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Pic Effects is an intuitive photo editing app through which you can easily extemporize your photos with pure classic photo effects and various photo editing tools. Pic Effects is a fine product of Android Pixels Inc. which helps you apply a fine collection of pic effects and overlays over your pics to make them stunning… read more
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21 Apps Like Pic Effects


1. WowFX HD

WowFX HD is a classy photo editor for iOS users which helps everyone to create surreal photos by applying built-in effects plus the power of your strong imagination. WowFX HD is a stunning production of Dropico, Inc. which helps you transform your cute memories into a masterpiece through simple to use editing features. It allows its users to enjoy choosing from more than 300 classy elements including increasing the size, destruction, creation of your own designs, scale and rotation, layer effects on your pics, and much more. WowFX HD enables you to create, erase or draw your own effects through its Mask Tool. It allows you to have tons of photo realistic effects HD resolution including fire, explosions, smoke, light, clouds, tornado, water, and much more. It helps you design your pics using elements inducing animals, nature, space, light bursts, destruction, urban, decoration, magical, scenery, scary, and more. Other than these, WowFX HD also lets you enjoy adduced mask tool, scale and rotate, opacity control, stack effects, add external mask and photo, texture control, saving to camera roll, HD resolution export, and lets you share your masterpiece with a single click. So just download WowFX HD right in your iOS device and give your final design the perfect finish with its huge amount of features and share it on your favorite social media platform.


2. PicLab

PicLab is a technique to enjoy your ideal moment by utilizing the creative tools of the PicLab. The writing device, artwork & 3d stickers, inspiring overlays, filters, adjustment and many other instruments will enable you to express yourself in the simplest way. Photos made with the PicLab will show the creativity in design. Take advantage of this app and add stunning text and artwork to your photos. There are lots of modifications and filter systems that will enable you to get an amazing work. You will be provided with a vast number of stickers and artwork so that you could get the well-designed photos of yours rather than dull and boring pictures. By implementing this app, you’ll get creative pictures and make your thoughts sweeter. The addition of amazing overlays and light effects will undoubtedly supply something totally new for you that you have never seen before in any other photo editing apps. This app is created with the gorgeous filters and photo effects to obtain the effortless method of modifying pictures. A fabulous collection of fans, designing tools, editing tools, brightness modifications, image re-sizing, system for adding a drop shadow to text, excellent collection, stunning photo filters as well as drawing tool will allow you to able to express yourself.


3. Studio Design

Studio Design is a super stunning and widely used app which helps its worldwide users to enjoy creating and sharing awesome designs with their friends and family members. Studio Design is a fabulous product of Overlay Studio Inc. which makes it damn easy and convenient to let your imagination run wild with these awesome features. This app allows its users to remix as well as design from any designer using a highly curated collection of more than 500 free shapes, fonts, crops, and more. Studio Design enables you to enjoy powerful and easy to apply filters and controls. You can easily scale, color and adjust the position of any design element and easily export them to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more. It brings an amazing new way for everyone to intuitively create images and enjoy multiple overlays, layer text, crops, filters, and much more. Studio Design helps you enjoy one tap sharing of your stunning creations with your friends and family members. You can surely enjoy its effects, and overlays over your precious memories and enjoy sharing them with your beloved ones by mixing them with class. So just download Studio Design, and enjoy an ultimate level of designing on your favorite photography stuff.


4. PhotoSuite

PhotoSuite is a widely used app introduced by MobiSystems, which helps you brings the best version of any of your desired pics by applying valuable stuff that it provides. PhotoSuite 4 Free brings all the essentials for enjoying photo editing in the way like never before. It helps you catch must-have editing features such as image collage making, pic sketching, picture editing effects, and advanced photos art features such as working with masks and layers, complex object selection, and more. Photo Suite app allows you to choose from a wide collection of new filters just to enhance your image even more ways such as cross process, auto fix, vignette, posterize, tint, temperature, sharper , black and white, grain, bilateral blur, lomo-ish, documentary, fill light, and more. You can even enjoy some of its new stuff such as splash, clone, heal, food fill, and some other tools. PhotoSuite 4 Free enables you to conveniently create astonishing images, edit them in the way you want, and then share your creations in high resolution with your family members and friends. So just download PhotoSuite 4 Free, and enhance your ordinary pics with all the stuff needed to bring its super classy shape.


5. Photo Candy Editor

Photo Candy Editor is the popular photo editing application that is basically the part of the Candy Camera with the availability as a standalone photo editing application. The simple working style of Photo Candy Editor will allow you at add professional looking patterns and shapes of unique style to create unique photos. The drawing database of Photo Candy Editor is containing over five hundred different kind of shapes and patterns. These are designed by the fancy and creative designers so by using these you can make it sure that your photos have been designed by the professional photographs. Fantastic presets system, randomizer button, blend filters and colors mixing system, complete control on all of the areas of the pics and much more will make you force to fall in love of that application. The patterns, background and shapes being offered by the Photo Candy Editor are free from any kind of independency. That system of Photo Candy Editor will give you complete control over each element of the design.


6. Body Symbol

Body Symbol is a tremendously used photo making tool which helps you enjoy making more than one photos into a single pic and have fun. Body Symbol bought in the market by Esse.vn, which helps you experience one of the unique photo making right using your mobile phones. You can transform a number of your pics to make their harmony and enjoy multiple shapes matching your pics. This application allows you to make multiple shapes including heart, star, alphabets, and whatever you want right through a bundle of your pics. You can easily click any of the squares to take photo regarding the respected shape that you are going to make. Body Symbol app allows you to easily select the ration of the squares that it contains and even adjust them as you want. Body Symbol lets you reveal your inner artist, and you can enjoy making unique photos of your own and share your imagination with your friends to make them happy. It helps you delete unmatched photo with the tap of the button, and you can easily create a new one to fill the space. So just download Body Symbol, and enjoy creating a unique pic by combing multiple pics of your own.


7. Pic Jointer

Pic Jointer is a fine collage making application that enables its users to get a great experience of enjoying awesome collage. Pic Jointer – Photo Collage is a great product of Bending Spoons Apps IVS, which allows you to capture multiple photos into a single one with a touch of class. This intuitive and easy to use collage maker which allows you to get customizable layouts and a collection of crazy shapes and stickers to add to your photos. Pic Jointer – Photo Collage allows you to choose pics from your galleries or create new ones to convert them into a single stunning collage. It allows you to enjoy a number of layouts to choose concerning the number of photos. This app enables you to enjoy above 120 classic and stylish layouts, re-mix up to 9 photos, and built-in ratios to fit various social media applications. Pic Jointer – Photo Collage also acts as a powerful photo editor as well with swiftly, zoom, pan, mirror, and rotating features. So just download Pic Jointer app to stylize your photos with more than 30 hand-picked filters, over 50 backgrounds, above 250 interesting stickers, and colourful text to express yourself more elaborately.


8. Total Photo Studio

Total Photo Studio is a fine product of Photo Artist Studio, which helps its users to enjoy creating marvelous photos without any effort or any professional level skills. Total Photo Studio is a super stunning application through which you can turn your picture into a fine masterpiece and enjoy sharing them on your favorite social media podiums. It lets you make awesome photo collages of your own pics using almost all the stuff needed to make a fully-furnished photo collage and share them with anyone you want. It brings a cool and an easy way to bind more than one photos together and lets you enjoy enhancing their beauty by applying multiple filters on each pic separately and intuitively work on each of the pics in the collage to produce a masterpiece for your own. Total Photo Studio also lets you enjoy pip style photography, and you can easily apply several of pip effects on your camera and easily save your pics in the best outfit. It brings an awesome way to bind yours as well as your friends or family member’s pics together and share them. These pics will show your level of affection to them and make them feel outstanding.


9. PicEffect Studio

PicEffect Studio helps you transform your pics in a class by letting you apply all the much-needed stuff for photo editing right from your mobile phone. PicEffect Studio – The Best Photo Effect & FX Editor & Maker FREE is a great tool introduced by MonkeyX Inc. which helps you create amazing pics through its advanced level features. Pic Effect Studio is probably one of the best pic editors which helps you apply film grain, beautiful gradients, textures, light leaks, and gorgeous, magical, stunning, colorful effects to your photos in seconds. It brings more than 70 marvelous pic effects and filters so that you can enjoy its variety of photo editing ultimately. PicEffect Studio – The Best Photo Effect app enables its users to stack endless multiple photo effects to your photos to make then look more chic. It helps you bring the best version of your amazing photos. Other than these, PicEffect app also features, adjustable photo opacity, contrast, whiteness, and brightness, erase and draw independently, undo or redo options, easy sharing, and many other features. So just download PicEffect Studio – The Best Photo Effect & FX Editor & Maker app on your phone and enjoy making exceptional photos right through your mobile phones.


10. Superimpose

Superimpose is a superb quality application that helps you get some extraordinary photography experience. You can create professional level and classy juxtaposed and superimposed photos right on your mobile phones, and you do not need an expensive software or any computer to exaggerate your photos with extraordinary stuff that it provides for its users for free. You can easily load any of your background and foreground image and start editing in the way you want. You can enjoy the features of move, scale, flip, resize, and rotate to manage the positions of your pics and smoothen the edges of your pics right through the smoothen tool inside of this application. You can efficiently adjust the colours, hue, contrast, exposure, and the saturation of your pics right from this app. You can use this stunning tool to do some professional level photo editing like overlays borders, blending textures, enjoy its 18 blending modes, and can do double exposure with the adjustable transparency, etc. Another of its powerful approach is Masking so that you just have to select a particular area, it will automatically mask out all the connected area. Hence, you can enjoy master level photographic experience using this marvellous applicant.


11. MasterFX HD

MasterFX HD is one of the best application through which you can unleash your creativity of photo editing without any fancy designing or pic editing techniques or skills. One of the best things about this pic editor that it focuses on simplicity rather than the complexity of photo editing. MasterFX HD brings one of the most extensive pack of almost 1500 effects just to let you enjoy photo editing to its ultimate level. MasterFX HD features more than 1500 awesome effects, 1k awesome backgrounds, 5k transparent elements, moving, scaling, and rotating options, built-in advanced text editor, 50 TapFX, 50 brushes, HD photo filters, HD retina support, 4k image support, exporting in HD resolution, and much more. This app has professionally categorized these images into a collection of 29 categories and almost 5k elements organized into 46 categories. Master FX HD helps you choose from its extensive library of awesome features, effects, filters, fonts, textures, elements, and more. While the brilliant Mask Tool of this intuitive editor allows you to remove any undesired part of your pics easily, you may incorporate with your own pics, and lets you add filters to the best possible blend. So just download this intuitive app named MasterFX HD, and enhance your photography experience for making stunning pics.


12. Media Studio

Media Studio is a highly recommended editing app which comes with remarkable features for effective audio as well as video editing. Media Studio is a versatile product of kaushal Kumar Agarwal, which brings an easy to use tool for musicians as well as filmmakers. This app is pocketed with some classy and expert level options which help you get the best description of whatever you want to edit. It encodes bitrate to almost 30,000 kbps to preserve HD quality split, rotate, flip, trim, rotating, render natively, extracts audio, extracts video, blur area, negates, adds text, and much more. It brings conversions of various formats and advanced setting just to let you enjoy a full-fledged editor right through your mobile phones. Some of its highlighted features include the support of full 4k audio or video resolution, export full-length video, no watermark, some most basic options (trim, extract video or audio, delete, split, and PNG sequence, etc.), converting your video into square videos, and much more. So just download Media Studio which is precisely tested on Moto E 2nd gen, Samsung series and Samsung Note, HUAWEI GR5, MOTO phones, Google Pixel and Pixel 2, Huawei smartphones, Sony Xperia cellphones, LG smartphones, and Galaxy J series, etc.


13. Photo Writer Studio

Photo Writer Studio enables its users to enjoy making exceptional photos using some elegant photo editing features to make stunning photos without any professional skills. It is a gorgeous app for couples who want to add some words to their life’s special moments. Photo Writer Studio application allows its users to enjoy the most colourful and sophisticated designs. You can intuitively enjoy writing text on your pics and enable your pics to start talking. This application helps you enjoy making exceptional things on your pics by girly fonts, cute effects and colors for your captions. Apart from writing, you can even change the color of the text, put outline, scale it, give it a shadow, or even change the opacity in the way you want to see. Photo Writer Studio also lets you add love quotes on your pics, and you can enjoy social sharing on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, and other with a single tap. It helps you share your inner thoughts and your love towards someone by letting you make pics by adding any of your desired words. So just download Photo Writer Studio and enjoy hours of fun and real entertainment by decorating your pics with real style.


14. TapFX

TapFX brings an intuitive photo editing app which helps you enjoy photo editing by applying stunning effects to them. TapFX is a fine product of Dropico, which helps you get one tap photo editing to create eye-catching stuff. It provides a fine collection of more than 100 tap effects to choose and you can intuitively apply any of your most likely photos and even control their opacity as well. Some of its hot features include the providence of an intuitive pack of photo-realistic effects, moving, scaling and rotating support, opacity control, accessible sharing, stack tap effects, and lets you add filters to a perfect finish. This application allows its users to enjoy light bursts, fire and bokeh effects, decorations, stars and comets, color streams, planes, cash, abstract images, tribal signs, coins and poker chips, birds, butterflies, doves, flowers, petals, water splashes, spider webs, and so much more. While on the other hand, TapFX also enables its users to place unique motions for making pics one of a kind and lifelike. So just download TAPFX, and enjoy transforming your pics by seamless editing of your own stuff.


15. Cropic

Cropic is a classical pic editing app which carries a stack of significant features through which you can intuitively crop your pics to put them on your Instagram account without letting you lose any of the favorite parts of your pics. Cropic – Crop Photo & Video Insta-size Layout is a beneficial app introduced by Lotogram Inc. which helps you crop your larger size pics in the best possible way to let you make it your Instagram’s profile. You can easily rotate, scale, flip, move, and crop photos in a convenient way, and even change the background of your pics as well by using tons of beautiful patterns and colors that it contains. This application helps you design the layout even by gestures and fill, fit, or flip the photos with a single swipe. Cropic – Crop Photo & Video Insta-size Layout lets you choose from a collection of tons of beautiful patterns and solid colors if you don’t like the white canvas. It is also available in PRO version which helps you enjoy editing in an ads-free and an extra touch of classy features for photo editing. So just download Cropic – Crop Photo & Video Insta-size Layout app, and enjoy making as well as uploading full sized pics to Instagram fast and easy.


16. Photo Editor InstaSquare

Photo Editor InstaSquare lets you enjoy pic collage making without cropping any pic. Photo Editor InstaSquare bought for you by LIU BIN, through which you can enjoy making photo collage having all the stuff needed for taking them to an ultimate level. This application carries a collection of above 100 awesome templates that support the uploading of 1 to 9 photos in one collage. You can easily pick any of your desired one for any of your required number of pics and intuitively work on each pic separately. You can make superb square photos with blurred background and manage each of its concerned stuff in the way you want. It also brings a fine video editor for Slideshow with tremendous animation effects. You can also add stickers from its collection of hundreds of stickers to decorate your pics with the funky stuff as well. Other than these, Photo Editor InstaSquare also lets you get lots of graceful filters, hundreds of emojis, round corner support, easy to share options, drag and drop support, hundreds of layouts, rotating feature, zoom in and zoom out support, and much more. So just download Photo Editor InstaSquare, and enjoy making eye-catching photo collages.


17. Gloomlogue

Gloomlogue is a very famous and widely used photo making app through which you can turn your images into gloom paints intuitively. Gloom Logue is a great application introduced by Thomas Tsopanakis, which allows you to turn your pics into artistic masterpieces without any extra effort. It helps you extemporize your pics by creating your own style with hundreds of effects. You can have dozens of special and creative photo editing tools, mirrors, distort, and more. It contains more than 50 film-inspired and authentic photo filters, and also lets you auto adjust filters for quick fixes that ultimately adapt to the fine tune brightness, contrast, color, saturation, and more. This superb pic editing app also lets you apply RGB (red, green, and blue) curves which are assistant for artists and essential for photographers. Other than these, Gloomlogue also carries more than 34 light effects and bokeh shapes, 52 modern edge mirror effects, draw on images, skew, skip and rotate support, photo extension support, image analyzer, and you can easily add as well as customize text and borders. So just download Gloomlogue, and enjoy transforming your pics into creative art and be creative, unique and bold to create your own styles.


18. 3D Camera Photo Editor

3D Camera Photo Editor is a light-weight and one of the must-have tool which allows everyone to make your photos more attractive, eye-catching, and gorgeous. 3D Camera Photo Editor is a fine product of Premium Photo Studio, which allows its users to edit pictures in the easiest possible way and turns them into amazing art. It carries a precise bundle of lots of designed frames through which you can blend these frames on your pics to generate a 3D photo effect. You can easily make your photos more elegant with its super easy to use user interface, stunning photo editing features, and the latest technology. 3D Camera Photo Editor is packed with a collection of more than 300 stickers and chic fonts which can easily be applied and customized on your photos in the way you love. You can also catch its drawing, blur filters, paint, color splash effects, sharpen, rotating, cropping, focus tools, and much more having this photo editor in your mobile device. 3D Camera Photo Editor also lets you manage the opacity, saturation, brightness, colors, whiteness, distinction, and other minor details to let you have a fine photo making experience. So just download 3D Camera Photo Editor, and enjoy making your pics more beautiful with a precious touch of its features.


19. Pixart

Pixart is a next generation photo editing app which includes all the complementary stuff needed to have exceptional photo editing. Pix Art – Free Photo Editor is a fine product of Infinite Inc. which helps its users to enjoy a precise and well-packed set of pic editing features and access them right from your mobile phones. It lets you be a creative artist and use its professional approach to begin your photo editing experience. This magical photo editing app allows you to grasp a collection of more than 40 attractive filters and delightful effects to extemporize your pics with real class. You can easily crop your pics, insert exciting images, text and stickers, rotate your photo, and lot more options to make your photo livelier. This application is efficiently designed to work on images will all complexions and skin tons to let you enjoy photo editing in the way you acquire. You can also enjoy PIP image creating by choosing and image for your PIP photo, crop it in the way it adjust, add multiple effects, and easily save it in your library. So just download Pix Art – Free Photo Editor app, and polish your photo editing skills intuitively to achieve your ultimate level of editing photos.


20. Pics Lab ImageWiz

Pics Lab ImageWiz is the companion app for making exceptional photo editing using your cell phone. Pics Lab ImageWiz Pic Effect Photo Art Studio is a fine product of Professional Photo Editor Inc. which helps you enjoy photo editing and saving in an ultimate quality. This app brings way many intuitive features which helps you decorate your images with the right touch of colors and build a masterpiece for your next profile pic on Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, or anyone that you use. This application carries more than 30 Pics Lab ImageWiz photo effects for you to choose and apply on your precious memories to make them look even more chic. This application allows you rotate, zoom in, zoom out, scale, and drag the results on your images to regulate the results. Pics Lab ImageWiz Pic Effect Photo Art Studio is a terrible straightforward app through which you can easily add any of your desired pic lab on your pics, with no limits. So just download Pics Lab ImageWiz Pic Effect Photo Art Studio to enjoy stunning Pics Lab themes, convenience of use, live previewing of creation, full read canvas, no net required, HD pic generating, and creating yourself a giant celebrity.


21. Photofy

Photofy is a superb app which enables its worldwide users to enjoy adding tons of exciting things over their exclusive photographs. Photofy Content Creation Tool is an intuitive app introduced by Photofy, Inc. which enables its worldwide users to enjoy plenty of useful features for extemporizing their photos in a way like never before. This application brings combines a number of exquisite features which includes filters, lighting effects, easy to use templates, and present ratio sizes to Fit pics over Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, and various other social media apps. Photofy Content Creation Tool allows you to enjoy making collages by having a collection of more than 70 layouts with extreme customization. You can have a stack of text in a quantity of more than 90 free fonts that you can apply over your pics in the way you want. This app also brings a massive amount, yet probably the world’s most gigantic collection of over content with over 50,000 graphic elements. Other than these, Photofy app also contains element package especially for Industrialists such as direct selling, real estate, and more. So just download Photofy Content Creation Tool app and enjoy creating fabulous photos, marketing content, amazing collages, and real masterpieces through these exciting tools available at your fingertips.

More About Pic Effects

Pic Effects is an intuitive photo editing app through which you can easily extemporize your photos with pure classic photo effects and various photo editing tools. Pic Effects is a fine product of Android Pixels Inc. which helps you apply a fine collection of pic effects and overlays over your pics to make them stunning. You can apply tons of pic effects like vintage effects, bokeh effects, grunge, and various other effects and enjoy them right on your mobile phones. You can easily pick a photo from your gallery or even using your camera options to make fresh pieces for editing. Pic Effects app helps you crop your images by selecting different cropping ratios or through the custom options to make them cropped in the way you want. You can intuitively rotate your pics either anticlockwise or clockwise to get the perfect state or even flip the image horizontally as well. It allows you to simply pick any of your favorite vintage photo effects and apply them with a different blend of colors to match your destination. So just download Pic Effects and enjoy using overlay options, use multiple grunge photo effects, give a color border to pics, rest all changing, easy saving, intuitive sharing, and lot more.

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