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PDF Reader – PDF Viewer is an excellent and one of the best PDF reader, viewer, and editor through which you can enjoy loads of features regarding your favorite or significant pdf content on the move. PDF Reader – PDF Viewer and Epub, Ebook reader app is available to use in the market by Fodoo Software Inc… read more
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13 Apps Like PDF Reader – PDF Viewer for iOS


1. Media365

Media365 brings a customizable and comfortable reading experience for everyone who loves to read ebooks at any time of the day. Media365 Book Reader app bought in the market by Media365 Inc. which is loved by millions of worldwide folks for reading ebooks of their choices right using their mobile devices. The app brings an amazing experience for reading all the PDFs and EPUB ebooks without any error or sluggishness. Media365 Book Reader – Opens all Book Formats app allows everyone to discover a gigantic collection of great, free ebooks to read in almost 18 languages as well. Media 365 Reader also lets you publish your own content (eBooks) right on this amazing platform and reveal your passion in front of the whole world. Media365 Book Reader lets you discover great ebooks by categories, language, author, name, or simply search. Media365 Book Reader – Opens all Book Formats lets you create and share your own collection of ebooks with friends, fans, and anywhere you want through convenient social media links. It brings an amazing experience of reading books through smooth page flips, slide transitions or no transition, and flipping with animations. Media 365 Book Reader is a free to use eBooks reader and creator which lets you publish your own stuff to earn real money.


2. Scribd

Scribd lets you join the community of millions of people who have turned this app into their digital library for accessing an amazing collection of ebooks, magazines articles, audiobooks, sheet music selections, books, and research albums intuitively. Scribd – Audiobooks, ebooks, the sheetmusic app was presented in the market by Scribd Inc. which enables you to capture all the audiobooks you want in one subscription and find your next favorite read with bestsellers, award-winners, and all the hidden gems. Scribd: Audiobooks & ebooks app brings a massive library of millions of audiobooks, magazines, ebooks, ebooks, and even sheet music right on the palm of your hands. You can intuitively put an entire library of all these things in your pocket with a subscription as well. Scribd – Audiobooks, ebooks, and Sheet Music brings a digital library of genres including True Crime, Fiction, Personal, Cookbooks, Entertainment, Travel, Growth, Science Fiction, Biography, YA, Self-Help, Romance, Health and Wellness, Personal Growth, Business, Politics, Current Events, Children, Celebrity Narrated Memoirs, Religion, Spirituality, and various others. Scribd – Audiobooks and eBooks app lets you get thousands of best audiobooks without making any effort. Scribd – Audiobooks, ebooks, Sheet Music lets you enjoy tons of customizable options for enjoying books, Audiobook, sheet music, and more effectively.


3. Goodreads

Goodreads is an amazing book reading app through which you can precisely and effectively discover all the books that you’ll love. Goodreads: Kindle, Audible, Amazon & more is a gigantically loved app developed in the market by GoodReads Inc. which lets you discover, get and share books of your desired choice in a way like never before. Goodreads: Book Reviews app enables you to enjoy the world’s largest site for book recommenders and book readers. You can intuitively scan book covers to instantly read all the reviews and save them on your Want to Read shelf. The app lets you get a customizable or personalized recommendation based on your choices as well. Goodreads: Kindle, Audible, Amazon and more allows you to get browser feature for discovering genres and books to discover more books that you’ll love. You can precisely see search, review, and rate any book in its catalog and precisely keep track of books you have read or want to read in the future. Good Reads: Book Reviews allows its worldwide users to add status updates for ebooks and books that you are currently reading. You can also discuss books through reviews, groups, and messages as well. Goodreads: Kindle, Audible, Amazon and more app lets you get an amazing way of finding, reading, and sharing books on the move.


4. eBoox

eBoox is an ideal reader for the FB2, EPUB, Mobi, zip and more, that enables you to read your desired stuff comfortably through your mobile phone devices. eBoox: Reader for fb2 epub zip books is a unique kind of stuff presented in the market by MobiPups+ Inc. which allows you to enjoy one of the most pleasant eBook readers for the mobi, epub, fb2 and various other books for Android. eBoox – Book Reader app lets you read books comfortably because of its optimal reading setting and a night mode support for comfortable reading in low light or even at night. EBoox – Read Books Comfortably app lets you have the feature of magic red cat that will copy all your content from the old eBoox and also informs you when you can remove the older one. EBoox: Reader for fb2 epub zip books lets you get instant page loading scenario and read your desired things without having any flaw. You can also download your desired books on your most likely category right within the app and enjoy reading them in a cute, new and convenient interface. eBoox – Book Reader carries book catalogs in various languages and also syncs your files to read books using your cell phone. eBoox – Read Books Comfortably app enables you to enjoy reading your desired content on the move and lets you get a faster and reliable experience of reading ebooks.


5. OverDrive

OverDrive is a massively loved application used by billions of worldwide readers and content creators which lets them borrow audiobooks, ebooks, and streaming videos from their own library through this amazing app. OverDrive: eBooks and audiobooks app bought in the market by OverDrive, Inc. which brings an exclusive library of books right on the palm of your hands and access your desired audiobooks, ebooks, and video content whenever you want. There are more than over 40,000 libraries worldwide which are offering titles from OverDrive app to read and enjoy your most likely content on the move. OverDrive: The student reading app lets you sync all your bookmarks, libraries, and all the recent positions across various mobile phones and access your significant content on your desired device whenever, wherever. Each of the library that Over Drive: eBooks and audiobooks app contains, precisely builds its own collection of titles and you can contact them instantly. Other than these, OverDrive: The student reading app also enables its worldwide users to get the features of creating wish lists, place holds, return titles conveniently, no more late fees, intuitive syncing, and a lot of other stuff right on their pocket. OverDrive brings a massive content on ebooks, streaming videos, and audiobooks right through its amazing library and enjoys things in the way you want.


6. Oodles Books

Oodles Books lets you enjoy more than 50,000 books for reading without paying anything for them. 50000 Free eBooks & Free AudioBooks app bought in the market by Oodles Inc. which enables its worldwide users to get free English audiobooks and awesome classics. It is easy to use audiobooks provider which lets you listen or read to English books, Hindi classic, loads of stories, and tons of exciting content on the move. 50000 Free Books & Audiobooks – Oodles app brings highly classified set of categories, and the help of tags will reduce your efforts of finding your most likely content. It brings a personalized reader which is applicable for you to customize the font size, style, line spacing, background, and other reading features according to your level of rankings. Oodles Books – 50000 Free Books & Audiobooks enables you to discover the books, novels, movies, and content of the world’s best authors and you can enjoy ultimate classics on the move. 50000 Free Ebooks lets you make a highly configurable library, and you can even take your library with your anywhere you went and read your favorite content offline. 50000 Free Ebooks app personalizes your learning and reading experience ultimately. 50000 Free eBooks & Free AudioBooks brings a set of exclusive categories and never let you miss your most likely stuff available on the planet.


7. Inkitt

Inkitt is an exceptionally used application which lets you discover thousands of amazing novels and fiction books on the app and read all of them for free. Inkitt – Free Fiction Books, Novels & Stories app bought in the market by Free Novel Inc. which enables you to enjoy the highly customizable reading experience for all their most likely novels whenever they want. The app allows its worldwide users to enjoy their favorite genres including horror, action, fantasy, sci-fi, adventure, romance, thriller, humor, drama, poetry, and various others in the way you want. It enables you to discover and read all the upcoming fiction books by indie authors for free and download these books for having the fun of offline reading. Inkitt: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance app lets you find your most likely topics such as love, magic, death, werewolf, science fantasy, war, family, teenage love, friendship, vampires, supernatural, and the ones you love the most. Inkitt: Books, Novels, and Stories app contain personalized reading recommendations based on your favorite fiction genres and customizable colors and fonts of backgrounds to meet your ultimate preferences. Inkitt – Free Fiction Books, Novels and Stories App lets you join more than 700,000 readers who have discovered and enjoy amazing novels from the world known authors.


8. tolino

tolino is one stop shop for all the bookstores of tolino where you can enjoy reading as well as continue previous readings any time by accessing both old and latest books whenever you want. Tolino – eBook Reader and Audiobook Player App bought in the market by Next Performance Germany GmbH Inc. which lets you make yourself a bit more easy, convenient and comfortable by enjoying your most likely audiobooks and ebooks right within the app. Tolino – Reading App enables you to discover an almost endless selection of books in the ebook shop of loads of bookstores and you have to decide that which of the store you would like to buy your audiobooks and ebooks from within the app. Tolino – Books Reader and Audiobooks app let you read pdf ebooks, read epub, as well as listen to audiobooks intuitively and flexibly on the move. tolino – Books Reader and Audiobooks is an awesome reading app which contains limitless reading capabilities and pleasure listening for your smartphone and tablets at all hours. Tolino – eBook Reader & Audiobook Player app lets you browse through samples, search in the eBook shop of your favorite bookstores, safe your ebooks, highlight passages, organize your books, search your ebooks from the keyword, and do lot more.


9. Elisa Kirja

Elisa Kirja is an excellent tool which enables its worldwide uses to enjoy discovering one of the most extensive collections of ebooks and audiobook selections right over their mobile devices. Elisa Kirja – E-books and Audiobooks app was presented in the market by Elisa Inc. which enables you to get the most exclusive collection of Finland’s ebooks and audiobooks right on the palm of your hands. Elisa Kirja – eBooks and audiobooks app provide a pleasant and easy way to enjoy literature and reading anywhere, anytime. Elisa Kirja Reading App allows you to sign-in here, choose an audio book or an ebook of your choice from tons of free books and enjoy reading or listening ebook and audiobooks conveniently. The app contains a collection of more than 12,000 finish-language books that you are looking for reading, and you can also enjoy a comprehensive selection of English and Swedish audiobooks and ebooks in the service. Elisa Kirja – E-books and Audiobooks lets you get loads of books offers, adjust the speed of the audiobook, choose text font, adjust the brightness, adjust page background, and enjoy reading ebooks from day to night. You can download Elisa Kirja – eBooks & audiobooks app for free to access books on the go.


10. My Books – Unlimited Library

My Books – Unlimited Library is an elegant tool for all the book readers and content creators through which they can manage to read tons of audiobooks for free as in one-time app purchase. My Books – Unlimited Library app presented in the market by Digital Press Publishing Inc. which carries a collection of more than 5K audiobooks available to read right through the app. The app includes the world’s famous classics and lets you read them with its fully featured eReader including dictionary. My Books – Use your free time to read app enables you to create your personal library using your most favorite content and automatically sync them between devices. It carries a backup of your books and the entire library within its server, and you can precisely rate the books and write your own thoughts about them right through the app. My Books – Unlimited Library app brings 5199 audiobooks for all the users for listening and always keeps on expanding its stuff for satisfying its entire users. My Books – Use your free time to read allows you to check the books reviews and rating from other of its users and get to know whether it deserves your time and effort or not. You can see your entire reading stats, original covers, genuine descriptions, rating, and enjoy its Dropbox integration intuitively right using My Books – Unlimited Library app.


11. MoboReader

MoboReader is an awesome tool that brings the right platform for the most enticing stories and amazing novels. MoboReader – Novels, Stories & Audiobooks app bought in the market by FUZHOU JIARUAN SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. through which you can enjoy hot and popular stories available on the internet, and you can also enjoy loads of free books and special offers as well. It enables its users to read your favorite books on romance, mafia, CEO, fiction, and various other genres that you are searching for. MoboReader – Novels and Fiction Stories app allows you to enjoy tons of exciting books that brings engaging and nail-biting stories for everyone who loves reading. MoboReader – Books & Web novels bring some unique ebooks that you can’t find anywhere else. MoboReader – Novels and Fiction Stories brings an exciting range of genres of ebook which includes romance, mafia, fiction, LGBT, devil, phantom, vampire, demon, classic, original work, young adult fiction, action, adventure, and loads of exclusive stuff on the move. Mobo Reader – Books and Web Novels app brings free trial for reading episodes and chapters of any book. MoboReader – Novels, Stories, and Audiobooks app enables you to enjoy extremely amazing stuff which can be customized according to your needs.


12. Free Books – 23,469 classics

Free Books – 23,469 classics is one of the world’s most amazing and exclusively paid book app in the way like never before. Free Books – 23,469 Classics For Less Than A Cup Of Coffee app bought in the market by Digital Press Publishing Inc. which enables you to enjoy one shop stop for capturing all your favorite content and access them whenever you want. It allows its users to enjoy capturing and reading all your most likely books right through one platform and read them effortlessly. Free Books – An Extensive Ebooks And Audiobooks Library app enables you to get a handpicked collection of books on theology, romance, ghost stories, banned books, fiction, novel, English 101, and goes on and on. It carries a perfect ebook reader with a fast, customizable and beautiful interface which lets you explore your content in the way you want. Free Books – 23,469 Classics app helps you get more than 4K audiobooks featuring librivoc recordings as well as an extensive ebook collection under one platform. You can precisely switch between audiobooks and ebooks versions while reading. Free Books – An Extensive Ebooks And Audiobooks Library app make public domain books come to life with amazing covers as well.


13. Radish

Radish lets everyone to discover a world where storytelling is reimagined and lets you enjoy searching, reading, and managing your favorite content on the move. Radish — HOT Fiction Stories app bought in the market by Radish Media Inc. which enables its worldwide users to enjoy hot fiction stories daily. Radish — Fiction Serials app does not have any boundaries whether you like angsty teen dramas, sexy vampire romance, heart-attack suspense, epic fantasies, and loads more. This application delivers 2 unique and ultimate ways to read a diversity of new serials from the bestselling authors right on your pocket. Radish — HOT Fiction Stories app lets you pick up where you left off by starting your own library and even explore through tons of stories which are curated for you carefully. Some of the top seller’s collections of this app include Legal Affairs, Fraternity Madam, All The Right Places, Undecided, His Best Friend’s Girl, The Room Mate, Blood Brothel, Naughty Little Secret, Sharp, Tempting the Beast, and various others. Radish — Exclusive & Updated Daily app enables you to enjoy live chat rooms and intuitively interact with your favorite authors and fellow readers who love the same books or stories as you do. Radish — HOT Fiction Stories allows you to enjoy finding a world where storytelling is reinvented along with chatting with your most likely persons on the move.

More About PDF Reader – PDF Viewer

PDF Reader – PDF Viewer is an excellent and one of the best PDF reader, viewer, and editor through which you can enjoy loads of features regarding your favorite or significant pdf content on the move. PDF Reader – PDF Viewer and Epub, Ebook reader app is available to use in the market by Fodoo Software Inc. which brings a robust tool for PDF editors for getting things done in the way they want. It is an amazing app for reading and editing all the PDF files and documents and lets you get loads of tools for editing and reading your desired pdf files. You can intuitively turn and scroll pages pdf by using two fingers while you annotate. PDF Reader – PDF Viewer and Epub, Ebook reader app lets you create a list of all the pdf files right in one place and enables you to browse and read the necessary ones whenever you want. This easy to use PDF reader and Robust PDF Editor enable you to read text documents and enjoy reading files in plenty of formats. PDF Reader – PDF Viewer and Epub, Ebook Reader app offers all the much-needed tools required for editing, creating, and adding text and preview PDF docs.

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