Perfect365 is the world’s most popular, easy to use, and robust photo editing application combined with new styles created by a team of professionals. Perfect365 – Makeup Designs and Beauty Tips is an exceptional tool presented in the market by Perfect365 Inc… read more

Apps Like Perfect365 for iOS

#1 Filterra


Filterra lets you explore the ultimate collection of custom-made effects, tools, filters, and other stuff to unleash your creativity and get 100% rocking pics. Filterra – Make & Edit Awesome Photos is an incredible tool presented in the market by Utility Apps LP that brings a powerful and easy to use photo editing to make your memories more astonishing.

You can play and tweak in your own way with many great free photo editing tools and immense photo enhancement options to make your photos flawless. Filterra – Photo Editor app lets you compare selected effects and filters while editing pics instantly while editing the pics. You can get more from the store to flourish your creativity while getting stunning photo effects, bundles, textures, filters, and more.




SNOW is a fantastic camera app loved by more than 200 million users from all over the globe, presented in the market by Snow Inc. SNOW – Beauty & Makeup Camera is a stunning application that helps you quickly search exclusive material and search trendy contents. You can use stylish stickers from its collection of more than 1000 stickers that extemporize your selfies in a way like never before.

It features dynamic effects to make your moments shine and almighty editing tools. You can discover your most likely and beautiful version of yourself by creating and saving customizable beauty effects. SNOW – Beauty and Makeup Camera app enables you to explore thousands of stickers with unique updates daily.

#3 InstaBeauty – Makeup Camera!


InstaBeauty – Makeup Camera is one of the most fantastic makeup photo editors for Instagram, Twitter, Instagram, and other social platforms. InstaBeauty – Makeup Camera is a sleekly designed application presented in the market by Fotoable, Inc. that brings more than 50 make-up styles and over a hundred filters right on the palm of your hands.

It is a professional selfie cam app that features plenty of fantastic selfie features, stylish collage, outstanding video, quick snap, beauty, special video, and much more. InstaBeauty app comes with 5 main features, including Beauty Video, Beauty Collage, QuickSnap, Beauty Camera, and Beauty Makeup. It contains more than 10 unique and artistic filters, including big eyes filters for amazing pics.


#4 Facetune


Facetune is a featured rich photos and selfie editing application for getting the pictures like Hollywood stars. You take the photos from the camera of your smartphone and Facetune presents and turn them professional looking photos as being taken by professional or DSLR camera. This fun and powerful photo and selfie editing application is jam packed with a lot of effects, filters and retouching tools that will assist you in developing the new look of the simple images. Every photo will get a brand new look with few simple retouch up. With the usage of this simple photo editing application you will enjoy the magazine like photo editing because it is containing a complicated set of tools as observed in the Photoshop. It offers easy to use editing tools. It is also containing the face retouching and face makeover tools as well so that you can get the perfect retouch on every selfie or photo.

#5 CreamCam


CreamCam is a type of auto selfie editing and selfie enhancement application for achieving the more professional and stunning looks of the normal selfies. This simple portrait enhancement and editing app is designed to get the flawless complexion in just few seconds. The latest version of CreamCam is now supporting for editing of videos as well, however, using this app for editing selfies and photos is the best output that can be get from this application. One of the best things about CreamCam is that it is based on automatic face editing system so you don’t need to go for any manual editing at all. All you need to upload the image select the filters or effects that you want to apply over the face and that’s done by CreamCam. Entire transformation is simple and can be attained with a simple touch of a button. That feature makes CreamCam simple the best selfie editing app.

#6 B612


B612 is another picture app specially created for selfies that allow you to apply lots of filters to your images before sharing them using your preferred social networks. B612 has greater than 50 different filters. You may choose some of these just by sliding your finger across the bottom of the screen, where you can visit a small preview of how it will look.

You may also just slide your finger over the image to use a random filter. Besides applying filters, B612 enables you to make collages using your pictures. You may make them with just a regular selfie or a composition up to nine images, as well as vertical pieces of 2 or 3 photos. B612 also includes a timer, thanks to which you can take selfies from a distance, along with tilt-shift, to enjoy the depth of field.

#7 Adobe Photoshop Mix


Adobe Photoshop Mix is one of the most authentic tools when it comes to photography. There are a lot of tools within the application which can be helpful for people who want to make a name for themselves in the field. The main drawback of this application perhaps is that people require an internet connection to run it, they also have to create an account of their own to avail all the features. There are multiple options on this platform where people can cut images, crop them properly, combine two or more to form one and can even create a collage. Editing options are rather strong where you will get the tools such as color correction, enhancement, adjusting the brightness and contrast and many other options which are there to be used. The other advantage of this platform is that people can be rest assured that their original picture will stay intact as it over rights the copy of the main picture. There are many other options too, which can be mentioned here to show its versatility but it is a fact that this application is one of the best that are out there for editing purposes.

#8 Pixlr


Pixlr is a free photo editing tool to fulfill all of your editing tools. This app offers users will complete control of all of your images, such as the effects and layers. It’s an app by utilizing that the photo lovers can fix, adjust, and filter the pictures right from your smartphone. Pixlr is merely obtainable in 2 versions that are simply an editor and express version. These two editions include different versions like dealing with the layers, changing colors, modifying objects, quickly fixing the issues, including creative effects and even borders and overlays.

By implementing the app of Pixlr, you’ll be able to make every moment of your stunning and memorable. Only modifying any app isn’t a big deal. However, offering the creative designing and effects tools is the primary objective of Pixlr that provides the users an option to paint or even eliminate effects from particular areas. The users of Pixlr may also add text with plenty of powerful tools, and ultimately they can share their mastery work with the other users as well. In addition to all these, this app may also be used for controlling selfies as well to obtain the look of Fashion followers.

#9 Snapseed


Snapseed is a best and freeware photo editing app that enables photo enthusiasts to improve their photos and selfies and utilize digital filters. The users of Snapseed cam edit their pictures by using the swiping motions to choose for unique effects and improvement designs. In addition to this, the fans also can go for the automated adjustment system of shade and contrast, and in this method, everything will be automatically adjusted by the Snapseed.

Moreover, it’s also capable of making and saving filter combinations but implementing the default and modifying filters. The very best, above all, is its exclusive method of keeping the look in a shape of history that allows the users to restart work again merely by opening an account. The function is not obtainable in the majority of the photo editing app except offering a direct saving.

More About Perfect365

Perfect365 is the world’s most popular, easy to use, and robust photo editing application combined with new styles created by a team of professionals. Perfect365 – Makeup Designs and Beauty Tips is an exceptional tool presented in the market by Perfect365 Inc. that brings an exceptional makeover app filled with special functions.

This application brings more than 20 makeup and beauty tools that help you customize your pics in the way you want. You can intuitively set the liners, lipsticks, face tones, beauty level, and various other things for free. It contains over 200 pre-set hot styles and unlimited custom color options. It brings video tutorials from your most likely artists from Youtube just to recreate the virtual looks IRL.

Perfect365: One-Tap Makeover app features subtle touch features, daily makeup, and fashion notes, most accurate makeup placement possible, instant save in mobile, and share your looks over Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Perfect365 – Makeup Designs and Beauty Tips app provides unlimited custom options with the Pro Color Platte to design your own look with unique color combos.

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