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Phone Tracker By Number

Phone Tracker By Number is a robust and highly capable tool which lets you have one of the most authentic location tracking experience for any of your lost or misplaced cell phones. Phone Tracker By Number is a great product of Family Locator Inc… read more
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11 Apps Like Phone Tracker By Number for iOS

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1. mCouple

mCouple lets you get remote access to each other’s phone and know where your partner exactly is, anytime you want. mCouple – Mobile Tracker is a great application used by tons of people from all over the world to get the exact locations of their close friends, better half, or someone else, etc. This intuitive mobile tracking app enables its worldwide users to share their locations and always know where other half is at any time you need to know. It carries the features of calls and contacts so that you can get access to each other’s phone book and also precisely get information about the call logs as well. mCouple – Mobile Tracker app never let anything become private in both of you and reveals everything about what you do with your cell phone in front of your partner and vice versa. You can also read the text messages as well as messages from some social media chats as well. MCouple is a tracking app made especially for couples for keeping both honest and never let anyone tell a lie to each other. So just download mCouple – Mobile Tracker app to avoid guessing games and just give your partner extreme protection from any harm.


2. Prey

Prey is a classy tool to monitor your devices and also prevent thief and loss, introduced by Prey, Inc. Prey Anti Theft: Find My Phone & Mobile Security is a robust tool to find your misplaced, lost or even stolen Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, Chromebook, and other cellular devices with damn ease and precision. This application provides the real detailed evidence for the police if your device is stolen and let them help you get it back. It is one of an ideal phone tracking devices which pointing the police to track your lost device. It never let anyone to deny your device because of it as well as your device’s IP. Prey Anti Theft: Find My Phone & Mobile Security gives you a chance to discover, recover, and track your lost android devices and rebel against loss and thieves. You can find and protect your Android device and also make an area on a map and get notifications when your mobile devices or leave it. This app is also available in its premium version, and you can also use it for free in a limit to almost three devices. So just download Prey Anti-Theft: Find My Phone & Mobile Security app in your phone to track your missing device and also manage or monitor every device from a single account.


3. Find My Kids

Find My Kids is a must-have tool for all the parents through which they can precisely get a GPS tracker for all their children to keep them in control and monitor their location anytime you want. Find My Kids: Child GPS-watch & Phone Tracker was introduced by Refresh LLC, which enables all the parents to see where their child was during the entire day and never let them stay out of range. You can see the kid’s location over the map along with the history of movements of the day just to make sure that your kid does not visit any place dangerous for them. It also lets you listen to the sounds and all the happenings to understand that they are in a good company and are fine. Find My Kids: Child GPS-watch & Phone Tracker allows parents to send a loud signal to the phone of their child if they left it in a backpack or a silent mode. It lets you discover what apps your kids are using, whether they played in the classroom instead of learning. So just download Find My Kids: Phone Tracker to check that your kids have come to school on time by getting notifications about when they come to activities, to school and at what time they return home, and so much more.


4. Sprint Family Locator

Sprint Family Locator is an efficient tool packed with a diverse collection of features for getting all the efforts for locating your mobile devices whether there are Android or iOS. Sprint Family Locator is a widely used mobile finding tool introduced by Safely Inc. which enables you to track your family members and keep them safe from harmful and dangerous stuff. This app enables you to see family members no a map anytime you want to track their exact location just to make sure certain aspects regrading various things. It is a robust tool for parents through which they can make sure that their kids are where they should be, automatically. Sprint Family Locator carries the ability of locating both normal as well as smart phone and there is no need to download anything on phones you track. You can precisely get to know the exact location of your phone after it is misplaced or stolen. This app contains a highly attractive map where you can see the exact location of your family members. So just download Sprint Family Locator app, Sign up here whether you have lost your mobile device or want to locate your family members.


5. AT&T FamilyMap

AT&T FamilyMap is a significant app which safely let you know where your kids exactly are and take your family’s security and safety to the next level, introduced by AT&T Services, Inc. AT&T Secure Family is working great for locating mobile devices and let you know the location anytime by managing what they buy and access online and controlling their screen time. This application delivers parents the real peace of mind so that they can always took an eye over all the activities of their kids and never let them get in dangerous place or position. All the parents who are using this family locator app can intuitively track their family members over an interactive map and get the exact location of the mobile devices that their kids have. AT&T Family Map’s arrival or departure alerts enables its users to receive an alert when you kid leaves or enter a location such as school, home, gym, and playground, etc. It is also available in a paid version to secure your family even more with a subscription charges of almost $7.99  per month. So just download any of your desired version of AT&T Secure Family app and take your family’s security to the ultimate level.


6. GPSme

GPSme is an extraordinary application for getting in touch with all your loved ones and also let them stay away from all the harmful and inappropriate places. GPS Me, Friends & Family Phone Tracker is a highly-sophisticated app introduced in the market by KidControl Dev. Inc. which brings a simple way to find your loved ones. It brings a simple way to discover people near to your heart whether to stay in touch with them or for getting and taking any sort of help in some emergency situations. You can get the location of your fellows and navigate them easily when you are meeting up in crowded areas. It has made it easy to search for a stolen, lost, and out-of-place cellular devices. GPSme Friends & Family Phone Tracker lets you see the exact location where your family and friends are, and also show them your own location as well. You can get the location history for almost 2 weeks and know where that mobile device has travelled across. So just download GPSme Friends & Family Phone Tracker app to track your friends, set up dangerous zones to receive alerts, use SOS button in emergency, built-in diagnostics, and a precise GPS monitoring.


7. TrackView

TrackView is a gorgeous application for your entire family which has efficiently turned your mobile phone, PC’s, and tablets into a connected IP camera with event detector, alert, GPS locator, and route or cloud recording capabilities. Family Locator and Home Security – TrackView is a widely used application bought in the market with video monitoring, cloud recording, motion detection, location tracking, and various other features. This application helps parents to keep an eye over all the activities of their kids and never let them indulge into a harmful situation. It is a superb GPS finder and family locator through which you can enjoy remote audio, video recording and event detection with instant alerts to your mobile devices. Family Locator and Home Security – TrackView contains a diverse collection of features then other security monitoring applications. Apart from this, Track View app also contains the features of IP camera support for security, two-way audio, remote buzz, night vision mode, cloud storage for the backup of recordings, motion and sound detection, route recording for location history, and so much more. So just download Family Locator and Home Security – TrackView app from the store and enjoy an extremely secure atmosphere to live.


8. MMGuardian

MMGuardian is a fine application for the parents if they are looking for a tool which monitors the usage of phone and keep their teen safe from danger, risks, or other vulgarities of web. MMGuardian Parental Control App For Kids Phone is a great tool introduced by MMGuardian.Com which helps its users to view the device activities for the real time. This application is going so great by providing some real time excellent features for monitoring calls and block texts without the worry of being hacked. It carries a fine way to protect your child from sexting and cyberbullying, and let them stay safe and be aware on their phone usage habits with SMS tracker and the like. MMGuardian Parental Control App For Kids Phone intuitively monitor all the calls and text messages, uninstall protection, web filtering, screen time setting support, and also shows the deleted SMS history as well. While some of its premium features includes monitoring text messages and receive alerts, phone locator, block SMS and calls, web filter and safe browsing, app control, detailed app usages, and various other excellent features. So just download MMGuardian Parental Control App For Kids Phone app in your phone to make the smartphone usage safe for pre-teens and teens with ultimate features.


9. Family Locator and GPS Tracker

Family Locator and GPS Tracker is a widely loved iOS mobile tracker which brings the real peace of mind for parents due to its classy features. Family Locator and GPS Tracker is a product of a well-known developer named Sygic A. S. Inc. which brings real time step by step location of family members, and get to know the exact location of your family members anytime you want. It also carries the feature of flight tracking through which you can get located during our flight. Apart from current tracking, this tracker tool also enables parents to track the movements of family members over the past 7 days. Family Locator and GPS Tracker allow its user to see where family members are anytime, anywhere. You can also try this app to share free family messages, receive alerts if they go which is unsafe, be notified if they leave chosen location, find them in the park with augmented reality, reveal location to people you trust, and much more. You can also download it in the mobile device of your family members and siblings and always monitor what they do and where they move. So just download this excellent tracker named Family Locator and GPS Tracker app in your phone and find your buddies to stay in touch and also get their help in case of emergency situations.


10. Phone Tracker for iPhones

Phone Tracker for iPhones has efficiently transformed your mobile devices into an excellent tracker where you can easily track people anytime you want. Phone Tracker for iPhones: GPS was developed by Cell Phone Solutions, LLC which lets everyone to have a family and friends GPS tracker right on their mobile devices. It lets you see the current location of all the people you want to know and manage things accordingly. This classy app carries real-time precise and step by step navigation towards your searched mobile devices right over a map. Its fully-functional map lets you see other people with a precise description of locations with GPS and never unguided you while you are on the move. Phone Tracker for iPhones: GPS is superb for location another iPhone users and allows you to view their movements during the previous day as well. Some of the core features of this fully-functional tracker let you track your kid’s movement during the whole day, track an employee’s travel route, locate friends, know where a family member is, and more specifically helps you out when you misplace or lose your cell phone. So give a chance to Phone Tracker for iPhones: GPS app to sit back and relax whenever your cell phone is lost, misplaced or stolen.


11. FamilyWall

FamilyWall bought to you by Family & Co. which lets you see the location information at a glance and get the real peace of mind. FamilyWall – Family Organizer & Locator efficiently brings an intuitive, precise, and free way to monitor all the movements of your sons, daughters, employees, wife, husband, colleague, class fellows, girlfriends, or other beloved ones. It lets you organize your family life with shared calendars and monitor all the big events and life happenings. It enables its users to get precise notifications when exiting and to arrive multiple places that you pin. FamilyWall – Family Organizer & Locator carries some simple yet valuable features including family calendar and lists, real-time family locator, family conversations and contacts info, and various others in its free version. You can subscribe to its premium version anytime you want for a given family circle and enjoy the benefits of real-time location of family members, attach audio or video messages to your chats, 10 GB storage capacity, instant SOS alerts, and various worthy features. So give a chance to FamilyWall – Family Organizer & Locator to get a precisely circle of your family and protect them from harm.

More About Phone Tracker By Number

Phone Tracker By Number is a robust and highly capable tool which lets you have one of the most authentic location tracking experience for any of your lost or misplaced cell phones. Phone Tracker By Number is a great product of Family Locator Inc. which enables easy and accurate phone tracking for each mobile holder. This great phone tracker is designed efficiently to help you discover your lost or misplaced phones is a very fast and accurate scenario. It enables GPS location tracking between a family member in a private network, and you can easily add limitless phones of your family members to your network to take an eye over them. Phone Tracker By Number is happily serving 20 million users around the world to get the exact location about their families and even lost phones, and this app can easily be translated 44 languages. You can get GPS notifications when some of your family and friends nearby. It uses both your GPS tracking and cell tracking to optimize the battery usage and accuracy of the location effectively. So just download Phone Tracker By Number to locate or find your lost cell phones easily using a friend’s registered phone.

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