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PCalc Lite is another marvellous calculator app introduced by TLA Systems Ltd. PCalc Lite is one of the most reasonable and powerful calculating apps for engineers, programmers, constructors, scientists, math specialists, and students of almost all levels (from secondary to masters)… read more
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1. MyScript Calculator 2

MyScript Calculator 2 is one of the most marvellous and a widely used app which performs mathematical operations using your own handwriting. MyScript Calculator 2 is a fine product of MyScript Inc. which brings an ultimate simple to use app for solving your mathematical solutions using one of the most efficient technology. It carries an easy and intuitive scenario where you just have to write your mathematical expression right on the interface of this app and then allows MyScript app perform its magic converting all the numbers and symbols to digital text and delivering the precise result in real-time. It carries the same scenario as you write on the paper to solve your mathematical transactions with an advantage of the digital device. It enables redo and undo functions and portrait and landscape operations just to let you handle calculations with super ease. MyScript Calculator 2 brings scratch out gestures to delete numbers, functions, and symbols. It supports basic arithmetic operations, misc. operations, powers and exponents, brackets, trigonometry, inverse trigonometry, logarithms, constants, and other mathematical operations. So just download MyScript Calculator 2, and enjoy solving your maths problem and equations by hand without having to crunch the figures and numbers yourself.


2. MobiCalculator

MobiCalculator is a handy and universal ad-free, user-friendly, and fully featured calculator app developed by IP Inc. Mobi Calculator free & AD free is a great tool with the percentage of both complicated and simple calculations. It is a tremendous app for anyone who wants to get their complicated or simple maths related anonymities done in seconds and with ultimate precision. Some of its highly appreciated features include well calculates percentages, multiple string expressions support, classical memory feature (MR, M+, M-), high accuracy up to 30 digits, big buttons, less memory storage, and is available in multiple languages. This application carries a number of attractive themes, and you can adjust this Mobi calculator app in the way you want. Mobi Calculator free & AD free app bought in the market for letting you feel relaxed if you are concerned with complicated transactions and want to make your way through. It also carries the full-featured history of all the comments, calculations, and sharing of calculations. Mobi Calculator free & AD free app is available in OCT, BIN, and HEZ mode, up to 64-bits in Pro version. So just download Mobi Calculator free & AD free app to enjoy its ultimate features and appreciate great functionality and usability.


3. All-In-One Calculator

All-In-One Calculator is another marvelously easy to use, complete, and powerful multi calculator and converter. All-In-One Calculator Free is developed by MindBox Inc. which helps you focus on your solutions rather than the problems or calculations. This application is designed with simplicity and helps you solve your daily basis math problems. You can use All-In-One Calculator Free for both simple and complex calculations, and it allows you to convert both currencies as well as units through the same app. You can enjoy doing school and homework assignments easier and learn more intuitively through its step by step solutions to all your calculations. Some of its main calculating features include simple or scientific layout, editable input or cursor, calculation history, wide support, memory buttons, functions graphing, copy and paste support, decimal, binary, and hexadecimal support, floating calculator, and lot more. All-In-One Calculator Free is available in more than 40 light as well as dark themes, and you can choose whatever looks gorgeous to you. All-In-One Calculator Free is for almost all the professional level or domestic users such as students, teachers, engineers, handyman, contractors, housewife’s, or just anybody who struggles with the conversions and maths in their lives.


4. Desmos Graphing Calculator

Desmos Graphing Calculator is a powerful app which instantly plots equations and forms parabolas and lines to derivatives and regressions. Desmos Graphing Calculator is a great product of Desmos Inc. which makes a world where maths is pretty much accessible and enjoyable for every single individual of this planet whether they like or dislike maths. It lets you view as well as modify your graphs anywhere and on any device just by signing in here and also explore existing example graphs. It allows you to adjust values to see the effects of the parameters on the graphs. You can intuitively build a table from a function and create a scatterplot on it accordingly. This intuitive graphing tool also lets you touch your live graphs to shoe the minima, maxima, and transactions. It carries a super powerful math engine which can instantly plot equations of any complexity levels, from parabolas and lines up through the Fourier series and derivatives. It carries no limits to how many expressions you can plot on the graphs at one time and do not even need to enter expressions in y forms. So just download Desmos Graphing Calculator, and enjoy a next-generation calculation app right in your pocket.


5. Calcu

Calcu is another intuitive application which lets you express your style with the calculator made for your ease. CALCU™ Stylish Calculator Free is a superb app introduced by Designer Calculators Inc. which helps you solve your everyday mysteries with damn ease. This intelligent mobile calculator contains all the scientific capabilities that you need for your work and school. It also enables you to add or even remove the constants and the functions that you need, to make the perfect calculator for the most demanding needs. CALCU™ Stylish Calculator Free brings all the scientific as well as simple calculator functions and lets you have all of them with stylish, easy to use, and convenient way. Its classy and beautiful interface with gestures based control and navigation lets you do work in the most effective way. You can instantly see results of your calculations as you enter them, show memory key options, create user-defined constants, support for multiple windows, and more. You can intuitively choose between the full and simple keyboard style for convenient input and apply any of your most likely themes over your app from its elegant theme providence.


6. CalcTape Free Tape Calculator

CalcTape is another elegant calculation app which allows its users to grab a tool which contains the solutions of each of your maths mysteries. CalcTape Calculator with Tape is a fine product of Schoettler Software GmbH, which brings a combo of standard calculator app, a classic desktop calculator, and a note app. This intuitive calculator enables its users to enjoy solving their math problems or complex calculations with simple taps. Calc Tape app is a superb companion for all your daily concerned calculations and lets you master all scenarios you can imagine. It also lets you keep all the calculations to create templates and to record documents. CalcTape Calculator with Tape also offers a Pro version as well which allows you to save calculations into files, the creation of keyboard layouts, the creation of text and functions snippets, sharing options, and a lot more. While on the other hand, CalcTape Calculator with Tape is not a scientific calculator but brings all the features needed for simple and daily life complex queries. If you concern a lot with these calculations on a daily basis for any of your business, then give CalcTape Calculator with Tape app a chance to resolve them for you.


7. Graphing Calculator by Mathlab

Graphing Calculator by Mathlab is a widely used calculating app which allows you to have a scientific calculator integrated with algebra and other math queries, right in your pocket. Graphing Calculator + Math, Algebra & Calculus is a fine product of Mathlab Apps, LLC, which carries almost everything that a calculator includes. There are millions of people using this calculator app for their daily life calculating concerns. It is an indispensable mathematical tool for students from the middle or high school, those studying in colleges and universities to anyone who needs more than a simple calculator. Graphing Calculator + Math, Algebra & Calculus helps us solving things regarding maths intuitively and works on virtually any type of phone and tablets. Its scientific calculator supports the square root, higher roots, cubes, exponent or power, trigonometric functions, hyperbolic functions, complex numbers support, inverse functions, derivatives, percent mode, scientific notation, binary, hexadecimal and octal numbers, and save and load history. While its graphing calculator supports multiple functions graphing, polar graphs, graph intersections, slide to school options, function tablets, parametric functions, implicit functions, 3D graphs, function tables, and much more. So just download Graphing Calculator + Math, Algebra & Calculus, and enjoy solving any level of complex queries.


8. Calculator by Xlythe

Calculator by Xlythe is another intuitive application which comes with almost 4 functional calculators along with a panel that has even more ultimate functions based on your needs. This app includes real-time history, graphics, base conversion, and much more. It comes with a lock screen widget, a wear app, a floating calculator, etc. so that you can use whichever you want. Calculator by Xlythe is a simple to use and uncluttered app which helps you get the proper and precise solutions for each of your transactions regarding simple plus or minus queries or multi-line complex transactions. This application allows you get a full replacement for your stock calculator and lets you work even smoother. For its proper use, it recommends you to disable your original calculator by checking its App Info and disable it where you find the uninstall button. You can enjoy all your scientific calculations right using this app and also get their proper graphs as well. Its scientific mode comes with more functions, and you can also have sin, cos, tan, ln, log, pie, exponent, brackets, !, X, *,  square root, and more. You can easily get Calculator by Xlythe from the store and get its benefits for free.


9. Calzy 3

Calzy 3 is a smart calculator which allows you to solve almost all your equations and simple calculations with ease, introduced by WapleStuff Inc. Calzy is a fresh and intuitive calculator app which allows you to store and reuse numerical values with drag and drop options. You can instantly switch between its basic and advanced modes and use them according to the level of complexities that you are facing. Through its multi-level and advanced scientific mode, you can go further in solving complex and advanced level calculations. Calzy 3 also includes storing of history and bookmarks so that you can intuitively get your past transactions with ease and access your bookmarks on the go. Other than these, you can also enjoy its super clean and simple to use 3D touch buttons and editable keypad layout through which you can rearrange keypad buttons to your need. You can intuitively tap and hold to edit them with, and quickly control the number of the decimal places as well. It allows you to spell out in English and almost 65 other languages just to let you make calculations in your own languages. So just download Calzy 3, and enjoy solving your daily life calculations with ease.


10. Soulver

Soulver is a professional level notepad calculator app that you will definitely feel in love with, introduced by Acqualia Inc. It brings an ultimate new interface that is far more useful than a traditional style calculator through which you can enjoy solving your complex as well as simple calculations with ease. Soulver helps you do calculations over multiple lines and even use words alongside numbers so that they make sense. This application is intuitively used for instant calculations, unit conversations, calculations involving percentages and variables, and for thinking through problems that involve maths. This calculating apps helps you instantly answer you type. Soulver app helps you spread all your calculations over multiple lines, and you can edit the mistakes as well if you make them. It also references previous answers by tapping on them. It carries easy and well-managed percentage calculations through natural phrases as well. This application intuitively supports more than 150 currencies and also lets you use a specialized currency keyboard as well for instant conversations. You can intuitively save your desired calculations into documents and sync through Dropbox and iCloud. So just download Soulver in your cellphones, and enjoy solving all sort of complexities regarding maths.


11. Numerical²

Numerical² is a great calculating app without equal, no matter whether you are performing simple maths, advanced brackets, or scientific equations, introduced by Andrew J Clark. This is pretty much intuitive calculating app which answers all your simple as well as critical math problems and never let you be more frustrated on the subject that you don’t love. This application doesn’t let you waste your precious time by pushing the equal button and provides instant results of all your conversations. It includes full scientific calculator including all type of sin, cos, tan, log, ln, EE, square roots, brackets, and more. You can also use Pi, infinity, and E to determine the answers to any of your mysteries regarding maths. You can intuitively customize your perfect Calc by changing the history position. You just have to enter any kind of queries that you want to solve and let this app will provide the most precise results on the screen without even letting you touch the equals button (because it doesn’t have). You can also enjoy its working right from the status bar through its New Today widget. So download Numerical² and let it take the frustration of solving maths.


12. All-in-one Calculator Free

All-in-one Calculator Free is a hilarious calculating app which helps you handle all your stiff intuitively. All-in-one Calculator is a fine product which comes with a free android calculator featuring in more than 70 calculators introduced by the Lama Apps Inc. which lets you enjoy a calculator with a unit converter categorized under lifestyle, women, finance, health, construction, and more. All-in-one Calculator is a super stunning calculator through which you can enjoy both simple and scientific calculator and can easily switch between modes. Its standard calculator includes the support of percent keys, negative signs, history viewing, and brackets. While its advanced mode lets you enjoy calculation using memory keys, functions, exponents, roots, trigonometry, logarithm, and much more in scientific mode. You can easily use both these standard and scientific calculators according to your need. Apart from this, the All-in-one Calculator Free also provides a unit converter which supports length, area, temperature, volume, and many other measurement units and you can also get a currency calculator. You can also get its interest calculators using compound and simple interest, amortization and loan payments, and saving calculators with financial goal planner. So just pick All-in-one Calculator Free from the store and enjoy its superb features.


13. Handyman Calculator

Handyman Calculator is another widely used app which helps users to get a complete construction calculator with straightforward inputs. Handyman is a super marvellous app for homeowners and constructors through which they can save much of their money as well as time to get its productivity for things that they concerned. It is yet used by millions of professionals for calculating materials, time spent, tracking invoices, managing to-do list, and intuitively save calculations to a notepad. Handyman Calculator is one of the most suitable apps for construction through which they can easily manage to find out so many mysteries regarding their work and move forward with ease. Handyman Calculator is an all in one platform where you can find time tracking tool, to-do list, cutlist calculator, contractor calculation, feet and inches calculator, plywood calculator, carpenter calculator, farming calculator, building material calculator, asphalt calculator, measurement calculator, and many other calculating facilities. Other than these, Handyman Calculator also lets you use density converter, fraction simplification calculator, cubic footage calculator, linear feet and board feet converter, temperature converter, and more. So just download Handyman Calculator, and intuitively enjoy solving complex and multi-level calculations right on your mobile phones.


14. Calca

Calca is a robust symbolic calculator that intuitively gives you answer as you type, introduced by Krueger Systems, Inc. This intuitive calculator simplifies complex expressions in minutes, and you can intuitively get your equations solved. It also carries a rick Markdown text editor so that you can explain your ideas alongside your calculations. It is one of the perfect symbolic calculator apps for students, professional, and anyone that concerns with equations and numbers. Calca app intuitively creates the variables and functions with only a few keystrokes and can be further manipulated with an extensive library of functions and operators. Just like a spreadsheet, it updates as you types. You can intuitively declare multiple variables, edit their values and watch everything as you need. It is designed to even work with iCloud docs so that you can access your calculations over all your devices. Calca app also comes with a suite of examples to helps you get involved covering topics from kinetics to home mortgages. Calca carries lot more features for handling all sort of functions and variables. It is much more capable calculator than doing simple one-line transactions, so just download Calca in your mobile and put your machine into work.


15. Tydlig

Tydlig is another tremendous app developed by Tydlig Software AB, which probably has changed the description of calculators. It is a superb and one of the perfect companions for calculating everyday stuff including tips and discounts, allowing you to alter any number instantly through intuitive editing, and showing the entire history and much more. This application comes with innovations such as linked numbers, responsive results, and much more. It also carries real-time graphics support as well for proper in-depth calculating and lets you visualize things whether you concern with trigonometric functions or bank interest rates. You can easily edit any of your misdialed numbers on the canvas, and it automatically updates your results and delivers them to you. You can easily press any operation to establish a linked number with a result selected and the responsive results with a cascade down these links. It allows its users to annotate any number like a freestyle spreadsheet with an attached text label. Other than these, Tydlig supports the graphical view, undo support, offline working support, external Bluetooth keyboard support, digital and basic operations support, and much more. So just download this super-efficient calculating app named Tydlig, and bring your daily life calculation experience to the next level on iPhones and iPads.


16. RealCalc Plus

RealCalc Plus is another intuitive and a highly optimized scientific calculator which enables its users to manage their daily life calculations right on their cell phones. Real Calc Plus is a fine product of Quartic Software Inc. which brings an intuitive app for solving complex and simple calculations through simple to use interface. This application carries all the standard scientific functions, fractions, history, memories, degrees, minutes, seconds, customizable unit conversions, constants, and almost everything that is required. This intuitive calculator app also supports hexadecimal, octal and binary calculations and brings an optional RPN mode as well. It helps you solve all sort of math mysteries, and you can catch precise solutions instantly without any effort. RealCalc Plus is an easy to use tool which features traditional algebraic operations, 12-digital display facility, extended internal precision, user-customizable unit conversions, 10 memories, result history, percentages, user-customizable constants, degree, minutes and seconds conversion and calculations, trig functions in grads, radians and degrees and much more. RealCalc Plus carries scientific, fixed-point, and engineering modes, and you can intuitively switch between any of these modes accordingly. So just download RealCalc Plus app in your phone to grasp a calculator app packed with superb features.


17. Calculator ∞

Calculator ∞ is one of the best and the sleekest scientific calculator all which offers a variety of features to satisfy its entire customers who face much complex as well as simple calculations on a daily basis. It possesses a robust math core and algebra engine with mathematical display support. It is a superb calculating tool for people looking for basic calculations for advanced transactions. It is equally significant for scientific calculations, programmers, engineers, math and other students who face maths in their life. Calculator ∞ makes it so convenient to get everything that a multitalented calculator app consists. It is a universal calculator app which supports multitasking approach, mathematical display, editable transactions, exporting expressions and results, support wireless KB square, 14 memory variables, dual skins, numeric and degree calculations, assignment operator, F(x) customizable functions, more than 40 common constants, and support all the latest devices.  Calculator ∞ lets you have basic calculations including +, -, *, /, Abs, %, and more to advanced level calculations such as cos, sin, tan, Ln, X!, powers, square root, and others. Calculator ∞ carries tutorials video clips as well as user manual so that you can master the app in minutes.


18. Easy Calc

Easy Calc is an ultimate app which makes it so easy to calculate either simple or complex calculations right through your mobile devices. Easy Calc app is a fine product introduced in the market by StellarMouse Inc. which lets you use all calculation signs and solve all mysteries in a one of the sleekest way. It also provides help about the calculation and formula results and even about the input method. Easy Calc brings the functions of finding the square root, calculation of inverse numbers, percent calculator, power operations, algebraic formulas, four arithmetic, and solves various other mysteries as well. You can precisely input the numbers and operations by using the keyboard over the screen where the sign * is used for multiplication, / for the division, ^ is power operation, and you might get plus, and minus signs as well. Easy Calc also support memory calculations and you can precisely add values over memory value, clear the memory value, retrieve various values from memory, and so on. Other than these, Easy Calc also brings the keys for exponential equations, keys for set numbers (in text view to the memory), retrieve value recorded using MR key, M+ key, M- key,, MC key, and various other keys with their respective work. So download the Easy Calc app and solve your mysteries in a way like never before.

More About PCalc Lite

PCalc Lite is another marvellous calculator app introduced by TLA Systems Ltd. PCalc Lite is one of the most reasonable and powerful calculating apps for engineers, programmers, constructors, scientists, math specialists, and students of almost all levels (from secondary to masters). It carries a multi-line display so that you can see the whole set of your transactions and remove mistake if you’ve made and an optional RPN mode as well. It carries an extensive set of unit constants and conversions and a choice of a button display to let you get what you want. PCalc Lite possess the support of multiple redos and undo so that you can swim through your past calculations as well. Other than these, PCalc includes the support of decimal, hexadecimal, and binary calculations, a paper tape, engineering and scientific notation, and much more. This application helps you resolve your daily life complex as well as a straightforward transition regarding your domestic and official work. PCalc Lite is a fine app for anybody looking for the feature-rich calculator and want to solve their domestic as well as professional level mysteries regarding maths. So just download PCalc Lite, and enjoy one of the most easy to navigate app for managing your calculations.