an easy, reasonable and professional manner. FAMANICE – Family Calendar app was developed by FAMANICE GmbH Inc. which brings an integrated family calendar, school organization of kids, shopping lists, to-do lists management, family chatting functionality, contacts with other families, and a hell of options for everyone uses the app. FAMANICE – Familien kalender app makes it easy to access your crucial family content whether at the office, on the computer, at home, or on the move while on your smartphones. The app keeps you up to date with all the family updates, schedules, and meeting. FAMANICE – Family Calendar app allows you to discover all the upcoming events, new news, and appointments in one place. You can precisely manage common tasks in the module of a new to-do list so that you don’t slip through any significant task. While on the other hand, the pro version of FAMANICE – Family Calendar app contains private appointments, ads-free scenario, daily emails with due tasks, managing external contacts, calendar filter, search option for appointments, private to-dos, due dates for to-do list tasks, subscribe to an external calendar and premium support.


13. Codo

Codo is designed for helping you stay organize and keep everything regarding your daily efforts in a straightforward and concise way. Codo – Collaborative To-Do list is a great product of Mikael Romanus Inc. through which you can manage your daily concerned things in a way like never before. You can use the Codo app as regular list management or to-do app for all your public or private lists and even use it for shared lists with exclusive synchronization between tablets and cell phone devices. Codo: Shared Todo-Lists and Reminders app is built with a sleek approach and does not let you get complexity while doing everything it offers. The basic approach of the app is to bring an effortless task management approach which helps you in creating, managing and monitoring your daily households and family dealings right using your mobile phones. You can check a task, add or delete tasks and manage things in your own way. Codo – Collaborative To-Do list app enables all other members to track all the updates instantly over their own devices. Whenever you want other members to take a glance over the lists, you can notify them with just a click of the button. Codo – Shared Todo-Lists & Reminders app manages your daily activities and requirements in one place and get things done in a way like never before.


14. Tody

Tody is one of the most trusted and highly sophisticated cleaning tools which intuitively motivates and optimizes your domestic and official cleaning in a way like never before. Tody – Smarter Cleaning app was presented in the market by LoopLoop Aps Inc. which enables you to get a sleek way of gaining control of your home and everything needed to be clean. You can gain flexibility by managing and monitoring all the cleaning tasks by indicators of the actual need rather than the uninformed dates. The app effectively visualizes the dirtiness to visualize the effects of cleaning as well as motivate cleaning to enrich satisfaction. Tody – Smarter Cleaning does not contain any deadlines or alarms and puts you in full control of your cleaning routine in spite of cleaning routine controlling you. Tody has intuitively turned your home cleaning into an engaging game and all the house members can precisely check-in to claim the credits for their respective actions. It can be scaled or customized to fit almost any needs, that’s the way it suits complex or single households with plenty of members. So just download the Tody – Smarter Cleaning app and enjoy getting one of the easiest and intuitive sets of a customized cleaning plan right on your mobile phone.


15. Brili Routines

Brili Routines claims the chaos of daily routine with your little champs. Brili Routines – Visual Timer for Kids app was presented in the market by Brili GmbH, which has intuitively turned your kid’s routine into a fun and engaging game. The app allows you to simply set up a routine or use the customized ones for bedtimes, mornings, toothbrush, lunch, dinner, homework, school time, play time, and anything you want them to do for a healthy life. Brili Routines – Visual Timer app allows your kids to be motivated and focused on things which are necessary for them to handle. It’s visuals, audible activity prompts and motivating rewards, and dynamic timers lets yo, kids, to stay on task and on time in a highly ethical way. Brili Routines – Keeps Kids Motivated & On Time app is significant for parents to set up routines for their kids in their busy life and enjoy the benefits from consistency and reassuring structure. BriliRoutines – Visual Timer app contains dynamic scheduling, and the duration of the tasks are adjusted based on the ability of your kids to complete them. Brili Routines – Visual Timer for Kids app brings voice prompts, timeline (shows the current activity or work needs to be done), gentle audible and visual prompts, visual timer, and intuitive notification approach for both kids and parents.


16. RoosterMoney

RoosterMoney is an excellent tool for all the official and domestic expense managers which helps them teach their kids or other family members about saving goals and managing money. RoosterMoney: Allowance Manager & Piggy Bank App was presented in the market by RoosterMoney Inc. which brings an exclusive mobile piggy bank app and an allowance manager right on your cell phones for handling money. RoosterMoney – Allowance Manager is an all in one allowance manager, a reward chart and chore tracker which helps your kids to learn the life skills and the value of money in a way like never before. It is an intuitively family organizer which simplifies the way of managing, monitoring and spending money and is significant for both parents and kids alike. RoosterMoney – Piggy Bank & Kids Chore Chart app allows you to set up the pocket money management routine by issuing allowances automatically an ad hoc or each week basis in your preferred currency. Rooster Money Allowance Manager app allows you to select stars as currency, view current statements and balances, boost pocket money for kids (behavior, chores, gifts, and achievements), track pic of things at shops, lock their allowance, and do much else. RoosterMoney: Allowance Manager and Piggy Bank App brings an exclusive way of teaching the management and use of money to everyone.



COORGANIZ lets you optimize yourself collectively using this significant tool and get things done with extreme coordination and in a reasonable way. COORGANIZ shared calendar is developed sleekly for letting you organize all the daily routine works and sharing family routines in an elegant way. The app allows you to make your information retrievable as well as significant for the right person at best possible time with a simple message and along with appropriate confidentiality settings. COORGANIZ – Organize and Plan Together is a simple to use and free of charge all which carries global planning, a space to share documents, an elegant task management approach, private one on one or group messaging system, a unique Coorganiz assistant taskbar, and loads of other features. The app brings shared diaries which let you get a daily view of time table for of members diaries, time slots access for all members, creation and assigning events directly with messages, and get automatic reminders not to miss any crucial work or event. CO ORGANIZER – Calendar and to do list app allows you to assign tasks, access settings, and follow the completion of tasks concisely. COORGANIZ shared calendar app brings loads of amazing features for letting all the members to check and get things done intuitively and manage the whole circuit in a way like never before.

More About OurHome

OurHome brings a new, simple, and elegant way to organize your family by keeping all the things under control. OurHome – Chores, Rewards, Groceries and Calendar app brings a truly transformative task system that allows you to stay motivated and productive in a way like never before. It keeps your kids motivated to take responsibility and do chores while parents can reward them against their efforts for the real-time. OurHome – Chores and Rewards app makes it super easy to schedule and assign chores and tasks to your family members and let them know about their responsibilities right through the app. You can precisely view the personal activities and progress and add items to the shared grocery lists intuitively. You can enter your desired events and special occasions into the family calendar and manage to remember things on time. Our Home App – Chores, Rewards, Groceries and Calendar app allows you to stay in sync across various devices and access the data from any of your desired tablet and phone connected with the internet. You can also set reminders and send messages to your loved ones. OurHome – Chores and Rewards app makes it so easy to enjoy a family calendar and shared grocery list to keep everyone connected and coordinated without any hidden cost.