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Poweramp Music Player is a simple yet powerful music player for the Android devices only. This application is capable of playing all kind of audio formats from old to the new one and will always ensure the uninterrupted playing of your favorite soundtrack… read more
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1. Poweramp Full Version Unlocker

Poweramp Full Version Unlocker is a dedicated application for the music lovers from where they will be able to enjoy uninterrupted music for free. But its quality is not only to offer you free music only. It is, in fact, a music player as well for the Android operating systems that feature various music controlling tools in the shape of crossfade system, the gapless playing of music, unmatched equalization system and support for almost all popular music formats. In the free version of this application, there are very limited features and functions, so it is better to get the paid version of this application that is containing all of features and functions. Once you purchase this app, you will get all the future updates for free. This simple to use music player is simply a dedicated music player that will always give you the new possible way of exploring more and more music. Its primary focus is only on one function, and that is to work as one of the best music players over the Google Play Store.


2. Stellio Music Player

With the integration of advanced music player and support of the beautifully crafted themes, Stellio Music Player is listed among those rare audio players that are containing their own designed powerful audio engine. In addition to smartphone, this audio player is fully integrated with Dropbox, VK and Android Wear devices as well so that you can enjoy the great music experience from your favorite Android devices. The powerful audio engine of this audio player is containing a lot of features and functions in the shape of crossfade playing for smooth transitions, gapless playback system, high resolution audio playback, availability of twelve bands equalizer and thirteen audio effects, support for all kind of playlist files, support for all audio formats and even rare audio formats and much more. This simple to use audio player will empower you with the system of controlling your music files and choosing the track even from other supported Android devices as well. The integration of VK and Dropbox allow the users to even play the music stored in their online accounts as well.


3. jetAudio HD Music Player

Listening and searching at once are the two main functions of this music player. It is a free and simple to explore audio player for those Android users who want to enjoy all kind of audio formats from old to new one. The quality of this music player is that it is packed with a ten bands graphic equalizer and sound effects so that you can enjoy the music as you want. Rather than your music will control you, this application will empower you with the system for getting full command and control over all of your music clips. In addition to its own designed tools and functions, jetAudio HD Music Player offers support for several other sound effects plugins as well like AM3D Audio Enhancer, Crystalizer, and few others. The quality of this audio player is that it can play almost all type of digital files stored in your system. It also offers an enormous amount of high-quality sound along with a broad range of sound effects and enhancement functions as well.


4. MAVEN Music Player

This music player is dedicated to one function only, and that is offering 3D sound quality to the smartphone users. It is time to take a music trip with one of the most advanced audio players and exploring fantastic and cool features and unmatched audio quality. Its own designed Maven 3D sound effects offer the users with the fantastic and dynamic sound effects and allow them even to enjoy the synchronized lyrics too. If you use this application for using external stereo speakers, then you will also get the virtual sound effect that will offer you the high and immersive listening environment. MAVEN Music Player is available in both free and paid version. In the free version you will be provided with some basic function, but in the pro or paid version of this application, you will enjoy a lot of features in the shape of playback speed control, lyrics synchronization, overlay control window, tag editing, music folder restriction system and much more. MAVEN Music Player is simply the best audio player for enjoying a great among of high-quality sound effects.


5. PowerAudio Music Player

Install PowerAudio Music Player and bring the new music experience to your smartphone. This music player features and easy to user interface and offer the smartphone users the best in the class and high tech audio quality. In this music player, you can browse the songs stored on your smartphone according to the playlist, artist, and albums. The unique feature of this audio player is that it contains a separate tab for all of the favorite tracks so that you can shuffle between all rather than closing one and opening a new one. In the same manner, you can add songs to your favorites as well from any tab. The main highlighted features of this music player are that it supports all leading audio formats, powerful audio equalizer, integration of audio virtualizer, equalizer with multiple presets, multi-selection option, add songs to favorites, detects the headphones, create own playlists, set phone ringtone, share media files with others, sort songs by date or name, play next option, sort songs by date added and much more. The best above all, PowerAudio Music Player is a free to use music player.


6. Denon Audio

Denon Audio is a music player and application for the music lovers that aims to offer the great listening experience to its users.  This application is specially designed for the on the go audiophile that’s why most and most music lovers like to use this music application. Denon Audio is, in fact, the pack of several tools and functions in the shape of an audio player, sound adjuster, equalizer and likewise many others. The audio player of this application is many a time best as compare to the most of the standard music player as it offers the best possible sound quality experience to the smartphone users by offering them the feature of setting music library and even enjoying the internet radio stations in case they have an internet connection. Denon Audio also offers several other functions in the shape of creating and saving custom equalizer curves, set up and save playlists, and enjoys the leading radio stations as well through the integrated TuneIn services and much more. Once you install this music player, it will replace all of the existing players installed on your smartphone.


7. DFX Music Player Enhancer Pro

The quality of this music player is that it will make your audio files sound better. Start using this application and hear the magical effects on your audio and music file. DFX Music Player Enhancer Pro is called to be listed among those few music players that are offering the real-time professional audio quality to the Android smartphone users. The technology behind this application is designed and developed by the leading producers and engineers of the Germany. Recently DFX Music Player Enhancer Pro has integrated advanced audio processing technology in its music player. The audio processing technology of this music player ensures the restoration of high frequency and smooths the encoding process and also increase the bass frequency of the audio file as well. With the usage of this music player, you will be able to enjoy audio songs without the unnatural muffled sound and limited bass response of past music players and make the equalizer adjustments without even losing or compromising on the sound quality at all.


8. Neutron Music Player

Neutron Music Player is a professional and one of the most powerful music player because of being capable In dealing with high-quality audio and music files. The quality of this music player is that it can easily deal with both 32 and 64bit audio files and offer an excellent audio rendering engine so that the users can enjoy the best possible high-class grade quality of sound while listening to their favorite tracks from their smartphones. The native core of this music player ensures the consistent behavior across all supported devices. The integration of DSP effects like surround sound, parametric equalizer, graphic equalizer, crossfader, step maker and others allow the users to tune their audio files to get the desired result. Too many options and setting tools are simply hard to find in most of the high tech music players. One of the best things about Neutron Music Player is that it is decoding and audio processing system is free from all kind of operating system support. This music player is the best option for those who value the music and want to listen in a great music environment.


9. AudioVision Music Player

AudioVision Music Player is a state of the art and modernly designed music player and music visualizer for the Android systems only. This music player can be used as a fully featured music player as well. The quality of this music player and music equalizer is that it allows its users to organize their music by genres, names, artists, albums and manage the entire playlists and perform several other functions as well. The visualization function of this application is containing a design patterns with a lot of customization possibilities as well. The playback system of this application can be controlled by using notification, widgets and from the even lock screen as well. The user interface of this music player is designed keeping in view the basic requirement of the Android smartphones. This application will never put any extra burden on the performance of your smartphone at all. The size of this application is very small. Overall, AudioVision Music Player is one of the best audio players over the Google Play Store for the best streaming experience.


10. PlayerPro Music Player Trial

This music player that is basically a trial based music player features a fast and user friendly interface along with a powerful audio playing system. PlayerPro Music Player Trial is available in both free and paid version. In the free version you will get the chance to explore all features and functions but on ten day trial period only. After getting satisfied from all of its features and functions you can then go for the paid version of this app to enjoy more and more. The distinguish quality of this music player is that it support for usage of external plugins as well like widget pack, DSP pack and skins to extend the functionalities of this music player. The streamlined features of this app are it offers a simple browsing system, video browser and player, changing the user interface of the app, customizing the layout, choosing between list and grid views, default mixable audio effects, music stats, smart playlist and much more. PlayerPro Music Player Trial is simply a one of the best music players available for the Android operating system users.


11. AnyPlayerAD

AnyPlayerAD enables its users to enjoy watching videos without any conversions of playing music, live TV, media files, DLNA, UPNP Media server streaming. This application supports subtitles and effectively supports Dropbox file upload or download feature. AnyPlayerAD bought in the market by MichealPlayer Inc. which has intuitively made an app for you where you can play music content and any movies without converting media formats. This app supports a diversity of video formats without converting media formats. This app enables its users to capture the screen shot, adjust playback, change color effect, change the aspect ratio, and so much more while the video is playing. You can also even use the full-screen mode as well as subtitle encoding setting feature. AnyPlayer AD excellently supports a number of formats including FLAC, WMA, MP4, MP3, AVI, ASF, MKV, 3GP, MOV, FLV, MP4, WMV, RM/RMVB, M2TS, MT2S, M4V, TS, MPEG, and some other. There are various other features of AnyPlayerAD app such as iPod music albums, live TV streaming, PDF reader, TV-out support, and various others. So just download AnyPlayerAD app in your mobile phone, and enjoy the marvelous features in the way you love.


12. BlackPlayer Music Player

BlackPlayer Music Player is a free to enjoy music player packed in elegant design along with music adjusting tools and playing modes. This audio player extends its support for both local and online music files. Whatever format of the music file is there stored in your smartphone, BlackPlayer Music Player is capable of playing all. For the information of the readers BlackPlayer Music Player comes in ready to play format, but still, you can make the adjustments by using the integrated 3D surround virtualizer, using either internal or external equalizer and bass boost. The main features of this audio player are that it offers the gapless playback, offers edit and view embedded lyrics, HD album cover management, auto and manual cover management, ID3 tag editor to edit artists, albums and tracks, changeable themes, fonts and colors to adjust the overall interface according to the style of your Android phone and much more. All of the functions and features being offered by this audio player are unlimited and without any restriction at all, however, for the crossfading it is offering very limited support.


13. n7player Music Player

n7player Music Player is one of the most advanced, unique and intuitive audio players for both Android smartphones and tablet. It is offering the simple yet innovative way to browse music on your smartphones and tablets. One of the best things about this audio player is that it offers the most advanced features and functions to its users in the most user-friendly interface. Just install this music player, and it will offer you an entirely new approach to browse and listen to music stored on your tablet or smartphone. The main reason behind using n7player Music Player is the possibilities that it is offering to its users and satisfying their needs. Check out what you will get when you start using this audio player: playing everything in all formats, playlist management system, unique design, user-friendly interface, cover art downloader, audio improvement tools to enhance the sound quality and much more features in the shape of organizing the music files and even playlists. This music player will simply enrich your sound files.


14. ArmAmp Music Player

ArmAmp Music Player once available for the desktop PCs only but now available for the Android smartphones and tablets as well. Don’t confuse this music player with the other music and media players like VLN Media Player, GOM Media Player or likewise other music players’ applications that offer only one system of playing tracks only. ArmAmp Music Player is an advanced type of music player containing an enormous amount of features and functions in the shape of various music setting options. One of the biggest advantages of this music player is that it allows the users to launch even radio streaming directly from their favorite mobile web browsers. This music player also allows its users to get the advanced playback control that is even hard to find in the desktop music players as well. In this music player, you will get the same amount of frequency and equalizer that is usually found in the leading desktop-based music player. The free version of this player is ad-supported while the paid version is free from all kind of distractions.


15. Free Mp3 Stream

Free Mp3 Stream is another excellent tool which lets you listen to your choice of audio in an ultimate way, and you can even manage everything regarding your music playlist in the way like never before. Free Mp3 Stream Manager & Music Player is a fine product of Splash Gene Inc. which enables you to enjoy music in the way you love. It enables everyone to discover, music, search and manage music directly on the SoundCloud. This app lets you search, collect and enjoy your favorite music while on the move right using your mobile phones. It lets everyone to create custom music folders, and you can easily search by song size, name, and date, etc. You can enjoy the smart and classy playlists same as iPod and listen to your favorite songs with simple swipes. Free Mp3 Stream Manager & Music Player lets you shuffle and repeat songs as you want and it also plays the songs in the background and uses other apps. So just download Free Mp3 Stream Manager & Music Player app in your cell phone, and enjoy searching and collecting your favorite music for SoundCloud into your smartphone, anywhere, anytime or all the time.


16. Pulsar Music Player

Pulsar Music Player is a material design containing music player for the Android users only. It is containing an animated designed interface so you would like to play your favorite music tracks with the usage of this simple music player. This fully featured music player is containing the enormous amount of features and functions in the shape of material design, artwork downloading, intuitive interface for managing even entire playlist, availability of multiple color themes, five band equalizers with all settings and much more. The Android users like to call it the standalone music and audio player because it assist them in managing their music and offers them all those features and functions that they need to manage every section of their music. It allows them to browse music according to artist, genre and folder. It offers them rich equalizer settings and gapless playing all the time. Pulsar Music Player permits its users to create even playback widget on the home screen as well. The music searching system of this application allows the users to even search the designed media files from the local storage of their smartphones in a fast and intuitive way.


17. PlayerPro for Android

With the millions of users across the globe, PlayerPro for Android is the ultimate music player for the Android devices. The distinguishing quality of this music player is that it will allow you always to enjoy the organized music and browse the media library by genres, artists, albums, folders, songs, and videos. This audio player will make you able to create playlists that are based on the broad range of selection criteria like last played clip, last added clip, tack according to rating, plays count and much more. The filter, search and sorting function of this audio player will allow you to sort the library to find the songs you are searching for. The powerful and integrated tag editor of this audio player will allow you always to correct mislabeled tracks. Simply install this application and experience visual browsing by navigating through artists and albums in either list or grid view. You can also add artist photos, album artwork and genre illustration to your music collection as well. PlayerPro for Android is simply the best in the class music enjoying the application.


18. Audio Glow Music Visualizer

This music player and visualizer bring to the smartphone users all of the music to the smartphone screen in an explosion of bright colors. This simple to use music player will let you visualize the all of the music or sound stored on your smartphone. The offers being made by the Audio Glow Music Visualizer are dramatically displaying the track name and artist name, enjoy extensive color and shape options to tweak the music files, save the settings, use the tasker to customize the playlists, shortcut button to link the favorite tracks and integrated music playing and controlling options. Although this music player contains a lot of features and functions, still it is not a perfect for the Samsung smartphones. The other Android smartphone users can use this application without restrictions and limitations at all. Audio Glow Music Visualizer is simply one of the best music and audio players available over the Google Play Store for the Android operating systems.


19. EZMP3 Player

EZMP3 Player is an elegant application through which you can enjoy playing mp3 as well as mp4 songs over your mobile device having a lot of significant features. EZMP3 Player is a fine application introduced by yTechMobile Inc. through which you can directly add your music files, and there is no need for iTunes sync. You can effortlessly use beep sounds effects and some unique features including in-app deleting etc. when operate using remote control. This app carries an engaging display interface, and you can enjoy watching your song progress while listening to it right on your mobile phone. This application carries unlock screen display, support lyrics display, and enables you to transfer files through Wi-Fi. EZMP3 Player features copy function of music files, no need of syncing to iTunes, file transfer through USB and Wi-Fi, direct management of folders, support of id3 tags, multitasking support, and intuitively support all languages such encoding of is3 tags. This application also provides the exact bitrate display if each of your mp3 and mp4 files. Other than these, EZMP3 Player also brings some special features by pressing the buttons particularly. So just download EZMP3 Player, and enjoy playing your mp3 and mp4 files right using this app.


20. Rocket Player

Rocket Player is a widely used application that lets you enjoy music with the best music player. This app was the finest production of JRT Studio Music Apps that also brings a number of famous music apps for its worldwide users. Rocket Player : Music Player lets you search and enjoy any of your favourite stuff for free. You can also enjoy its playlist creation feature through which you can add any of your favourite music to your library. It efficiently displays songs by the album, song, album artist, playlists, composer, producer, genre, and artist. It lets you have music fun with 5 band equalizer, equalizer presets, material design, more than 30 themes, album art management, tag editing, downloading and displaying lyrics of your beloved song, custom lock screen, batch selection, playlist management, sleep timer, and many more. Rocket Player: Music Player provides a number of amazing features for its users to enjoy music to the ultimate level. Other than these, you can also enjoy its M3U, PLB, M3U8, playlist support, podcast manager, scrolling support, download and embed lyrics, a number of supported formats, and many more.


21. Music Player

Music Player is a robust and simple to use mp3 music and another audio music player with robust equalizer, custom backgrounds, and provides an amazing experience. Music Player is a well-known product of Zentertain Inc. which enables you to enjoy your music at the ultimate intensity. This app enables everyone to enjoy listening to their most favourite songs in the way they want. Music Player features quick searching, play music by title, songs, album or artist, playlist support, albums, party shuffle, easy navigation, notification control, play queue, and so much more. You can get intuitive albums, artists, and folders of your music and this app effortlessly guides you discover all the music files in seconds. Music Player brings an extremely talented equalizer through which you can enjoy your music in the type of sound that you want. It is a powerful music media player through which you can play all your audio through its support of all the most popular music file formats. You can instantly search for your required music file in the list with ease and listen to any type without long and irritating scrolling for looking for particular songs. So just download Music Player in your cell phone, and enjoy your music in an ultimate professional way.


22. Musixmatch

Musixmatch is another tremendously used music app which enables you to enjoy your favorite music with the support of lyrics, and you can intuitively learn a language with translated lyrics. Musixmatch – Lyrics for your music is a famous application introduced by Musixmatch Inc. which enables everyone to stream their favorite music along with the lyrics of that songs right on your cell phone screens. It brings one of the most gigantic collecting of song’s lyrics used by billions of people to instantly get synchronized lyrics for a lot of music providing services. Musixmatch – Lyrics for your music enables everyone to enjoy music with lyrics from the Youtube, Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Play Music, Pandora, Apple Music, and any of your most favorite music services. This application enables you to tap on the notification to display the floating lyrics widget and get the current tracks lyrics. Musixmatch app lets you use it to get the translation of any of your required songs as well. This excellent music player carries all the necessary features that an ordinary music player contains. So just download Musixmatch – Lyrics for your music app on your phone, and understand each and everything that a singer sings in their songs.


23. Star Music Player

Star Music Player carries a number of exquisite features which helps you enjoy listening to your favourite music in a classy way. Star Music Player is a fine application introduced by Star Music Studio Inc. which brings almost all the necessary features for listening to music intuitively. This app features a gorgeous, high-quality bass booster and equalizer through which you can easily manage the intensity at 60 Hz, 230 Hz, 910 Hz, 14.0 KHz, and 3.6 Hz levels. Apart from turning the bass booster and 3D sounding effects on and off, you can also adjust the level of these factors at your most likely level. You can intuitively manage songs in multiple playlists and enjoy them whenever you want. This application allows you to listen to audio files in the queue, play single songs, and even enjoy song shuffling as well. It also carries lock screen widget, calendar support, light and dark theme, music video, multiple play mode, slide tab and slide album, Bluetooth support, folder song list, favorite support, intuitive music search, and lot more. SO just download Star Music Player app in your phone, and enjoy its entire features for free.


24. Audio Player with Sound Changer

Audio Player with Sound Changer is another elegantly used application which enables its users to enjoy audio player and manage things to listen to it in the way they want. Music Player – Audio Player with Sound Changer is a very famous app introduced by KAUCAPP – Free Music & Video Apps. This application combines the built-in sound effects to your musical experience and lets you enjoy your most likely songs by managing the intensity of music in the way you want. It features high-quality MP3 Player, more than 10 page switching effects, lyrics support, easy to play songs, headset control, set sleep timing, lock screen display, drag to sort playlist, edit the song details, home screen widget, and so much more. This app brings a powerful and professional equalizer which effectively can fulfil all your musical needs. You can easily change the speed as well as the pitch of your audio and songs while listening to your modified music. Music Player – Audio Player with Sound Changer also carries an intelligent sound changer through which you can manually manage the pitch of songs that you are listening. You can easily download Music Player – Audio Player with Sound Changer app from the stores, and enjoy music intuitively.


25. Music Player by Silvereon

Music Player by Silvereon enables its users to enjoy listening to your favorite songs in an elegant way. Music Player by Silvereon comes with an intuitive user interface through which you can access all your music collections on your mobile device instantly. It carries significant features through which you can manage and maintain everything regarding music songs. It carries an excellent equalizer which helps you control the intensity of music in the way you want. Music Player by Silvereon helps you manage playlists intuitively and enjoy instant music searching to get any song anytime you want. It enables you to browse as well as play your music collection by artists, genres, songs, folder, and artists, etc. It features creating and editing playlists, sleep timer, quick music search, ringtone cutter, home screen widget, control your music with buttons over the headset, customizable themes, share music files via various platforms, and much more. Music Player by Silvereon carries almost 5 band equalizer with bass boost, virtualizer, 3D reverb effects, and more than 10 awesome presets. It enables you to have simple swipes to change songs in play screen. So just download Music Player by Silvereon app in your phone, and enjoy all its powerful features for free.


26. Music Player – Colorful Themes & Equalizer

Music Player – Colorful Themes & Equalizer is an intuitive app through which you can stream music ultimately, introduced by Kaucapp Inc. Music Player helps you browse as well as play music present on your mobile phone. It is a fine music player with gorgeous playback, a powerful equalizer, and local music search. It can automatically add all the local music files and songs files from your SD card and phone memory through its auto-scan and feature of importing songs. You can easily play and browse music by playlists, artists, albums, folders, artists, recently added, and favorites, etc. It also carries some abundant features including lyric support, desktop widget, music lock screen, magic playing bar, sleep timer, tag editor support, shuffle and repeat mode, play songs by folder, magic playing bar, and more. This app enables everyone to have a powerful local music search engine for searching the local music by artists, songs, and albums. You can also get almost 5 bands graphical equalizer with presets including Classical, Folk, Flat, Heavy Metal, Hip Hop, Jazz, Normal, Rock, Dance, Bass Booster, and Virtualizer to enjoy your music in an efficient way. So just download Music Player – Colorful Themes & Equalizer and enjoy a stable, stylish, fast, efficient, and intuitive design which helps you enjoy managing music files ultimately.


27. 3D Surround Music Player

3D Surround Music Player lets you play music with exceptional sound clarity and provides you the best music experience. This application was introduced by Tamal Basak Inc. which carries so many interesting things to enjoy with music. It brings powerful sound effects through which you can listen to your songs with the intensity of music that you want. You can professionally control the ambient noise isolation and hear more outside or less. This app brings so many interesting features for letting you have more of what you want for your music collection. 3D Surround Music Player app brings a collection of 10 band equalizer and dynamic bass boost treble boost, and you can intuitively adjust the speaker position and move the 3D sounded speakers according to your preferences. It carries an intelligent music library where you can get albums, artists, music, tracks, genre, composer, year, folder, and browser, etc. 3D Music Player app allows you to play, delete, add to queue, add to favorites, and add your songs to playlist with a single click. So just download 3D Surround Music Player app in your phone, and enjoy listening to your favorite music on the move.


28. Samsung Music

Samsung Music is efficiently optimized for Samsung devices and gives a robust music playing functionality and the best user interface. Samsung Music is tremendously used app introduced by Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd, which enables its users to enjoy playing your favorite songs elegantly. This application supports playback of a lot of sound formats such as FLAC, AAC, WMA, MP3, and various others. You can effectively manage all your songs lists by categories including composer, genre, folder, singer, artist, track, and more. Samsung Music carries an intuitive and clean interface through which you can enjoy music in the way you want. This application also lets you perform several actions over your mobile phone. Samsung Music enables everyone to edit, delete, modify, and write songs to SD card and even allows the player to read data from SD card as well. You can create playlists of your favorite singers as well as songs and listen to them in a queue, shuffle them, and even repeat one song accordingly. It also carries all the controls buttons including play, pause, volume, up, volume down, previous, etc. So just download Samsung Music app on your phone, and enjoy a new experience that can effortlessly interact with Samsung smart devices including TV, Tablet, Wearable, and more.


29. Music Player S9

Music Player S9 is one of the most elegant apps introduced by Musicaly Inc. which enables you to enjoy music as you would have in your S9 plus. Music Player S9 – Mp3 Player for S9 Galaxy app enables its users to get the completely free music player and includes beautifully presented material design, smart playlists, gapless playback, tag editing, and more. It intuitively supports all popular music type and brings a powerful music equalizer for Samsung music. This application also lets you have the lyrics of your songs, and it also support to edit songs details such as playlist, artist, albums, and more. Music Player S9 app enables you to get consistently updating themes library which let you have different styles of themes. You can also get a sleep timer through which it can turn the music off automatically when the time that you set is achieved. Music Player S9 – Mp3 Player for S9 Galaxy application enables you to get lots of music themes so that you can have a new experience every day you use this music player. So just download Music Player S9 – Mp3 Player for S9 Galaxy app in your phone and enjoy all its classy features for free.


30. LiquidPlayer

LiquidPlayer is a music player which enables you to get the powerful equalizer and so much more to enjoy music in a more professional way. LiquidPlayer – music, equalizer, mp3, radio, and 3D brings in the market by MicroBuilderz Inc. which enables everyone to have a stylish music player in their phones just to listen to their favorite songs intuitively. It is designed professionally to match all the material style and support almost all musical formats. This application ensures high-performance music playing capabilities so that you can enjoy music in the best possible way. It allows you to adjust the quality of the audio with its own crafted equalizer, treble effect, bass booster, virtualization, as well as hall and reverb ones. You can mix your mp3 and couple it with its dynamic volume control. LiquidPlayer – music, equalizer, mp3, radio, and 3D support m3, wav, aac+, aac, ogg, acc64, PCM, and many other file formats. Other than these, Liquid Player app also features Chromecast-enabled, plays and record live streams, multi-lingual support, mixing mode with the customizable timing of mixing, and more. LiquidPlayer also lets you have 5 bands equalizers and almost 10 presets. So just download LiquidPlayer – music, equalizer, mp3, radio, and 3D app and listen to the music in the most flamboyant way.


31. Musicana Music Player

Musicana Music Player is another classy application which comes with the most advanced offline music streaming and music player features present in the market. Musicana Music Player is an ads-free, innovative app with more than 5 band equalizers, online music streaming, song recognition, intuitive lyrics finder, and much more features through which you can enjoy listening to your favorite stuff in the way you want. It supports online lyrics support and online music library with manual advanced lyrics search and with the latest songs from all over the world consecutively. It has also solved the mysteries of finding songs from your music library and also supports real-time audio fingerprinting to identify music with single taps. Other than these, Musicana Music Player also carries adaptive widgets, cool animations, browse your songs by folder, easy tap editing, 4 cool playing screens, drag and drop support, pull-up navigation, and much more. Through its multi-select feature, you can effortlessly delete, queue, and play songs. It also supports headset controls, sleep timer, auto-download, high-resolution album, folder blacklisting, and more. So just download Musicana Music Player app in your phone, and enjoy everything you ever wanted in a music player.


32. MonkeyMote

MonkeyMote provides you with the capacities of full-fledged wireless remote control for your Android, iOS, and other cell phone. MonkeyMote Music Remote Lite entirely supports the popular foobar2000, Winamp, AIMP 2 & 3, JRiver Media Center, MediaMonkey, and other media players, bought in the market by Obsidium software Inc. It intuitively connects to media plate running on your Windows PC through your Wi-Fi network and enables you to view information about the currently playing tracks and control every significant playback feature. This application enables you to enjoy playback control and display songs cover art and information. You can easily manage, view, and control the current playlists and enjoy things in the way you want. It allows you to browse and search your entire media as well as queue songs. Other than these, MonkeyMote Music Remote Lite app enables you to view and set multiple connection profiles, view and set song ratings, small, low or fast resources usage, easy to set up the process, minimal permissions, load playlists from the library, and more. You can effortlessly download MonkeyMote Music Remote Lite from the stores, and enjoy music ultimately.


33. Meridian Player

Meridian Player is a tremendously used video and music player with customizable space and brings a massive number of features. Meridian Player bought in the market by Sais Workshop Inc. which enables everyone to have advanced media folder settings and convenience control gestures. This app enables everyone to set excluding and including folders in almost any depth. It enables music tag editing in mp3, Ogg, audio, mp4, FLAC, and also brings .srt subtitle support. Users can also get song eating and easily customize with PC in the pro version of this app. Meridian Player enables you to play video as music for your music videos and carries toolkit to rescan SD card and clean the media database. Apart from these, this excellent media player also enables folder browsing and index browsing, customizable tabs, extreme level tag editing, and various other features. Rather than simple and multiple playlists, Meridian Player can also handle music, videos, and their mixture as well. You can easily download the Meridian Player app in your mobile phone right from the store, and enjoy it in the way you want.


34. Galaxy Note 9 Music Player

Galaxy Note 9 Music Player carries a new music interface which enables you to enjoy music elegantly. Galaxy Note 9 Music Player app was introduced by Galaxy Mobile Inc. which has introduced a modern app with the perfect equalizer and elegantly support all audio and music file formats. It is one of the best default local music player, and free music player for your mobile devices. This application brings an elegant music equalizer with volume booster and bass booster to get the best sound for your music and songs. It is fully customizable from all audio properties such as Samsung music on Galaxy Note 9. Galaxy Note 9 Music Player presents all songs in a divided manner, and the division takes place along the dimensions of the artist, folder, genre, music, playlist, album, tracks, edge music, and lot more. You can add your favorite songs to the playlist and then listen to them whenever you want. This music streaming app enables its users to get powerful 5 band equalizer, carries 10 presets, set ringtones from the app, intuitive support for music formats, headset and Bluetooth controls, intuitive scanning of audio files, and lot more.


35. Music Player for Galaxy

Music Player for Galaxy is available in the market for letting your replace your boring and the default music players of your phones. Music Player for Galaxy S9 Plus, Galaxy Note 9 app bought in the market by SS Music Player – Galaxy Theme. This app carries almost 5 band equalizers and pre-set styles of music tons of your choice including normal, classic, dance, folk, heavy, pop, rock, hip-hop, and more. It is a classy choice of music player for people who are using mobile phone such as Galaxy S9 Plus, Galaxy Note 9 etc. It carries a professional equalizer through which you can manage the level of pitch or the genre of music in the way you want. Through its clean and elegant user interface, people can enjoy managing their songs and get effective searching of any of their desired songs with ease and so much convenience. Music Player for Galaxy S9 Plus, Galaxy Note 9 intuitively supports almost all the music formats including FLAC, Vorbis, Mp3, Opus, PCM, Wave, Amr or NB, AAC, AMR or WB, MIDI, lossless, and more. You can easily download Music Player for Galaxy S9 Plus, Galaxy Note 9 app in your phone to enjoy its whole set of features without any cost.


36. iPlay Music

iPlay Music lets you listen to your favorite songs with the most beautiful and user-friendly music player. iPlay Music – Swipe Music Player, Quick Mp3 Player is a classy application introduced by iKame Application Inc. which brings one of the faster, handy, simple, and very easy to play music over your mobile devices. It brings a beautiful electro interface, which allows you to get the best music player with various outstanding features. It brings a brand new music experience for everyone and carries a tool called swipe with simple control. iPlay Music – Swipe Music Player, Quick Mp3 Player, enables you to transfer songs, play music, select songs, and a diversity of features without having to open the app. It allows you to listen to free music anywhere, anytime with this smart mp3 player. Apart from these, it also lets you have the most intuitive visualizer effect and variety of themes store with many genres, and get the sleep timer as well. So just download iPlay Music – Swipe Music Player, Quick Mp3 Player app in your mobile phones and enjoy one of the best music experience on your cell phone.


37. umusio

umusio enables its users to enjoy a classy music player for video, mp3, and FM in this one shop stop. Umusio – you music manor is an app that enables you to listen to FM, MP3, and video to watch music videos unlimitedly. This application enables you to get the hottest new albums from all your favourite artists and enjoy anytime you want. You can catch all the hottest and the newest songs, personalized playlists, global music ranking, search your favourites in the search bar, and so much more. You can intuitively create playlists and collection the music that you love. It enables its users to log in with the Twitter, Line, Google, FB, and more, and you can share music over almost all social media platforms. This application helps you create a personal exclusive playlist and add your desired number of songs in them. Umusio – you music manor enables you to post a comment on the song after login to this app. You can even set turn-off time of the music player when you want your music to stop. So just download Umusio – you music manor app to create and manage playlists to collect your favourite music and listen what the world is listening.


38. Bass Booster & EQ Music Player

As the name showing, this music and audio player is containing two basic playing functions as bass booster and equalizer. Bass Booster & EQ Music Player is a free to use media player and audio player for the smartphones. Its simple music controlling and sound adjusting functions will empower you to show all of the available tracks according to genre, playlist, artists, albums and even the music folder structure as well. With the usage of this application you can even access the entire music library right from this application. Bass Booster & EQ Music Player will give you the chance to enhance your music listening experience because of its simple and user friendly interface. The best about Bass Booster & EQ Music Player is that it will give you the free command and control over your listening style. Among a lot of features and functions the main function of this media player is that it also make it possible for its users to edit, mix and even customize the sound of their favorite tracks to ensure the optimal music experience.


39. Pi Music Player

If you are looking for an audio player offering you a great music experience, then Pi Music Player is an application offering the smartphone users with the best musical experience. This stunning music player that is crafted with a material design that will suit the style of your smartphone. Pi Music Player is packed with extraordinary features like integrated equalizer that add great value to the music hearing experience of the music lovers. This intuitive, user-friendly and attractive music player is combined with clean and crisp layouts and will always give you the simple to use functions. With the usage of this application, you will also be able to easily browse across all of the music files stored in the local storage of your smartphone. The latest version of Pi Music Player now features a music sharing features as well that lets the users share their most liked tracked with other users as well. They can even share the entire playlist as well. By using this advanced audio player, you can play all kind of audio files for free.


40. PlayerXtreme Media Player

PlayerXtreme Media Player is a widely used application for listening to songs, watching movies, and enjoy things on the move. PlayerXtreme Media Player – Movies & streaming bought in the market by Xtreme Media Works which brings an all in one app for playing, watching, and streaming their favorite content whenever you want. You can play your favorite music without any conversions and enjoy instant playback with this free to use app. This application enables everyone to watch their favorite movies in the best possible or probably the HD video playback without any conversion. PlayerXtreme Media Player – Movies & streaming intuitively supports all types of media files such as hi-fi music, and some video formats including WMV, AVI, MP4, MKV, MOV, and almost 40 others. It efficiently supports 3gp, asf, m2p, m2ts, m2v, DivX, dv, dat, m4v, mkv, moov, mov, mp4, mpeg, mpeg4, mpeg3, mpeg2, mpeg1, avi, flv, gxf, mpg, mt2s, ts, mxf, ogm, ogv, rm, rmvb, webm, wm, and wmv formats. So just download PlayerXtreme Media Player – Movies & streaming app in your mobile phone and get one of the most popular audio player, video player, online video streaming player, and a movie player available in the store.


41. iSub Music Streamer

iSub Music Streamer is probably one of the classiest application that enables you to stream your personal music collection from your home PC directly to your iPod, iPhone, iPod Touch, regardless of format and size. iSub Music Streamer bought in the market by Benjamin Baron Inc. which helps you listen to music in a unique way. It is an incredible software program that enables you to stream all of that music from your home computer directly to your iPhone. You can stream your music from any Subsonic compatible server including FutureSonic, Madsonic, and Subsonic, etc. It enables you to browse, search, and edit your playlist right from your mobile device, view your latest additions, shuffles albums and songs, and far more things to enjoy. iSub Music Streamer makes it easy to navigate, and this app streams directly from your home commuter right to your mobile device. It helps you play any sort of music, chat with others on the server, saves bookmarks, instant access to playlist, airplay support, search your server, quick start guide, selections complete with albums, and so much more. You can intuitively download iSub Music Streamer app from the store and customize your music listening experience in an ultimate way.


42. Equalizer+

Equalizer+ is a music player plus music booster for the Android and iOS mobile operating systems. This music player offers the brilliant and HD sound quality to its users. In case your existing music player is not offering you great sound quality then you need a music player with a lot of equalizing and sound effect features. Here comes the need of Equalizer+ that allows its users to improve the music of their audio files for free. The quality of this free music player is that it smoothes the transitions between the available tracks. Being a quality focused music player, Equalizer+ offers a user-friendly and beautiful interface to its users so that they can enjoy the unique music moments all the time. It offers an enormous amount of settings to its users in the shape of mixing, editing and customizing the sound of the tracks. Equalizer+ is not a player only rather it is more than just a player because it offers those functions as well that are being offered by the standard music players.

More About Poweramp Music Player

Poweramp Music Player is a simple yet powerful music player for the Android devices only. This application is capable of playing all kind of audio formats from old to the new one and will always ensure the uninterrupted playing of your favorite soundtrack. This music player features a ten band that are optimized for the graphical equalizer and is supported for all kind of presets, formats and even custom and presets as well. The availability of separate bass and treble adjustment will give you the option to customize the sound quality as per your requirement. The key features of this music player are gapless music playing, stereo expansion, music balancing, mono mixing, embed and standalone support for the .cue files, OpenGL based cover art animation, album art downloading, configurable lock screen system, tag editor and much more. Poweramp Music Player is available in two version namely Poweramp Music Player Free and Poweramp Music Player Paid version. The free version is based on fifteen days trial period and in Poweramp Music Player Paid version you will get instant access to all of playing features and functions.