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Paint Lab is a widely used app for clarifying the beauty of your memorable images in a distinct and classy way. This app lets you apply filters, FX, effects, adjust colors, enhancements, temper, corners, and edges, and edit your photos in a way you want… read more
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1. Cartoon Camera

Cartoon Camera helps you make some funky images in a fun way. There are lots of amazing filters and effects that transform your photos into real-time cartoony stuff. Using this app, you can apply some awesome funky filters to your pics to make them jolly and funny. This app is widely used due to some of its amazing features, and people use this app for making their as well as their friend’s photos funny and entertaining. This app is filled with cool features to create sketch and cartoon like photography using your mobile phone’s camera. Cartoon Camera offers real-time cartoon effects includes cartoon, color drawing, Sepia, white stokes, colored edges, dark stokes, pencil sketches and many others. Rather than this, it enables you to use adjustable edge strength, adjustable color sensitivity or saturation, save images quickly by a single tap, supports autofocus (you can tap anywhere on the screen), supports camera flash, supports the front or rare camera, and this app can be installed to SD. You can save edited images easily to external and internal storage under the Cartoon Camera folder. While on the other hand it also includes 70 cartoon FX, 60 minutes recording availability, and Gangnam style frames, etc. and easily share them with your friends.


2. Paper Camera

Paper Camera is an app that lets you see the world with real time painting and cartoon effects on your mobile camera. This app lets you see things with the stylish, new, captivating, and original lens. It offers an ultimate collection of comic book, cartoon, sketch, half tone, neon, noir, and a bundle of some other effects on your mobile phone. It lets you capture things in a way never before. Using Paper Camera, you can enhance your photos in a marvelous looking pics. There are a number of awesome effects printed directly on your smartphone’s camera. It does not offer boring effects, and all the effects that it offers are unique and gorgeous. This app lets you see the things present in the world in an awesome looking lens and discover how cool the world is now. It offers a crucial collection of amazing FX and effects that change the look of your photos to make them more attractive and eye catching. This app also lets you edit your photos or add some effects on your already existing photos in an easy way. You can download this camera effect app on your Android, iOS and some other devices.


3. Simple Camera

Simple Camera is a simple but effective camera app that is usable both for taking photos and recording videos. You can switch with between rare and front camera and make photos or record your memories from the camera you want. The flash can be turned off and on, so rather than a camera it also works as a flash light. You can pinch to zoom out and in. It is a widely used camera app that offers some amazing features and is probably the simplest camera on this planet. You can easily make high-quality photos and videos along with the minimal user interface and some other sophisticated features. Simple Camera is easy and intuitive to use and also provides the features like lockable focus, exposure, with a no ads support. You can use this camera for storing your memorable pics as well as videos to make them more attractive, eye catching, precise, and marvelous. This app lets you innovatively edit your photos and you can easily use this app on Android and iOS devices.


4. Camera+

Camera+ is a widely used app for making your photos more attractive. It is an amazing camera app that has lots of professional cameras and some other marvelous features. It offers a classic photo filter camera effects, photo post processing effects, and fashion camera appearance. All the stuff that can be generated in the professional photography darkroom by paying some money, Camera+ does it for free. Some of its professional level features include shooting mode, normal mode, continuous mode, countdown mode, anti-shake mode, and last but not least is voice shutter mode. You can make your pictures clear with ease of extreme level. Camera plus offers over 20 real-time effects that include Lomo, Symmetry, light tunnel, Sepia, and much more. Its photo post processing mode enables the users to adjust the effects of the photo environment, weather effects, portrait and other post processing. Rather than a typical photo editor app, you can also share your photos using this app includes various functions and effects. You can make photo editing using this app in a damn simple and intuitive way with the help of its attractive user interface.


5. Vignette

Vignette is a fully featured camera app with lots of unique features. It is an amazing app with more than 70 customizable photo filters, self-timer, digital zooming function, timestamps, and hundreds of frame combinations. It offers some extraordinary features that make this app unique from others. Its camera styles include vintage, retro, Lomo, instant camera, hogly toy, and much more. Its film emulators contain portra, ilford, Velvia, etc. Vignette provides self-timer (you can set the timer according to your desire), steady-shot and timer-lapse modes. You can also set the volume buttons of your mobile to click the photo, and it offers easy to find controls for the exposure, flash, zoom, and switching camera. Vignette lets you take photos from both front and rare (back) camera. With Vignette’s easy to use interface you can easily edit pictures and make them a master piece to share them on some of your social media accounts like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Tinder, Messenger, and others. You can make date-stamp and time-stamp photos with adjustable color, size, and format. This amazing photo editor and the camera app are available for almost all platforms.


6. Sketch Cam

Sketch Cam is available to give your photos a blow of real-time cartoon and sketch effects. You just have to take a photo and apply the effect that you want on your pic to make them a realistic sketch look. It offers a huge number of realistic effects that enhance your picture in the way you want. Some of these effects include sketch, cartoon, watercolor, manga style, poster pencil drawings, painting, oil, and many others. You can paint directly real-time on your camera and apply those filters to make your photos more gorgeous and eye catching. Using this camera, you can choose from a huge list of sketch and cartoon effects, and you can easily adjust and customize these pictures effortlessly. These attractive effects can be applied to your photo and video to change the outlook and to make them good-looking. You can enhance your photos, apply frames and stickers to them, apply amazing effects, auto adjustment, crop, resize, rotate, focus, splash, draw and write some text on your photos easily. There are tons of other features of this app that helps you enhance the beauty of your pics.


7. PhotoDirector Photo Editor App

PhotoDirector is a simple-to-use photograph editing and change application, giving you the ability to include impacts and channels rapidly, alter and improve your shots, or make upscale photo arrangements on your iPhone and iPad. PhotoDirector puts a capable method of photo developing instruments in the palm of your hand, so you can improve photos the minute you take them, and offer them with your loved ones quickly on Facebook, Flickr, and the sky is the limit from there. You can expel photobombers from your photograph, change immersion, improve tone, apply and modify a single tick picture impacts, or even include a sensational HDR impact, to make distinctive, delightful pictures on the go. Anybody can accomplish remarkable, DSLR-like results in a matter of seconds with PhotoDirector. Change your cell phone pics and make them seem as though they were shot on a Canon or Nikon. Photoshop your travel pictures, upgrade scene photos and make an expert quality fine art from a typical photo. This Christmas season utilizes this photograph casing, channels, and impacts to include a touch of merry enchantment to your pics.


8. SketchBook

SketchBook is a cartoony app that transforms your photos into real-time intuitive painting and drawing. There are lots of amazing features of this app that helps you edit your images in a classy way. You can easily make your photos more precise and store them. It creates paint and line art, and you can enjoy the authentic experience as close to pen, pencil, brush, or marker on paper as a digital photography art tool can be. SketchBook offers more than 10 present brushes that include customizable pens, markers, and pencils that deliver a distinct drawing experience. Some of its marvelous and breath taking features include the capacity of 2500 times zooming power to provide the finest detail to your art, synthetic pressure sensitivity, proportional and symmetry transforming tools, and full layer controls. It also offers a paid Pro version with some extra amazing functions. Its pro capabilities include a comprehensive library of more than 100 brushes, full Copic color library, more layers, full layer controls with 18 layers gradient fills tools, and some advanced selection tools, etc. You can easily organize your art work using SketchBook app on your smartphones, and its exciting features helps you make your ordinary photos more stunning and attractive.


9. Camera By Google

Camera By Google is a camera app launched by Google. Using this app, you can easily make videos and photos anywhere and innovatively edit them by its great features and functions. Camera By Google is a widely used app that enables its users to take photos even while shooting videos. It slow motion features allows you capture videos in a slow motion and it is coded in the separate pull-out menu rather than a button in the regular video mode. It has a great approach to filters, and you can easily apply those to your great pics to make them more beautiful. It efficiently changes your ordinary photos in good-looking photos by some simple taps. You can easily make photos and record videos to make them more special and stunning. Camera By Google lets you manage the contrast, brightness, color, edges, and even you can write on your photos with a distinct collection of font styles that it offers.


10. Hi Selfie Camera

Hi Selfie Camera is an Android camera app that lets its users create images and edit them in a great way. You can use this camera for making your pictures more classy and eye catching for storing some unforgettable moments of your life. Hi Selfie Camera is a great app that lets you apply some real-time decent effects and filters on your pictures, and you can easily adjust the color, temperature, edges, contrast, and other things in a fun way. It entails awesome features that let the users preserve the memories with colorful filters. It provides filter options to choose and apply them to amaze your friend with astonishing results. You can easily switch to front and back camera, and it provides an HDR mode for taking high-quality video. Its selfie timer allows you make pics instantly or after a shorter span. Hi Selfie Camera also offers mirrored images options, flash support to brighten photos or to enhance the lightening of the picture to be captured. Some of its stunning features include face detection, mute options, red eye detection, water mark support, light exposure, etc. Hi Selfie Camera is available on almost all platforms.


11. Camera FV-5

This is a professional photos are editing app that offers the manual control system to its users so that they can edit their photos in the means that like. This camera app is particularly designed for the professional and enthusiast photographers. With this, they can easily capture the raw photos so that they can post process them later on to get the photos like the professional and stunning one. Your creativity and imagination are the only limits. The features of this app that we would like to mention with you are that all photographic parameters in this app are fully adjustable, it offers the view finder display like DSLR camera, offers full fledged exposure bracketing, contains integrated intervalometer, offers program and speed priority modes, support for long exposure, support for all kind of images for editing purposes and much more. Camera FV-5 is simply the best app you were looking for.


12. Polamatic

Polamatic is a program that modifies your image in a classy way. This app lets you use your mobile phone’s camera and make extraordinary photos by editing them using some marvelous filters. It provides a great range of filter, effects, and FX that when an implement of your photo, makes an ordinary pic into a classy one. You can easily adjust the temper, contrast, edges, color, brightness and many other things. Polamatic offers a fun way to edit images and add some awesome filters to them for making them marvelous. You can easily edit pictures according to your need, taste, desire, and mood. You can apply filters from a huge offering, and apply one that best fit on your photo. You can also write on your photo with some unique and amazing font styles and font colors. After making a master piece using Polamatic, you can easily share these pics on some social media account for showing them off.


13. Magic Hour

Magic Hour is an app that lets you transform your ordinary photos into exceptional, extraordinary ones. It is an app that makes your memories more precious and stunning. It dynamically enhances your pics using more than 40 filters and turns your pictures into an artwork by using a variety of artwork effects with only a few taps. You can retouch the curves, add frames, textures, vignette, adjust contrast, and brightness of your photos. By doing all this stuff, you can easily make the filters that suit your taste, style, and mode. You can also save the filters you like to use them afterward. You can easily download newly updated filters for free. Magic Hour update filters and allows you to save them and use such filters of various moods such as vivid, vintage, beauty, colorful, and much more. You can also share these photos and show of them in front of your friends and family members via some social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, flicker, tumbler, etc. Magic Hour also lets you send photographic stuff via email and setting wallpapers are also available. You can download this camera app on any of your mobile platforms.


14. Roidizer

Roidizer is a photo editor app for Android smartphones. You can convert your ordinary photos into some amazing stuff. It is a missing photo editor app on Android and is one of the simplest camera apps you ever have. This app lets you create your instant photos like as in the old days with a Roidizer camera. This app lets you choose from almost 10 different films to adjust the contrast, brightness, edges and other parts of your photos. This app also features as autofocus can lets you enable or disable this mode. Disabling autofocus mode enables you to make pics with more creativity. You can simply label your photos bottom and choose from six different fonts. With App2SD support, you can edit your pics in a user-friendly atmosphere. It adds some new features to this app so that you can save the picture with the same caption, scrambled screen on Galaxy Note fixed, and some memory usage optimizations. You can create photos in a fun way and share them with your friends just for showing off.


15. Night Camera

Night Camera is a widely used camera that makes its usage at night time. People use this camera app in their night parties for getting an awesome real-time result of their pics. This app grew up into a better camera. Night Camera is a fully featured app with tons of functionality. This app lets you make your dark pics more clear and precise with almost 11 shooting modes and full camera control. It is useful for capturing high-quality images in probably dim or low light. It is a widely used app that offers full resolution image with no noise and no blur. It uses an advanced low-level technique, based on many exposure fusion. It also offers a paid version. This paid version offers some more amazing features like location tagging, tons of effects, shutter mute, zoom, flash control and many others. You can use this app anytime, no matter how dark is that out these, just use this app and take sharp and noise free photos. There are lots of amazing features in this app for making your pics more attractive and mind blowing for sharing them on the wall of your social media account or something else.


16. Lo-Mob

Lo-Mob is an awesome app that gives a retro look to your photos and allows you to become a professional pic editor using some simple steps. Just launch the app, choose to take a pic or to get one (that you already made) through your gallery and make it a masterpiece in seconds and with simple taps. This app preserves your picture resolution until the end of the process and then export. Within a few seconds, it processes your file, renders a preview for every photo effect, and lets you choose from some effects and implement one that is the best fit for your photo. You can implement these effects according to the mood, situation, and the weather. It provides a distinctive experience in sharing your amazing moments and lets you live stream yourself in front of your followers and vice versa. Using this app, you can communicate by chat, notify the moments you want to watch, find favorite videos, check timeline to your followings moments, love tag to follow stuff that you like and much more. It is a widely used app that lets you innovatively do awesome stuff.


17. Polaroid Instant Cam

Polaroid Instant Cam is an amazing stuff in editing your photos with some unique spells of filter etc. It brings some amazing features that and makes your memories more attractive and awesome. It lets you live record and share instantly. Using this camera app, you can easily edit your pics and share them on some social media platforms. By some marvelous filters and FX effects, you can enhance the beauty of your picture. It offers a fun and creative interface which makes it easy for you to edit your photos in a user-friendly atmosphere. It offers more than 30 photo effects which include 10 of its own uniquely build Polaroid effects. Polaroid Instant Cam lets you adjust filter effects including grain, emulsion, intensity, vignette, and numerous others and offers 10 handwriting fonts for adding text to your photo. You can write attractively and uniquely using Polaroid app. It offers a realistic experience with 26 color borders, stains, fingerprint and wrinkle effects and adjustable crosshatch. Polaroid Instant Cam is a great app for turning your ordinary photos into a masterpiece and showing them off via Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and plenty others.


18. Hipstamatic

Hipstamatic is a widely used camera app that offers a classy stuff in editing your photos. Just shoot your beautiful memories and innovatively edit them. There is a huge community of people using this app on their iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod, iPad Touch, iPad mini and many others). It is probably the first original photo filter app in the Apple’s phones. It is a classic camera for digital photography which lets you enjoy some real time effects while capturing your memories as you swipes through films, flashes, lenses, etc. It uses multiple exposures to shoot multiple photos in one shot to give awesome artistic result. It is the best phone for the mobile photographer that is looking for a minimal internment interface with a high level of control, shooting Pro offers you ultimate creative tool. It is a fully featured editing suite that offers classic lens, film, flash, crop, clarity, definition, exposure, definition, highlights, straighten and rotate, Skew, Exposure, etc. It also features vibrancy, cade, curves (RGB, Red, Green, and Blue), temperature, tint, depth of field, texture, grain, vignette, before and after view by holding down image in edit view. There are tons of other features of this app that can easily be implemented on your photographic stuff easily. It is probably the first choice for the iOS users.

More About Paint Lab

Paint Lab is a widely used app for clarifying the beauty of your memorable images in a distinct and classy way. This app lets you apply filters, FX, effects, adjust colors, enhancements, temper, corners, and edges, and edit your photos in a way you want. You can easily transform your photos into marvelous and classy one and share them on some social media app. This app offers a huge catalog of features that play the key role for the improvisation of your photographic stuff. This app support for many of the Android, iOS and some other platforms. As it offers a huge collection of filter that includes, hue, sketch, threshold, and carbonized, etc. that easily convert your photos into a professional looking stuff. You can easily customize all these stuff and apply them on your photos according to your taste, mood, etc. You can easily apply effects to the chosen part of the whole image. Its stunning feature includes undoing any accidental brush strokes and completely erase the background for a brilliant touch. Using its simplicity in UI; you can easily edit your pics to make them more stunning and good-looking.