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12 Apps Like Parallels Access

Parallels Access provides the simple, accessible, and most reliable way to remotely access all of your Mac and Windows devices and files right from the smartphone that you have in your pocket. It enables the accessing of files that you forget to edit or manage in your work or home computer and start your accessing, managing, controlling, and editing right from your mobile phone devices quite easily. Parallels Access lets you access and edit complex files and documents anytime anywhere. Its parallel access provides a peace of mind of knowing that you will be effective anywhere and anytime have your mobile phone only. Having this app, you do not need to have your laptops, computers and Mac books always with you so that all of their functions have done using this stunning remote client. It has made all the desktop applications just a tap away. It enables precise selection, cut, copying, and pasting of text and files, and a lot more using this smart, handy and extremely easy app. Therefore, it efficiently provides one of the best, fastest, simplest, and the trustworthy remote access technology.

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1. TeamViewer

Android iOS Phone
TeamViewer is an elegant and professional level application that brings the ease of handling and accessing a lot of devices to a superior level. This app lets you access some of your most commonly used devices through remote control features. You can remotely access and control other devices right from…

2. Remote Control Collection Pro

Android iOS Phone
Remote Control Collection Pro is a superb app for accessing your devices remotely. It is a great app that helps its users to remotely access their Windows PC and control the keyboard, mouse, media of that computer, presentations, and more. It is an efficient compilation of remotes which can be…

3. Microsoft Remote Desktop

Android iOS Phone
Microsoft Remote Desktop lets you connect to a remote PC and almost any of your work resources. This is a sophisticated app that lets you experience the power of Windows with the RemoteFX in the remote desktop client design. It efficiently supports both Windows servers and Windows professionals, and you…

4. Remote Mouse

Android iOS Phone
Remote Mouse is one of the most intuitive, elegant, and user-friendly computer remote app that lets you access your devices right from your mobile phones. There is a strong list of benefits that it provides for enhancing the ease of accessing, managing, and using your devices. It has efficiently turned…

5. Unified Remote

Android iOS Phone
Unified Remote is a great remote control application that makes it a bit easier and handy to control devices that you use in your homes and offices. It has efficiently turned your devices into a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi universal remote control for your Linux, Mac, and Windows PCs. Unified Remote…

6. VMware Horizon Client

Android iOS Phone
VMware Horizon Client enhances the ease of working on your desktops computers and hosted applications from your smartphones or tablets by providing you the on-the-go access from almost any location. It is an amazing application with un-matching features that enhance the ease of remotely accessing your devices for multiple uses.…

7. VNC Viewer

Android iOS
VNC Viewer efficiently turned your phones into efficient desktops that lets you remotely access your computer from all over the world. You can simply download this app and sign in here to get these things done. You can easily access your remote desktops by following some simple steps. It delivers…

8. LogMeIn

Android iOS Phone
LogMeIn enables you to connect with your personal computers and Mac books with your mobile phone devices. It is an amazing remote control application that brings ease of accessing your devices from anywhere. It lets you access your work and home computers while on the go. You can control and…

9. SideSync

SideSync is a new PC mobile solution that ensures it is simple for the Android OS Tablet and Phone users to share the screen of their devices to the PC to manage them from the PC. By using SideSync, Android users can just share their data between a mobile device…

10. GoToMeeting

Android iOS Phone
GoToMeeting lets you meet where you want with an extremely handy and well-convenient app. There are tons of amazing features of this app that enables its users to work flawlessly with the ease of accessing of any of your important meetings right at your home, from the gym, and on…

11. Chrome Remote Desktop

Android iOS
Chrome Remote Desktop is another app that helps you access your computers using your mobile phone from anywhere. It is an efficient remote desktop client that helps you access the applications, file management, multimedia stuff, documents, and almost any of your computer. You can easily manage and change your data…

12. Splashtop Business – Remote PC

Android iOS Phone
Splashtop Business – Remote PC is quite a unique app that brings one of the easiest and the fastest remote access to your Mac and personal computers from your mobile phone devices, tablets, and some other devices as well. There are a huge number of features that enhance the ease…

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