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Pages: Documents that Stand Apart

Pages is a classy tool that creates beautiful documents and lets you express yourself through this ultimate drawing and annotation tool. Pages: Documents that stand apart app bought in the market by Apple Inc. which brings so many exclusive features for its entire users to get the most powerful and intuitive processor to create gorgeous documents… read more
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1. iA Writer

iA Writer is a widely used mobile app which carries a number of intuitive features of the text editor and corrector. iA Writer: Note. Write. Edit is a fine application introduced by Information Architects GmbH, which lets you do things in a more organized and well-perceived way. iA Writer is specially designed for focusing on the writing experience for business proposals, white papers, poems, screenplays, novels, essays, and any sort of content writing. It tends to be a secret weapon for shy poets, best-selling authors, business leader, fearless humorists, and exclusive scholars. iA Writer: Note. Write. Edit features an integrated file browser, markdown preview, a collection of beautiful templates, hardware tool, real-time Google Drive and DropBox sync, publish on, night mode reverses, full-screen mode, and more. Its focus mode lets you focus on some particular words or current sentences for maximum concentration. Other than these, you can also correct your writing through its automatic corrector a well. So just download iA Writer: Note. Write. Edit and enjoy writing, editing, and correcting your text intuitively.


2. Notability

Notability is an intuitive, robust, simple yet an outstanding PDF annotation and note-taking app loved by millions of people from all over the world. Notability: Easy note-taking and annotation app is a great tool introduced by Ginger Labs Inc. which enables all the students, teachers, business specialists, project managers, and other professionals to use this app to enrich their lives by extremely amazing note-taking experience. This application has streamlined your entire workflow by becoming paper-free, in office, classroom, at home, on the street, and over other places. This app brings drag and drops feature to move multiple files, text, pics, web pages, GIFs, and other media from other applications. Notability: Easy note-taking and annotation app allow you to express your artistic side by matching through custom colors with the intuitive color dropper. You can precisely keep all your official notes secure from others through Face ID or Touch ID like encryption techniques. This brilliant note-taking app lets you search and convert handwritten notes, save time with multi-notes, sketching with beautiful colors, import, and share facility, auto-backup feature, and lets you type anyone on its canvas. So just download Notability: Easy note-taking and annotation app from the store and bring your artistic version in the market through the note-taking and PDF annotating experience that it contains.


3. Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a fabulous and the most stunning word processor that makes it stunning to write, view, edit, and create documents on the go and access your documents easily from anywhere using its mobile phone. It is probably the most widely used word processor with some stunning features. You can easily create, and share advanced looking documents with the marvelous blow of art reviewing, sharing, storing, editing, and tons of other tools. Microsoft Word is a product by Microsoft which allows quick access to your documents and files in is a cloud based support which makes it easy to access anywhere. Microsoft Word efficiently maintains the same sort of formatting across your Mobile Phones, PC’s, Laptops and other devices and is available for Windows. By emailing or a hyperlink, you can easily share your docs with some other persons. Microsoft Word is a platform which makes it easy to you to make an innovative, eye catching, and stunning documents with an awesome touch of multimedia support. It offers a variety of features that include Insertions, Designing, Page Layout, References, Mailings, Reviewing, and some of their sub programs. You can easily modify or edit any already created document, Rather than this, it also offers an amazing security for making your documents untouched from an unauthorized person. Hence it gives you the robust capabilities to write and design your document to meet some specific needs of your projects and assignments.


4. Wiz Note

Wiz Note is an excellent Note software which is specially designed for the mobile internet users as well as other internet users. Wiz Note app bought in the market by Beijing Wozhi Co., Ltd which brings an app focuses more on the knowledge of the rapid collection, reading, management, sharing, and caring. WizNote is a lightweight app carrying so many intuitive features for all its mobile users. It has even more rapid full-text retrieval as well as an abundant knowledge organization. Wiz Note is a more stable, much light in weight, and a suitable app for PC and all other mobile devices. You can intuitively synchronize the knowledge between your cell phone and the computing so that you can manage things more appropriately, effectively, and effortlessly. Wiz Note app also lets you use the associated online service for it synchronization with multiple devices. You can precisely get all the intuitive features of better management collection, reading, management, sharing and other intuitive things just by installing this app in your mobile phones. So just download Wiz Note app in your mobile devices and enjoy everything it had for its entire users.



NOTEBOOK is a highly productive and versatile note taking app which brings so many exciting features for its entire users to write notes and create checklists. NOTEBOOK – Take Notes, Sync bought in the market by Zoho Corporation Inc. which enables its worldwide users to have a gorgeous note-taking and managing experience. It allows its users to create checklists to get things done with the dedicated checklist note. It includes some notable gestures which let you swipe your notebook or note for additional information, Flick to find the note you need, pinch to group notes into a stack, in landscape view, pinch to fold group notes like an accordion. You can precisely change the color of your notes, view notes in either grid or landscape mode, continue recording audio on any screen, create as well as choose a notebook cover, and do various other customization to your notes. NOTEBOOK – Take Notes, Sync allows you to record your notes with audio, scan documents if want to add, attach Microsoft documents, and write notes intuitively. You can precisely organize various notebooks, move or copy your notes, securely lock your notes, use Touch ID to lock, search within notes, and do much else having this tool. So just download NOTEBOOK – Take Notes, Sync app and keep your work and yourself organized.


6. 1Writer

1Writer is a brilliant note taking tool which brings inline markdown preview feature while you write, and full, rich text preview when you are done. 1Writer – Markdown Text Editor is a fabulous product introduced by Ngoc Luu Inc. which brings an intuitive and free to use note-taking, and writing app available in the store. One Write is a powerful note-taking app which enables its users to generate and edit plain text and markdown files and see all these formatted results through the Markdown syntax highlights. Its extended keyboard contains a convenient row of buttons for formatting, special characters, and navigation. 1Writer – Markdown Text Editor lets you insert a document template and create even more robust custom actions through Javascript. It brings fully featured file Brower, PDF and image review feature, full-text search and is available in two dark themes for extreme personalization. It also brings drag and drops support and multi-Markdown feature. Search documents from the spotlight, photo and PDF preview, today widget, open in place support, and various other useful functionalities. So just download 1Writer – Markdown Text Editor app from the store to have an intuitive experience which has combined all the basic text editing features that you expect with all the advanced features that you are looking for.


7. Byword

Byword is another amazing office suite for making stunning documents and other word processor stuff. It is planned to make writing more interesting, and more pleasurable with Markdown on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and some other devices. It can easily export Markdown documents to HTML and PDF documents or vice versa. Like if you want to change the format of your documents and does not find any particular app for that, then Byword is there for you. You can easily transform your documents. This intuitive suite offers most Markdown supports including cross-references, tables, and footages. Byword can easily filter the documents, takes all docs offline, offers a huge list of design tools, has many key board shortcuts for making ease of use, etc. Byword offers simple yet powerful features for creating stunning stuff in a straightforward way. It provides some amazing formatting and navigating tools, an appreciable grammar and spell checker, etc. for making a smooth workflow. Byword offers a text expander snippet extension and has word or characters counters with live updates. It enables you to make stunning documents with a tremendous blow of ease and reliability. Using its iCloud and Dropbox support, you can easily save your documents in a cloud-based storage and access your saved documents from anywhere, anytime.


8. Grammarly Keyboard

Grammarly Keyboard has millions of downloads from all across the globe due to the efficiency of delivering mistake-free writing. Grammarly Keyboard — Type with confidence is a great product of Grammarly, Inc. which lets you have the best writing experience. It provides tons of features and checks along with seamless integration. It allows you to write at best and clearly expresses any of your written document. Whenever your writing is done, Grammarly discovers the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors and helps you fix them on the fly. This application brings a super simple one-click mistake or error correction experience for its entire users. Grammarly Keyboard – Type with confidence also ensures that your writing is as clear and precise as your verbal communication. This application provides sophisticated grammar checker, contextual spelling checker, vocabulary enhancements, and advanced punctuation correction for mistaking free writing. It is easy to set up and integrates smoothly with all apps available in the market. Grammarly Keyboard is a must-have app for sending urgent emails, for online content writing, important messaging, social media posts, and much more. So just download Grammarly Keyboard — Type with confidence and improve your writing skills in an ultimate way.


9. Textilus Pro Word Processor

Textilus Pro Word Processor is a great solution for all the business people and students for getting an excellent way of writing papers, logs, reports, journals, eBooks, quizzes, and more. Textilus Pro: Powerful yet Easy to Use Word Processor is an excellent platform introduced by Knowtilus Inc. through which you can organize your research, remove distractions, generate ideas, and store your hand made content in a way like never before. Textilus Pro: Powerful Word Processor brings Dropbox and iCloud syncing, and it also syncs all your documents between multiple iOS devices. It supports the limitless number of docs and nested folders. Textilus Pro: Easy to Use Word Processor brings high customization of margins, modify paper styles, and APA and MLA style format support, so that you can create unlimited notes. Textilus also includes the insertion of inline photos, charts, drawings, and signatures in your docs. It contains premade templates of documents that can easily be selected, and you can also build a new one according to your need. It carries a full search engine through which you can pick your desired content through keyword from its doc’s library. So just download Textilus Pro: Powerful yet Easy to Use Word Processor app and enjoy a significant tool for storing your crucial content with a breeze.


10. Werdsmith

Werdsmith is a significant tool that has effectively turned your mobile devices into a portable writing studio that helps you write anywhere you want. Werdsmith: The app for writers is a great tool presented by Nathan Tesler Inc. through which you can write your desired things anytime, anywhere. There are hundreds of thousands of worldwide writers who rely on this app for capturing and storing their ideas and work on their screenplays, novels, articles, stories, adventures, and more. The app lets you enjoy writing on your fingerprint, in syncing between your mobile devices. Werdsmith app allows you to share your creations with your buddies and lets you get real-time feedback from them and show the entire world to create your own portfolio. You can make this app truly yours with 5 custom themes and plenty of formatting options. Werdsmith: The app for writers lets you add bold, italics, as well as headings as your type or use the most classy screenplay writing or novel writing tools that automatically make your work beautiful. It never lets you lose anything from here by providing Touch ID or Face ID support and save all your docs in history. So just download Werdsmith: The app for Writers app, and show off your writing capabilities in front of the globe for the real-time.


11. Editorial

Editorial is a must-have tool for all the teachers, students, business persons, and other folks to get markdown editing with amazing inline preview. Editorial – Plan Text Editor app bought in the market by OMZ Software Inc. which allows you to enjoy a plain text editor with a beautiful inline preview of markdown and robust automation tools for all the iOS users. It brings an excellent inline preview for the TaskPaper, Fountain Documents, and Markdown as well. You can select from more than 50 text processing actions to establish your own work for the extending feature set of this app. Editorial – Plan Text Editor App brings Dropbox syncing so that you can easily access and edit docs with multiple apps. You can instantly insert frequently used blocks of writing by typing various abbreviations. Other than these, Editorial app also brings TaskPaper Mode for the plain text to-do lists, tabbed web browser for instant searching and robust workflows with python scripting. Editorial – Plan Text Editor also carries dark theme support and tons of customizable options to choose from. So just download Editorial – Plan Text Editor app and enjoy extreme level inline markdown or fountain preview for accessing the document’s formatting immediately while you’re writing.


12. Writer

Writer – ODT Word Processor is an excellent tool that helps you create and edit the documents of Microsoft Word, LibreOffice, OpenOffice, and various others. Writer – ODT Word Processor is a robust word processing tool bought in the market by iKuTeam Documents, Inc. that enables you to edit documents like a charm and lets you share with damn ease. Writer Word Processing app lets you collaborate on all the documents with full interoperability support and access or edit everything from your phone. This app effectively works with Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Egnyte, BOX, and FTP servers. Writer – ODT Word Processor brings non-destructive editing that brings 100 % support for the Microsoft Word format and is perfect when back to Mac or PC. You can intuitive export all the Google, Microsoft, LibreOffice and OpenOffice documents to PDF and print them in with a simple click of the button. Writer ODT app brings an instant sharing approach through which you can spread your created or edited documents email or social platforms and even upload it to your cloud with ease. So just download the Writer – ODT Word Processor app in your mobile phone to get one of the most sophisticated word processors for iPhone, iPad, and other iOS devices.


13. Typing Writer

Typing Writer lets you store all your memorable, significant, and crucial words in a fine place so that you can access and record them intuitively. Typing Writer: A Realistic, Usable Typewriter app bought in the market by Sudden Oak Inc. which enables you to spread everything you need over this application and store all your docs with real comfort. This application brings easy to delete, paste, copy or cut scenario so that you can manage your content with a breeze. Whenever you type on stuff, you see the original letter underneath, but when you reach at the end of the line, it will automatically go to the next page. You can also manually change the pages of the Typing Writer app and get the flow of work as you desire. Typing Writer: A Realistic, Usable Typewriter app enables you to press your finger onto the page and start brushing over the words or the letters with ease. Typing Writer app also added sound in it, which can also be turned off if you are not interested whatsoever. So just download Typing Writer: A Realistic, Usable Typewriter app in your mobile devices and enjoy getting enjoyment and benefits from old systems to your will.


14. Ulysses

Ulysses is an intuitive application that puts all your significant or must-have text in your pocket and lets you access them whenever you want. Ulysses: The Ultimate Writing App bought in the market by Ultimate GmbH & Co. KG, which brings one-stop writing experience for all the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and almost all the iOS holders. It is a pleasant, focused writing experience, combined with the most effective and sleek document management with flexible export and seamless syncing. Ulysses word processor carries an award-winning design that lets you create and edit your desired documents flawlessly. Ulysses: The Ultimate Writing App is an elegant app that enables you to create PDFs, HTML, DOCX, eBooks, and a lot more. You can precisely convert your own text into amazing word documents, PDFs, and eBooks or even export the HTML code on the web. This ultimate markup-based app lets you focus on all your significant tasks and brings writing, editing, and sharing with a breeze. Ulysses: Writing App is a distraction-free editor that allows everyone to manage projects of all sizes and kinds. You can also publish your content to Medium and WordPress as well. So just download Ulysses: The Ultimate Writing App which is probably the first choice for writers of all kind.

More About Pages: Documents that Stand Apart

Pages is a classy tool that creates beautiful documents and lets you express yourself through this ultimate drawing and annotation tool. Pages: Documents that stand apart app bought in the market by Apple Inc. which brings so many exclusive features for its entire users to get the most powerful and intuitive processor to create gorgeous documents. You can precisely annotate or draw things using the pencil or even your finger. You can use Smart Annotation Beta for adding marks and comments that stay anchored to the text. Pages: Documents that stand apart brings premade templates for CV’s, digital books, simple files, letters, reports, and more so that you can pick your desired one according to your nature of work. This app lets you get creative with hundreds of editable shapes that can easily be selected if needed, and you can also invite others to work with you. It also lets you enjoy teamwork for all your thesis, projects, and assignments at the same time and never miss significant things happenings. Pages app also lets you share your docs publically. So just download Pages: Documents that stand apart app in your mobile devices and enjoy creating eye-grabbing and beautiful reports, posters, CV’s, and other docs with extreme level collaboration.