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Password Saver

Password Saver allows you to take a safe place for all your important password of your important websites, emails, Id’s, mobile phones, and more and use your human memory for something crucial. Password Saver – Simple and Secure app was presented in the market by Kuzukov Sergey, Inc… read more
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9 Apps Like Password Saver for iOS

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1. aWallet

aWallet is a marvellous application which intuitively stores your passcodes, credit card information, web accounts, e-banking credentials, and other private or custom data. aWallet Password Manager app was presented in the market by Synpet Inc. which intuitively encrypts all your private or personal data in a protected place and guards them against external harm. It brings the features of searching within fields, contains no advertisements, export of unencrypted data in the CSV format, and a built-in editor for creating and changing new data categories with the custom icons. aWallet Password Manager – Wallet Password Manager app brings the pro features through single In-app billing payment including password generator, unlock with fingerprint, CSV import, and more. AWallet Cloud Password Manager app intuitively encrypts all the data, including category definitions, entry names, and the data itself by using AES and Blowfish Algorithms with 256, 128, and 192 bits. aWallet – Avira Password Manager app uses randomly generated salt merged with the master password and helps to protect from off-line dictionary attacks. aWallet Password Manager – Wallet Password Manager is an excellent tool which intuitively stores all your passwords and let you ignore the frustration of remembering all the passwords forever.


2. Avast Passwords

Avast Passwords is an elegant tool which remembers all the usernames, passwords, pin codes, website logins, and loads of other passcodes by itself and lets you get relaxed by remembering a single master password of the app. Avast Passwords – Secure Password Manager App was presented in the market by Avast Software Inc. which intuitively protects all your accounts behind one master password and unlock everything with just a fingerprint. You can store all your notes, to-do lists, credit cards, and other significant things under one platform. It intuitively supports syncing across all your devices and helps you access your data from multiple phones, tablets, and other devices. Avast Passwords – Secure Password Manager App create strong and unique passwords for each of your secure platforms and save and store all your logins in a highly protected place. The app contains the features of synchronization of your passwords across your platforms, storing of payment and personal card information, secure access to all your accounts on the computer, create unique passwords for each of your accounts. So just download Avast Passwords – Secure Password Manager app in your mobile phone and get an improved way of storing your entire passcodes behind a single password.


3. SplashID

SplashID is an ultimate digital or personal vault over Android that helps you secure your most crucial passwords in one place. SplashID Safe Password Manager is a great tool presented in the market by SplashData, Inc. which brings the world’s most trusted password storage system to keep all your password safe and sound. You can intuitively store and lock sensitive information including the passwords and usernames, account numbers, registration code, credit card data, prescriptions, and various other things in one place. This app allows you to capture your data easily, instantly, and reliably over one secure sensitive password and let you forget about remembering plenty of passwords anymore. SplashID Safe Password Manager App syncs your records over the cloud so that you can access your important data over your mobile phones, laptops, and other desktops. Splash ID app intuitively protects your data behind 256-bit encryption along with 2-factor authentication and ensure that your data is protected from unauthorized persons. So just give a chance to download SplashID Safe Password Manager in your mobile phone and lock your entire information and important passwords, credit card numbers, usernames, and bank account numbers over its state of the art data saver to access them whenever you want.


4. Norton Password Manager

Norton Password Manager is a highly encrypted place which helps you securely manage all your significant passwords and to access all your most likely sites way faster and safer. Norton Password Manager – Secure Password Manager app is developed in the market by NortonMobile Inc. which stores all your important passwords behind a single passcode and never let you forget what matters for you. Norton app is designed to be easier than ever to use, which keeps all your important information right in your pocket by helping you log in, save notes instantly, shop and check out quickly, and never let anyone else to get into your privacies. Norton – Secure Password Manager brings an inbuilt password generator which precisely creates unique and secure passwords for all your accounts within it. Norton – Password Manager intuitively secure passwords in an encrypted vault where no one that you can access. The app saves addresses and credit cards, helps you in creating complex passwords, provide built-in browser, stores frequent flyer number and encrypted notes, and helps you prevent malicious sites and phishing from accessing your keystrokes. Norton Password Manager – Secure Password Manager intuitively store all the passwords that matter for your personal social or economic growth.


5. Safe + Password Manager

Safe + Password Manager is an elegant application which enables all the worldwide folks to get the most reliable and safe place for all their private pics, personal videos, and secret files. Safe Plus – Secure Wallet and Photo Vault app is an up to the mark tool presented in the market by EDV & Medien GmbH, which intuitively organize and protects your private data, photos, contacts, videos, passwords, and any of your desired stuff that you want to hide from others. The safe + app supports Face and Touch ID and Wi-Fi synchronization and lets you access your login credentials from the Safari browser. Safe Plus – Password Manager App intuitively keeps all your TANs, pins and passwords of your online banking and shopping, logging in to the computer, mobile devices, Wi-Fi routers, email accounts, social networking, private websites, and loads more. Safe Plus helps all the users to organize and manage their passwords by providing a simple and secure place to keep them all. Safe Plus lets you use your handy templates for bank accounts, plain-text, images, videos, user accounts, credit cards, docs, and contacts. Safe Plus – Secure Wallet and Photo Vault intuitively protect your sensitive data, organize your data into categories, add comments to items, edit or customize carotenes and items, create and restore encrypted backups, and make telephone calls, etc.


6. SecureSafe

SecureSafe is an award-winning app for online password management and file storing with extreme encryption. SecureSafe – Preserve What Matters is an exceptional tool presented in the market by DSwiss Ltd, which keeps all your password safe at hand online, and even when you are offline. The app allows you to securely create and save a unique and new password for each of your accounts. Secure Safe lets you keep all your photos, files, gifs, videos, images, and other documents in one safe place. SecureSafe – Password and File Manager allows you to send any file to a receiver to your own choice directly from the app. SecureSafe app can intuitively manage your significant data including passwords, pins, e-banking codes, images, contacts, videos, application docs, credit cards details, copy of your passport, and more in your digital safe. SecureSafe – Preserve What Matters app securely hide your data behind secure RSA-2048 and AES-256 bit encryption system. Other than these, SecureSafe – Password and File Manager app help you to set encrypted passwords for maximum security, ultimate monitoring of all systems, multiple layers of data security, 2 factored authentication (for gold, silver, and pro customers), and more.


7. Sticky Password Manager & Safe

Sticky Password Manager & Safe contains unlimited encrypted password storage for keeping all your crucial passwords and never forget your password again. Sticky – The secure password manager is an ultimate award-winning app presented in the market by Lamantine Software A.S Inc. which brings password manager and form-filler that never been such protecting millions of passwords around the world for a long time. You can securely keep your passwords, your logins, passwords, and other sensitive data and securely stores over your android device and encrypted through the world’s most leading encrypted standard called AES-256. Sticky Password Manager & Safe – The secure password manager intuitively generates new unique, strong passwords whenever you want them the most. The app can remember all the passcodes and types them for you as well as you browse. Sticky app contains a password generator, digital wallet, secure sharing, secure notes, synchronization and backup support, and loads of premium features as well. Sticky Password Manager and Safe keeps all your credentials and logins absolutely secure and ready for use. Sticky Password Manager and Safe – The Secure Password Manager App contains the world’s leading security, enhanced 2-factor authentication, and offline access to your vault.


8. NS Wallet

NS Wallet is a great tool presented in the market by Nycbull Software Inc., which brings a secure place for managing all your passwords in one place. NS Wallet Password Manager App is a significant offline password keeper which keeps all your sensitive data in encrypted storage for free. It is a multi-platform password manager that can be used on your tablets and mobile phone devices in a way like never before. It keeps all the information encrypted using the AES-256 cypher system can store intuitively over your mobile phones and tablets. Its amazing and flexible password manager brings the possibility to add any sort of your custom fields, icons, items, and other information. NS Wallet Password Manager app allows you to use your own fingerprint for the login in the app. NS Wallet – Password Manager automatically locked itself if it is not in use and also create a backup of files and stores them in a separate folder. It contains an embedded password generator which produces ultimate secure passwords, and all the previous passwords can be taken as a template for the new one. NS Wallet Password Manager – Secure Password Manager brings the premium features of searching support, recently viewed folders, expiring soon folders, frequently used folders, customization of themes, and various others.


9. EgoSecure Encryption Anywhere

EgoSecure Encryption Anywhere is an intuitive and simple to use data encrypting app as well as a file manager which can keep your files secure from the bad eyes. EgoSecure Encryption Anywhere app was presented in the market by EgoSecure GmbH, which provides all the must-have operations to process folders and files right over your mobile phones efficiently. The app encrypts all the files in order to secure them from the unauthorized access when they are stores over the device or even in the cloud storage or transferred through open communication channels like the internet. Ego Secure app intuitively supports all the operation for folders and files in the device SD card and over the Cloud which includes Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, Yandex Disk, MagentaCloud, and more. EgoSecure Encryption Anywhere app intuitively support single and multiple folders and files operations and also enables simple encryption and decryption of files. Other than these, EgoSecure Encryption Anywhere app also supports favorite files and folders, canceling of long-running operations, automatic control over decrypted files, sending files via email, special markers, instant and easy navigation, automatic reset of encryption keys, and with an optimized user interface for tablets as well.

More About Password Saver

Password Saver allows you to take a safe place for all your important password of your important websites, emails, Id’s, mobile phones, and more and use your human memory for something crucial. Password Saver – Simple and Secure app was presented in the market by Kuzukov Sergey, Inc. which allows you to remember only a single password instead of many and manage thing in a better way. The app intuitively captures all your pin codes and loads of other secret stuff behind one wall and helps you to access them wherever you want. The app does not let you remember plenty of password for your concurred things by providing an app containing all the password behind a single one. Password Saver – Simple and Secure app intuitively helps you to synchronize your data across various devices, and you can restore it if your phone is broken or lost. Password Saver app brings a simple user interface which helps you go through your desired things like a breeze. So just give a chance to download Password Saver – Simple and Secure app in your mobile phone and eliminate the frustration of memorizing multiple passcodes from your life and just remember one to access them all.

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