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Panda Antivirus is one of the best Antivirus software that you need for your computer to secure it from different viruses, Trojans, worms, and other malicious material that may seriously halt your computer. Panda Antivirus is working efficiently on Windows, Mac, and Android… read more
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27 Apps Like Panda Antivirus


Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus

Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus is a state of the art protection application for the Android tablet and smartphone users making its clients able to protect their devices from the potential viruses, malware and all kind of unwanted files.

Avira Antivirus Security

Avira Antivirus Security is a widely used app because of its acquaintance. It is the first full version security software package that not only blocks malware but also wipes your online traces clean for free.

McAfee Security Innovations

McAfee Security Innovations is a simple to use application that offers the smartphone users with the integrated security solutions that allow them to resolve their threats faster with the advanced scanning and protection system for this application.

360 Security – Antivirus Boost

360 Security – Antivirus Boost is a light antivirus you can heavily rely on. It is a free antivirus software that prevents your computer from different threats like viruses, worms and Trojans might approaching from whatever the gate either it is offline or online.

AVG AntiVirus for Android

AVG AntiVirus for Android is simply a smart application for the mobile security of the phones, messages and personal images and videos. With the millions of users across the globe, AVG AntiVirus for Android is widely called to be one of the best smartphone protection apps available for the Android devices.

Windows Defender

Windows Defender is one of the best antiviruses on windows 10. It is offering a real-time security against different viruses, worms, Trojans, and other malicious data which harm your documents and different multimedia projects in your computer.

AMC Security

AMC Security is a security and app management tool designed by the IObit Mobile Security for the smart devices. This free to use and ad-supported protection app aims to offer the smartphone users with the system of cleaning, boosting and protection of their smartphones and tablets.

Hi Security

Hi Security is an all in one app locker, virus cleaner, and phone boosting application that is containing a double engine antivirus. Used by millions of users over the internet, Hi Security aims to offer the free and super-fast protection system to its users.

Max Clean

For those smartphone users who are looking for an all in one smartphone protection and privacy enhancement application are at a good place. This simple to use an app named Max-Clean is the pack of two essential features in the shape of antivirus and app locker.

Free Antivirus SecuritY

As the name showing, this app contains two main functions in the shape of antivirus and security. Antivirus is for keeping the smartphone safe from all kind of viruses and unwanted threats.

NQ Mobile Security and Antivirus

NQ Mobile Security and Antivirus is one of the world’s most popular and the fastest growing mobile phone security app that lets you protects yourself from mobile threads in a classy way.

Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus

Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus is called to be one of the most advanced smartphone protection systems that offer the unbeatable cloud-based smartphone protection system to its clients. The quality of this smart application is that it is simple to understand and easy to handle and for the same reason it protects the smartphones and tablets from all kind of electronic threats and saves the battery life as well.


AVL is an antivirus software designed by the AVL team. It displays the mobile antivirus engine that provides the basic functionality of the virus scan just to protect your Android application program and systems from different viruses, worms, and Trojans.

Trend Micro Mobile Security & Antivirus

Trend Micro Mobile Security & Antivirus is a widely used app that offers an ultimate protection of numerous devices form rest of the malicious and malware stuff. It provides a comprehensive protection of harmful material.

CM Security Antivirus AppLock

CM Security Antivirus AppLock is a protection application that is the pack of two main functions: smartphone and tablets antivirus and app locker. This security providing application is used for protecting the smartphones and the installed apps from all kind of potential thieves and unwanted virus attacks.

Photon AppLock

Photon AppLock is a multifunctional application that works as a data protection and app locker for the smartphone users. This simple to use app offers its users the system of protecting their apps and other areas of the mobile using a regular password PIN or pattern password system.

Emsisoft Mobile Security

Emsisoft Mobile Security is a compact and ultimate mobile security solution for all Android devices. This data protection and operating system protection application basically protect the smartphones and tablets from both online, offline threats.

Smart AppLock

Smart AppLock is an all in one app protection and smartphone protection application that intends to protect the installed apps and data of the smartphone via a password or pattern and even fingerprint as well.

Leo Privacy

Leo Privacy that is otherwise called as app lock and vault is an all in one password, apps and account management application for the iOS and Android device. The smart data protection and app locking function of this application let the users lock their apps to prevent intrusion.

Norton Mobile Security

Norton Mobile Security is the part of Norton Security Deluxe that comprises multiple security and data protection products included antivirus and app locker for the smartphone users. The distinguishing feature of this app is that it offers the efficient and powerful protection system to both iOS and Android devices.

GO Security, Antivirus AapLock

GO Security, Antivirus AapLock is one of the most leading and focused security app for removing bugs and malicious material from your phone easily and effectively. It offers an advanced real-time security and protection for its users and provides an amazing functionality to remove bugs, viruses, Trojans, and other harmful stuff.

TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security

TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security is the name of a free professional antivirus and app locking application. This high-tech application is backed by the advanced virus scan engine and capable in automatically detecting the malicious files and apps in the smartphone.

Power Security-AntiVirus Clean

Power Security-AntiVirus Clean is listed among those few apps that offer the app management and security management system in a single dashboard. This free to use application for the smartphone users contains all those tools that let the smartphone users manage the each section of their devices.

TV Antivirus Free + Applock

Don’t confuse this application with offering any protection features for TV. The TV in TV Antivirus Free + Applock stands for Trojan and virus. This simple utility provides the real-time protection its users and automatically detects the virus before its arrival in the smartphone.

NANO Antivirus

NANO Antivirus is an all in one solution for security and antivirus purposes. It is a stunning software that keeps your mobile phone devices away from hackers, viruses, worms, Trojans, malware, and spyware.

BitDefender Antivirus Plus

BitDefender Antivirus Plus is a great app that lets you clean up your mobile phone devices from viruses, worms, Trojans, and other malicious material effectively. BitDefender Antivirus Plus is a well-defined and well-modified app that works in an efficient way so that you can easily protect your PC and mobile phone devices against malware.

LINE Antivirus

LINE Antivirus is a splendid antivirus app with tons of amazing features that make this app extraordinary from others. This app lets you get rid of viruses, leakage of your information, and lurking in your smartphone.

More About Panda Antivirus

Panda Antivirus is one of the best Antivirus software that you need for your computer to secure it from different viruses, Trojans, worms, and other malicious material that may seriously halt your computer. Panda Antivirus is working efficiently on Windows, Mac, and Android. Panda Antivirus allows Wi-Fi protection, Parental Control, Data protection and Backups, Password manager, Device tune up, and Smart control from your smartwatch. It contains Lightweight, cloud-based security which does not slow down the performance of your computer. Panda Antivirus includes security solutions for both home and business users. Panda Antivirus also provides great protection tools. Just Install it and forget about any virus, worm, rootkits, hackers, online fraud, Trojans and identity thieves. It allows protected chat, share photos, and videos, read your favorite blogs, bank and buy online and simply surf the web. In 2005 Panda Antivirus was the 4th largest antivirus retailer worldwide. It covered 3.2 percent of the marketplace at that time, but in November 2015 OPSWAT measured Panda Antivirus’s market share to be 3.6 percent. Panda Antivirus is a great Antivirus software to deal with.