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The specialty of PocketGuide is that it is world’s leading audio city guide application and reveals the best stories. It has information about 150 major towns and tourist destinations. Your mobile device will be just as a tour guide with PocketGuide apps… read more
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14 Apps Like PocketGuide for iOS

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1. Airbnb

Airbnb connects you to the world’s most interesting places to stay. Airbnb opens the door to more than 34,000 cities with 600,000 listings. With a single touch find rooms for your stay directly and book one-of-a-kind accommodations. Search here long-term sublets in thousands of cities. Make a Wish List on your Airbnb account. Add related properties, vacation homes, and apartments to your Wish List after searching and share it with your friends. Make your home as a guest house and invite travelers as a guest. Before you say, you can get acquainted with potential guests. Airbnb has an unusual feature of Hospitality standards. You can visit Hospitality Standards for learning like what guests expect before they arrive. So here you work here both as a guest or host. So Access your itinerary sent a message to your host and get directions to your listening.


2. Tripcase

By Tripcase, you can organize your trip details and travel plan. Managing your flight itineraries, hotel booking, and car rental reservations are now easy through Tripcase. If you are at the airport terminal, you can get information just by one-touch and get a notification on your mobile, tablet or smartwatch if there is any change to your flight. Search here for alternate flights if you need adjustments. This app is helpful to business travelers and frequent fliers.

After installing this app, you have to make an account on this app. Add all reservation detail of the trip on your account, and you can access your itinerary from anywhere. Share your detail with others through Tripcase, and Tripcase will keep them updated. Access all directions required for your destinations. Tripcase will keep you alert by messages about something new. Add new locations to your account to remember them later.


3. Agoda

Agoda is tourism app specially created for Hotel Booking Deals. If you are finding the last minute room for tonight or planning your next weekend, so Agoda can help you for this. Because finding best hotel deals and another accommodation is very and fast through Agoda. With one-touch you can plan and book your time anywhere and anytime. In a city, you can find nearest hotel and accommodations. Charging rates of these accommodations are also present so that you can compare these prices using map. With the help of high-quality pictures and over 9 million verified traveler reviews, select a perfect place to stay according to your budget and style. Detailed Information for more than 6,75,000 hotels, villas, apartments and other destinations all around the world is present in Agoda. It depends on you what kind of accommodation you need. 24/7 live agent coverage is here to support our 16 million customers worldwide. Best Price Guarantee is available for costs.


4. TouristEye

Over 800,000 people are already using TouristEye. Plan your trip in second by using a friendly app like TouristEye. Get all information, user trips and maps without an internet connection on your screen by installing TouristEye. Over 10,000 locations and 300,000 places, activities and different people experiences are available at TouristEye. Get 100% offline maps, photos and text without paying any charges for internet roaming. Discover here unique experiences like Sunset, local dishes, secret gardens, and other beautiful views in your favorite place. This app will give new ideas for your weekend enjoyments near to your city so that you can enjoy every week. TouristEye is top # 1 travel application. This free app is available in English and Spanish. TouristEye is now a part of Lonely Planet, a world leading travel company.


5. Booking.com

Instant confirmation, offline maps, and paperless check-in are the best features of Booking.com. Booking.com have information over 855000 hotels and apartments. So search here for every hotel or apartment for reservation all around the world. Mostly are bookable without a credit card. You can search here different cities, landmarks, and properties. Over 77millions, verified guest reviews are here to help you to find your best place to live. Booking.com is entirely free app. Make an account on Booking.com, sign into your account and give your details for faster booking. With this app, no printer, data or WiFi required for confirmation and an offline map. For multiple trips, you can add different hotel reservations to your calendar. If you want any change to your booking, you can make online. Customer service is available 24/7 on mobile in 40 different languages. Your all information will remain saved on your account on Booking.com.


6. Travel Altimeter Lite

Travel Altimeter Lite is the best app for travelers of hiking and other outdoor activities. Check your altitude or elevation on amazing landscapes with the help of Travel Altimeter Lite. You have to adjust your reference pressure and altitude for the use of the Altimeter to see the difference in elevation of two points. You can view your original orientation through Compass. It is a simple app to read Altitude or Elevation, Latitude, and Longitude. Altimeter gives you information in feet or meters. It has a built-in flashlight. Altimeter will give you highest GPS accuracy for your device. Share your best screenshots with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, Email or text message. It has a collection of different backgrounds like Meadow, Cityscape, Mountains, and Abstract. So use the custom background and take a screenshot with your altitude overlaid to show your family & Friends. This app is available in different languages. It’s not a free, so you have to purchase this app.


7. TripIt

TripIt is a travel app to plan and organize your trip. Its procedure is very straightforward. You have just to forward your travel confirmation emails to [email protected], and Triple will create a daily itinerary for your every trip. Access your travel plans on any device when you want. For each destination, you can get directions and maps on TripIt. It can synchronize your plans with your Apple Calendar, Outlook, or Google Calendar.

The option of adding or editing your programs is also available here. You can share all your trip plans with your friends on social media. TripIt service charges are 49 USD per year, with all powers for frequent travelers. Facilities like plus real-time flight alerts, seat tracker, flight finder, refund notifications, point tracker, and much more are part of this package. Every year your TripIt Pro subscription will renew with the cost of 49 USD. TripIt is also part of Concur.


8. Concur

The best feature of Concur is that it will keep track of your expenses. It is essential for business travel, and it will manage your cost reports from anywhere and anytime by monitoring your business trips. You have to download this and have to create your mobile PIN. After that, you can get all the benefits from Concur’s business travel because Concur is a companion to Concur’s solution. No need for paperwork is necessary after installing Concur’s mobile app.

Forget to remember your expenses in a different place because this app will collect all your receipts and payment charges and will make an expense report when you get home. It will give you information about book airfare, hotels, and other essential things. Here you can import data from your credit cards. Concur has to Receipt Store where you can keep track of your receipts. On the Concur app, you can add events and meeting attendees.


9. Travelling Connect

Travelling Connect has vital features like Geolocation, Offline Mode, Roaming Rewards, Travel Guides, and Local Deals. Local Recommendations in cities around the world are tracked down by Travelling Connect. You have no need for a guide book because Travelling Connect gives you information more than guide books like info on tipping, shopping hours, and local transportation. You will earn a reward for your roaming activities when you become a member once after installing Travelling Connect.

This app has Partnered Networks in over 25 countries, and by your roaming usage, you will earn airline miles or hotel points. When you travel, you should remember to switch your handset manually to Partner Networks. You will get 25,000 local offers on activities from biking through Dubai City’s Sandboarding to Central Park in New York. It is not suitable for your mobile battery to use GPS continuously.


10. Traveling Companion

Traveling Companion is the best app for those, who love traveling going. This app offers you great feature to help you to find your destination as a guide. Traveling Companion is compatible with iPad. It has nine different and beautiful themes. It will guide you with the help of 8 or 16 point compass. Traveling Companion has a brand new UI makeover. It will give you GPS location as Longitude/Latitude, Degrees/Minutes/Seconds, Nautical Degrees/Minutes/Seconds. Traveling Companion have a combination of both Magnetic Compass and True North Compass in it. Real-time Mapping display mode is a function of it. Best thing of Traveling Companion is that more than 30 languages are available on it for help. It will show current altitude in Meters, Feet, Miles, Yards, Furlongs, Cables, Nautical Miles, Fathoms, Links, and Chain. This app shows the present speed of travel in MPH, KPH, Yards/Hr, Knots, Meters/Sec, Feet/Sec, Yards/Sec, and March. Configurable GPS accuracy of Traveling Companion is from 25 meters to unlimited.


11. WorldMate

WorldMate is a travel planning & Flight Tracking application. Over 10 million people have downloaded this app who trusted on it to plan, book and manage every aspect of their trip. The user can organize flights, hotels, cars, meetings, and transport facilities with the help of WorldMate itinerary. WorldMate has a connection with dozens of airlines, and you will get message alerts for gate changes, delays, and cancellations. It will enable you to get information about any flight on hundreds of airlines. This app will synchronize with your iPhone calendar. You can design your entire trip on a map and get directions to your hotel and meetings. It can share your travelling plans with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. WorldMate has an unusual feature of WorldMate home screen where you can get access to all the information on your requirement. You can view your past trips at a glance and can make changes. Over 100,000 hotels information is present on this app. WorldMate lets you know the best time of lower price for your upcoming hotel stay. It will give you all information about weather forecast so that you can manage your plan according to weather conditions.


12. Foursquare

Foursquare is just like a city guide, in your pocket. You can find here bet place to eat, drink, shop, or visit in any town of the world. Over 60 million reviews are part of this app from local experts all around the world. You have just to tell the Foursquare about your favorite things, and it will get it for you. It will allow you to search here best restaurants, coffee, nightlife, shops, and more. You can save your places on your screen, so you will never forget. It is a purely free app designed for iPhone, iPad, and smartphones. It is available in multiple languages. Continued use of GPS running for this app will dramatically decrease battery life. The user can read short reviews never to miss out on the best thing to order or experience. Foursquare has interactions with Swarm app, so if you want to check in, keep up and meet up with friends then install Swarm on your smartphone.


13. Expedia

Expedia is an application for the hotel, flight, and car rental activities. The Expedia app is only created to modify your journey, so book your hotel, flight, rental car, and activities on the Expedia App! But rental cars and events only enable for iPhone app. One of the stunning features of Expedia is iPad travel collections, so you can save all your deals on your smartphones and keep one step ahead. You can save up to 40% with mobile-exclusive hotel deals for tonight, or any night.

This app will allow you to book an airport car rental for up to 30 minutes in advance. The user can get tickets for tours, theme parks, and shows as well as can reserve airport shuttles and other transport. It has the option to view upcoming trips details on your smartphones. On all your purchases, you will earn triple Expedia points. Different notifications will give you an alert about flight delays, hotel check-out times, and more.


14. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is the fantastic app because here it is easy to find the lowest airfare, restaurants, and best hotels. It is a very simple app and free to use. 225 million reviews and opinions are given here by different travelers all around the world. Choose the best hotel for you with respect to food type, price range, and rating. Use TripAdvisor feature Near Me Now to find a beautiful place near to you. Download maps and reviews for over 300 cities on your mobile. Here in the forum, you can get answers to your travel questions. TripAdvisor mostly gets information from Google Maps. Permissions are required to obtain your location so that this app can help you to find hotels, restaurants, and attractions around you. Finding location through GPS is a little bit slow, but it will give you accurate position. This app will allow you take a picture by using Android device camera directly. You have to create an account on TripAdvisor, and you can save your all data on that account. But when you remove the application, your TripAdvisor account will be lost.

More About PocketGuide

The specialty of PocketGuide is that it is world’s leading audio city guide application and reveals the best stories. It has information about 150 major towns and tourist destinations. Your mobile device will be just as a tour guide with PocketGuide apps. GPS figures will tell you about your location, and a local guide voice will describe the beautiful places around you. Just enjoy city’s attraction by listening to the virtual handbook. Virtual guide all share his personal thoughts about these locations. It works offline, and it also has an offline map so that you can save roaming charges. For those who want to go off the beaten path, this app has fascinating themed tours. So you can search here the top tapes in Barcelona, get chic in NYC’s East Village or follow the trail of a 19th-century serial killer in London. It will take you to your interested places in the city. PocketGuide is a free app.