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Play Services Info is a pretty simple and straightforward utility app to quickly check the status of your Google Play Services. This app efficiently shows the installation date, date of the last update’ and the version number. It also delivers a link to the APK Mirror, Play Store, developer release notes and the application information dialog… read more
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1. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is the finest tool that enables its users to answer some quick surveys and earn real-time Google Play credit through this stunning Google Opinion Rewards app. This app is efficiently created by the Google Surveys team while keeping in mind the scenario of earning real-time rewards. It is so easy to get started. You just have to download the application from the store and answer some basic or simple questions about yourself. This app will then send you surveys once a week, and you have to manage those surveys, although it may be less or more frequent. This app provides precise notifications so that whenever a relevant and short survey is ready for you, you will be notified through your mobile phone having this app in it. You can collect up to $1.00 in the Google Play credit for completing each of your surveys, and you can collect more and more by following the same path. More precisely, each of your surveys comprises of many questions, but are truly straightforward and relevant to that particular survey.


2. Surveys on the Go

Surveys on the Go is, in fact, a mobile market research app that pays its users against their valuable opinions against any issue or topic. In simple words, you can say it is a survey completing an application that in return pays to its users against every survey they complete. All you need is to download this application both for iOS or Android smartphone and after creating a simple account start getting paid quickly by simply completing surveys on all kinds of topics right from your smartphones. If talk about the available surveys by this application then you can select from many available categories like politics, business, entertainment, news, media, sports, technology and much more. We would like here to tell you that completing surveys with this application is not boring at all rather it is fun and very informative too. The best above all is that you are going to be paid in the end as well. So, if you now one is listening to you, then Surveys on the Go is a platform to get cashed your valuable opinion.


3. AppBounty – Free gift cards

AppBounty – Free gift cards allow you to get free Diamonds, Gems, Gold, Donuts, and a lot more by downloading applications and collecting credits on AppBounty. It is free of cost rewards providing application that helps its users to earn free stuff just for trying new games and apps. AppBounty – Free gift cards offer international rewards and make it so easy to receive and redeem stuff anytime, anywhere. You just have to download one of the offered apps, earn real-time credits for each application and spend them on gift cards from Amazon, Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, Google Play, and more. It offers multiple ways to get paid and earn rewards such as by playing games, downloading mobile applications, watching videos and more. AppBounty – Free gift cards let you earn while you play so that the more you play, the more you will be earned. You just have to download apps, complete tasks, and watch videos to take your earning to the next level. When you have received enough credit, you can exchange your credits for free gift cards.


4. FreeMyApps – Gift Cards & Gems

FreeMyApps – Gift Cards & Gems is another stunning app that brings more rewards for playing some fun and interesting games, watching cool videos, and trying new applications. It does not acquire additional efforts, and you can easily get rewards by doing the same things of your lives like playing games, watching videos, etc. This application enables you to earn even more credits by watching awesome videos from any of your favourite YouTube streamers. You can easily earn gift cards to popular retailers such as Amazon, Xbox, Google Play, Amazon and Visa Prepaid, Steam, Sephora, CVS, Walmart, Target, Xbox and PSN, Starbucks, Dominos, Groupon, AT&T and Verizon, Hulu, GameStop and Best Buy, and even more. You can also get free in-game currencies such as COD points, Gems, Fifa Coins, Diamonds, and more just for discovering the newest apps and games. FreeMyApps – Gift Cards & Gems makes it easy and simple to earn rewards using this elegant app. You can install it for free and register with a verified Facebook account. You just have to download the latest free apps, watch free fun videos, and hottest new games, so that you can earn credit for each of it.


5. Slidejoy – Lock Screen Cash

Slidejoy – Lock Screen Cash is the finest platform that allows you to make money to check the trending news and to unlock the lock screen. This app pays you in real-time cash or rewards you with gift cards to have ads and trending news on your lock screen. You can easily redeem cash rewards to any of your online accounts such as PayPal or gift card rewards to your most favourite brand or retailer. Every time you unlock your lock screen you can earn these credits and redeem them anytime, whenever you get news or promotion on your lock screen. To make money here, you just have to take a survey, tap for money, download the app, or do anything else other than to use your mobile phone as you normally do. Slidejoy – Lock Screen Cash lets you get money for getting ads and seeing news on an intelligent lock screen. This application has efficiently makes it so handy and easier to check your favourite apps and notifications on your lock screen while making money. You can precisely receive carats and redeem them anytime and enjoy a lot more having this app on your mobile phone.


6. Viggle

Viggle lets you get rewarded for interaction with all of your favourite entertainment stuff. More specifically, it elegantly pays you for checking shows, movies live on TV, or on providers like Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, and others to earn Perk Points and then exchange your points into real-time life rewards. Viggle is powered by one of the best Mobile Reward Program named as Perk. You can join it for free while it provides hundreds of gift card options for free and you can even set remainder to never miss any of your show. Check into any TV show and earn perk points through this app, and open Viggle daily to discover featured shows for 15X, 6X, and 4X perk points. You can use perk points to enter sweepstakes for a chance to win gift cards and other rewards. One of the most humble features of this app is that it also lets you donate to more than 1,000 charities including American Cancer Society, Wounded Warrior projects, Autism Speaks, and more.


7. AppNana – Free Gift Cards

AppNana – Free Gift Cards is a super-spectacular application for free gift cards rewards for its users from all over the world. This app lets its users to get real-time rewards. AppNana – Free Gift Cards is one of the most popular mobile rewarding application that is working immensely great in the market. You can easily get this application for your iOS or Android mobile phone and Tablets and earn real credit with awesome games you play and applications you use in your leisure time. You can redeem these rewards anytime you want such as get any paid app and game for free or redeem Amazon, Google Play, Xbox, and iTunes gift cards. The joyful members of this app have earned more than $10 million in games gift cards credits. You just have to download free applications from Nana offers to earn Nanas. You can receive Nana points without any effort and redeem them for gift cards. AppNana – Free Gift Cards provides 400 daily points just by coming back each day, and you can also get more points by simply inviting your friends.

More About Play Services Info

Play Services Info is a pretty simple and straightforward utility app to quickly check the status of your Google Play Services. This app efficiently shows the installation date, date of the last update’ and the version number. It also delivers a link to the APK Mirror, Play Store, developer release notes and the application information dialog. This app is used to download or update the Google Play services. It is an ultimate tool that lets its users make things easy and more manageable. While the users must keep this thing in mind that it is not affiliated with the Google LLC or APK Mirror at all. Just to fix the Google Play Services stopped error, you just have to open the app info dialog and select the clear cache, however, if that does not work, try the uninstall updates options. Then re-install or download the latest version of it using the APK Mirror link or the Google Play.