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QuizUp is widely accepted as one of the most challenging and biggest trivia games over the internet because of shaking the minds of its players by throwing very interesting and mind challenging puzzles and questions. This free to play game is also the platform for making new creative friends as well… read more
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47 Apps Like QuizUp


Crosswords With Friends

Wanna test your wits and creative skills then Crosswords With Friends is an application designed for that purpose. Being available for both online and offline playing, Crosswords With Friends is accepted as one of the most mind challenging applications available over the internet.


Quizlet is a massively used application which enables its global users to get one of the most intuitive and highly efficient ways to practice as well as master on stuff that you’re learning.

4 Pics 1 Word

With the millions of regular players across the globe, 4 Pics 1 Word is one of the most challenging puzzle games over the Google Play Store. If you are still confused in getting the playing style of this game from its title then allow us to make it clear for you.

Word Streak With Friends

If you think you are a word genius and like to play challenging games, then you must give once chance to Word Streak With Friends to check whether you are true in your statement or not.

Dice With Buddies

Want to choose your strategy to challenge your friends? If you want to make a challenge to your friends as you want rather than taking what is being offered in the ready to play section of the most of the puzzle games, then Dice With Buddies is a puzzle game for that purpose.

Guess the Restaurant Quiz

Guess the Restaurant Quiz is a fun app based game for the smartphone users that will test your knowledge about the names of the famous restaurants according to their logos and the services that they are offering to their customers.

Trivia Crack

If you are an Android phone geek and like playing Trivia games then Trivia Crack is a social competing game designed for you. This add supporting application allow its players to set the funny but difficult challenges for their friends and opponents to lead in the world of trivia.

Hanging with Friends

Hanging with Friends is a brand new mind twisting game that is basically played in a multi playing environment. This mind shaking games will add the strategy, creativity and fun in the mind of all ages of its players.

Matching with Friends

Matching with Friends is an online multiplayer social game where there are no limitations over the possibilities at all. This simple style containing application that is in fact one of the most difficult games offers a bouncy, colorful and explosively fun puzzle games to its players.

Gems with Friends

Gems with Friends is also a kind of word guessing and drawing game but with different set of playing modes for the smartphone players. Rather than offering the smartphone players with the system of making sketches or throwing words or drawing doodles to ask other to guess, Gems with Friends focus on a new style of playing.

Boggle With Friends

Boggle With Friends is a social word guessing game application designed to test the skill of those players who thing they hold impressive common sense skills. Hundreds of players are the part of this word finding and guessing application.

Words With Friends – Play Free

Words With Friends – Play Free is a multifunctional word guessing application that offers the smartphone player with the most funny and entertaining playing system. This free social word game is game that will test your building skills.


Pictoword is an app based game containing one basic gaming feature named word guessing. This app based social gaming is full of fun and entertainment. It is one of the best social drawing games available over the internet.

Draw Something for Messenger

As the name of this game is suggesting this game is designed for the Facebook Messengers’s users. It’s time to spend your free time with your Facebook friend over the internet.

Draw and Guess Online

This drawing and sketching based game is probably one of the most funniest and entertaining social drawing and guessing games available for the Android devices. In Draw and Guess Online the players need to draw and make guess on real time with the other players playing this game.

Speed Guess Something

Speed Guess Something is the next part of the Draw Something with the new added features and functions. The new Speed Guess Something allow the players to play a real-time person to person challenge with friends to make guess sketches and drawings correctly in the minimum possible time.

Sketch With Buddies

Sketch With Buddies is different from the traditional social drawing and guessing games on the grounds that rather than drawing or making doodles this application allow the smartphone users to make the sketches to lets the opponent guess and pass the hilarious comments.

Doodle With Buddies

Doodle With Buddies is a social drawing game full with lot of fun. This game is designed for all ages and easy to play as well. This multiplayer game needs to be played with the friends in case of having internet connection.

Draw N Guess Multiplayer

Draw N Guess Multiplayer is a crazily and hilariously addictive game for the Android devices. This app based game is more than normal social drawing games that offers very limited drawing options to their users.

Draw Something

Draw Something is a doodle art based game for the smartphone users that is played in a multiplayer mode. This game based application is to set the challenges for all other connected users by drawing and making tricky doodles to ask the others guess.


Loco is a marvellous application that helps you get exciting prizes by playing this fun game. It is probably India’s first live game show app that enables its users to play and win Paytm cash on a daily basis.


GOAT is filled with exciting stuff through which users can enjoy daily sports games. This app will ask its users a set of questions about the sports matches of that day, and you have to answer them correctly for getting prizes.

Song Pop 2

Song Pop 2 is a damn famous, widely used, and probably the most played music trivia game. It lets you win exciting prizes by listening to the clips from more than 100,000 songs and guess the right title and the artist as soon as possible.


Genius is a MOVIECHAT’s production that helps its users to play trivia to win real money. It is an exclusive application for users who love to play trivia games through which users can make their way through getting money.


Joyride is another amazing app filled with loads of fun that helps its users to win real dollars in the live show. If you know that you have a superb common sense, then prove it on Joyride and win real-time cash prizes.

HQ Trivia

HQ Trivia is a great application to win with ease, developed by the Intermedia Labs. It is the perfect application for users who love trivia and love free money. It is a live trivia game show app to with exciting cash prizes every day at 9 pm EST, and weekdays at 3 pm EST.

Cash Show

Cash Show is a real-time exciting application to win real cash by playing live quiz game like scenario. Cash Show – Win Real Cash is a fine application loved by millions of people from all over the world who love to play this app also for test the waters of their knowledge and education.

Kahoot! Play & Create Quizzes

Kahoot! Play & Create Quizzes is a fine application which lets you create your own quizzes in seconds and play anywhere, on your own as well as with friends and have learning fun.

Logo Quiz

Logo Quiz has an outstanding community of people enjoy this app on a daily basis. It is probably one of the world-known app having more than 60,000,000 downloads from all over the world to guess the brands with this app.

True or false

True or false is another widely used quiz battle app introduced by LOTUM on GmbH. True or False: Quiz Battle app lets you discover a huge amount of content, and you just have to answer whether it is true or false.

7 Little Words

7 Little Words is a tremendously used application which enables its worldwide user to enjoy crossword puzzles, anagram games, word finds, and lot more. Each of its bite-sized puzzles includes almost 7 mystery words, 7 clues, and a collection of almost 20 letter groups to let you find mystery words by deciphering the combining and clues of letter groups.

Splashtop Whiteboard

Splashtop Whiteboard is another awesome product of Splashtop Inc. which has miraculously turned your iPad into an interactive whiteboard. This application is an upgraded version which precisely improves your efficiency and enhances the ease of use as compared to the original one.


BookWidgets is another intuitive application which enables its users to enjoy engaging exercises for both iPhone as well as iPad users in minutes. Book Widgets app introduced by the Kidimedia, which brings a collection of maps, games, quizzes, timelines, worksheets, and much more.

Explain Everything

Explain Everything is an interactive whiteboard app where people can collaborate, learn, and share with others without any boundaries. Explain Everything Collaborate bought into the market for letting you capture everything and share anything right on your mobile phones.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a free to use service or non-profits, schools, and almost everyone with a personal Google account. It is a great platform for learners as well as instructors to connect outside and inside of schools right through their smartphones.


Socrative is an intuitive application which helps everyone to engage, access and personalize your classes for the real-time. This intuitive application allows educators to enjoy quick question polls, exit tickets, space, and quizzes races all with their Socrative Teacher app.


Nearpod is a one-shop-stop for computers and all the mobile devices in education, introduced by Nearpod, Inc. This is a must-have tool for schools and teachers that have access to a set of cellphone devices and computers for their classes.


Seesaw is another intuitive application which has superbly deepen the family engagement in their kid’s learning and inspire them to do their best work. Seesaw: The Learning Journal introduced into the market by Seesaw Learning Inc.


Photomath is another intuitive math problem-solving app which allows you to point your camera towards a math problem. Photo Math is a tremendously used app introduced by Photomath Inc. through which you can enjoy scanning math problems for instant results.


Aurasma is an AR app for image recognition. This deploys a tablet’s or smartphone’s camera to recognize real world images and then overlay media on top of them in the form of 3D models, videos, animations, and web pages.


Airserver is one of the most effective and advanced apps which allows you to project your mobile screens wirelessly, not just to a single, but to various Apple TVs, PC’s and other devices running AirServer at the same time.


Padlet is a handy tool which is like your paper for your screen which allows you to start with an empty page and intuitively put whatever you want on it. This application allows you to upload a video, snap a selfie, write your own text posts, record an interview, upload some documents, and watch your Padlet come to life for the real-time.


Popplet is a handy and simple tool through which everyone can capture as well as organize their ideas in all in one platform. Popplet Lite helps you quickly jot downs your ideas and short them visually in the way you want.


Lucidchart is another flawless app which enables its users to edit and view all your Microsoft Visio files and Lucidchart files on your Android device. Lucidchart – Flowchart, Diagram & Visio Viewer is a classy application introduced by Lucid Software Inc.


Pearltrees is another intuitive application which enables its users to save bookmarks, eBooks, PDF files, photos, images, notes, files, and so much more and you can easily manage them into meaningful collections.


Givling is one of the most amazing trivia game with gigantic weekly cash prizes and crowdfunds the playoffs of the mortgages as well as the loans of students, up to $50,000. Givling – Win Real Cash is a great application introduced by Givling Inc.

94 Seconds

94 Seconds is the mixture of many playing requirements. There is one category, one letter and one word only that will take you the highest score in case you will succeed in making relationship among all.

More About QuizUp

QuizUp is widely accepted as one of the most challenging and biggest trivia games over the internet because of shaking the minds of its players by throwing very interesting and mind challenging puzzles and questions. This free to play game is also the platform for making new creative friends as well. The main benefits that you will get by playing this game are access to the wide range of topics on every interest and subject, playing against friends in real time in case of having internet connection, getting the chance to discover the like-minded people and best above all it is a free game without any limitation and trial system. The playing system is not difficult at all. All you required is to challenge your friends or the new opponents in any topic for quick match. If they will able to solve it, they will get the point otherwise your rank over the scoreboard will improve. QuizUp contains a lot of topics on which discussion can be held and challenges can be made to others.

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