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Panel App is a prizes and rewards earning app and the home for those people who want to earn money and rewards by taking surveys and completing simple nature of tasks. Panel App gives these people the system to earn points and redeem the prizes for free… read more
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1. Money Master

Money Master is real cash, gift cards and rewards making an app. It is offering simple means of earning to its users. At the moment, Money Master is available for the iOS users only. It offers addictive games to its users that they need to play so that they can earn money in their spare time. These games are entertaining and engaging at the same time. A lot of casual games are the part of this app. Some renowned named are a magic wheel, scratchie and likewise other games. In addition to making money in free time, Money Master is also the best way to kill time. Moreover, rewards are being offered on a daily basis but subject to the completion of the task. Money Master is simply the best apps for those iOS users who want to earn some cash, some gift cards and some rewards in free time.


2. SurveyMini

Title of the app is disclosing the half story about the app. Yes you have nailed it. SurveyMini is survey taking application whose registered members are required to take some surveys and get back cool rewards. These rewards can be redeemed against multiple available options. Have you ever thought that you can turn your opinions into free stuff, cash rewards, gift cards, discounts and in several other options by just answering few short questions? But SurveyMini has made it true by offering simple means of earning. Every time you will complete a survey assigned by SurveyMini, you will get many kind of rewards that we have already prescribed. SurveyMini is available for both iOS and Android. Moreover, it is operational in almost all countries so we are sure you will not face any geographical usage restriction or limitation at all.


3. VistaGain

Except for referral, video watching, and game playing earning system, all the money earning offers by this application are entirely different. VistaGain allows its users to make money with magic box, contest, lock screen and several other likewise activities. You only need a smartphone or tablet, and the doors of opportunity are open to you all the time. The tasks are very easy and simple and resemble the day to day common activities. The question arises why to choose VistaGain when a lot of options are available. It is because VistaGain is easy to use and offer the best and free cash earning offers to its registered users. Overall, contest, the user to earn, surveys, referral program, spin the wheel and much more are there to keep you engaged and wealthy at the same time. VistaGain is simple best above all in term of offers.


4. iCash

Who says easy money making is not possible? Easy money making is although slow but not impossible at all with a real money making application titled iCash. iCash is an app that is offering hot offers, options and credit earning options to its registered users. If you are interested in making money with iCash then go for creating an account first and after that choose task to complete. At the moment the tasks being offered by the iCash are completing surveys about products and services, viewing and clicking on online ads, and watching entertaining videos. The payment system of iCash is like ATM because you can integrate you Paytm Wallet or PayPal account with it for redeeming the points against cash. Wanna boost the income then referral program is the other money making option by iCash. Stop reading further and explore the real earning opportunities.


5. Money App

This app named Money App offers means of earning to its members in many ranges like watching videos, taking or completing surveys, playing free games, testing free products or services, giving feedback or opinions or enjoying free trials of the paid apps and games and completing several another kind of tasks. The biggest advantage of going with this app is that each time it comes with updated and new features so that you get the more money making opportunities without getting bored anytime. You don’t need to be the resident of any country as Money App can be accessed from anywhere and anytime without any geographical restriction at all. No hard and fast rules are involved at all and tasks are also very simple too. Money App is the best for those who want to make real money by completing real and rewarding tasks.


6. Acorn Hunt

Acorn Hunt is listed among those few money making apps that offer cash making options with open hearts. It will give you a chance even to earn up to $30 for a single task as well. Moreover, the options for earning cash and rewards by Acorn Hunt or also limitless as well. Right at the moment, the money making options being offered by the Acorn Hunt are completing simple tasks, taking surveys, participating in online polls, sweepstakes, sharing videos over social media platforms, testing new product of any brand, playing any mobile game, taking picture of any product in local store and much more. If you are interested in sharing your ideas, opinions or feedback, then Acorn Hunt will again ready to pay you too. As we have told you earlier, it comprises a lot of options for earning. If you want to withdraw cash, then PayPal option is also available.


7. Gift Wallet

Gift Wallet is a broad new way of earning free gift cards, cash and several other kinds of rewards using smartphone only. Gift Wallet offers those tasks to complete that belong to our daily activities. Whenever the user succeed in completing any task, he gets points in return that can be further used either as a PayPal cash or redeeming as a gift card for the leading brands like Google Play Store, Amazon, eBay, iTunes and much more. This app is so much better than most of the apps as once you will install this app you will instantly get the points. With the completion of each task, the point will be immediately added to your accounts. No lengthy confirmation process is involved at all. Moreover, the design of the app is also very user friendly so you will not face any issue at all while sharing your thoughts or answering any question.


8. i-Say

i-Say is a rewarding and cash earning app that values the opinions of the people by offering them real money earning options. It is very simple to get started with this app. First of all install the app either in Android or iOS device and then take surveys and share your opinions to earn more and more. What make i-Say special one is that it doesn’t offer repetitive nature of tasks at all. Each time you will experience something new and catchy that will keep you engaged with this app all the time. The surveys and tasks at one end are backed by the money making options and at other end are thought provoking and knowledge full as well. Moreover, i-Say doesn’t deal in simple and bore surveys and tasks at all. Here you will encounter the surveys about products, advertisements, entertainment stuffs, brands and much more. The points earned can be redeemed for multiple purposes ranges from cash to gift cards and products.


9. AZearning

If you are interested in making money easy and fast then AZearning is the real solution for that. AZearning make two kinds of money making offers to its members: either taking part in the simple surveys or sharing the web-based content like news and other helpful material over the social media platforms. Once you will complete the survey or will share any content, you will get back the real dollar that can be encashed via PayPal account. If talk about the surveys or tasks then these are comprising multiple activities like watching funny videos, downloading and installing apps, playing games, subscribing to services, creating accounts and inviting friends. All these options being offered by the AZearning will give you the chance to boost your earning and get the real output from free time that otherwise have been wasting without adding value to your pocket. AZearning is simply one of the best money making apps.


10. MOBROG Survey App

If you have opinion then we have application named MOBROG Survey App that values the opinions and point of views of its people. It recognizes the talent of its members by giving back cash and rewards. Anyone having smartphone and official application of MOBROG Survey App installed can get the chance to take part in market researches, surveys and online polls and earning money in return. The interface of the MOBROG Survey App is very simple and user friendly that even the non-technical user can easily type the right answer or give feedback to the smartphone-based surveys from the main screen. According to MOBROG Survey App it pays its participants for their participation in the surveys and online polls. The official website of this application is offering the same means of earning for the people globally. MOBROG Survey App is a useful means of earning real cash and rewards against simple task.


11. The PCH App

The PCH App is different from the traditional money making app. This app doesn’t focus on standard money making ways like downloading apps, playing games, watching videos, watching trailers, taking surveys, etc. It will ask you to take part in the online contests and sweepstakes that it holds on daily basis and will give you the chance to earn more and more. If you are interested in becoming the next big winner then the doors of The PCH App are open for you all the time. No doubt, The PCH App is containing a lot of earning possibilities but at the same time some limitations are also associated with it. The main limitation is that it is not widely available. Maybe in your country it shows the message of unfortunately we are not available in your country or cannot process the international online transactions at the moment.


12. Rewardo

Rewardo is a free reward offering application that will assign you simple tasks that you have to complete. Once completed, you will earn points that can, later on, be used for getting free products from the same service. Before going further, it’s important to mention here that Rewardo is not cash earning app at all rather it focuses on offering rewards and products only. Moreover, there is no straightforward offering of products at all. If you want to earn any product listed by the Rewardo, then you have to first earn points against that product, and for earning products, you need to complete simple tasks. This free app will assign you simple tasks that can be range from taking surveys to liking social media pages or inviting other people. If you invite your friend, then you will get the points too. In the end, the collected points can be used for exchanging against rewards.


13. QuickThoughts

Do you know you can make your opinion count? Yes it is true. We are taking about an application named QuickThoughts that values the opinions of its users by giving them rewards, cash, gift cards and much more against the advises and opinions that they extends to it. This simple and well-designed money making app will basically pair you with the simple surveys that at one side improve the brand popularity and at other end results in earning money.  Still curious about what kinds of surveys will be there? Well these will be comprising simple questionnaires, polls, opinions and even taking surveys of the local shops as well. For each survey it is offering cash up to $3. Except some Asian countries, QuickThoughts is available for almost all countries. It’s time to earn real gift cards of the leading retailers and real cash via PayPal.


14. Instant Rewards

Instant Rewards offers the smartphone users with the system of earning real money by becoming the part of simple surveys. In addition to surveys, Instant Rewards offers several others money making schemes as well like watching app trailers, liking Facebook pages, watching videos and much more. In case you are interested in taking surveys only then complete simple two minute survey that will be about any topic but familiar to you. In return you will get the chance to earn real cash, earn gift cards of the leading online retailers and much more. In case you will refer this to your friend, you will get a fixed share of their lifetime earnings too. Instant Rewards is simply a well-designed and organized application that doesn’t has restrictions for cashing out at all. You can even earn $10 per day as well. Instant Rewards is a best way to convert the free time into a part time job.


15. Loot!

Loot! has recently made an entry in the money-making applications. Loot! is dedicated to serving in two sections: earning cash and rewards. This money making an app is offering a great number of ways to the people around the world to earn handsome money, products, gift cards, avail discounts and much more by sharing better things about their favorite brands. Loot! is about viewing and then sharing the important information of a product of brand. All you need to take a picture of the products of the brands you like and share them over the social media platforms. Actually, by sharing the images, you will become the micro-endorser of that brand, and in return, you will get awesome rewards by that brand via Loot! Stop reading, download and install the application and start earning cash and rewards immediately.


16. MobiSave

The new digital marketing system at one end advantageous for the companies and another end it has opened the door of earnings and opportunities for the general people. Now the people can earn on their regular activities. MobiSave is such kind of application that tells the people the ways the can earn money by doing whatever they do in their daily routine life. It is very simple. If you make shopping regularly then all you have to make shopping as usual from your favorite shop. But make it sure you have got itemized receipt from the shopkeeper. Scan this receipt via MobiSave, and in return, some amount will be added to your account within one day. After getting clear, the amount will be credited to your official PayPal account. If you want to earn more or interested in earning coupons, then don’t forget to taste new brands. Right now MobiSave works for all itemized receipt but 250,000 locations in the United States of America only.


17. Gigwalk

Gigwalk is a brand intelligence platform that has recently launched extra money earning scheme. The newly launched entire paycheck scheme of Gigwalk allow the people across the globe to do very little spending and earn an extra paycheck in return. Still surprised how all this will be done and whether it is real or fake? Well, Gigwalk assists the brands in getting the real performance and reviews on their products and services. For this, it holds the reviews and surveys schemes and gives feedback to the companies. To perform its tasks, Gigwalk hires the people like you and give them the tasks to collect data and get back the real money in return. After making the account, apply for the tasks to complete, and Gigwalk will assign you the task that will be related to your local area. Follow the instructions carefully and submit the completed tasks directly in the official application. All of the payments will be made via PayPal account so doesn’t forget to mention your official PayPal account while creating the account with Gigwalk.


18. Easy Shift

It may sound strange to you that you can earn real cash by performing your favorite tasks. In fact, you can earn as much as you can just doing what you do on a daily basis like eating, shopping, playing and performing several another kind of activities. Easy Shift is a real money earning application for the iOS and Android devices that let its users get cash on eating, shopping, playing and exploring other activities in the local areas. It involves simple and workable activities. After installing the application, find the jobs that you have to do at local stores and shops. Now take the photos of the products that you will see in the stores. Check their prices and do the reviews. In this way, you will get cash into your account while you will be doing shopping as well. Easy Shift will set the payment within two days after getting approval from the administration.


19. PocketFlip

PocketFlip is a top of the chart app with only one aim and that is to create a workable platform for earning free rewards and even earning cash too. If you have smartphone or tablet then you can avail the opportunity to earn big amount by taking the pictures of the products from the nearby stores, completing simple surveys and making feedbacks or opinions. PocketFlip earning system is based on collecting coins that can be redeem in the end for the rewards being offered by PocketFlip. If you will refer the app to your friend then again your account will be credited with coins. You are your friend can even earn together by completing tasks collectively. That offer is still not being made by most of the money making apps. Simply download the app, complete simple tasks, collect coins and get free rewards in the end.


20. Spare5

Its time to put your spare time to use by doing simple and entertaining tasks so that you can make that time productive and meaning full. The newly launched application Spare5 deals in simple tasks that its users have to complete in order to get paid in return. While making account with Spare5 don’t forget to give your PayPal account because cash will be credited to that account. Spare5 is offering a broad range of tasks with more emphasis on meaning full tasks and in depth into audio, video and image files. These are about assessing languages, annotating images, isolating elements and providing keywords to develop algorithms. Tasks are to be completed within stipulated time. The payment will be made once in a week on Friday. Spare5 is featured rich in term of its interface and simple working style. It is simply the best means of earning through smartphone.


21. Gralpy

Gralpy is a newbie in the Android world with traditional ways of money making using smartphones. Wherever you are – at the office, school, home or traveling – you can start making money with this application. still, wonder how all will be done. Gralpy will assign you simple tasks that are about watching funny videos, watching app trailers, watching social videos, completed social tasks and inviting other friends. All the tasks being offered by Gralpy are bundled with points and coins earning system. There is no direct cash earning at all. The process starts with a collection of coins or points that can be redeemed or exchange for cash or gift cards for several online services. The interface of Gralpy is so simple that sweeping is just like tapping. After installing the application, you will first need to create an account to start with Gralpy.


22. iPoll

With iPoll you can make money by participating in online surveys. These surveys are being offered against real cash. It’s time to earn cash for sharing opinion at a platform that really honors the thinking of its members. iPoll offers free cash making and rewards earning schemes in the shape of airline credits, gift cards, and much more. All these include sharing your opinions only that is like giving feedback. Against every iPoll mission completed, you will get rewards. Using iPoll is not complex at all. For the first time this app will ask you to tell about yourself so that it can give you the mission as per your mindset and field of interest. After that you will get push notification on the screen whenever there will be any mission according to your taste. Now you have to complete that mission within prescribed time. The account will be credited and you can redeem the rewards.


23. CashKarma

This money and reward making app is available for Android devices only. The version for iOS is under process and will be available soon. CashKarma is designed for those smartphone users who want to earn money by taking part in the surveys or performing simple tasks like watching videos, playing games and likewise other offers. Against each completed task or survey, CashKarma will give back the points that can be redeemed for getting dollars or gift cards. No hard and fast rules at all. Just offer the official PayPal account during registration process so the offer for getting cash remain active all the time. In case you opt for gift card then gift card codes will be loaded into your device once you will be able to get them. If you still want to earn more then be the part of achievement badges that will give you more and more point that means more and more redeeming options.


24. Taps For Money

Taps For Money is a free, entertaining and fun way to get real gift cards on daily basis. However, the target assigned by this app will take some time to get accomplished. Taps For Money is actually containing a tap based games and most of the games need to be tapped for one million time. Once you will complete that task you will get $15 gift cards or $15 into your PayPal account. The games are interesting but as we have already mentioned most of these will take some time. But the good news is that because of having no complex levels or missions, these games are easy to be played and get completed within stipulated time so one thing is sure you are going to be paid in the end. During creating account don’t forget to mention PayPal account as amount will be credited to that.


25. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is a multi-tasks containing app that offers real cash to its members on taking parts in its ongoing activities. InboxDollars works as most of the money making apps work but its working style is different from most of them as well. It pay its members against miscellaneous activities like creating accounts, reading emails, referring links to others, taking part in surveys, completing offers, filling forms, playing games and much more. One thing is sure and that is you are not going to be bored at all because lot number of money making offers will keep you busy all the time. It’s time to take out the real advantage from the free time rather than wasting it. Moreover, you don’t need to take so much burden of the activities that you have already been performing for free will be again carried out by you but against real rewards and cash.


26. CheckPoints

CheckPoints that is available for Android and iOS devices only is that app that pays back to its users. Today millions of people across the globe are making money in their free time just because of CheckPoints. If you are the registered and regular member of CheckPoints, then that means you are on a part-time job that pays back. The process starts from earning points that is conditioned with taking quizzes, becoming part of different surveys, making online shopping, completing offers and performing many another kind of activities. The points earned can be used for redeeming against gift cards of the Target, Amazon, Walmart, etc. or getting cool devices like smartphones, tablets, smart watches and other equipment. A lot of games are also the part of this application that are additional means for boosting the income. CheckPoints will never make you feel bored at all because it has limitless options crafted according to the mindset of the general public.

More About Panel App

Panel App is a prizes and rewards earning app and the home for those people who want to earn money and rewards by taking surveys and completing simple nature of tasks. Panel App gives these people the system to earn points and redeem the prizes for free. Free application of Panel App is available for both Android and iOS devices and can be used anytime and from anywhere. In case you will refer this money making application to your friend then you will get the bonus point. At the moment, Panel App is offering two kinds of prizes: Amazon Gift Cards and VISA and MasterCard Cash Cards. The sweepstake prize category includes a lot of cool gadgets like gift cards of the leading brands, gaming consoles, smart TVs, smartphones, tablets and many more great prizes. Panel App is simply an awesome way to make the spare time productive and earning time.