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PotPlayer Daum

PotPlayer Daum is a multimedia player which enables you to use media players innovatively and simply. This app lets you download this multimedia player in both 32-bit as well as 64-bit formats, and you can easily use it over Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, XP and on some other mobile platforms… read more
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30 Apps Like PotPlayer Daum for Android


1. FLV Player

FLV Player is a simple app that lets you watch in FLV format from your card inserted in your device. So if you are looking for an alternative to mainstream playback package like Windows Media player, then this is a free FLV media player is a great choice to interact. This software is so compatible and has a number of useful features. It is a freemium based software that can support many formats. Some of these include AVI, MPEG, DivX, MP4, and WMV. Some of its features include Stepless scaling, Proportional-scale On/Off, Smoothing On/Off, Auto-rewind On/Off, Auto-start On/Off, loop-play Menu On/Off. It also deals with full-screen mode, Windows CMD support, Recent File List History, Drag and Drop Support, XML Playlist, Screen Capture functions, Favorites, Media Properties, Open and save local Files from your Harddisk or WWW, 3G2, 3GP, F4V, FLV, M4A, M4V, MOV, etc.Except this, it also support MP3, MP4, M3U, PLS, XPL, 3GPP, AAC, F4A, F4B, F4P, and H.264 FLV-HD-Video Support (480p/720p/1080p). It also offers multi languages such as Multilanguage Interface via XML (Currently: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Chinese).



VLC MEDIA PLAYER is a massively used Media Player which is free, portable, streaming Media Server and a platform independent software. It is used to play most of the multimedia files as well as Audio CD’s, DVD’s VCD’s and various streaming protocols. VLC is a VideoLAN project, therefore stands for VideoLAN Clint. VLC is serving both as for desktop operating systems and mobile platforms such as iPad, iPhone, Android, iPod touch and also for Windows phone, Blackberry phone, and numerous others. VLC is also available on Google play store, Apple’s app store, Microsoft Windows, Windows Store, and other App stores. VLC Media Player sustain many audiovisual compression methods and file formats. The distribution of VLC keeps an enormous amount of free encoding and decoding libraries. It fends off the need for seeking proprietary plugins. Libraries like Lib AV codec using FFmpeg project provide some VLC’s codecs, but this media player uses its own muxers and demuxers. VLC contains its protocol implementations as well. It is the most widely used Media player who is giving its best services for a long time across all over the world. VLC offers a lot of features that make it so efficient to use and people love it on their Computer devices as well.


3. GOM Player

GOM Player is an easy, convenient and free media player with the same features, functions and reputation as it is offering to its desktop users. GOM Player has gain the popularity because of its support for wide range of audio and codecs. It doesn’t rely on the codecs database of other players at all. In case you have a video file whose codecs are missing then give a one chance to this media player as it will first find the missed codec from its database will download it and after that will start playing that file. This all-purpose media player is simply the best media players for the Android devices because it is fully capable of playing all kind of videos with ease. The user interface of this player is very simple and user friendly and offers the advanced functionalities as well. There is no price for using this media player at all.


4. SMPlayer

SMPlayer is a versatile and unique media player. It is one of the most popular and widely used multi-format media players. SMPlayer is free and is an open source across the platform. It can support many of operating systems like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Linux and Windows 10 as well. It can sustain different languages. SMPlayer is available in almost 30 different languages, and you can use it in the language that you want. There are many useful features in SMPlayer. These functions make it so comfortable to use. These features include numerous audio and video filters; playback speed can also change and subtitles delay, etc. It is available in the market in various type of video formats such as like MOV, MP4, MP3, MVK, AVI, DivX, MPEG, Ogg, DVD, Video CD, etc. It is used to play all the types of media formats and can support Youtube as well. It occupies different themes so you can easily change themes of this player and enjoy using this platform.


5. MPlayerX

MPlayerX is a very simply designed but attractive media player for all time, developed in a beautiful and powerful way. An enormous amount of people uses this app due to its amazing interface. MPlayerX is the most famous multimedia player, but the worst thing about it is that it doesn’t support full-screen and exit scene. MPlayerX is a media player which can support both Android and IOS mobiles as well. The people who want to download this app can just access it from Google play store, Apple app store and other app stores. It has a simply designed manner and lets you access all of its options easily. You can easily operate MPlayerXon your cell phones and other devices. It has a capability to play almost all format of the stream. MPlayerX has an apple remote support. MPlayerX also has a multi-monitor support. It also supports ample tools. That why using this app, you can find what on next quickly and automatically and the encoding of subtitles can be detected quickly.


6. Winamp

Winamp is a great media player for Windows, iOS, and Android. It has been sold as a freemium package. It supports extensibility with some amazing and unique plug-ins and skins. It is a venerable video player established in the mid-90s. Winamp is a highly customizable and a fully featured media player. It is one of the best media players and has a wide range of users. A huge amount of video as well as audio formats including MPEG (ES, MP3, MP4, PS, PVA, TS), MPG, mp1, mp2 mp3, mp4, MTV, MTM, M2U, NST, NSA, OGG, M3A, M4A and much others. Winamp’s killer feature is a great feature. It shows a functionality to through add-ons and extensions respectively such as firefox and chrome can put these things. The list of features of Winamp includes Playback Formats, Media library, adding album art and track tags, Podcatcher, Media Player Device Support, Media Monitor, Winamp remote, Plug-ins, and skins. This is a widely used multimedia player, and you can easily get it on any platform.


7. Media Player Classic Home Cinema

Media Player Classic Home Cinema is a Media Player who is more relevant to Windows Media Player. It has a designed look most relevant to WMP version 6.4. Media Player Classic Home Cinema is a great program for DVD playback that doesn’t occupy much space over your personal computer. There are not additional program bundles in it so it can easily be installable and supported on older computers too. It can be customized according to your wish. Media Player Classic Home Cinema have almost all type of video decoders in it including H.264 and VC-1. While using a comprehensive media player, MPC-Home Cinema will be the best choice. Its customization option compatibility and speed makes it a must have on any of the windows computers. It is capable of playing and supporting DVD or Blu-ray discs, audio cd’s and also DVB TV signals. It has an interesting outlook and is widely used.


8. BS player

BS player is one of the best and the most popular media player in Android market. There is no replacement for this media player. Every mobile user love to watch this app on their smartphones tabs and other phones. This is very friendly software. It is a free software and open source on different platforms. There are a lot of good things about this multimedia player. But the best thing about BS player is it can support different formats. It has a variety of different key features. This Key featuring quality makes it faster and a smooth media player relating to other alternatives to the VLC media player. It carries different subtitles and languages. There is a series of languages it allows to the user. You can simply access it from the play store. BS Player can easily support latest Android version. It can support subtitles and may playback in the pop window. It supports customization gestures which are a volume control, exit to pop video, jump, and brightness, etc.


9. Movist

Movist is a very powerful multimedia player in the MAC and some other platforms. It is one the popularized multimedia software among the android and windows users. It has a simple structure. Therefore, users love to interact with this Multi Media Player. It can support all multimedia formats of videos like 3gp, mp3, OGM, AVI, WMV, DVD, SVCD and much more. Movist is a free media player and a wide number of downloaders. It is one of the productive media players. Movist recognizes itself with its high-quality capture features. It has a lot of features, but this one is the best among all. It also supports QuickTime and Ffmpeg support as it seems to be created or designed as a replacement of QuickTime. It is also responsive to some keyboard shortcuts as to move forward or rewind the Movist video. It allows a user to watch the video clips or the whole video in full-screen mode. It is also often named as a real alternative to the VLC media player for MAC.


10. Banshee

Banshee is an app that plays music and videos and keeps you with internet radio and podcasts. Using this app, you can discover some amazing music and podcasts that keep your portables devices like mobile phones, loaded with marvelous stuff to watch and listen. It offers a simple and easy interface to enjoy playing songs and is powerful enough to thrill. It can sync devices as put media on your Apple, Android, or another player. Using this app, you can easily discover and set up to dates with your favorite podcasts and discover new ones with Miro Guide. This app also lets you download and buy new music from the integrated music store of Amazon. You can make a queue of tracks which you want to listen consecutively so that it plays songs in a sequence that you have set. You can also listen to these songs randomly and offers a smart shuffle feature. While on the other hand, it offers an Automatic Cover Art, and powerful search with a smart playlist.


11. Miro

Miro is a beautiful, free, and open-source music and video player. This app works with your current library. It is quite easy to switch from iTunes to Miro player without any copying, just point this app to your video and music folders, and those libraries will appear. This app can convert and sync to Kindle Fire and Android and lets you buy music and apps inside Miro. This app has a built-in Amazon app store so you can easily download, buy, and listen seamlessly. It lets you buy apps from Google and Amazon app store. Using this amazing platform, you can easily download and play almost any video or any music formats and downloads from Podcasts, Amazon, BitTorrent, and YouTube. Miro lets you convert any video easily into mp4/h2 64 with almost any device you can think off. Two Miro’s using same Wi-Fi can easily transfer and stream music and videos to each other. Rather than this, Miro provides an open source app with Ultra-fast torrent downloading and offers the easiest way to watch a video, play and share music seamlessly.


12. MPC-BE

MPC-BE is a functional and lightweight media player which plays music and video files easily and efficiently. Media Player Classic-BE is an open source and free video and audio player for Windows. Media Player Classic-BE is based on original MPC project, and MPC-HC project contains some remarkable features and bug fixes. Using Media Player Classic-BE, you can play the music of all formats easily, and it has a simple user interface with some robust features that can easily do things faster and more reliable. It has an excellent progress buttons and some marvelous collection of themes and lets you use one that you like. This app is used worldwide due to some of its unique functions. It does not have so many external filters but contains some simple ones. Media Player Classic-BE offers tons of settings that can be pinched customized functionality. It offers a full control of audio, playback and full-screen state and lets you a file browser option which lets you save often used most favorite folder locations. You can use this app on Android and iPhone etc.


13. UMPlayer

UMPlayer is a light, eye-catching, and powerful media player that is mainly based on MPlayer. It is a multi-format player that opens almost every known video as well as audio format and is very light on system resource. It includes more than 200 codes and a built-in search for YouTube and Shoutcast. It has a customizable interface with automatic download subtitles. Besides the basic tools for playing usual files, DVD, and VCD, this player can support online TV and radio stations. It offers a feature of built-in search for videos in YouTube, podcasts and streaming music in Shoutcast. It also has an effective screenshot tool to capture any frame that you want and supports for many skins and themes. It has an incredible picture quality, playback speed, Youtube Unicode Bug, player flicking/resizing bug, Unicode file name bug, and an updated binary codec pack. This interactive app can support almost all video and audio formats, and you can easily download this app on any of your platforms. UMPlayer is a universal media player without intrusive ads.


14. QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player is an Apple’s propriety video format and is an official player for it. It is an easy to use app integrated with OS X. QuickTime Player is extremely slick to use for pointing sometimes hiding features that you would imagine to be readily available such as creating playlists etc. If you really need some marvelous and extraordinary features, then you need to upgrade your version which lets you do much more such as converting video files to some other formats and editing these videos. It is a reliable app which has improved compatibility, address security, and increased reliability. It is uniquely designed to play MOV’s video formats of Apple and is not so flexible. It is a player that has an ability to play almost all video and audio formats so that you can enjoy videos in an easy and effective way. This app has some drawbacks that include a slow launching speed, require upgrading to get the most out of it, and is suitable only for MAC.


15. Bomi Player

Bomi Player offers an easy to use graphical user interface for playing videos and other music. It offers a great set of subtitles that really make sense. It is a free multimedia player app designed to offer every function you might need of such a software in an intuitive and convenient way. It does not offers so many innovations but offers an amazing amount of ease and convenience. It have simple but nice features. It can play many video and audio formats and you can easily watch videos using this app. the options and controls right on this app is easy to control and find, so that you can easily watch videos and can play, pause, stop and add another video easily. This app lets you make a playlist of your favorite songs. You can listen to your songs with a one to all in a sequence or also play them after shuffling. It provides an accurate enhanced subtitles featuring which is so handy. Bomi Player app is able to play almost all type of media formats and files that you might get from mpv’ to wav’s.


16. aTunes

aTunes is an open source audio player having MPlayer as its playback engine. It supports sMP3, Ogg Vorbis, and some other formats. There are many features of this app as it lets its users organize music, edit tags, and rip audio CD’ quickly, easily and efficiently. It is able to support huge playlists with tons of songs. It also has a filtering option which enables its users looking for particular articles, genres, and albums with a drag and drop feature. aTunes can read the many formats including MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC, MP 4, Ogg and Vorbis, APE, MPC, cue files, and some others. You can also listen to online radio using this app. it uses a tag editor to edit tags of different formats. It can also rip music from audio CDs and encode them into FLC, MP3, OGG, and WAV formats. It offers one of the fastest podcast download and new playlist options to stop playback after the current track. This multimedia playing app also introduced some new options to save and load playlists replacing list or creating new. It also provides some new options to show a navigation table filter and to hide navigation tree while using only this table to select elements.


17. Splash Player

Splash Player is a multimedia player serving the users for a long time with its stunning video quality. It has an advanced engine and video conversation, optimized for a social media platform. It offers a fully customizable and innovative user interface and is uniquely designed and optimized for High Definition stuff. It can play and convert all of your HD movies and camcorder clips incredibly fast without any problem. Using this app, you can easily select many of the user predefined apps, and you do not need any extra coding. It offers an incredibly fast style to download, install, watch, convert and share. It offers an incredible picture quality with some advanced features and lets you watch standard and HD videos like never before. You can enjoy smooth motion, vivid colors, and crisp details. Splash Player has a ultra-responsive, innovative and stylish user interface with customizable UI colors with splash themes. Using Splash Player, you can enjoy the best TV quality, the ultimate performance, high-quality video scaling, featuring tons of codecs, and you can even save energy. It is probably the best multimedia player for your HD camcorder clips which supports almost all major subtitles formats with easy navigation. You can download this app for any platform.


18. SPlayer

SPlayer offers neat, safe, reliable multimedia player with high performance. There is a huge community of people using this app on their smartphones and other devices. Many of its features include ease of use, simplicity, multilingual, HQ with efficiency and much more. SPlayer is one of the best audio players for listening to songs present in your Music Library. It offers to seek control button on the main user interface to rewind and fast-forward. Using this app, you can play almost all music formats available in Android platform, can repeat playing from position  A to B, shows album image, playlist management, change play order, multitasking, delete files from the playlist, add files from SD card to play and do lots of other stunning functionality. You can also go back to your device launcher while continuing play music. This app lets you make a queue of songs, and it’s up to you whether to play in a straightforward sequence or by shuffling. Rather than this, you can also repeat playing one file or all the stuff. This is a stunning app for playing music on your smartphones, and you can download it on any of your mobile platforms.


19. Smooth Video player

Smooth Video player is a fantastic player on Android smartphones. It is one of the best video players who can support all sort of video and music formats including  WMV, RMVB, AVI, MP4, MOV, TS, MPG, MKV, 3GP, M4V, FLV, etc. Smooth Video player is one of the best and essential apps for your mobile phone devices. There are many features of SVP including bass and terrible adjustment, full grip on sound control and much more. It is a music player with presets and equalizers with support for all video formats and multiple subtitles formats, video streaming support, quick start with smooth and easy playback with video resumes. Using Smooth Video player, you can easily create a playlist of songs and videos you want to watch. You can shuffle these videos and do lot more related stuff using Smooth Video player. It is specifically designed for personalized experience for listening to music on all formats and videos with realistic controls buttons and attractive interface. You can use this lightweight app for watching HD and usual videos on your handsets.


20. Light Alloy Media Player

Light Alloy Media Player is an amazing stuff in the contest of multimedia players. It is a multilingual platform that lets you use some of the languages of your own native areas. It features as Pleasure Listening, Flexible Settings, Eye Caching, Chuck Norris approved, gives Cinema Experience, and is very User-Friendly. There is a huge community of people having this platform on their portable and non-portable devices. It gives a timeline support so you can easily see graphically that how much is played and how much does not. It has a variety of built-in codes, so you do not have to install any external codes anymore, and you can use this player instantly after installation. Just like YouTube, you can easily navigate to a preview window, and its IPTV support lets you watch TV and online videos right on the internet. It offers streams switch so that in multiple subtitles/audio streams you can easily switch between streams. Light Alloy Media Player contains a huge list of online radio stations through which you can easily play and record stuff and create a list to store your favorites. While on the other hand you can easily make a list of your favorite songs and listen to them in the sequence you want. Using this stunning app, you can also watch DVDs as well as Blu-Rays but only if they are not encrypted.


21. Archos Video Player

Archos Video Player is a free multimedia player that offers an uncompromised video experience for its users using it on Tablets, Android TV, and mobile devices. This is a great app that lets you play videos from your server, computer, and NAS and also play videos from external USB storage. It plays videos from all sources seamlessly integrated into a fine unified collection and gives an automatic online retrieval of TV shows and movies description so you can play almost everything using Archos Video Player. It is a hardware accelerated app that decodes videos for many devices and video formats. It provides a multi-audio track, multi-subtitles, file formats like KMV, MP4, WMV, FLV, AVI, and subtitles file type support. It provides a dedicated lean back user interface for TV of Android. While on the other hand, it supports 3D with top to bottom and side by side playback modes. Archos Video Player also offers an Audio Boost that lets you increase the audio levels of poorly encoded files. By enabling its stunning night mode feature, it dynamically adjusts its audio levels efficiently.


22. PowerDVD

PowerDVD is a must-have companion for home entertainment systems and PCs. It is packed with some unique music, photos and movies feature for making a great immersive, and sound experience. It is an efficient app for the people looking to get a cinema feel in their house, and this app has a world class technology essential to maximize the potential of your HDR and 4K TVs. Using this app, you really enjoy the way it works. It offers one of the best audio and media castings with a perfect media center. You can enjoy Ultra HD and Blu-ray playback; it leads the way bringing high-resolution video technology to ensure that you can enjoy an ultimate performance by watching stuff in Ultra High HD and Blu-ray print. PowerDVD lets you experience the next big leap in watching and listening quality with an option of HDR which enhances your movie. It also supports VR headset which enables you to get a mind-blowing experience that puts you right in the clip you are watching. PowerDVD allows you enjoy the best quality videos and clips from YouTube and save them to view them in offline mode later. Except this, there are many other features of this app which let this app stand a bit more.


23. Kodi

Kodi is a well-known production of XBMC Foundation which efficiently delivers the finest entertainment hub for digital media home theatre PCs (HTPCs). It is an award-winning utility with an open source and free cross-platform which uses a 10-foot user interface ultra-designed for the media player for the living room along with the integration of remote control. Kodi offers an intuitive and easy to use graphical user interface through which the users can easily access and browse tons of videos, podcasts, music, and photos, from a hard drive, local network, an optical disc, and the internet with extreme comfort. Its official version does not contain any content, which means you should deliver your own stuff to the remote or local storage location, Blu-Ray, or any other media carrier that you own. Some of the important facts that users used to know include that it does not supply any content or media, has no affiliation with any external add-on or plug-in, users must provide their own content, users have to install any third-party plug-ins, etc. It does not endorse the streaming of copyright-protected stuff without the permission of its official holder. So just download Kodi and enjoy.


24. Wondershare Player

Wondershare Player is great stuff that lets you play music in almost all available audio and video formats. It is an amazing player that enables you to discover online videos and recommend you the hot and most trending videos from different enterprising sites. This app enables you to view and search videos from various platforms including YouTube, HULU, and Vevo freely. If the video that you are watching online stops due to some problem that it lets you watch it later without a data plan. So it lets you watch videos later, play seamlessly between Android and some other platforms, transfer music files via Wi-Fi, and is probably one of the best video players for your mobile devices. Wondershare Player supports many video formats and Supports watching remote streaming stuff from a local server on your PC. It also provides a search function that helps you quickly search music files that you want to play.


25. MoboPlayer

The specialty of this simple yet advanced media player is that it will allow you to play your video files of any kind without converting them at all. If any video or movie is located on your PC and you have recently transferred it to the smartphone for watching there, then MoboPlayer will allow you to play the file without even converting it at all instantly. The next best thing about MoboPlayer is that it offers the playback system as well. For those smartphone users who want to play their favorite media files without compromising the quality at all. The streamlined features and functions of the MoboPlayer are support for all kind of subtitles, multi audio streaming system, support for multi subtitles, creating playlist for non-stop playing in the background, video streaming via RTSP and HTTP protocols, sorting videos by type, creating media libraries, thumbnail display of the videos and much more.


26. Video Player Ultimate

Video Player Ultimate is one of the most powerful videos player in the marketplace. It perfectly supports almost all audio and video formats. Once you copy it on your device, it automatically searches all the videos and music available, supports multilingual formats, and automatic synchronization. It uses the hardware and software decoding which makes videos smoother. It auto detects videos and audio formats easily and quickly with its smart core technology. It occupies small memory with simple operation, quick start, and smooth playback support. It offers flash formats videos, thumbnail displays of video, HD video playing memory optimization, play history list, playing gestures, connect online videos from different platforms, sleep time settings, playback speed control, and you can add subtitles files. This app lets you create a list of your favorite songs, and you can listen to them in the sequence as well as shuffling them. This app ensures the better experience for the user with its amazing and eye-catching user interface. Through Video Player Ultimate, you can easily listen to all the songs in almost all formats including FLV, MPEG, RM, MKV, RMVB, WMV, 3GP, M2TS, QuickTime, F4V, ASF, TS, HD, MOV, MPG, VOB and many others in the music library of your mobile.


27. ALLPlayer Video Player

ALLPlayer Video Player is a Multilingual multimedia player for your portable and non-portable devices. It is one of the most popular media players that allows you to watch videos in almost all available formats by using hardware and software decoding. It provides one of the best ways to watch videos and listen to music on the go. It provides hardware acceleration which can be applied to more videos with the help of new hardware decoder. It supports for open subtitles and offers a built-in subtitles downloader and offers an automatic copy or display of movie info and an advanced OSD. It supports AVI, MP4, WMV, FLV, MPEG, RM, RMVB, WMV, 3GP, MKV, M2TS, QuickTime, F4V, MOV, MPG, VOB, ASF, TS, HD and many other audio and video formats. Many of the Subtitles format support includes DVD, DVB, SSA/ASS Subtitles tracks, Substation Alpha with full styling, Sub Rip, MicroDVD, SubViewer2.0, MPL2, Power DivX, TMPlayer, etc. you can easily download this app on any of you mobile phone or another device.


28. HD Video Player

HD Video Player is a fully featured media player for Android and other devices which enable you to play videos and music in almost all formats. You can watch MP4, MWP, FLV, MPEG, MPG, AVI, m4v, F4V, TS, TP, MOV, RM, AVI, ASF, MVF, M3U and almost all of the video formats that your videos files might be. Once you install this device on your phone, it automatically detects videos that you have store on your mobile phone device and will list them in some order like alphabetically or size wise, etc. HD Video Player lets you make a list of your favorite songs in a separate list and allows to listen to what you want. It supports video playback to load the plug-in subtitles, and built-in subtitles and also supports lossless music player. HD Video Player also supports WLAN playback, direct play video and music from Wi-Fi, and streaming media playback, etc. It also provides a robust video privacy function which helps you encrypt your favorite and many more useful and amazing features.


29. Zapper

Zapper provides a real-time fast, secure and quick way of scanning barcodes and QR codes of different formats. It lets you done quick, easy and secure payments and join the merchant tribes and enjoy amazing benefits inside this app. Using this app, you can easily get free vouchers, loyalty points, split bills between family and friends, discover nearby merchants, and receive in-app promotions and messages. It is a stunning app supported and designed by leading technologies with a bulk of experience in mobile phone technology, payment processing with fraud and risk prevention. This app keeps on updating and improving the product and is expanding its functionality across other platforms. Through this app, you can enjoy the peace of mind with securely encoded card information and details. Zapper is available on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone devices. Through Zapper you can do lots of amazing stuff in a user-friendly interface. Zapper’s lets you have the best and the most worthwhile mobile payment experience app.


30. MX Player

MX Player is a widely used multifunctional media player for the Android devices that has got a lot of popularity among the Android users because of playing all kind of media files. The user interface of this media players is so enhanced awesome that you will realize as it has personalized your smartphone. The best about this powerful media player is that it is jam packed with advanced and featured rich hardware acceleration and support for the subtitles as well. The hardware acceleration system of this video player is so advanced that it allows the users to apply any kind of hardware acceleration to more videos with the assistance of new integrated Hardware and decoder. The best about MX Player is that it is capable of playing videos of all formats. Now the users of the MX Player can keep their file playing in the background as well that is not possible for most of the video players’ apps.

More About PotPlayer Daum

PotPlayer Daum is a multimedia player which enables you to use media players innovatively and simply. This app lets you download this multimedia player in both 32-bit as well as 64-bit formats, and you can easily use it over Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, XP and on some other mobile platforms. It provides an Enhanced H/W-Acceleration with a maximum of its performance with a minute resources while using CUDA, QuickSync, DXVA, and offers you get the best out of what you want. Rather than an ordinary visibility it also supports various types of 3D glasses that are the reason you can get a 3D experience anytime you want, using PotPlayer. It supports various types of output formats like side by side, page flipping, top to bottom, etc. It is a stunning multimedia player that support various subtitles formats like text subtitles, Blu-ray subtitles, DVD, SMI Ruby tags, etc. Some other advanced features include smooth video play, previewing with snapshots, overlay and Direct3D9 Ex Flip support, choose which one when you have two different sound cards, and the best among these is, it lets you bookmark your favorite scene.

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