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Read2Go is a featured-ready ebook reader that makes reading Bookshare titles effortless and brings so many interesting features as well. Read2Go is a fine app introduced by Benetech Inc. which makes it so easy to read the titles from the Bookshare… read more
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10 Apps Like Read2Go


Learn iLit

Learn iLit carries everything that a student needs to participate in an iLit class including e-library digital notebooks, interactive assignments, and various other things. Learn iLit bought in the market by Pearson Education, Inc.


Educreations is a massively loved and a unique application helping millions of individuals to get an interactive whiteboard and screencasting tool. Educreations was bought in the market by Educreations Inc. which animate, annotate, and narrate nearly any type of content that you want.

iTunes U

iTunes U brings everything that a teacher needs to take its classroom together over the mobile devices. iTunes U is a massively used product of Apple Inc. which brings free educational courses for everyone who deserves.

myHomework Student Planner

myHomework Student Planner is one of the best student planners for the students who fluently speak English at their schools, colleges, and universities. My Homework Student Planner is a widely used app developed by Instin Inc.


HMH FUSE: Algebra 1 is a classy app having a highly engaging and interactive curriculum designed for the Apple iPad. HMH Fuse: Algebra 1 is a highly-efficient app bought in the market by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Inc.

Flashcards+ by Chegg

Flashcards+ by Chegg is a fast, free, and fun to use flashcard making app designed for all the worldwide users to help them learn things more instantly and ace their toughest classes introduced by Chegg, Inc.

Lexia Core5 Reading

Lexia Core5 Reading is a fabulous application which enables its worldwide users to get a personalized, targeted, and explicit learning instructions in all the plots of reading. Lexia Core5 Reading is a fine tool developed by Lexia Learning Systems, LLC, which has exquisitely accelerated the development of fundamental literacy skills for the students of all abilities in grades.

Pearson eText for Schools

Pearson eText for Schools is a great companion to Pearson’s e-text browser-based eBook reader. Pearson eText for Schools was developed by Pearson Education, Inc. which brings book content with the highest fidelity to print and online versions of the textbooks for effective learning.


LearnZillion is another excellent application which brings exceptional lessons for teaching the new standards. Learn Zillion is a fine application which offers free and growing English and Math language curriculum that has been developed by expert teachers directly from the CCSS (Common Core State Standards).


iHomework is an ultimate student planner having tons of exciting features, introduced by the great Paul Pilone. I Homework 2 is a widely used application and perfect for any student makes tracking your school work a breeze.

More About Read2Go

Read2Go is a featured-ready ebook reader that makes reading Bookshare titles effortless and brings so many interesting features as well. Read2Go is a fine app introduced by Benetech Inc. which makes it so easy to read the titles from the Bookshare. Bookshare is one of the world largest accessible online library for all the folks with print disabilities having more than 345, 000 titles which includes everything that a reader want. This app enables its worldwide users to browse, search download, and read books directly from Bookshare using your Bookshare membership along with reading Daisy books from other resources. Read 2 Go lets you have full control over the visual choices for the font colour and size, text to speech preferences, background and highlighted colours, and various other functionalities. It also features work by word highlight for the multi-model reading. You can intuitively access the entire Bookshare collection directly from the app and read with Apple VoiceOver voice and gestures. You can adjust font size up to 70 pts, text to speech audio, and also the rate of audio. So just download Read2Go app in your phone and enjoy browsing, downloading, and discovering books directly and conveniently.

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