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Pulse SMS is a powerful and extremely beautiful MMS and SMS application that helps you have an entirely new level of mobile messaging and chatting experience. It is a beautiful messaging client which is available in dark and night mode. You can professionally apply custom themes to individual conversations… read more
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21 Apps Like Pulse SMS


Android Message

Android Message is an amazing way to send or receive SMS message and is developed by the great Google LLC. It is a widely used Android application which has made it handy and easy to communicate with each other by using MMS, SMS, and more.

Apple Message

Apple Message is a reliable conversation app for Android users which comprises some iPhone like approach and more creativity. It is an ultimate application introduced by Arvin Jayanake that enables free chatting with other Android phone holders.

Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS is a remarkable application through which users from all over the world can do better, simple, smooth, and well-protected conversations with their friends and family members. It brings the messaging approach with some enhanced features through which users can not only carry their chatting experience to an ultimate level but also can make effective conversation with their beloved ones.

Handcent Next SMS

Handcent Next SMS is a fine tool for making effective and fully features conversations with its material design and flexible working criteria. Handcent is a great application for making an immersive experience which enables the next generation of texting.

Mood Messenger

Mood Messenger is an extremely amazing messaging client with a number of amazing features and ultimate level customisation of stuff for ensuring a fully-featured, compatible, and an awesome experience. It is the most beautiful and colourful messaging application that not only brings users experience to the extreme level but also never let them bore for a second due to its imaginative and cheerful interface.

Swifto SMS

Swifto SMS is another stunning messaging application that helps you manage your messaging to the upper level with ease and joy. It is developed by Free Codextry App. It is a fast, and reliable app that delivers a series of useful, attractive features.


QKSMS is a magical messaging application that brings intuitive features for making awesome conversation between family members, friends, and more. It brings an ultimate responsive and material design to the stale state of chatting and text massaging.

Textra SMS

Textra SMS is a lightweight, super-fast, and highly customizable app that helps you experience an ultimate messaging utility. It is an outstanding application that helps you experience a bunch of awesome features.


YAATA SMS is another messaging client that helps its users to enjoy ultimate messaging and chatting experience. It brings some marvellous features that help you personalize and configure this application to your desired definition.


EvolveSMS is a great messaging application and one of the best replacement of your ordinary and boring texting application that not only let you chat flawlessly but also allows you to have pretty unique chatting experience.


GO SMS Pro is another GOMO Apps production that helps its users to enjoy communication having tons of amazing features. It is a choice of nearly 100 million individuals from all over the world and is keep on increasing its charm.


ZERO SMS is another GOMO product that helps you enjoy the smallest, powerful, fastest, more protected, and elegant app for best SMS and MMS experience. It is a smaller message app on the Google Play that efficiently replaced your default SMS and MMS app.

Viber Messenger

Viber Messenger is an extremely well-known and widely used pack of way many interesting applications through which users from all over the world can enjoy not only free messaging but also make free calls to their beloved ones.

Google Allo

Google Allo is another amazing utility for getting an awesome messaging and chatting experience, introduced by Google LLC. It is a smart messaging application which lets you say precisely, securely, and smartly.

messaging – SMS

messaging – SMS is a great SMS and MMS messaging application that helps its users to enjoy chatting and messaging with a bundle of awesome features. It is the simplest yet attractive application that has almost full features and functions that a traditional messaging application could have.


Messages are widely used application that helps its users to have a refreshingly beautiful and responsive material design through which you can have a superb chatting experience. In the most selfish world of SMS and MMS applications cluttered with ads and bloat, Messages is something new in the market to get excited about.

Messenger for SMS

Messenger for SMS is a great app to bring more charm and liveliness to the next level by replacing your ordinary and boring messaging applications with this exquisite app. It is a great messaging and calling app by SMS and MMS Team that helps you better communicate with your friends and family members with a variety of chatting functions.


Flipsi is an Infinite Semantic production that lets you manage all your messages in social media networks on the single screen. It brings a damn interactive and new design that helps you to manage stuff more easily.

Material Messaging

Material Messaging is a fine and a newly developed application that helps you communicate with your friends and family members in a new way. It is a Noah Seidman production that helps you make gorgeous communications with your beloved ones.


mysms SMS Text Messaging Sync is a great application provides some amazing features that help you make SMS messages from any device. Using this app, you don’t have to restrict just on your mobile phone but also makes it so handy to send and receive messages from your personal computer, Tablet, laptop or any other device.


Twinme is an awesome product of Twinlife that helps its users to bring their mobile phone chatting experience to the extreme secure level. It is an awesome app for getting your private relationships more secure and protected from others.

More About Pulse SMS

Pulse SMS is a powerful and extremely beautiful MMS and SMS application that helps you have an entirely new level of mobile messaging and chatting experience. It is a beautiful messaging client which is available in dark and night mode. You can professionally apply custom themes to individual conversations. Pulse SMS (Phone/Tablet/Web) is packeted with some gorgeous features and allows you enjoy messaging on all devices. It has an ultimate app design, functionally, features, deep integration, and speed than any other app holds. You just have to create an account through the phone app, and you will have instant access to your messages across all of your devices. Some of its core features include sleek design, fluid animations, sharing of GIFs, Endless per and global conversation theme options, powerful searching through messaging, automatic message backup, preview web links, delayed sending, dual sim support, blacklist pesky spammers, and more. It is also available in some attractive purchase options with monthly, three months, yearly and a one-time purchase. Just download Pulse SMS (Phone/Tablet/Web) and have the extreme fun of chatting with your beloved buddies.