15 Apps Like Party & Event Planner Lite

Party & Event Planner Lite is another intuitive application through which you can enjoy planning and succeeding your parties, get together, birthdays, business meetings, and other events with damn intuitiveness. Party & Event Planner Lite is a fine product of Patrick Eysoldt, which brings some exciting features for its worldwide users. This application lets you manage all your things and facilitates your event and ensures that no details will be missed. Its integrated expense calculator lets you maintain views of the total cost, partially paid, and already fully paid amounts along with the amount still payable. You can easily manage your guest list and all the eatable and drinkable stuff according to the nature of the party that you have. Party & Event Planner Lite brings a party countdown through which you can precisely take an eye on the remaining days and get things done without any dawn. This is a universal application which comes with individual expense planner, overview of due tasks, custom task list, push notifications for open tasks, flexible guest list, available guest categories, predefined flexible expense listings, and much more.

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1. myParties

myParties is a highly recommended application if any of your party is coming and you need to pass it with success and without any flaw. myParties – Event Planner (Party Planning) Free is a great application comes with a number of intuitive party planning features for getting the peak of…

2. PartyMaker

PartyMaker is a great event planner filled with a number of intuitive features that helps you enjoy creating your own parties. PartyMaker: Event Planner is a fine application through which everyone can create their party by making their personal event page and much more. This application comes with some finest features…

3. Pro Party Planner

Pro Party Planner is a great application which enables its users to manage all their information regarding their upcoming big event in one place. It is a fine application introduced by Zysco, which enables its users to get organized by keeping track of their budget, logistics, and guests under one…

4. Birthday & Party Planner

Birthday & Party Planner is a great application which enables its users to have the best party planner in their mobile phones, and can make suitable stuff regarding any of their plans. This application allows you to choose one of the 13 party variants and enjoy stuff accordingly. These variants…

5. Evite

Android iOS
Evite is another amazing app which allows you to see your past and upcoming events in one place. This intuitive place helps everyone to get together to celebrate the most memorable moments of their life, whether it’s a kid’s birthday, happy hour, the first step of your child, or any…

6. Doodle

Android iOS
Doodle is a widely used application which enables its users to discover the best time for any event. This application allows you to suggest a number of times and invite participants to select their preferences. Doodle – Easy Scheduling is an ideal for planning your next party with your colleagues,…

7. Venue Finder

Venue Finder is another amazing application which enables its users to search for the venue on the go and with damn ease. is a fine product of UBM LLC, which enables its users to recognize in the meetings and events industry as an essential starting point for any venue…

8. BigNight

BigNight is another amazing planning tool through which you can plan as well as organize your next dinner party or any of your holiday meal. BigNight-Perfect Dinner Party Planner is a massively loved application through which you can set your menu, create shopping lists, import recipes, add reminders, and way…

9. PotluckHub Party Planner

PotluckHub Party Planner is another awesome application through which users from all over the world can enjoy creating events professionally. Invitations, Guest RSVP, Event, Party Planning is a great application which enables everyone to host their event in an ultimate way. This application lets its users to create an event,…

10. Event Planner (Party Planning)

Event Planner (Party Planning) is another intuitive application for people who are planning for a party, wedding, or any other event. This application brings some extraordinary features for its entire users by helping them to keep everything under control and in an organized way. Event Planner (Party Planning) is a…

11. My Party Planner – Lite

My Party Planner – Lite is an ultimate tool for planning, controlling, and managing parties with this superb tool. It is a new product of DotNetIdeas, which allows everyone to plan parties and events. This application brings five fine sections regarding Guest, To-Dos, Menus, Shopping, and Budget to organize everything…

12. AreYouIn – Event Planner

Android iOS
AreYouIn provides one of the best and the robust tool to enjoy managing real-time parties and other get-togethers in an elegant and precise way. This application brings an ultimate social tool through which you can easily organize your events, weddings, night outs, soccer games together with your friends, and much…

13. To:Day

To:Day is an intuitive event-based task manager which brings a simple to –do list counter that allows you to manage as well as plan your significant upcoming events. To: Day – Event planner, to-do list, date countdown & task manager is a great product of Wenjun Zhao, which allows you…

14. EventAssist

Android iOS
EventAssist is probably one of the finest application which enables its users to plan a wedding, corporate party or exciting weekend get togetherness. Event Assist is probably one of the best application to handle every detail of your next big day. Through its photo sharing feature, users can share unforgettable…

15. My Party Free

My Party Free allows everyone to enjoy planning parties with damn ease and intuitiveness. My Party Free – Event Planner is a fine application introduced by the Bitflip, which brings an intuitive event planning application through which users can enjoy lots of handy features for organizing parties. Using such an…

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