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ParentLove intuitively transformed your mobile devices into an excellent tracker where you can record and share your baby’s activities effectively. Parent Love: Baby Tracker Feedings, Diapers, Pumping is a great solution introduced in the market by Coquisoft LLC which brings an easy and free to use app for tracking all the activities of your baby… read more
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1. iBaby Feed Timer

iBaby Feed Timer is a significant application for all the parents who are experiencing their own kids for the first time of which have already tasted the music but want to handle everything properly. Baby Feed Timer, Breastfeeding app bought in the market by Fehners Software LTD. which is designed intuitively for breastfeeding mothers who want to track for how long and when their baby feeds. This application brings an excellent remainder option for people who are trying to keep track of when baby feeds on bits of scrap paper. Whether you imply bottle feeding or breastfeeding, you can precisely keep track of when your baby feeds along with the total duration or period of it. Baby Feed Timer, Breastfeeding precisely analysis the data for your pediatrician, nannies or doctors, and enables them to get daily, monthly or weekly averages. You can effectively see the baby’s day of feeding at a glance and spot trends effortlessly with easy to read charts. iBaby is an easy to use baby monitoring tool through which you can track, store, and synch the data across multiple devices with ease. So just download Baby Feed Timer, Breastfeeding app and have a significant tool which tracks bottle feeds, diapers, sleep, solid food, length, breast pumps, bottle feeds, weight, notes, and reminders right under one platform.


2. Baby Connect

Baby Connect is one of the most simple yet a comprehensive baby tracking tool available on the market which brings exclusive features for all the parents, doctors, nannies, and everybody which have a concern with babies. Baby Connect (activity log) is an easy to use app presented by Seacloud Software Inc. which automatically logs the crucial data of your babies and let you sync the data over multiple devices. The app brings an effective graphical report and trending charts, notifications, timers, weekly averages, medicine, vaccine, emails, .csv reports, and allows you to exchange the information with your spouse, nanny, daycare, babysitter, or whatever they are. Baby Connect (activity log) works overall mobile platforms and enables its users to track feeding, diapers, activities, mood, milestones, sleep, and everything included. It allows you to track pumping and expressed milk and also precisely tracks the health by monitoring weight, head size, height, vaccines, medicines, and sickness. This app can intuitively synchronize data with various individuals and display graphical charts of all the activities of the baby. So just give a chance to download Baby Connect (activity log) app and enjoy everything your baby concerned about and track your newly born kids in a way like never before.


3. BabyCenter

BabyCenter is a gigantically used pregnancy tracker which intuitively tracks your pregnancy day by day. BabyCenter OR Pregnancy Tracker and Countdown to Baby Due Date is loved by more millions of expecting parents which effectively guides them through the countdown to their baby’s due date, day by day or week by week. BabyCenter: Countdown to Baby Due Date app brings an exciting range of informational pregnancy tips and fetal development videos effectively timed for each of the pregnancy stages. This app is for every period of parenting journal which helps them get comprehensive knowledge about their first experiencing of giving birth. You can make the Baby Center your go-to source for the ovulation, fertility or portal whether you are just thinking of getting pregnant, already pregnant, trying to convince, or you are just curious about all the process. BabyCenter OR Pregnancy Tracker app carries a significant baby tracker and pregnancy tracker calendar which allows you to receive intuitively timed info by entering your baby’s due date. This app brings pregnancy news feed, health advice, pregnancy exercises, weekly reminders and checklists, food and nitration ideas, and daily tips for daily help. So just download BabyCenter OR Pregnancy Tracker & Countdown to Baby Due Date app to get all the mentioned features.


4. Glow Baby Breastfeeding Tracker

Glow Baby Breastfeeding Tracker is an exquisite tool for parents through which they can track eating, sleeping, pooping, and various other measurements necessary for the parents, doctors, and even for kids. Glow Baby Breastfeeding Tracker, Nursing Timer App bought in the market by Glow Inc. which enables everyone to get the smartest app for tracking the growth, nutrition, and feeding of their kids right through this intuitive app. It helps you track the baby’s feed, bottles, poops, pees, sleep, milestones and more right under one platform. Glow Baby Breastfeeding Tracker, and Nursing Timer App allows you to take notes on moments that matters, connect baby’s developmental milestones, connect with other parents, customized insights, multiple child tracking support, and lets you unlock the next level health awareness and community. Some of the significant tools that it contains include timers support, baby sleep tracking, the chart on baby diapers, keep tabs on each feeding and record the health stats of baby. This app logs the growth weight, height, head percentiles, length, and other measurements of your baby. You can precisely establish a connection with the parents, get support and parenting advice and participate in anonymous parenting polls. So just download Glow Baby Breastfeeding Tracker, Nursing Timer App and enjoy the sleekest tool for tracking what baby’s up to.


5. Baby Care

Baby Care is a convenient and sleekly designed tool for monitoring your baby’s development effortlessly and lets you record the basic track of your baby development and growth and is working on making it more intuitive and easier. Baby Care is a simple app introduced by Men’sCalendar Inc. which brings baby log, baby diary, and various other functionalities with the stylish and convenient menu. This application intuitively tracks and record all of your baby’s daily activities and enables you to save information about the most precious memories, moments, and crucial events. Baby Care lets you track all your baby’s milestones including the first smile, first words, first movement, first step, or anything you want, and keep the record of these special moments through it. You can concisely transfer the data to another device or to a memory cards as well. Baby Care allows you to monitor the baby’s growth such as feeding, sleeping, walking, diapers, teeth, symptoms, and plenty of other sections which helps you understand the needs of your kid and satisfy those needs properly. So just download the Baby Care app and enjoy monitoring everything about your kids in a supreme way, right through your mobile app.


6. MyMedela

MyMedela is an effective application or a must-have tool for all the parents through which they can log and track all the crucial information about the feeding of their kids. MyMedela Breastfeeding Companion app bought in the market by Medela AG Inc. which brings a personalized dashboard that provides you everything needed for managing the breastfeeding duration of your kids concisely. It carries 24/7 support that provides you the answers to all of your questions about breastfeeding weather in an ultimate way and never let you become anxious about new things happenings. It precisely lets you have authentic content about latch baby, establish lactation, overcome pain, and manage your breast milk supply. MyMedela Breastfeeding Companion allows its users to import data into the spreadsheet that can be shared with others. You can track and share your pumping progress and breastfeeding and also share the while of the baby’s data through its intuitive data export functions. Apart from these, My Medela app carries breastfeeding and pumping tracker, connects to your breast pump, get best answers about your questions, gain breastfeeding confidence, and lets you celebrate your accomplishments and manage your goals. So just download MyMedela Breastfeeding Companion app to have an ultimate tool for managing, monitoring, and viewing your breastfeeding, pumping, and key baby stats.


7. My Days X

My Days X is one of the widely loved ovulation calendar and period tracker which enables its users to have the crucial stuff about the ovulation and periods. My Days X – Ovulation Calendar & Period Tracking enables its worldwide users to get knowledge about all your fertile days as well as next periods. This app brings intelligent notification support which is based on the time and location and also carries great community to chat just for sharing their experiences with others. You can precisely track more than 20 symptoms and allows you to remember your Breast self-examination. My Days X – Ovulation Calendar & Period Tracking carries optional manual entry on your next period prediction and ovulation days. It also lets you track when you had sex (protected or unprotected, or how often) and track crucial and healthy stuff about it as well. This app also lets you keep an eye on your mood and blood flow. MyDays X also supports restore and backup feature through the cloud, and also carries embedded email support for the history of your periods to your doctor. So just download My Days X – Ovulation Calendar and Period Tracking app and track these activities precisely with a password support feature of the app as well.


8. Baby Manager

Baby Manager is a must-have tool for parents and other child care which enables them to get to know their baby better and even proper. Baby Manager – Breastfeeding Log and Tracker bought in the market by Baby Manager Ltd. through which enables its users to get to track breastfeeding, pumps, solid feed, bottle feeding, and various other significant information about your kids which can easily be accessed anytime needed. This is a precise place to log and store all the crucial stuff about your kid’s activities and you can easily get all the reports whenever you want. Baby Manager Feed Tracker precisely log your sweetheart’s sleep sessions, breastfeeding history, growth, diaper change, and warriors other activities for free. It lets you visualize routines and trends, record data (moods, baths, temperature, medicines, and walk, etc.), record reports, add events, and lets you access necessary stuff whenever requires. Baby Manager Feed Tracker is a valuable app when you have to give details of your kids to your doctor, keep your spouse up to date with the stats of your kids and lets you remember what happened and when. So just download Baby Manager – Breastfeeding Log and Tracker app to enjoy a simple and intuitive app that provides you the real peace of mind by keeping track of your kids and give the timely reminders that you needed the most.


9. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker is a superb application which enables its users to have a marvelous time of pregnancy by recording it and also watch the baby growth day every single day right through this ultimate tool. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker: Baby Due Date Countdown app bought in the store by Ovia Health Inc. which brings and easy to use the app for tracking your entire pregnancy. This application brings a precise countdown which lets you remember your champ’s due date and lets you watch the real baby growth. It allows parents to log their symptoms, learn what to expect, watch their baby grow, and various other significant functionalities. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker: Baby Due Date Countdown brings the features of baby size comparison where choose to see your baby’s size as a fruit, pastry, baby animal, toy, and various other features. It brings a pregnancy countdown where you can see where your baby’s stage of growth is. It also keeps the record of the symptoms, mood, sleep, weight, blood pressure, nutrition, activity, appointments, notes, bumps photos, weekly videos, baby hand, and foot size, and pregnancy milestones as well. So just download Ovia Pregnancy Tracker: Baby Due Date Countdown app and enjoy everything with this super comprehensive tracker.


10. Baby Care – track baby growth

Baby Care – track baby growth is an excellent tool which enables its worldwide users to track their baby’s feed, sleep, poops, pees, baby growth, height, and every aspect to take care of them when the parents are busy. Baby Care – Track Baby Growth is an efficient tool introduced in the market by Breet.Jia Inc. and is loved by tons of parents worldwide. The app supports multiple reminders to help parents, caregivers, nannies, and various other members to take care of their kids. It supports storing data of multiple kids simultaneously, supports user-defined baby icon, and to create plenty of widgets for each baby in their home screen. Baby Care – Track Baby Growth lets you track the baby breast feed, bottle feed, solid feed, sleeps, hygiene, vaccination, medicine, baby mood, teeth, and various other things with real ease. It is also crucial for tracking the height, weight, circumference of head, and the real growth of your kids. Other than these, the Baby Care app also brings statistical charts, scheduler chart, teeth cart, temperature chart, and various other things. So just download Baby Care – Track Baby Growth app and enjoy an all in one app that brings a baby calendar, daily charts, Diary book, Photo Gallery, Multiple reminder, and various other functionalities.


11. Ovia Parenting

Ovia Parenting lets you log your baby’s daily or weekly feedings, sleep, diapers, developmental milestones and lets you grasp all the crucial information about your kids, right on the palm of your hands. Ovia Parenting: Baby Tracker, Breastfeeding Timer app bought in the market by Ovia Health Inc. which enables its users to have a must-have parenting app to enjoy and record every moment of their babies. This app enables parents to log their baby’s feeding whether it is breast or bottle and monitor things concisely. It lets you track the health of the baby through managing and tracking dirty diapers, feeding, and sleep of the baby. Ovia Parenting: Baby Tracker, Breastfeeding Timer is a highly customizable app which precisely tracks the developmental milestones, and you would also love its extreme customization. It brings a classy pack of thousands of expert articles which helps you handle things even more proper. You can also add followers, family, admins just to let them watch the growth and see their milestone achievement. Ovia Parenting app also enables its users to enjoy uploading videos and pics with the option to share privately with those family members and friends, right within the app. So just download Ovia Parenting: Baby Tracker, Breastfeeding Timer app from the store to celebrate from the baby’s first smile to the first ride, just everything.


12. PiyoLog

PiyoLog is another exquisite tool for parents that enables them to enjoy a childcare recording app that can effortlessly be shared by a couple for the real time. PiyoLog – Baby Tracker is a superb parenting tool introduced in the market by Sakabou Inc. which allows its worldwide users to get a shareable baby log tracker which keeps all the significant knowledge about the activities of their kids. It brings a sleekly designed UI which lets you keep the record of the entire milk fed, the sleep of the baby, diaper changes, wake up time, pee, peeps, and the like with easy one-handled operation. Piyo Log – Baby Tracker, brings plenty of features including a summary functions, excellent logger, growth cure function, nursing timer, and lot more. Some of its record types includes the nursing, pumped breast milk, formula, baby food, poop, temperature, height, baths, walks, coughing, rashes, injuries, vomiting, hospitals, medicines, snacks, and many others. Some of the extra features of Piyo Log app includes notifications and alerts, breast feeding progress, breast pumping, feed progress, time elapsed for each category, record diaper usage, alerts backup support, and lot more. So just download this excellent mother and child health notebook app named PiyoLog – Baby Tracker, and enjoy recording and access the extremely crucial information whenever required.


13. Tinybeans

Tinybeans is an excellent tool loved by millions of people who use this ultimate platform for effortlessly saving their entire family photos, videos, and the true memories in its beautiful journal app. Tinybeans Family Album, Baby Book, and Photo Journal bought in the market by Tiny Beans Inc. which enables its users to store their precious memories and enjoy everything they want to remember. You can keep your kid’s pics, baby growth, developmental milestones, and various other valuable memories in a highly organized manner and access your commemorations whenever you want. It lets you invite as many people as you would like over here and also offer storage of unlimited photos to save your precious gems as more as possible. Tinybeans Family Album, Baby Book, and Photo Journal also let you turned your family journal into an amazing photo book, baby book (for your babies), and more. Tiny beans app is simply perfect for moms to be and parents. This app concisely emails you when the family video, baby growth, and developmental milestones are posted. So just download Tinybeans Family Album, Baby Book, and Photo Journal app, put your most likely memories over here and enjoy this family album of modern era whenever you want.


14. BabyTime

BabyTime is a classy tool introduced in the market by Simfler Inc. which enables worldwide parents to enjoy an all in one baby tracker and keep the knowledge of everything they want on the palm of their hands. BabyTime (Parenting, Track, and Analysis) enables its users to track breastfeeding, bottle feeding, hospital visits, diaper changes, sleep, solid intake, and various other queries. Baby Time is a significant tool for recording the baby’s weight, baby’s height, head circumference, and monitor the entire growth chart of your champ. You can take as well as upload pics, write about special milestones, and share stuff with your friends. BabyTime (Parenting, Track, and Analysis) is an efficient and practical app crafted by parents which lets you record breastfeeding, sleeping and pumping sessions. It brings powerful sharing options through which you can share important stuff with your spouse, family member, nannies, doctor, or whoever they are. It syncs, backup and stores your entire data automatically (you just need to sign-in here). It also brings remainder and widget support and remembers the time of your baby’s hunger, diaper change, and the total amount of your baby feed. So just download this free to use baby tracker named BabyTime (Parenting, Track and Analysis) and get all the essential stuff regarding newborn baby just to handle things professionally.


15. Similac

Similac is an excellent tool through which users from all over the world can track their baby’s activates and all the precious moments to keep them for long. Similac Baby Journal app bought in the market by Abbot Inc. through which the parents can track and monitor their champ’s feeding, diaper change, sleeping, and various other significant figures to keep things proper. It helps you monitor the entire growth regarding the head circumference height, weight, and various other measurements to record the crucial information in case of emergency. It lets you get suggestions, tips, and advice from the makers of this app and also from other dads and moms who have are experience the same thing like you. Similac Baby Journal lets you view and monitor graph that brings the entire baby’s development over time so that you can manage stuff intuitively. This app also enables you to share your baby’s growth, developmental milestones and other info with your family, friends, and other members with a simple click of the button via email. So just download the Similac Baby Journal app and enjoy everything it offers.


16. Baby Breastfeeding Trackers

Baby Breastfeeding Trackers is an excellent and super-reliable assistant for feed breasting of your newborn baby. Baby Breastfeeding Tracker: Newborn Baby Care App bought in the market by Wachanga Inc. which enables its worldwide users to track breastfeeding, solid food feeding, bottle feeding, milk pumping, and tracking of various activities of a baby in a way like never before. You can precisely save your diaper changing, sleeping periods, and the results of plenty of baby measurements. Baby Tracker and Breast Feeding brings a handy sleeping timer and breastfeeding timer are easy to stop and restart. You can precisely track feeding by each of breast or by both if you give your babies two breasts at one feeding. Baby Tracker and Breast Feeding app lets you track bottle feeding, fix solid food feeding, and precisely record baths, walks, medications walks, diaper changing, and various other functionalities. Baby Tracker and Breast Feeding precisely measure the weight and height of the baby which can be measured almost daily. It also allows you to add a reminder for each of your lovely moment or events. So just download Baby Breastfeeding Tracker: Newborn Baby Care App and enjoy all these stunning functionalities if you just become a mother or a father.

More About ParentLove

ParentLove intuitively transformed your mobile devices into an excellent tracker where you can record and share your baby’s activities effectively. Parent Love: Baby Tracker Feedings, Diapers, Pumping is a great solution introduced in the market by Coquisoft LLC which brings an easy and free to use app for tracking all the activities of your baby. Its excellent activity tracker includes tummy time, bottle feeding, naps and overnight sleeping with sleep interruptions, solid food feeding, and breast pumping sessions. Some of its extraordinary features includes the support of reminders, sharing, custom favorites, daily journal, glance summary, supports multiple children, activity reports, and more. Parent Love: Baby Tracker Feedings, Diapers, Pumping brings an excellent way of recording champ’s activities precisely from breastfeeding to tummy time sessions. It records everything from feedings, diapers, pumping, remainders, sleeping, and various other activities through extreme customization. Parent Love Tracker allows you to get all your desired answers and always know when your baby woke up, diaper last change, baby last ate, and various other significant information for keeping your kids healthy. Its intuitive Health Tracker contains record on the medicine cabinet, doctor visits, illness, medication, vaccines, allergies, etc. So just download Parent Love: Baby Tracker Feedings, Diapers, Pumping app and enjoy all the healthy baby tracking and breastfeeding features right on your mobile phone.