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Poptropica is another amazing stuff to have big adventures in your lives. This application was bought in the market by StoryArc Media Casual Inc. through which you can build your own island or battle zombies, robots, Vikings, thieves, evil, monsters, and other creatures… read more
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20 Apps Like Poptropica for iOS

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1. Raz-kids

Raz-kids is a super stunning app for having fun learning and to get and learn things in a more intuitive and interactive way. Kids A-Z is a significant tool introduced by Learning A-Z Education Inc. which enables everyone to complete diversity of interactive lessons from this app, Science A-Z, and Headsprout products and even can update their robot avatars on their mobile devices. You can access hundreds of development-appropriate exercises, lessons, books, and other resources with so much convenience. Kids A-Z app enables you to get complete corresponding quizzes that ensure knowledge. You can also use annotation tools that support close and more involved reading skills. This application precisely has all your work reported and stores to the teachers automatically. Kids A-Z also lets you personalize your robot avatar using the number of stars that you have earned from completing activities. Kids A-Z is a free to use app while on the other side, access to Raz Kids, Headsprout, and Science A-Z needs subscriptions to the respective product. It enables you to get to know multiple stuff with ease and let you remember it for a long time. So just download Raz-kids app on your phone, and enjoy the real ease and fun scenario for effective learning.


2. Quick Brain

Quick Brain lets you try your brain with multiple games and understand things in more indulging ways, Introduced by Andrei & Aleksandr Krupiankou Inc. Quick Brain Mathematics – Exercises for the brain is a super spectacular app through which you can enhance your brainpower and compete against players from all over the world. You can increase the inner capabilities regarding your brain by having this informative app in your cell phone. It is entirely based on the principles of cognitive thinking to let you practice multiple mental skills regarding speed, memory, reaction, concentration, attention, logic, and the like. Quick Brain Mathematics – Exercises for the brain lets you fight with other folks from around the world in maths in the multiplayer arena for the real-time. The main stages that it carries include the instant development of attention and memory and the efficient brain training with the simple and understandable process of playing. So just download Quick Brain Mathematics – Exercises for the brain app in your smartphone, and enjoy experiencing the most heated battle that will keep you on your toes right from your sofa and without going anywhere.


3. ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a stunning application for school guys which lets them get ready to build an effective and amazing school community. Class Dojo is a safe, elegant, and beautiful communication app for parents, students and teachers. This application lets teachers perform significant work over here and even provide their students with the best stuff effortlessly. Anyone can intuitively create and share digital portfolios and even access all your favorite teacher tools. It allows you to use your cell phone as a classroom remote and get ready for a marvellous school time ahead. Through this app, teachers can encourage students for any skills such as teamwork and working hard, and can even bring parents into the classroom experience by sharing any kind of announcements, videos and photos. This app enables students to add their classwork stuff easily to their portfolios so that their parents can see whatever it is. Other than these, teachers also can instantly message to any parents, parents can see their child’s project or homework updates, and allows them to access their favorite teacher tools.  So just download the ClassDojo app, and get ready for the awesome school year, and share your small as well as big moments with your parents.


4. Cookie Monster’s Challenge

Cookie Monster’s Challenge lets you enhance the self-control, memory and focus on things much better through having so much exciting stuff right on your cell phone. Cookie Monster’s Challenge brings in the market by PBS Kids which allows everyone to sharpen their focusing stuff in a much better and extraordinary way. It enables its users to play through a pack of engaging and fun mini-games to deliver cookies to everyone’s favourite monster and build a cookie contraption. This app offers a series of brain-boosting games for the challenge and engages children by practising focus, memory, following directions, problem-solving, self-control, and so much more. Cookie Monster’s Challenge lets you have ten mini-games with each presents an exciting challenge designed to give kids the chance to practice all these skills. Children can earn pieces of hilarious and giant cookie making machine as they beat more and more levels. Other than these, Cookie Monster’s Challenge app helps you create up to three profiles so that everyone in the friends or family can progress through it at their own pace. So just download Cookie Monster’s Challenge app in your phone, and give it to your kids for improving all their skills that are essential for school readiness.


5. Duolingo: Learn Languages Free

Duolingo is an institution itself by bringing an extraordinary range of language for learning purpose. It is far and away the best and the free language learning app. You probably cannot beat this app among some other apps for learning a language. It has split the languages into bite-size skills just like a game like if you fail in something you lose a life and on the other hand, you can earn points when you complete a lesson. Duolingo is an education spreading app that brings the ease of learning languages. Duolingo is an extremely effective application that precisely teaches you to read, write, listen, and speak. It helps you to learn Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Polish, Greek, Hungarian, Norwegian, Swedish, Ukrainian, Esperanto, Hebrew, Welsh, and English and lets you access each of its lesson for free. Duolingo lets you compete your friends and team up with them right from a community of more than 150 million users from around the world. It is an amazing and extraordinary approach that enhances the ease of learning languages. Duolingo  is one of the most productive apps that changes the way individuals learn languages.


6. Disney Story Central

Disney Story Central is another elegant application enables its users to enjoy digital library full of reading adventures and instantly connect your child to beloved Pixar and Disney characters. Disney Story Central is a widely used application Disney Publishing Worldwide Education Inc. through which parents, as well as children aged three to seven alike, will enjoy reading interactive and engaging eBooks together as a family. It carries an interactive library enables children to ignite their imaginations as the way through portals of storytelling promise, nostalgia, and delight that the magic that it offers. Disney Story Central carries almost one of the most extensive library of Disney Pixar and Disney books in one app. This elegant application lets you enjoy unlimited access to tons of books featuring favourite characters. You can even select the feature of this app of Read to Me audio functionality for an engaging learning experience. It also carries a lot of graphic novels and Disney comics, and you can also get the reading reviews to track your child’s reading process. It carries flexible and bearable subscription plans. So just download the Disney Story Central app to access the content as well as reading rewards across multiple devices through its account.


7. Agnitus Kids

Agnitus Kids is an amazing application used by millions of people from all over the world which is superb for the kids aged 8 or under. Kid IQ: Edu Games for Math, Spelling, and Words is a marvellous app which brings a fine tutor which lets you teach maths, writing, reading, nursery rhymes, interactive book readings, educational games, and so much more. This app boosts the productivity of your kids by letting them know several things regarding their initial studies. Your kids can enjoy thousands of interactive and fun 3D games and other activities such as Math, reading and writing, science, music, art, and so much more. Kid IQ: Edu Games for Math, Spelling, and Words is a super significant app for parents to let their kids enjoy an engaging learning experience. This app strengthens up the educational roots of your kids by letting them know multiple stuff on kids learning in a fun way. It also measures the progress, and each has a personal folder with learning progress. It also carries smart subscriptions, and you can easily pick any of your most likely according to your needs. So just download Kid IQ: Edu Games for Math, Spelling, Words app in your phone, and give your kids the best and one of the smartest learning experience.


8. Crossword Puzzles!

Crossword Puzzles is a superb application which lets you take your passion for crosswords around the world with this superb tool, and there are no subscription charges as well. Crossword Puzzles is a stunning app introduced by Zelnut Inc. which helps you enjoy dozens of HD images of beautiful travel destinations. It carries free daily puzzles and tons of extraordinary others for all skill levels. You can also get a hint in case you get stuck in any position as well. You can also check your works as well as see your solutions. Most puzzles are also available off-line over this application. Crossword Puzzles also supports both landscape as well as portrait orientations even on iPhone and iPod Touch. You can also track your performance, and it enables you to get the precise time and date when you solve a puzzle perfectly. Its awesome images of beautiful travel destinations let you enjoy it in an entirely new way. This application enables you to enjoy dozens of destinations as well as thousands of more puzzles on your tour. So just download Crossword Puzzles! App on your mobile phone and enjoy playing free puzzles every single day as you tour magnificent locations around the world.


9. NASA Visualization Explorer

NASA Visualization Explorer is one of the most intuitive and precise visual portal to the coolest and probably the most untold stories about the NASA exploration of the Earth. NASA Visualization Explorer is a fine product of NASA Inc. which lets you get all the crucial stuff and important facts about the Sun, Moon, and the Universe. This app releases a new story about the exploration of the earth every Monday, and you can enjoy things without any effort to increase your knowledge. It helps you explore your image collection as well by getting tons of images about the earth and the like. It enables you to see the earth as you never seen it before and you can even travel to the places to even most intrepid explorers. NASA Visualization Explorer’s app is available in the market for free and is compatible with iPhone, Android, iPad, iPod Touch, iPad mini and some other devices. It also brings a panel where you can check out the most viewed and most interesting stories about the exploration of the earth. So just download NASA Visualization Explorer app in your cell phones and get stories delivered right on your Android, iOS, and some other devices.


10. Math Ref

Math Ref is an award-winning app which enables its users to browse more than 1,400 formulas, figures, as well as examples to help you with maths, chemistry, and more. Math Ref bought in the market by Happy Maau Studios, LLC which brings a fine problem solving and learning app for both learnings as well as reading. This application enables you to solve your complex mysteries regarding maths and other stuff with quite ease. Math Ref also carries some must-have tools such as a unit converter, triangle solver, quadratic solver, and allows you to perform various math calculations instantly. This app includes Algorithms, Algebra, Trigonometry, Linear Algebra, Geometry, Series and Sequences, Derivatives, Integration, Differential Equations, Table of Integrals, Vector Calculus, Discrete, Probability and Statistics, Glossary, Physics, Chemistry, Financial and also includes Real Estate. Math Ref brings tools ranging from physics to algebra, searching options, easy favorites of equations, editable notes, searchable prime numbers, and so much more. MathRef is a fine app beneficial for both the teachers as well as students which let them work with maths and do a lot more calculations. So just download Math Ref app in your phone and search for your tools and formulas in a way like never before.


11. PBSKids

PBSKids is the best app for kids where they can enjoy watching your most favourite PBS kids television series in an ultimate way right from this super app anytime, anywhere. PBS Kids Video brings extraordinary stuff with it by providing a number of intuitive features for its worldwide juniors. PBS Kids Video features tons of videos to enjoy over a dozen top PBS kid’s television series. It enables you to get precise access to more than 1k high definition videos including The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That, Curious George, Peg + Cat, Sesame Street and wild Karts, Dinosaur Train, and many others. PBS Kids Video delivers a child-friends and well-protected viewing experience where kids can enjoy browsing and watching their favourite videos at home using this intuitive app. This app introduces your child an entire new weekly pick and a set of educational videos that will engage them in reading math, science, and more. So just download PBS Kids Video to enjoy lot more features of this reading and learning app.


12. Shakespeare

Shakespeare is another widely use used application which comes with the completely refreshed stuff for you and let you read the complete work of Shakespeare. Shakespeare Pro is a classy application which carries a collection of overall 41 plays, 6 poems, and 154 sonnets including Apocrypha. It lets you customize your reading experience by choosing from a diversity of color combinations, changeable font size and family and moving around multiple scenes with ease. It also enables you to highlight character lines by colors to more convenient reading. It also lets you explore Shakespeare’s life, the chronology of plays, Elizabethan Theaters, and so much more right using this app. Shakespeare Pro provides bookmarking of favorite speeches, read the first folio for almost 32 plays (in the genuine font), search the complete works to get everything, and so much more for the Pro users. It contains quality text and its team priorities it significantly and are working for a very long time for editing and compiling the most curated and probably the best references available. So just download Shakespeare Pro app from the stores, and enjoy everything such as exquisite poems, famous plays, and classy sonnets regarding Shakespeare without any effort and whenever you want.


13. The Magic School Bus

The Magic School Bus has made it easy to read the magic school bus books always been fascinating and fun for the worldwide users. The Magic School Bus: Oceans is a great app introduced by Scholastic Inc. which lets you enjoy the most extensive collection of engaging books for letting you learn more in an appealing way. This application enables you to take more adventured facts from the book and brings all of them to life so children and other folks can manipulate variables and see effects and causes in action. The Magic School Bus: Oceans allows you to enjoy more than seven interactive science explorations that bring key science concepts to your life. You can access a collection of more than 26 awesome photos and a collection of 11 videos of underwater plants and animal life. The Magic School Bus: Oceans helps you enjoy touch and tilt animated interaction makes it so comfortable to engage with the story. You can also have 20 individual voices plus original sound and music effects. You can understand tons of facts regarding underwater life. So just download The Magic School Bus: Oceans app from your phone, and enjoy learning more engagingly.


14. Stack the States

Stack the States brings exciting stuff which helps you enhance the learning of you as well as your kids by reading almost 50 states. Stack the States was developed by Freecloud Design, Inc. which lets you earn states and even watch the stats comes to life in the dynamic and exquisitely colorful game. This app enables you to learn everything regarding states such as shapes, geographical location, capital, flags, and so much more. You can get to know everything about stuff related to these states and all of your states will appear on your personalized map of the U.S. You can collect almost all these states and as you earn more and more states, you can even unlock the 4 free bonus games which are Pile Up, Puzzler, Capital Drop, and Map it. Stack the States allows you to have fun learning of capitals, bordering states, abbreviations, state shapes, nicknames, and the location on the map, etc. about all these 50 states. It carries hundreds of unique and must-known questions, 50 state flash cards, and an interactive map. You can choose any of the 50 states as your avatar and even create up to six profiles over this intuitive platform. So just download Stack the States app on your phone and start a precise journey for getting to know everything about 50 states.


15. Phonics Ninja

Phonics Ninja is another awesome product which enables its users to enjoy an exciting educational platform and rapidly learn letter sounds, digraphs by sight, touch, sound, blends, and much more with simple swipes. There are lots of people who love this learning game and are struggling to master this app and learning to read. It carries an easy to use interface through which you and slice your own way through all the lowercase letters by their sounds. You can effectively turn your individual category on and off by simply pressing the on and off buttons, and decide what to focus on. It enables you to learn by sound, touch, and sight as well. This intuitive application lets you Slice your way through all phonic blends such as sc, sk, sl, sm, dr, fl, fr, gl, bl, br, cl, cr, gr, pl, pr, sn, sp, st, and more. Other than these, it also enables you to slice your way through all phonic digraphs including ch, gh, gn, kn, ph, qu, sh, th, wr, ch, and tch, etc. It carries three difficulty levels, and you can choose any of them with ease. So just download Phonics Ninja game in your phone, and let your kids enjoy an engaging learning platform.


16. Hooked on Phonics

Hooked on Phonics is a highly incredible and effective app which nurture your kid’s reading, as well as confidence with the right blend of interactive, learn to read tools. Hooked on Phonics bought in the market which enables you to learn things in a fine looking way. This application is based on research approved by the kid’s reading foundation and designed in conjunction with renowned author, leading educators and most importantly parents. Hooked on Phonics is perfect for kindergarten, preschool, and the 1st-grade reader’s ages from 2 to 7. This application carries over 200 songs, interactive games, elegant ebooks, reading lessons, and so much more. It helps you earn virtual achievements and award. It brings eBooks libraries with awards and achievements. You can add multiple readers and track their progress individually. You can also pick up from where you left off and even use it over multiple devices. This elegant app contains more than 24 progressive lessons featuring levelled learning lessons and activities which cover key building blocks of reading simple plurals, compound words, starting and ending consonant blends and graphs. So just download Hooked on Phonics app in your phone, and enjoy learning, practice, and reading.


17. Science360

Science360 is something awesome to have if you are going through your life’s learning phase or need things to study from the depth. This application was introduced by the National Science Foundation, which lets you watch and learn videos regarding science with ease. It lets you have a comfortable access to the compelling engineering and science images and videos from all across the globe. You can get a proper newsfeed featuring the trending and breaking news from NFS-funded institutions. Science360 provides stunning images from the NFS-funded institutions in the high resolution for download to your tablet. You can enjoy the fun and engaging streaming videos on a diverse range of topics (having Wi-Fi or any cellular internet connection). Science360 allows you to discover hundreds of images as well as videos with new content updating on a weekly basis. It lets you get abreast of trending stories and news from all over the world in scientific discovery and easily pan through content in its 360 find or view content via the search function. So just download Science360 to start exploring the science in an entirely new dimension and enjoy learning by exploring anything right through your mobile phone.


18. Spelling Stage

Spelling Stage is an intuitive application which enables its users to get one of the most spelling app created for the educational entertainment and family. Spelling Stage is a perfect app for users having an age of 4 through which they can learn the alphabet. This application enables its users to get on the spelling stage to play in three exclusive competitions from the kindergarten to the national champions. It helps you immerse yourself and your youngsters into challenging sessions of spelling games and enjoy various hours of fun together. It enables its users to play as well as learn how to spell using this ultimate app. This app helps you get tons of word categories, learn how to spell, multiple competitions, collect wardrobe awards, challenge and compete with family and friends, create and customize your own characters, 3D touch features, easy to use interface, and get intuitive spelling games for over four users. This application allows you to learn how to spell just to improve your spelling for kids and adults. So just download Spelling Stage app in your phone and enjoy this ultimate spelling game for becoming the ultimate speller for all the time.


19. Spelling City

Spelling City enables everyone to enrich their vocabulary and improve reading comprehension in a way like never before. Vocabulary Spelling City is a superb application designed for students, parents, and kids of its premium members to let them enhance their vocabulary ultimately. It carries a collection of over 35 interactive word games, thousands of hand-made word lists and helps in building literacy skills in an engaging and fun way. Kids and students can hear, speak, break down, play, see, and write with words such as high-frequency words, and developmental spelling vocabulary and words. Vocabulary Spelling City app helps everyone to meet their challenges of providing intentional, meaningful and extended vocabulary practice for students while improving retention, and fluency. It features over 9 free vocabulary, spelling, reading, and phonics games for free, and more than 35 games for premium ones. There are millions of parents, schools, and districts from all over the world use this classy tool to improve their vocabulary retention as well as reading comprehension. Its premium members can access full features and enjoy everything in the way they want. You can intuitively download Vocabulary Spelling City app from the stores and enhance your English learning experience in a unique and classy way.


20. Fish School HD

Fish School HD lets you have a playful underwater experience carries almost 8 educational activities. Fish School by Duck Duck Moose is an award-winning application introduced by Duck Duck Moose, LLC which helps kids to teach children letters, shapes, colors, numbers, and so much more with colorful fish and friendly solder life characters. This application is significant for kids ageing 2 to 5 which let them learn all the things that are necessary for them at that particular stage. It helps them learn letters and ABCs b watching the fish make letters for you. Fish School by Duck Moose app also allows you to recognize numbers and learn to count from 1 to 20. You just have to follow the fishes as they form multiple shapes of letters and numbers. You can easily select a swimming fish of any color and watch the ocean become that color of our own choice. This application lets you learn things by finding the matching fish and even listen to classical variations of the ABC song. You can touch, drag, and tap colorful fish to make them do funny stuff. So just download Fish School by Duck Duck Moose app in your phone, and give it to your kids for effective learning.

More About Poptropica

Poptropica is another amazing stuff to have big adventures in your lives. This application was bought in the market by StoryArc Media Casual Inc. through which you can build your own island or battle zombies, robots, Vikings, thieves, evil, monsters, and other creatures. Poptropica is a unique adventure multiplayer game which allows you to choose the type of hero you want to be. This marvellous application allows you to collect prizes and powers and you can even customize your character with the exclusive outfit from your most favourite heroes. It enables you to solve mysteries and complete quests by discovering a virtual world made of a growing chain of islands. Poptropica lets you explore the virtual world of this app and its collection of 20 islands. This app lets you solve more than 1000 puzzles, mysteries, customize your hero with almost 1k themed outfit, collect the item from your favourite heroes, create your own island, and free to use scenario. Poptropica is a multiplayer game where you can meet as well as chat with your friends. So just download the Poptropica app from the stores right on your cell phone, and start your journey and create your own Poptropican now.