Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD Alternatives

Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD

Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD is a game where endless battle waves all the time. Brave snowy peaks and substorm sands and much more battle grounds and maps are there that you have to defend in individual timing. The choice is of yours where you like to enter, but your fate will be decided on the battle ground… read more
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37 Apps Like Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD

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1. Kingdom Rush Frontiers

The tower defense games have gained a lot of popularity among the game lovers because these involve the full presence of mind and quick responsive skills. The Kingdom Rush Frontiers of today is more bigger and badder than before so make it sure you have the enough guts to do what this game demands from its players. Apparently it seems to be nice and easy and maybe it is because initial levels of the game are very easy to complete. These are because developers want to grab toward the next levels where the real fun begins. You must know about the interesting features of this fantastic tower game that is holding a lot of strategic decisions environment in it. You must know about the interesting features of this fantastic tower game that is holding a lot of strategic decisions environment in it. you will be given an unlimited access to the all kind of weapons, meteor strikes, reinforcements, freeze bombs and several other kind of medieval devastating nukes.


2. Kingdom Rush Origins

Kingdom Rush Origins is a class and highly addictive tower defense game that features evil wizards, troll, orcs, and epic battles all with the aim of throwing you out from the arena. But will they be able to do so depend on the strategy you adopts? If you will be strong and creative enough to design the best defense, they will do nothing to you, and in the case of reverse situation, the results will be not in your favor at all. So get ready and be attentive all the time because it needs the presence of mind all the time. This new game that is basically the third installment in the Kingdom Rush Saga is packed in a treasure trove of new content and features like keeping the signature look that will surely surprise you just like its millions of other regular players. Move into the kingdom, develop it, upgrade it and get more advantage over your enemies because it is the only means for living.


3. Toy Defense Fantasy

Toy Defense Fantasy is a real tower defense strategy game for the smartphones that is packed with a lot of challenges that need to be completed in the stipulated time and conditions. No rules at all. Just an open end playing environment is waiting for you, and you can set the rules that you want to think best to be implemented in the area. The overall gaming environment of this game and the challenges laid down for each level will surely please the fans of tower defense gamers with a high-class interface and exciting fights all around the game. Enter the arena and plan how you can perfectly defend your castle. Face the fire and those dragons who are coming towards you. Wage war against them because they don’t want to allow you leave in peace at all. It is the battle of tactics because you have to control the defend and attack at the same time fully.


4. Empire Defense II

Empire Defense II is in fact the return of clash kingdoms where you have to fight back for your kingdom. Your kingdom belongs to you and no one can take it from you in that way. This superior strategy tower defense based game is having multiple gaming modes to offer for its players. Three kingdoms are in the background and you have to protect them one by one. Millions of players across the globe are playing this awesome TD game because it is based on unique education system, grand historical backdrop, challenging campaign stages and much more. This game is simply the perfect mashup of RPG and TD elements and will bring maximum possibility for you. Once you will start playing this game you will start becoming addictive of it. Your enemies are being led by the dozens of generals that are fully equipped with super natural skills. Don’t worry; you have also got some generals that are all ready to assist you. It is up to you what kind of tactics you adapt to control over your enemy.


5. Defense Zone 3 HD

Defense Zone 3 HD is already to make come back with the new strategy, action and gameplay environment. The game is offering now that kind of features that it was not offering in its earliest versions. The new kind of weapons, gameplay environment, landscapes and options are there to explore. Every fame session of the latest version of the game is more amazing and dynamic. The playing environment of the game is that the armies of your opponents are rushing to your defense and trying to destroy all of your areas one by one by all those means they think necessary. You have to put a full stop before it gets too late. They are madder and powerful as compared to you. It is the game of mind because every move that you will take will count and will decide your fate. But don’t worry, you will also be provided with a lot of weapons and playing options to get victory over them.


6. Kingdom Rush

Looking for an epic fantasy defense game then why not going to play a game like Kingdom Rush that is containing a lot of challenges for you. This acclaimed action defense game is right the moment available for both iOS and Android smartphones. Prepare the weapons, arrange your strategy and get ready for defending your kingdom against the folks of trolls, orcs, wizards, evils and those other nasty fiends whose aim is only one and that is to demolish the entire kingdom. But they can’t get succeeded in this at all if your skills and strategy are so professional and strong to be broken easily. If you are facing issue while fighting alone then you can recruit more number of troops and can get eleven warriors of the world. They will give you the more advantage and control over all of your enemies. So enter and epic world and spells at your command each and everything.


7. TDMM Tower Defence games TD

TDMM Tower Defence games TD is particularly designed for those TD game lovers who live with heroes of might and great powers and personalities too. It offers them with all those activities in the virtual world that they always dream of doing in reality. The unique thing about this game is that it offers its players with the multiple systems of making the selection against whom they will defend with their toy soldiers. Your enemies are much time stronger than you. But if you have the courage and the great mind to develop the strategic skills then you can surely overcome them with even weak soldiers. Never allow these devils of badlands hell and darkness demons to control your peaceful kingdom where you are the real king, and your people are happy with you. Keep in mind; if you get failed, they will turn your people into their slaves.


8. Tower Defense: Geometry War

In this one of the most impressive and strategically tower defense game, you have to show all of your mastery skills because this real strategic game is all about building best towers that can defend you against your enemies. If they are unable to protect you in the time of need, then they have no real benefit for you at all. You have to show high-class strategy building skills that must be based on geometry dash graphics and gameplay as this is the only option left for you. This game will surely take all of your time because you have to move to a breathtaking and ultra-unique journey throughout the world of shapes. This tower defense game is packed with thrilling graphics and best gameplay environment that will surely impress you. The strategies that you will be able to craft in this game for your defense will even stun you.


9. Steampunk Defense

Steampunk Defense is a free strategy game containing unique mechanics. This game will allow you to build and upgrade your cannons on the one big growing tower. Here you need to rebuild tower on the way by moving these cannons. This game will demand from you to test your ultimate tactical skills in challenging levels. Get ready to defend your lands against all of these evil invaders. You are not alone at all. You will be aided with the powerful resources in the shape of gunners, snipers, ice towers, rockets, and other great things. A deep conflict is all set to start between you and those evil invaders. You have to fight to protect your freedom and liberty. There is no single ground for fight at all. You have to fight on tropical islands, in deserts, and mountains. Command your iron troops and find the best tower defense strategy to become the leading scorer on the score chart.


10. Royal Revolt 2: Tower Defense

This action packed TD game will keep you entertained all the time with its immense strategies and usage of real mind skills. This action and strategy game is a game where the player needs to lead an army into the battlefield to protect his throne from the opponent players across the globe. There is offline playing mode as well, but the real entertainment lies in the online mode where the leading players of the world are ready to give you challenge and accept the challenge from your side as well. If you want to be the true king, then make the plan to advance and make your kingdom more powerful and don’t forget to protect the defenses as well because powerful alliances are against you. If you are smart enough to create the deadly path for your enemies, you will succeed in protecting your throne. All this can be happened by upgrading the kingdom and facilitating the army with advanced weapons.


11. Military Islands Defense TD

Get ready to take the role of a military commander to protect your base that is under attack by the enemies who have recently attacked over the base. This classic islands tower defense game will let you fight like a professional military soldier and kick out the enemies from your area. For those who want to enjoy the tower defense game with a military background will surely like playing this game. Earn as many points as you can because it is the only option to crash your enemies badly. The game contains three different islands in unique levels. You have to protect all of this one by one. If talk about weapons then you will be given six unique undies along with multiple ranges of guns that you can use on your enemies. Keep in mind, thirteen types of enemies are planning to attack you. They have a master plan. Have you?


12. Tower Defense: Magic Quest

Tower Defense: Magic Quest is a place where all kind of fun, entertainment, and mind blowing activities are assembled at a centralized place. Here you are going to enjoy a real and mind challenging environment in the shape of mighty magic, towers, and those super heroes that are the face of this game. The quality of this game is that it is the combination of best of tower defense games that are why it is gaining a huge amount of popularity among the TD game lovers. By installing this best one TD games into your smartphone, you can also get the chance of being the part of epic magic battles where your responsibility is to defend all towers of your kingdom. If you can do so, you will be rewarded in return with a lot of points that you can use for upgrading your skills.


13. Tower Defense Zone

Tower Defense Zone is simply one of the best tower defense games at the moment available over the internet for the smartphone users. We are painting it the best one tower defense game because of the reasons it is attractive in real terms, offers playing in super class playing environment and overall is breaking through in the category of tower defense and tower strategy games. The environment of the game is set in the Cyamic species. They eat the meat of the humankind that is an incalculable threat to the mankind. You have to prevent them and don’t hesitate if they need to be killed because it is the only ultimate solution for getting rid of them. If you do not take the courage and bold step, then you have to part with your life and your area. And don’t take them ordinary at all because they are highly skilled and clever than you. Only serious efforts can make you successful.


14. Little Commander – WWII TD

This tower defense game is set in the World War II environment. It will take you the greatest war of the humankind where in the virtual world you can take the chance to save the world from the mass destruction. Countries are fighting with each other, and some of them have attacked your territory as well. But you want to maintain the peace, but they are not ready to permit you at all. You have no other way except they take the decision of fighting against them in the wake to defend yourself. Apparently Little Commander – WWII TD seems to be an easy to play tower defense game. But all this will feel on the initial level. As you will proceed further, we bet you will realize you are in hot waters. Your region is surrounded by tanks, military holding massive destructive weapons and now it’s your responsibility to protect your companions.


15. Tower Defense: Galaxy TD

Building tower on earth seems possible, and these types of games are quite popular on the internet but what about those tower defense games that will take you in the galaxies. Tower Defense: Galaxy TD is such kind of fast pace moving tower defense game. For its unique gameplay environment and best controlling system, this game is now becoming one of the fastest growing tower games and getting more and more popularity in the new generation. People like to play this tower defense game because it is so impressive and offering a lot of features and functions to explore. The game contains breathtaking weapons that you have to explore first by giving a marvelous performance, moreover, in addition to the towers, these weapons are the key strategy for winning any level. Explore more and more weapons as it will assist you in defining clear and decisive strategy over your enemies.


16. Defense Zone TD

Defense Zone TD is not an ordinary tower defense game at all where only few strategies and hacks are required to take the decisive victory over the enemies. This game require from its players having mastery skills because any time the ongoing environment can compel you to change the strategy. If you want to get decisive victory against your enemies then start building defensive fortresses and devise the strategy for building and setting tower defense so that you can dominate the armies of your enemies. Defense Zone TD is free to play without any time limit at all. Moreover, the app doesn’t not contain any kind of advertisements at all. The game contains forty exciting tower defense levels that will shatter your mind instantly. Moreover, the game also featured the ten different and specialized towers for designing your strategy as you want. On the other end, ten different kind of challenging enemies to give you the tough time.


17. Tower Defense: Castle Wars

The evil elements never allow to anyone to live freely in this world, and same is the storyline of this tower defense game. Imagine about those alien enemies that are trying to invade in your military base. You need to prevent them because it is about your life and those people who are living in your kingdom. If you want to keep the area safe from these rascals, then build the super power towers because only these can prevent them from invading into your kingdom. The best about Tower Defense: Castle Wars is that it offers the customizable features to the players. Here the player can build the towers subject to the type and number of enemies and can create different types of defense towers as well. It will offer you multiple types of abilities, and you will always remain free to unlock more number of skills as well.


18. Element TD Free

Element TD Free is a best in the class tower defense game that is based on the elemental combinations making it different from the rest of the tower defense games. The reasons behind choosing this game as the best one TD games are that it allows the smartphone players to investigate the towers that you want to build. A wide range and countless combinations are there that will offer you the chances of discovering more amount of strategies. Once you start playing this game, you will realize it will offer you an immense range of challenging levels. The level of depth and playing abilities that you will find in this game will surely impress you. In addition to being playing in the solo mode, Element TD Free allows its users to set the challenges to their friends or to the other opponents as well to become the global leaderboard. The game contains over forty different kinds of towers each having different abilities and upgrading system.


19. Towers N’ Trolls HD

Towers N’ Trolls HD is really addictive and creative game containing a lot of challenging and aesthetics levels. For those who love playing TD game will surely fascinate by the gameplay environment of this game. It will surely steal your soul. Many gamers have termed it one of the best TD based apps for the smartphone users. Towers N’ Trolls HD is different from the rest of the TD games on many aspects in which the main highlighted one is that it is a fast paced tower defense that is designed for those players who believe they remain attentive all the time. The specialty of this game is that it has been designed keeping in view the requirement of the modern day mobile gaming requirements. Your duty is to defend the kingdom under your control. Hordes are trying to invade in your area, and you have to use your mastery skills to keep them away from your kingdom.


20. Defenders 2: Tower Defense battle of the frontiers

Defenders 2: Tower Defense battle of the frontiers is a brand new addition to the Prime World Defenders series. Just like the tower defense based games of the earlier versions in the series, this new game also combines the two main functionalities of collectible card games and tower defense elements. With millions of regular player around the world, this game has earned a lot of popularity among the TD game lover. Simply install the free version of Defenders 2: Tower Defense battle of the frontiers and get ready to enter a mysterious land that is stricken by the hordes but many other issues are there that you need to combat. Although there will be immense treasures to explore the furious monsters guard these so don’t forget about them. You can keep yourself protected from them building your defense in the shape of defense towers. Proceed step by step and rule over the land.


21. Defenders 2: Tower Defense CCG

This real strategy game is the fine combination of collectible card and tower defense elements. You are welcome to a mysterious world and magic land controlled by a cataclysm and now flourishing with powerful immense and artifacts treasure that is protected by furious monster hordes. If you want to get yourself protected from these hordes then build your own defense towers and fight against using the power of magic and towers that you are built for your protection. If you think it will be simple for you then make your mind again. Tour mission is to collect forty unique towers and twenty deadly magic spells that are in fact the ultimate tower defense arsenal. This game also allows its player to customize their tower and spell collection with the powerful customized features. It will make it possible for you to play this game as you want and find all those combination of power and skills as you want.


22. Pirate Legends TD

If you are looking for a respectable and classy tower defense game, then Pirate Legends TD is all here with the challenging levels set in a great gaming environment. The war is not on land at all. This time you have to make the setup in the deadly waters of the Caribbean. Make yourself strong by building pirate ships and defend yourself from all those restless undead hordes and hungry Cannibals who never feel mercy for any one. This tower defense game that is arranged in a stunning visual gaming environment will make you force to forget all of your tasks. You can build twenty different type of towers each having different protection abilities. Moreover, five heroes will be there to assist you, and all of these have unique attacking and planning skills. For your competition, there are over thirty kinds of enemies who are leading by the four terrifying bosses.


23. Alien Creeps TD

Alien Creeps TD is the name of a mind boggling and thrilling tower defense game with a lot of actions to do. Based on the fifty explosive levels, this game based app demands from its players to be attentive all the time because anything can happen without prior permission. Just imagine about those hordes of devious enemies who are coming along with super fast choppers, lightning bolts, and explosions. Your sole mission is to blast all those invading creeps by building powerful towers. Create supercharged Tesla Tower and deploy the infantry units and armed forces along these towers because it is the only means of wiping them out completely. Collect more and more points, and virtual money as both of these will help you in upgrading your weapons and planning a new strategy. Get ready for action and rise above the challenge because a lot of challenges are there in the three thrilling game modes.


24. Bloons Monkey City

A game of mind a game that offers its players with the system of creating, upgrading and customizing their own designed Bloons Monkey City in this awesome mixture of city building and tower defense game. As a player, your main duty is to take back the wilderness from those enemies that are invading into your area. Rather than they plan for attack on you, take the courage and attack on them and win short tower defense game. Now make this captured territory the part of your city and build more and more places. Make your defense stronger than before because it will give you the decisive victory on your enemies. And don’t forget to earn those means that will make you able to upgrade your towers. It is like an independent kingdom where you have to cultivate the means for boosting economy as well. Overall, this game is not about defense only, rather you have to develop your area as well.


25. Bloons TD 5

Bloons TD 5 is a top rated tower defense game that has gained a lot of range of popularity among the smartphone users because of its unique playing style. This tower defense is, in fact, the part of one of the most popular tower defense game series Bloons. Known with the name of Bloons Towner Defense, this game basically demands from the players to prevent all those balloons that are reaching the end of a set of course by placing towers around these and building the units that can easily pop the bloons in a variety of ways. You can also make them freeze as well and can, later on, glue them to give the towers enough time to pop them. For popping each bloon, you will get virtual money that you can spend on getting extra towers or can be used for upgrading the existing towers as well.


26. Tower Defense Generals TD

Tower Defense Generals TD is setting new rules of fighting in the field of TD games. This game knows how to tackle the time of its players in the best way. It’s time for really fighting and using all the skills and powers in a fast paced tower defense and action game. You are lucky because the experiences military generals are there to stand with you. They will assist you in setting the master plan and training the troops. Get ready to jump into a fantasy and epic tower defense combat game and take full command and control with all the available weapons and machinery. If you are able enough to design and implement the best strategy skills, then you will be able to become the real commander of your army. You are the shaper of this game, and you are the shaper of your army too. Make them feel proud by gaining a decisive victory against your enemy.


27. Tower Defense: Battlefield

Have you ever thought of using mind and hands at both times because you are in a war that needs the attention of each body part of yours? If you have never encountered a game like this then here we are going to tell you about a tower defense game that is in the face a real battlefield game to test your mind level. We are talking about the Tower Defense: Battlefield that is called to be one of the most visually stunning and anticipated tower defense games for the smartphones. Tower Defense: Battlefield is about a fantasy battlefield game that is inspired by the wide range of tower defense games and holding a lot of thrilling moments. If you want to keep everything under your control, then protect the towers first so that you can emphasize your dominance over the area. This new generation tower defense and strategy game will keep you busy for many hours.


28. Castle Creeps TD

This tower defense game is like an open war field where there is no rule for battling at all. Fight against your enemies as much as you can because this land belongs to you and you have to protect it at any cost. If you will be unable to do so, they will hold all the areas and will make you a slave. The good news here is that in addition to fighting on your own you can also hire the professional fighters, heroes, and knights with super natural powers. After recruiting the relevant troops to train them so that they can do what you want to make them do for you at any cost. This mind challenging game will demand from you to fortify your defense system and get ready for saving the kingdom. If you are unable to do the nights will be your fate.


29. Defenders: Tower Defense Origins

Along with support of full retina and high class gaming environment that is based on the 3D graphics, Defenders: Tower Defense Origins is a real strategy and tower defense game that must be given at least one chance from your side. Do you want to fight against evils and all those who are making the life of others complex then come and show what you can do for these people. For its wide range of gameplay environment and the lot of challenges involved in each level this game is simply called to be the must have game for any tower defense enthusiast. The overall environment of this game is that defenders have already collected their power with collectible card game elements. Now you have to increase this figure and have to use all of the powers wisely so that you can fight off hordes of these evil mutants.


30. Tower Madness 2

Tower Madness 2 is listed among the top game in the real tower defense strategy game. The best about Tower Madness 2 is that it is a 3D tower defense game where you will enjoy the new battle ground in stunning graphics and high class playing environment. Visual seems to be very catchy but the game is not easy to play at all. Think about being alone and protecting the flock by using your thinking and arsenal. It is the real test of your mind and abilities about how you can deal with all the issues in the given time. Almost seventy exciting maps with multiple options and seven multiple campaigns that are spread over multiple gaming environments are there to give you new challenge. Each level is the home of new challenge and each time you have to rearrange all of your skills to attack with a new zeal and enthusiasm.


31. Tower Defense: Infinite War

When two armies clash with each other, there comes explosion and destruction everywhere. Fighting against a person is easy but fighting against the army of thousands needs some courage. Tower Defense: Infinite War is not a game for those having child mindset because this video game will shatter their mind if they do not use their mind. Tower Defense: Infinite War is packed with action and strategy at the same time. With millions of download across the globe Tower Defense: Infinite War is really testing the skills of the people. Right at the moment, this video game is containing several battling modes like monsters mode, towers mode and new models are in the pipeline. Almost forty different set of campaigns are there that are divided into seven challenging maps so that you can fully enjoy the real strategy and action adventure at the same time. The availability of wide range of gameplay modes will keep you entertains all the time.


32. Tower Defense King

With authority comes responsibility. That is the fundamental principle of this game where you have to defend your area if you want to become the real king really. There is no other way except to defend the area from those who want to get hold of it. It is up to you now that how you use your skills and set the plans to get rid all of these and eradicate them from the area completely. Monsters are gathering again and setting the plan to demolish your area. A bolt of arrows are probably to throw during the giant battle. There will be some powerful explosion as well. Don’t lose heart at all and be ready to build a powerful defensive system and defend the kingdom. The destiny of the kingdom is in your hands and now we have to see whether you are capable of becoming the real king is not.


33. Maps of Coc TH9

Maps of Coc TH9 is a total  battle game that is packed in the tower defense game battling environment where you have to protect the area and strengthen your army so that you can kick out all those who are trying to invade the area and want to get the maximum hold of the city. The quality of this game is that it is containing a lot of war maps and base layout as well so that you can make the full planning while living inside this real strategy game. Keep in mind your aim is to strengthen the army, make the defense system powerful and keep everything in control so that you can get the maximum edge over the enemy. The features that make this game really impressive one are that it is an open strategy and defense game and including a lot of framing options.


34. Plants vs. Zombies Heroes

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes has earned a good name in the world of tower defense games because of two main reasons – the high class and graphical environment and better control over the entire gaming environment. This game is an epic battle between bloom and doom for ruling over an area. Collect as much outrageous and incredible heroes as you can because they will help you fight against these ridiculous zombies. Start building the time and get in touch with all those having supernatural powers because these are your main weapons against this brutal creature. Make the base, set the plan and start collecting the heroes so that you can get the competitive edge over your enemy. This game is going to take your unlimited hours because on some levels you will be completely stuck off.


35. Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami is not a direct tower defense game at all. Its gameplay is many time higher than that of the gameplay of a tower defense game. The zombies are revolting again and attacking your city brutally. There are dozens of zombies that can change pedestrians just like them and make their horde larger. The problem will remain in the limit if they will kill the people but they are making them just for them and improving their strengths that are further doubling the problem of protecting the city. Now the two targets are there. You have to protect your people and your city equally otherwise there will be no more in your control and the whole city will become the land of Zombies. The game features the one touch gameplay so that you can easily control their entire horde easily. A lot of weapons and then bonuses are there to assist you all the time.


36. Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies is a renowned power defense mobile game where the player needs to build a base for the habitats of the area and also need to survive by defending his tower. This defense game contains multiple home owners with a variety of plants to prevent the army of zombies from entering in their area and eating their brains that are like diminishing their power and making cause them to death. Plants vs. Zombies was first released for the PC devices and at the moment available for even smartphones as well. Several improvements have been made to the latest version in which the main one is that it is now being offered for free without any ads at all. Just imagine protection of almost fifty zombie zapping plants that is the only arsenal to defend. Wall nuts, peashooters, cherry bomber and other tools are available as a weapon so that you can slow down the attackers.


37. Last Hope TD

Last Hope TD that is also known as Tower Defense vs. Zombies is a fast pace moving tower defense game where a war is going on in an open world, and you have to prevent it. The zombie hordes are attacking the inhabitants of the area. They are causing threat for the others and roaming the wasteland. It will give you the option to select between the best and super power heroes of the world so that you can attack with full power. These heroes containing epic gear and skills that are important for getting rid of these rascals. Several another kind of weapons will also be at your disposal so that you can create perfect strategy for kicking out these zombies from the area. This game is the pack of almost one hundred and fifty challenging levels that will force you to revamp your strategies and playing levels.

More About Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD

Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD is a game where endless battle waves all the time. Brave snowy peaks and substorm sands and much more battle grounds and maps are there that you have to defend in individual timing. The choice is of yours where you like to enter, but your fate will be decided on the battle ground. If you are talented enough to protect your area from the enemy, then you will emerge as the real king and if not able to do so then now one will remember you at all. A fantasy world is waiting for you. Epic heroes will be with you all the time to fight a great war to defend the kingdom with a rush of inspiration. Dragons, wizards, knights, ice queen, and a lot of other ancient gods are against you in this adventure field. Show them these lands belong to you, and you are the real hero of your people.