Plant Care Reminder

Plant Care Reminder is a sleek and robust way to always be aware of your plants’ condition and take care of them over time and never fuse them ever again. Plant Care Reminder – Plant Watering is a superb tool presented in the market by Aleksei Turbin Inc… read more

Apps Like Plant Care Reminder

#1 Medicinal Plants & Herbs: Encyclopedia


Medicinal Plants & Herbs: Encyclopedia app brings a user-friendly, comprehensive, and significant interface to learn many interesting things and facts regarding herbs and plants. Medicinal Plants & Herbs: Encyclopedia is a considerable tool presented in the market by 24Hours Inc. through which you can get a magnificent pocket dictionary right on the palm of your hands.

You can get to know all the articles and descriptions without any need for the internet (except pics). It is equipped with a robust, dynamic, and instant searching capability that precisely start searching while you are inputting. It enables you to add descriptions to your favorite section list by clicking over the icon of Asterisk.


#2 BigFarmNet Poultry


BigFarmNet Poultry enables its global users to get an instant and comprehensive overview of the climate data and products over their farm and other locations. BigFarmNet Poultry is an elegantly designed tool presented in the market by Big Dutchman Inc. that makes it easy to get an overview of the production and management stuff right on the palm of your hands.

The app helps you get a free selection of various values, including humidity, temperature, feed conversion, set values, and various others. The app is possible to retrieve the development of several key figures for an adjustable span of time and to complete them in a table or as curves.

#3 Mushrooms app


Mushrooms app brings comprehensive and detailed stats over more than 200 most common types of mushrooms. Mushrooms app is a stunning application presented in the market by Vocom Inc. that lets you get in-depth information over plenty of valuable things. You can not only enjoy a detailed guide but also get a detailed description along with high-quality photos right on the palm of your hands.

It also carries the key for identifying species according to visible signs as well. It contains in-depth recognition of mushrooms along with limited but comprehensive details. You can intuitively get to know almost all mushroom species along with the necessary information right over your cell phones and tablets.


#4 PlantSnap


PlantSnap is a wonderful application that helps you identify plants of all kinds from anywhere across the globe. PlantSnap – FREE plant identifier app is a superb tool presented in the market by PlantSnap Inc. that enables its global users to discover flowers, succulents, mushrooms, trees, and other foliage precisely. This elegant mobile app enables you to take photographs and share your snaps using this tool worldwide.

You can make an instant connection with fellow nature and plant enthusiasts from all over the globe with its unique and new social feed. Plant Snap – Plant Identifier app enables you to share the pics of plants and flowers over its social feed and join a social network of more than 35 million plant and nature lovers in more than 200 countries.

#5 Fieldmargin


Fieldmargin is an easy to use and professional level farming application that enables its global users to keep track of everything that occurs over your farm under one place. Fieldmargin: simple farm management is an easy to use app presented in the market by Fieldmargin Inc. through which you can keep track of your farm whenever you want and wherever you are.

It helps you keep your farm records in one place to eliminate stress and paperwork. It helps you manage your livestock and grazing while keeping track of the location and the herd numbers. You can intuitively set up as well as share farm work with your team in minutes.

#6 BudLabs


BudLabs is an advanced level nutrients mobile hydroponics grow guide that every plant manager, every grower, plant owners, from beginner to expert, and has been waiting for. BudLabs – Hydroponics Grow App is a superb tool presented by Advanced Nutrients Inc. that enables its global users to organize the entire growing process and manage it professionally.

The app gives its users the feeding schedule, along with the support of the distribution of exact proportions of advanced nutrients products. You can precisely choose the phase of the growth of your crops, wither bloom, or grow. It allows you to select your nutrient base of choice and the level of growing experience.

#7 Essential Oils & More


Essential Oils & More is a free and sleek app that brings a comprehensive and detailed guide for learning about all the essential oils. Essential Oils & More is a superb tool presented in the market by Anina Derkovic Lampret Inc., which makes it easy to explore and share essential oils whenever, wherever. It enables you to get a comprehensive guide to explore essential oils using them every day and share oils with buddies through messaging on your most likely social networks.

The app covers 234 health conditions, over 18 oil blends, 79 essential oils, general guidelines for use, and an ads-free atmosphere. Some of its provided oils include Basil, Bergamot, Cilantro, Clary Sage, Lime, Melaleuca, Grapefruit, Lavander, Cypress, Melissa, Eucalyptus, Ginger, Spearmint, Rosemary, Cassia, and over 60 others.

#8 FlowerChecker+


FlowerChecker+ app contains an amazing plant recognition and identification service presented in the market by FlowerChecker S.R.O. FlowerChecker+, Plant Identity is a unique and elegantly designed tool that helps you simply take the pic and identify the specie without doing much. To identify the plant, you just have to take a pic of a plant such as moss, fungi, and even lichen and get it identified instantly.

This app provides a real-time effective identification approach by an international team of experts without letting you waste any efforts or time. FlowerChecker+ – Plant Identify app provides three identification credits for free as a trial that you can use after its download. FlowerChecker – Plant Identify app requires human involvement and does not provide a computer-identification process.

#9 Pacific Pests & Pathogens


Pacific Pests & Pathogens provides all the lead farmers and extension staff with all information they needed to enhance their crops’ growth and treat the crop instantly. Pacific Pests & Pathogens is a sleekly designed app presented by LucidMobile Inc. that enables its global users to search for all the information they need to find.

It brings sleek steps that help you deal with all the problems and prevent future hazards if there is no way of the crop. Each of its fact sheets is categorized into the life cycle, biology, damage, and other managements. It carries additional fact sheets that follow as we consult with plenty of countries and fact sheets on weeds considered a threat outside the region.

#10 Cobb Connection


Cobb Connection is intuitive and instant access to the wealth of industry best practices as well as technical information right on the palm of your hands. Cobb Connection is a super app developed in the market by Cobb-Vantress, Inc. that brings dozens of features right into one simple and universal app available anytime, anywhere. It features elegant conversion of imperial and metric units, including inches, feet, yards, and miles in centimeters, meters, and kilometers.

It provides a sleek interface that helps you get all the information and industry best practices whenever you needed them the most. Cobb Connection app includes management guides designed to helps you in building successful management programs right away. It also highlights critical facts that are probably to influence the performance of your flocks.

#11 Indoor Plant Guide Pocket Edition


Indoor Plant Guide Pocket Edition is an exceptional tool for all the plant parents and all the professional plant lovers who want to have significant data regarding planting. Indoor Plant Guide Pocket Edition is a sleekly designed app presented in the market by M.Stevens that brings an award-winning app for managing plants in a way like never before.

It presents a detailed plant care sheet, plant data for tons of house plant species, articles on hundreds of plants in fully explore-able and searchable levels. You can precisely learn how to care for houseplants with dedicated profiles to their individual needs and specifications. You can search for stuff by names, family groups, and common names, etc.

#12 PAAI


PAAI (Poultry, Animals and Aqua Index) Poultry, Animals & Aqua Index is a sleekly designed and easy to use mobile veterinary drug index apps available in the market. Poultry, Animals & Aqua Index is a superb tool presented in the market by Square InformatiX Ltd. app features a diversity of content over veterinary and products. It brings a diverse range of aqua and veterinary diseases and products.

It also contains almost all major therapeutic classes comprising anthelmintic, vitamins and mineral supplements, multiple stimulants, and more. Other than these, you can also get to know the therapeutic classes comprising of digestive stimulants, NSAIDs, and antibiotics, etc.

#13 My Jungle House Plant Care Reminder Scheduler


My Jungle House Plant Care Reminder Scheduler app enables you to create your own jungle, edit your plant details, and get daily alerts right over your cell phones and tablets. My Jungle – House Plant Care Scheduler is a superb tool presented by Michael Codes Things Inc. that helps you get a fully functional plant care remainder right in your pocket.

It features plant watering, misting, feeding, plant sow managing, and various other things intuitively. My Jungle House Plant Care Reminder Scheduler app lets you create your own set of plants and schedule tasks, and let the app reminds you what to do when helping you keep everything on top.

#14 Plantassoc


Plantassoc app helps its global users discover plant companions for your house garden, manage things, and get to know dozens of information effortlessly. Plantassoc – Companion Planting is a sleek tool presented in the market by LVS Softs Inc. that lets you find plants companion right using your cell phones and tablets.

Plants help each others to provide better pest control, habitat, and pollination whenever companion planting is being applied. All these mentioned things increase natural crop productivity. Plantassoc – Companion Planting app helps its global noob plant parents and professionals to discover the right combination between plants and avoid the unscrupulous or crooked ones.

#15 Gardenate


Gardenate is an ultimate gardening companion that brings details on more than 90 herbs and vegetables right over your cell phones and tablets. Gardenate – Keep Your Garden Growing is a sleekly designed application presented by Hutchinson Software Pty Ltd that enables you to grow your garden while having everything needed. It brings a sleek planting calendar that provides what you can grow at any time.

You can precisely plan things with the wish list, track your plantings, add your own plants, export data to CSV, and sync with other phones flawlessly. Gardenate – The Perfect Gardening Companion app enables you to see when to sow plants and get to know how to grow more than 90 vegs or herbals without paying for anything.

#16 Waterbot


Waterbot app reminds its users to water their houseplants without making any effort or doing anything. Waterbot: Plants watering + Gardening is a fine tool presented in the market by Nikola Kosev Inc. that never lets you forget watering your plants ever again and helps you manage various other things, respectively. It enables you to save the lives of plants by letting you track all your plants and notify whenever attention is needed.

You can precisely track plants available at your home, create flower avatars using a mobile’s camera, and receive instant notifications whenever a plant needs water. Waterbot: Plants watering and Gardening app features configure notifications time accordingly (at noon, in the evening, and in the morning).

#17 Vera


Vera is an elegantly designed plant care management tool that enables you, as well as your plants, thrive, presented in the market by Crema Inc. Vera: Plant Care Made Simple app lets you make an elegant schedule and never leave your plant or plants hanging ever again. You can precisely set up remainders for watering and fertilizing follow-ups according to the nature of all your plants.

It lets you track your plants’ progress as you keep on going and become the best plant parent. Vera: Reminders, Care Tips & Journal app enables you to view your plant collection and create profiles for each leafy friend along with the name, photos you take, and date of adoption.

#18 Groww


Groww is one of the most extensively used applications that enable its global users to get to know their garden and manage it in the way you want. Groww – The Gardening App is a superb platform presented in the market by Willemse France that enables you to manage your plants while having all the necessary things right in your hands. It lets you get to know when to sow or when to trim and never let you forget to water the plants placed over your garden ever again.

You can intuitively add the plants to sow, plant, or acquire and let the app does the rest. You can plan your daily tasks in the garden with valuable advice tailored to your requirements, location, plants, and season. You can also mark the tasks such as sow, dibble, multiply from cuttings, harvest, trim, and other things as done day after day. Groww – The Gardening App lets you use its features for free for 30 plants, and you can take the subscription to get more.

More About Plant Care Reminder

Plant Care Reminder is a sleek and robust way to always be aware of your plants’ condition and take care of them over time and never fuse them ever again. Plant Care Reminder – Plant Watering is a superb tool presented in the market by Aleksei Turbin Inc. that lets you manage your home garden in a way like never before.

You can precisely select an icon and even add your desired series of images whenever you want. The app enables you to set the frequency of care, including spraying (including for the water period), fertilizing, watering, and more. You can intuitively create groups, add comments, and make instant communication whenever you want.

It enables you to create a widget on the desktop of your device and set notifications of the need for care. It helps you save and load your list of plants and sort the list of plants intuitively. Plant Care Reminder – Plant Watering app provides dark mode availability, sleek settings (report format), and various others.

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