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Pokemon also called as Pokemon GO is an augmented reality game based application for the smartphones. It is a means of discovering the world in a new way by seeing what is going around nearby in a gaming style. Pokemon will make it possible for you to easily travel between the virtual world of this app and the real world around us in a whole new world on your own… read more
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1. Pocket Beast GO

Pocket Beast GO is a game for the kids. This augmented reality game is full of informative information about all popular wildlife of our planet. The kids in this simulation game will feel like a real hunter of wild beasts that are wandering here and there on the main roads and streets of the city. They need to find all these in their town. They need to find and catch the masked wild and exotic animals. For this, they will be required to take the help of radar and the camera of the smartphone to trace them. These can be located in the nearby parks, streets, roads, buildings, shopping malls, squares and many other places. Anytime they will get the chance to meet a predator animal in the nearby area. They need to catch then to clean the city from these dangerous animals. The more they will hunt, the more point they will get.


2. Pocket Puppy Pet Go!

Hold on your smartphone, launch the camera and track all the pets that are living close to you. You can catch these pets only by means of pocket balls. Use the pocket balls to catch these pets as they cross your path. You must move to the outer world so that you can enjoy this game in the real environment. The streamlined features and functions of this unique kind of game are the usage of augmented reality, excellent graphics, good sound quality with a clear voice, easy to use, entertaining levels, levels to shake your mind, and much more. One of the best things about Pocket Puppy Pet Go! Is that it doing need internet connection at all. Simply install the game, move to the outer world, launch the game and smartphone and here you are ready to enjoy this real augmented reality game. Pocket Puppy Pet Go! is the best means for enjoying in the free time and exploring the nearby areas as well.


3. Pocket Catch Pixelmon

Pocket Catch Pixelmon is an award winning augmented reality game that is loaded with wild pixel monsters that are running in the game as running in the real environment of the world around you. At first, you will be stunned to see the real environment of your world like parks, streets, roads, and other places. First of all, you will require choosing the game mode in which you want to enter. Your target is one, and that is to capture as many wild creatures as you can before the times up. The more you will catch the more point you will get. Controlling the game is also very simple and do not involve any complex process at all. These pixelmon are highly dangerous, and some are even ultra-powerful. So make it clear you are too clever enough to get these within time. Now download the game and start playing this best game of the Google Play Store.


4. New Pocket Pixelmon Monster Go

This augmented reality app is the pack of two main features that are new mobs and possibility to catch the Pokemon with the help of poke balls. New Pocket Pixelmon Monster Go is the pack of fifteen well designed and complex levels that you need to complete one by one. Now the artificial environment is the part of this game at all. You must have a smartphone with the best camera and fast WiFi connection so you can explore the real environment in a new style. New Pocket Pixelmon Monster Go will take you the real world around you like city, roads, streets, roadway and several other locations with the assistance of powerups and secret path. As you will proceed, you will forget all type of monster simulation based games. New Pocket Pixelmon Monster Go is the best way of meeting with the amazing creature in the most unexpected places and navigates through the multiple places of your local area.


5. Pixel Catch Monster!

Pixel Catch Monster! is a newly launched augmented reality game based app for the smartphones that give the people chance to capture new monsters in the real world. They only require pointing the camera of the smartphone to the real environment where they will see the funny and amazing creature standing here and there. Now catch these one by one and catch as much as you can. You can train your targets as well. Well, we would like to make here clear that you have to move to the outer world. This game will use the reality background locations and will give you the chance of discovering your favorite pet. Use the amazing and interesting means of catching all those monsters that appear on the screen. Collect as much as you can. Catch them at once before they escape from the screen. Pixel Catch Monster! is simply the best-augmented reality apps.


6. Pixelmon Monsters Go

This state of the entertaining art game will give you the chance to catch the funny and unusual pixels living nearby you. Pixelmon Monsters Go is just like most of the augmented reality games where you play the game in an open environment with the real environment working as the background of the game. Start catching tricky pets deploying Geo locations and reach the point on the map and deploy mechanical cube to catch those funny and entertaining pocket pixelmons. Catch as many different creatures as you can all around the city parks, streets, roads, malls, museums, and all interesting places in your area. Pixelmon Monsters Go will give you the chance of exploring your city in a new way and catch all the creatures as you are catching them in real life. Make your collection more and more as compared to others and be the leader on the scorecard.


7. Monster Craft GO

Have you ever thought of playing the game in the open ended and real environment? If not then we at this moment presenting you a game named Monster Craft GO that is based on the technology of augmented reality. The specialty of this game is that as you walk around your neighborhood, holding your smartphone in hand with camera enabled, you will be on the duty of catching the monster. As compared to the other augmented reality games, Monster Craft GO is different because you don’t need to hold the smartphone in front of you all the time. As there appears any animal nearby, Monster Craft GO will vibrate. After examining your target, take the aim and throw a Monster Craft Ball to catch them. You will be again notified either you have caught your target properly or not. Now search as many monster and other items as you can. Start visiting interesting places in your local areas and start enjoying this game in a new way.


8. Cats GO: Offline

Cats GO: Offline is entirely different from same alike name game Cats GO. In Cats GO: Offline you as a player will give the task of catching the cats around you without the need of GPS system at all. All this will be done in an offline environment, unlike those augmented reality games where you must have a WiFi connection for the Geo map to work properly. So move into your environment, stay at one place and catch as many kitties as you can. Now move to another location and start catching the pocket cats’ creatures at that location. That is the simple working style of this entertaining game. The other amazing thing about Cats GO: Offline is that there will be real gaming environment in the game. Means if you are in the market nearby you, you will see the market via your camera and will see the cats in the market that in fact will show on the screen only.


9. My Cat GO

My Cat GO is an animated augmented reality game where you target is catching kitties sitting on the buildings, walking on the roads and streets and many other places. Well, the environment that you will witness in this game is not the environment of other countries or popular locations at all. It is, in fact, the real environment near you. However, as opposed to the other augmented reality games where the player explores the real environment via the camera of the smartphone, this app turns the real environment into the animated environment of the real environment. Now start exploring the real environment around you to catch all cats that you will see through the camera of your smartphone. If you are still wondering how it will happen then simply launch the game and turn on the camera and start catching all the pocket cats creatures.


10. Cats GO

Cats GO is a real augmented reality game based app where you need to catch the cats in the real environment. To play this game, you must have an advanced camera installed into your smartphone so that you can get the clear view of the target. Cats GO demands from its players to catch the all kitties and cats display on the screen. Find and catch all those cats that are sitting in the building, wandering the streets and on many other locations. Well, you must get yourself prepared for wandering here and there in search of cats as Cats GO is not that kind of game where you sit in front of the table and start playing. Cats GO is backed by the augmented reality technology and demands from its players to catch the pets at geo locations.


11. Animal GO – Find and Catch AniMon

Animal GO are out in your world, and you have to find them to send them back from where they came. This simulation and augmented reality game demands for two main things from its players first of all an advanced smartphone and secondly high-quality camera installed in the smartphone. The Internet is also the condition that must be fulfilled for playing this game otherwise you will not be able to take the real benefit of playing this game. You will be given some animal balls to catch these animals walking here and there into your city. First, take the aim of the animal as it appears on the screen, now throw the ball and wait for a while. You will be sent the alert either you have successfully caught that one, or it might get away. You don’t need to explore too much as whenever there will be any animal nearby; your smartphone will vibrate to alert you.

More About Pokemon

Pokemon also called as Pokemon GO is an augmented reality game based application for the smartphones. It is a means of discovering the world in a new way by seeing what is going around nearby in a gaming style. Pokemon will make it possible for you to easily travel between the virtual world of this app and the real world around us in a whole new world on your own. This real location based application encourages the people to search far and wide for the reality to discover the main character of this app named Pokemon. This simple augmented reality app will allow you to find and catch over hundred species of Pokemon as you will explore your local areas. Start exploring the cities and local areas around you and even across the globe to capture as many Pokemon as you can. Pokemon is simply one of the best games to be played in spare time.