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Pure is an on-demand app for dating and chatting for hook up. It is an app where you can find people who are much similar in taste with you. You will get a lot of new things over here. Through this app, you can find friends around you and from all around the world… read more
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27 Apps Like Pure for iOS


1. Tastebuds

Tastebuds is a pretty strange and unique dating app that is specially built for individuals who love to listen and share music. There are a huge number of the features of Tastebuds that enables its users seek the best music that they love and start chatting with the persons having the same music taste. This music dating app is one of the widely used music dating site that enables its users to enjoy the beat of music and a company of an individual having the same music sense. It contains a huge amount of music lovers from all over the world that love listening music. It is great for making some new friends, find dating, and the concert lover buddies. It is an entirely free dating site that enables its users to chat flawlessly, browse the music that you love, and share music to break the ice. It lets you meet with people who share the same music taste along with an extremely secure and protected atmosphere. It lets you meet the same music lover near you, matches with people who have the same music taste, chats, and share songs for free, and add your favorite ones for the better customization of your match.


2. Hinge

Hinge is a sort of social media platform for that person who does not want to tell their future children and friends that they were met on Tinder or some other dating app. Hinge allows real peoples who are seeking for their life partners and real time relations apart from sexual activities or one night stand. It lets its users find people in the nearby areas and instead of matched with strangers it also matches its users with friends of friends. So using this platform, you literally lie and pretend like you met your better half or some girlfriend at their last birthday party or some trip. Hinge is a very interactive platform for making real-time boyfriends as well as girlfriends for a long time relation. Its basic purpose was to make perfect couples online and have the same scenario of a match like of someone like you, and you also like that body then it becomes a match of yours, and then the chat begins. Hence it is a very interactive platform which can be used on Mobile, Table and computer devices.


3. I Like You

I Like You is one of the leading platforms overt the internet for social communication and chatting purpose. This application offers the people across the globe to meet with new men and women each time they will visit this application. For those alone, single and even other kind of people who are interested in chatting and talking with strange people living nearby them or in other parts of the world will surely like this application. The best about this application is that it offers lot of possibilities to its users like meeting, chatting and dating. It is up to the user whether he likes to keep the relationship straightforward or more social; I Like You will offer the all possibilities. Millions of people are already the part of this chatting and dating application. If you are looking for a person like you for the purpose of either dating or chatting then you are at right place because I Like You is the platform of those thousands of active men and women who like to do chatting around the clock.


4. Hook Up Tinder

Hook Up Tinder is a very extensively used website for a casual hook up. It was a dating app for social introverts to meet their significant other. But now it is a website for discovering an insignificant one-night stand whether you are gay, straight, gender-fluid, or bi-transgender. It is a widely used mobile dating app from all across the world. It also has an impact on culture and language with keys like Swipe Left for the emergencies of Tinderellas and Tinderfellas and for having a new meaning. It is a mate finder platform for single persons, and users can use it on their computer and their mobiles as well. Tinder is a remarkable website for online dating and chatting with people from almost all around the world. Tinder gives a popular way to meet new individual, get them on a date and perhaps enjoy some late nights with a decent, friendly soul. It has become so popular for last few months and offers some great ways for making friends. It is a fantastic platform for the persons looking for a boy or a girl for making friendship and relationships. Hence it provides the in-obtrusive, fast, and easy way of meeting new people whether lived near and far from you. You can make friend using Tinder from all around the world.


5. Bumble

Bumble is a new way to enter into the world of chatting and dating. The best about this dating application is that it displays the people you want to see and make you able to connect by a mutual option in by swiping right. This application eliminates that level of awkwardness after a connection is a made and sets the stage for how the conversation begin. The way of working of Bumble is very easy and simple. After two people mutually opt to connect with each other by swiping right they are added to each other’s hive of connections. The rules of interacting are very interesting here. The woman will make the first move and if she doesn’t say something to a new connection with a day, that connection disappears forever. Point to remember here is that as a man you can’t start a conversation with the female users but you can show special interest in a match by extending just one per day to remain in queue for an additional day.


6. Coffee Meets Bagel

The best about this dating application is that it is a private chatting and dating app that is available for free forever with its full functions and services. Coffee Meets Bagel is basically designed for those smartphone singles users looking for real relationships with the people who share the common interest with them. Rather than giving the tons of options, Coffee Meets Bagel offers only those that are important for finding and relationship making point of view. Coffee Meets Bagel is about right choices, not about plenty of choices. Coffee Meets Bagel is different from the traditional dating apps and websites on the ground it will never let you to inundated with endless profiles. It at its own select and recommends ideal matches based on common interests, geography, and attraction. When it comes to quality over quality then Coffee Meets Bagel will be always at the top priority. The best about Coffee Meets Bagel is that in addition to selecting the compatible matches for you, it also facilitates the actual meet-up as well.


7. Happn

Happn is a social application that allows you to determine if you’re about to cross paths (in the pub, in a cafe, on the bus, anywhere) with somebody that you might want to know. Using happn is simply by subscribing to the service via Facebook and also leaving the app running in the background in your mobile phone. From then on, whenever a person who also has the application installed is close by, you will get an alert. In happn’s options, you can show the kind of individuals you want to meet. This way, you can set it up, so you just get notifications for men or women, or people in a particular group (for example, 18-28). After getting the alert, you can start communicating with that person, and, in some seconds, decide whether you wish to continue talking face-to-face.


8. Raya

Raya is a social network for dating on Android and iOS and is 100% free. This platform lets you share the activities you enjoy doing and get matched with people who enjoy similar doings and things, ultimately helping you start a conversation. You can get your ideal match through this platform. Through this platform instead of meeting formal people, you can also meet with celebrities. Everyone wanted to meet with a celebrity, so a lot of celebrities including Ruby Rose, Cara Delevingne, Elijah Wood and some others famous celebs are the member of this interactive dating and chatting app. This factor makes it one of the world’s most exclusive dating application. Once you create an account on here, then it is no more difficult for any of the users to find its match. While getting in here, however, is harder than discovering a great date, but it has quite a different criteria for getting in here. For this platform, you have to be very successful, beautiful and have more than 5 thousand Instagram followers. Raya is basically the Solo House for dating. So once you get in here then it is no far from making friends, do chatting or dating and go with them for some lunch or dinner. Now it’s up to you to make an ordinary friendship or some true relationship with that guy whom you matched.


9. Bristr

Bristr is an exclusively made dating platform for beard loving persons. If you have a beard or want some beard men on a date, then this platform is there for you. It is a platform entirely created for beard men and that woman who want to date with beard men. So it offers a great opportunity for beard men for increasing their span of friends. People of all sexual orientations and genders are welcomed here to make an account and start chatting and dating with other users from all around the world. It is a platform which aims to connect those with beards to those who want to stroke beards. It is a new dating platform for beard men and for women who like men with beards. As like iLikeYou and Tinder it also has the same scenario of getting matched so that if someone liked you and gave you yes by your looks and the other one also like you so that it will make your match for a chat. Once you get matched, you can do whatever you want to do like chatting, meeting, dating, chilling and so on. The only requirement for its subscription like creating an account in here is that you must have a beard. A woman can also join this dating app, but all the men on this platform will going to have beards. Apart from asking if you are single or taken, or considering for woman or man, Bristle asks you if you have a beard on your face or not. Bristlr lets you find nearby people having a beard or looking to date with people having a mustache.


10. Her

Her is a platform created for the woman who is looking for a woman, launched as Grinder for girls, and introduced by Robyn Exton. It is a dating app and chatting site created for the woman interested in a woman. Her is used for making a span of female friends around you. It is a sort of lesbian app through which you can create a lesbian community. Her is proved to be one of the biggest community for a bisexual, lesbian and queer woman from all across the world. The app mixes social networking and female dating with an amazing timeline to find out what is happening around you, to read the news, to get to know the lesbians around you and make connections. This app lets you find a queer woman around you make a relationship and start chatting or dating. Through this platform, you can meet your soul mate or find a new group of friends for doing things with them. So this platform is truly made for a woman to increase their span of woman friends. This platform is available on different smartphones including Android and iOS devices (such as iPad Mini, Mac. iPhone, and other iOS devices), Tablets and on personal computers.


11. Spark

Spark email application that is also known as Spark by Readdle is an email app for the iOS devices only. It is a standalone application only so doesn’t confuse it with multiple email management tools at all. This beautiful and intelligent email application allows it users to create their email ID and use this application to access their email ID from anywhere right from their smartphones. The quality of this email application is that it offers time back to all those who want to live in their mailbox and want to quickly see what the important emails in the inbox are and what need to be clean up immediately. For the same reason, Spark is called to be one of the fastest and smartest ways to manage all of the emails. The smart inbox system of this email app allows the users to quickly view the important emails only rather than wasting time on junk or spam emails. Its inbox automatically categorizes the emails into personal, notifications and newsletters sections.


12. The Inner Circle

The Inner Circle is a controversial dating app and website that connects like-minded and ambitious people started in 2013. It comes into existence after the response to a real life problem that we face while searching for a date. It contains a collection of endless profiles, swapping right or left aimlessly, and the reality is that the majority of matches and profiles are unappealing and random. It does not show what we are truly looking or searching for. And therefore they prefer quality, not quantity. It consists of a large and an exclusive community with an astonishing and inspiring following of attractive and successful people. So if you are finding a better platform for making friends and do lot more thing, then this is quite sufficient for your need. It found that singles with similar interests, choice, taste, and backgrounds are more likely to hit it off. It is created to ensure the real people that they can meet like-minded singles and The Inner Circle curate and approve each of its members. The Inner Circle hosts the exclusive event from all over the world on a monthly basis as well. This feature of The Inner Circle makes it more likely to become popular across the world rather than the dating app. It is a unique platform, and an amazing app which ensures the right people to be introduced to each other and have thousands of people are successfully matched through this platform and get started their relation with chatting and so on.


13. OkCupid

OkCupid is one of the best free dating websites through which you get to know your nearby people and start chat, founded by four friends including Chris Coyne, Sam Yagan, Max Krohn along with Christian Rudder. This platform uses math (using an algorithm magic) to find people, that you like. It has approximately 47 worldwide employees, more than 1 million installations per week, having 7.3+ million messages o daily basis and more than 50K active users daily. Three features make OkCupid one of the best dating website which includes their love of math, the second one is its free service and last but not least is that it allows access to everyone. This app does a lot of crazy and funky math stuff to help different people from all around the world to connect faster and easier. It is a completely free to charge service, but if you want some more special perks, then it costs a bit more from here. This platform allows you to find the best relationship of your dreams, a shame marriage, and a one night stand. Infect it allows you to do whatever you want to do and it does not judge any of your activity. It consists of a quite huge number of the team as approximately 45 to 50 members working great to overcome your need for making friends.



Skout – Meet, Chat, Friend is another app that gives you access to all of the content from the online social networking Skout, making it even easier to satisfy people that live near to you. From the application, you may create your profile and check out those of many individuals from all over the world. Even better, just like in apps similar to Badoo, you can purchase premium subscriptions that make it simpler for your profile to stand out so other users will see it first. From the app, you will see every user’s photo gallery, favorite the users that you want the most for simple access to their profiles, send them gifts, and also ultimately make a selection of things that can help you forge new friendships or any other type of relationship. Skout is a superb way to meet people who share your same tastes. You won’t just improve your circle of friends–who knows–maybe you will comply with a unique person of the opposite sex.


15. Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish is a widely used dating app that helps you find millions of people from all over the world just to catch up, sharing things, chatting, etc. POF (Plenty of Fish) is the finest and the free dating app that lets you make some unknown friends and single from your colony and from around the world. That is the reason it contains millions of people that use this app to find dates in a better way. This app goes below the surface to submit your individuality and enables you to connect with people having the same taste and sense as you are seeking. It offers an extremely free profile and starts sending messages to your friends and others in a totally free scenario. POF lets you use its advanced matching algorithm, view your own matches, and most specifically send and receive messages without paying a single penny. It is the preferred single dating app because you can view who matches you, and start a communication.



LOVOO is an online dating application similar to Meetic and Badoo that allows you to connect with interesting people with whom to chat, flirt, date, and who knows what else. And also, the users that you just meet are all near to your actual position. To use LOVOO, first, you need to make a user profile with all the photos and personal details that you see fit to include. Other users can see this profile, so they can view it and choose whether or never to contact you. Because of this, you can search through profiles from all of the people in the network, selecting who you like and who you don’t. The major ‘problem’ when it comes to using LOVOO is that to see the particular profile of any other user, and you have to spend points. All these points are received by opening the app every day, or by improving to a VIP account, which generally costs money. You cannot directly search freely across the network – you need to choose wisely that profiles to see.


17. Rendeevoo

Rendeevoo is an astonishing app that aims to make actual meet-ups between different people around you at coffee places and bars. This app is very similar to iLikeYou and Tinder in functionality. Rendeevoo lets you invite nearby individuals for a coffee or a drink at somewhere and if the feelings in mutual than Rendeevoo allows you choose from one of its top-quality places to meet and catch up. This app is exclusively working on different iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod Mini, iPad Touch, Mac book, and some other devices. Through this site you get to know about different people including males, females or bisexual persons around you and Rendeevoo lets you chat, date or some other meetings with them simply on a touch through your smartphone or some other device. Just to confirm that, you can pay your first drink using your Apple or card Pay and your Rendezvous will be set out for you. This is widely used in some particular areas of northern side and is available in Multilanguage. Rather than this it also works in London, but Rendeevoo is working to expand its span over some other countries as well.


18. WooPlus

WooPlus is another dating app for plus-sized dating community. Woo is a great platform for fatty and heavy looking personalities to chat and date with other in a very comfortable atmosphere. Being fat is no more uncomfortable now for dating. Fatty people can get their perfect match on this platform, and after the match, they can do chat, date, romance, friendship, or some other relationships. Now it does not matter that you are BHM, BBW or an admirer of curvy individuals; this dating app lets you date with the most dazzling and like-minded plus sized individuals. WooPlus helps you discover and date with people you like most: BHMs, wooers of fat, and so on, no matter what your interests are. This platform lets you share your interests, passions, thinking, feelings, and other amazing moments with plus sized individuals who are get irritated by their body stuff. You can do whatever you want to do with them. You can also broadcast the stuff in your mind about fluffy people like dating tips, plus sized fashion, chubby lifestyle, BBWs, BHMs, pretty clothes and other stories.


19. Clover

Clover is one the best dating app for enhancing your span of friendship and relationship as it incorporates features from POF, iLikeYou, Tinder, Match, etc. Clover lets you fix real dates with its on-demand dating feature. It offers one of the faster and reliable ways to meet new people from around the world. Clover has many amazing features including chat for free by exchanging unlimited messages, promotes your Twitter and Instagram on your profile, share photo messages, post up to 100 profile pictures and lot more. This app search people by body type, occupation, ethnicity, height, taste, and more. Clover filter by relationship intention like looking for friendship, dating romance and something serious. You can share your memories and photos through this platform and also can import photos from your camera to Facebook. It also manages that who see your online status and location. Clover is easy to use dating and chatting app with no lengthy questionnaires. And if you are looking for an all in one, on-demand, reliable and fast dating app then Clover will be one of the best fit for you.


20. Match

Match lets you meet singles near you and from all across the world. It is awesome singles dating app that enables you to get the most attractive and gorgeous singles in your particular area, in the city you work, from the country you live, and from all across the world. It is a stunning app to search nearby singles, chat with the perfect and interesting person, and for finding a perfect connection. More specifically, there are millions of profiles to visit right on this platform and you can effortlessly view their photos, get handpicked matches, and start a conversation. It is a widely used dating app where thousands of buddies meet and start their own relationship for making a long-term connection. It contains millions of committed, singles, lesbian, and gay singles, and you can easily explore them with simple taps. Match lets you search on the go, exchange messages and voice conversations, and rate the dating matched while they are hot, and just feel the love with wink notifications and pulse email.


21. Loveflutter

Loveflutter is a dating platform through which you can chat with a person which is common in nature with you. It is a sort of quick version of iLikeYou and Tinder. Through this platform, you can get easy access to your taste mate from an easy online access. Loveflutter is an app which aims to connect you with the personalities before you judge them on their looks. It is a widely used app for different iOS including, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, etc. It offers some great functionality and tools for making the exploring process of people much easier and reliable. Once you read the messages and like them secretly and if that person like you back, you will then be welcomed with a full selection of their photos and their timeline is accessible from you. Otherwise, instead of displaying a full pic, Loveflutter blurs the image, and you get to read a profile of 140 characters from them.


22. MissTravel

MissTravel is a free and unique app that allows lonely travelers to satisfy their fairyland and discover the perfect traveling chum at the same time. So apart from a meeting for a coffee or some drinks, this website allows you to make plans to travel with any if the connections you make. This site also allows you to meet foreign travelers and you can do chat, with them, and if you are pretty interested, then you might go for a date with that person if both of you are interested. This app allows you to discover travelers around you in an easy way so that you can enjoy your trips and outings with some journey mates. MissTravel is a great platform for increasing your span of friendship and relations. This app contains more than 615,470 travel companions, over 324,831 total trips created, and more than 10,000,000 miles travels by members with a companion through this platform. It is one of the best travel dating app and websites for free and lets you start your adventures. So MissTravel is a great website for persons seeking for travel companions. You can use this app on your mobile phone, laptop, tablet, and on a personal computer.


23. MiCrush

MiCrush is an app created and limited for dating and chatting. It is a free dating app for Latino’s. This app allows you to find, chat and meet up with Latinos in your area without any cost. MiCrush is one of the widely used dating apps in the market for years. It is a free, and location-based dating app designed for Latinos.by Latinos. It is one of the few dating apps that offered in fully English, Portuguese and Spanish language, and lets you swipe and scroll in the language of your choice. MiCrush is an app with endless features. You can sign in with Facebook and start crushing. If you like someone on here than just swipe right to crush, if you do then it is a match and you both become crush of each other. Now you can star chatting, date, and something else through this site. You can send songs, Gifs, send a date (location), send a voice note, photos, videos and much more use this app. This app also lets you Filter by roots, turn distances of, undo (if you make some mistake like swiping left), crushes, see your no Gracias, say Hola and go incognito.


24. Bark’N Borrow

Bark’N Borrow is an iLikeYou and Tinder-like app for dogs dating. It is a platform for dog lovers. This clever app lets fellow dog’s owners connect through a mutual love of dogs. And if you get bored and if you are taking a break from the dating scene, Bark’N Borrow allows you to schedule special doggy-dates. Bark’N Borrow will allow you to bond with a fuzzy pet whenever you have a chance. So this app is specially created for dogs and dog owners for getting their work done over here. This app is available on a different platform including Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod, iPad Touch, iPad Mini, Mac and other iOS devices), BlackBerry and some other devices as well.


25. Neqtr

Neqtr allows you to get approach to a more meaningful online dating and chatting app. It is socially conscious friendship or relationship app that helps you connect to new loves through causes, friends, and lifestyles. Neqtr also provides a planned dates like charity, volunteering, and unique social events such as hiking, yoga, meditation, and surfing. Neqtr is an app that comes into existence for making deeper relations by sharing your passions and values with others. This app has partnered with more than 40 grassroots, non-profit organizations and conscious health groups to support in our date ideas. This site aims to create a safe atmosphere for more reliable dating experience where it completely squashes any change of harassment that will often occur with online dating apps and platforms. It is also termed as an anti-Tinder dating app. This app has just violated the concept of sexual harassment with girls and other women. It is a reliable point for dating and making friendships. You can get lot more things from here and can use this app on many platforms including Windows Phone, Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and others.


26. MeetMeOutside

MeetMeOutside is a dating site for one who loves being outdoors. It is a great platform for those who want to date on different places. It connects you with those persons who share their similar passions for outdoor activities such as yoga, biking and running. If you are an outdoor and outing lover with a buddy, then this platform is suitable for you to date. MeetMeOutside gives a great experience for the people having outing experience for a long time with their friends. You can discover your nearby people who go to exercise or for biking daily so through this app you can get interaction with that persons and then do whatever you want to do. Unlike the swipe setup and feature is usually seen on other dating apps like iLikeYou and Tinder, MeetMeOutside makes your connection on the basis of seven new matches a day also based on shared locations and interests. This app converts a boring outing, running, biking, and exercising more fun and enjoyable for all.


27. Grindr

Grindr is another social networking app that provides together homosexual and also bisexual men who wish to meet other men near to them in an entirely discreet and also anonymous way, without having to give any private information as well as having to fill out a profile with confidential information to register. This application uses every user’s exact location that makes it easier for people to find others who are near to them. At a smooth look, you can view users closer to you and online users at the moment. You can filter available profiles according to certain values that help you find the guys that are nearer to your particular preferences and tastes. Thus, you can set it to speak just with people who are a certain age, have unusual looks, or are searching for a particular type of relationship.

More About Pure

Pure is an on-demand app for dating and chatting for hook up. It is an app where you can find people who are much similar in taste with you. You will get a lot of new things over here. Through this app, you can find friends around you and from all around the world. It is an open and responsive platform through which you can set up meetings. Pure is an online and free dating website which is free of cost for first seven days. Through this app, you can do chatting in bulk so you can date or meet-up without any connection with social accounts, registration and some external dialogues. You can make long term relations with the person who is similar in taste, and nature with you. It is a fantastic app only used when you are ready to drop what you are doing and also meet up with someone at somewhere right now. This app is available on a different platform including some Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod and other iOS devices), Windows Phone and some other devices.

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