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QuickPic is a lightweight, fast and exclusive application which carries material design where you can place all your important photos, videos, and various significant things without any fear. Quick Pic – Photo Gallery with Google Drive Support bought in the market by Cheetah Mobile Inc… read more
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9 Apps Like QuickPic for Android

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1. iVault

iVault is a smoothly designed app which was bought to help you hide your private videos, audios, notes, and various other things over your cell phones. iVault – Hide Pictures & Videos bought in the market by ledego Inc. which creates a protected place to create folders and put everything personal. There are so many users which are using this superb app for protecting their personal privacy while enjoying private bookmark, app lock, incognito browse, more specifically a cloud backup, and various other elegant feature for completely free. It carries secret Q-A style password retrieval system, and the folder contents are categorized by photo, notes, audios, and videos. iVault – Hide Pictures & Videos app carries incredible lock system graphics and extreme level of security for all your videos, audios, pics, and various other stuff. You can dynamically folder thumbnail view display and share files to your Dropbox account if you like to transfer those files. Other than these, iVault also brings the features image dimension, creation date-time display, data size, and you can also email pics, notes, audios, or any other thing from the password lock. So just download iVault-Hide Pictures & Videos app in your phone and get a precise place for all your private sessions.


2. Gallery Vault

Gallery Vault lets you keep all your private photos, videos, documents and all the crucial stuff behind a strong password that is known and placed by you. Gallery Vault – Hide Pictures And Videos is a fabulous product of GalleryVault Developer Team which is designed efficiently and keep your privacy absolutely safe. You can effortlessly import all your private videos and images in this secure vault app, and nobody will exactly know of it. This app is designed efficiently and provides you with the smooth and awesome media experience. You can intuitively hide videos, hide pics, and various other types of files and keeps hidden files behind a strong password. Gallery Vault – Hide Pictures, and Videos support hiding icon as well so that you know the existence of gallery vault except you and also supports hiding files in the SD card. You can also shake your cell phone to close this vault app in a hurry, and it also carries break-in alerts, and you can exactly know who have get mingled with your phone. Other than these, Gallery Vault app also supports hiding GIF images, hiding, support fingerprint, fake password support, and various other things as well. So download Gallery Vault-Hide Pictures And Videos and give a chance to it for hiding all your crucial and private stuff.


3. Secure Gallery

Secure Gallery is an excellent app introduced by SpSoft Inc. which enables all its worldwide users to hide pics and videos to keep all your privacy safe. Secure Gallery (Pic, Video Lock) enables you to protect all the pics and videos that you want to keep secret stuff, behind a wall which has only the access of your own. You can intuitively hide all your pics, contacts, documents, videos for the protection of your privacy using a pattern as well a pattern. It is one of the most best, secure, and fastest private gallery and manage your pics and videos, and enjoy all the options of the new folder, copy, rename, move, and various other things. Secure Gallery (Pic, Video Lock) carries all the features that a vault app including hiding pics, hiding videos, support fingerprint, user-friendly interface, manage videos and pics, select background for the gallery, show a publish media, and you can also un-hide everything that you ever kept here. It also enables you to get three locking types including password in numbers, password in characters, and various patterns. You can intuitively download Secure Gallery (Pic, Video Lock) app in your phone and hide all your videos and pics to keep your privacy safe.


4. AppLock – Fingerprint

AppLock – Fingerprint brings a smart way to lock each of your private stuff behind a strong pattern or password and get things under covers from all the third persons. AppLock – Fingerprint is a fine product of SpSoft Inc. that helps you get a password to protect your privacy and makes it easy to secure all your things whether these are videos, pics, documents, and even your favourite applications. You can intuitively lock all your favourite applications with a password and protect your privacy in a way like never before. This is a convenient and powerful lock with an extremely talented fingerprint sensor. You can also hide the fact by locking the application with fake error window. AppLock – Fingerprint allows you to block the locked app’s notification message in the notification bar. It brings a scannable pattern size up to 18×18 than the existing simple 3×3 pattern as well. You can also lock or unlock your mobile remotely. So just download AppLock – Fingerprint app in your phone and lock Facebook, gallery, WhatsApp apps with a password and prevent the applications from being exposed by a snooper.


5. Folder Lock

Folder Lock is one of the most deserving and preferred file locking application available on the app store. Folder Lock is a product of NewSoftwares.net which lets you secure all your personal videos and photos and keep them behind a pin, password, pattern, and fingerprint lock. It allows you to lock all your photos and videos to hide them and enjoy gallery vault to hide all your albums as well. You can also lock all your notes and hide them in the way you want. This app does not let any unauthorized person to indulge in your phone and get your things out of the box. Folder Lock allows you to import and export anything you want to hide in it and you can hide your images and records directly from its user interface. It enables its users to lock their systems like messages, contacts, play store, MxPlayer, Gmail, gallery and various others. This app prevents others from discovering your confidential audio files, videos, and the things you want to hide from others. So just download Folder Lock app in your phone and enjoy an entirely new app for securing your most personal as well as family data.


6. LOCKit

LOCKit is a superb tool which provides all the features necessary to get all the privacy concerned stuff for hiding your photos, videos, documents, or any other thing that you want. LOCKit – App Lock, Photos Vault, Fingerprint Lock bought in the market by Super Tools Corporation Inc. which lets you enjoy extreme level file saving scenario for anything you want. LOCK It app is a pack of app locker which includes photos and video hiding capabilities, intruder self, various themes, notification lock, safety remainder tools, fingerprint scanning support, fake cover support, and various other functionalities to keep things secure. This application contains all your private content by using fingerprint, password, or a pattern. LOCKit – App Lock, Photos Vault, Fingerprint Lock app lets you hide anything you want and brings some intelligent privacy protection which can scan your privacy status and protect all your secrets behind a strong wall. Other than these, LOCKit app also brings notification cleaner, free themes, configurable lock system, notification look, fake app, intruder selfie, and various other features. So if you want to get a precise place for all your private stuff then just download LOCKit – App Lock, Photos Vault, Fingerprint Lock app and enjoy all its features for free.


7. Calc Vault

Calc Vault is a top secure place which allows you to hide everything which is private and things that you want to keep hide introduced by Donna Danley Inc. Calc Vault-Photo, video locker, Safe Browser, and Applock is a fabulous product used by millions of people from all across the world. You can save all your files, pics, documents, and other crucial stuff in it and keep them away from the persons who often use your mobile phone. You can easily hide an unlimited number of photos, videos, documents, and various other stuff for free and enjoy this ultimate secret app in the way you want. You can keep your entire gallery and everything it carries in a secure way and never let anyone to surf them without your permissions. Calc Vault-Photo, video locker, Safe Browser, and Applock secure all your files in a secret place which can only be viewed after you can enter the correct password. You can also surf through the internet safely because it never stores the history of what you had searched and also carries some advanced features as well. So just give a chance to Calc Vault-Photo, video locker, Safe Browser, and Applock app and keep your things secure from unauthorized persons.


8. Applock – Fingerprint Password

Applock – Fingerprint Password is a widely used and one of the most exquisite android app lockers with ultimate privacy guard. Applock – Fingerprint Password allows you to extra guard all your private or the most secret stuff with either the fingerprint, DIY or the pattern. It enables its users to personalize their screen with loads of free themes and helps them enjoy it in the way they require. You can use both patterns as well as passwords, and safely apply any of these to secure all your private files. It also brings the options whether you want to make your password invisible so that others can’t see your pattern lock screen while you are unlocking. Applock – Fingerprint Password also enables its worldwide users to protect their emails, call logs, SMS, MMS, and various other things. You can also explore more apps and the locker themes from its more apps feature. It carries an elegant password manager which helps you change the password type between passcode, DIY, pattern, and even reset the password. You can also customize your lock screen password themes from a collection of its loads of themes. So just download Applock – Fingerprint Password app and intuitively secure everything you want.


9. Vaulty Stocks

Vaulty Stocks is an excellent application through which you can hide all your secret stuff precisely in a highly protected place. Vaulty Stocks app bought in the market by Squid Tooth LLC which allows you to protect all your personal content from anyone else. This app lets you secure pics as well as videos over your mobile phone devices that you do not want others to approach. You can precisely hide videos and pics with Vaulty Stocks to keep them secure and protected against prying eyes. This app helps you create multiple folders to keep all your items hide by their names and type. You can use either the text or the pin password to guarantee your privacy, and it operates like sticks lookup application till you enter your secret password. It also has the capability of catching the pic of people who try to snoop in your vault in search of approaching your personal or private content. Vaulty Stocks lets you have an amazing organization and management experience such as photo editing, sharing hidden stuff within the app, multiple selections for easy management, filtering, and slideshow features, and a lot more functions for intuitive user experience. So just download Vaulty Stocks app in your mobile phone and keep all your videos, pics, docs and other files safe, hidden, and secure from others.

More About QuickPic

QuickPic is a lightweight, fast and exclusive application which carries material design where you can place all your important photos, videos, and various significant things without any fear. Quick Pic – Photo Gallery with Google Drive Support bought in the market by Cheetah Mobile Inc. which has millions of people from all over the world which love this alternate for gallery app designed for managing all your memorable pics. This gallery tool is significantly lighter than other galley apps but carries more power than any of them. It brings a collection of colourful themes, immersive and transparent layered UI, and a modern design through which you can manage all your photos significantly. This app helps you view thousands of pics instantly, and its smoother user interface is optimized for multiple finger gestures and comparatively larger screens. QuickPic – Photo Gallery with Google Drive Support intuitively hide all your exclusive content such as private photos and videos and protect them against a password. It has robust file management features including the creation of new folders, renaming, sorting, copying and moving data, and so much more. So just download QuickPic – Photo Gallery with Google Drive Support app in your phone to managing everything that your gallery had in it in a way like never before.