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Recipe Calendar is a fine tool which helps you in saving your cooking time by choosing a meal plan, get the right amount of recipes, go shopping with a compatible grocery list, and cook your meals using step by step guidance… read more
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1. MealPlanner

MealPlanner is an effective and a must have tool for all the mothers or house holding chefs for making the plans of their meals on a daily basis in a fun and engaging way. Plan Meals – MealPlanner app is easy to use application introduced in the market by One Absolute Inc. which has simplified your meal planning and helps you manage the lunch, breakfast, dinner and other small meals of the day effectively. Meal Planner is an easy to set up and quick app which allows you to plan your meals week to week and even add or update them according to your desired manner. MealPlanner – Plan Meals app allows its users to plan their meals intuitively and organize them in the way they want. It helps everyone to create multiple weeks so that you can plan meals ahead of time to monitor the groceries and the recipes way easier. Plan Meals – MealPlanner app lets you check what you are about to eat each week at a glance and enjoy creating and sharing recipes on the move. So just give a chance to download Meal Planner – Plan Meals app in your phone and remember everything you are going to eat up next, for the upcoming week or so on.


2. PlateJoy

PlateJoy has simplified your life by planning your meals in a way to achieve your fitness and health goals, right through the app. PlateJoy – Personalized Meal Planner is a great product of PlateJoy Inc., which allows you to eat healthily and stay healthy. PlateJoy is a crucial and much-needed app for all the people who are in search of having a tool which helps them in planning their healthy meals as well as in achieving their fitness motives. The app enables its users to achieve their fitness and health goals with custom designed plans of meals and the grocery list tailored for them. PlateJoy – Personalized Meal Planner app contains Paleo, Gluten Free, Weight Loss, Kid Friendly, Low Carb, Vegan, Diabetic and Prediabetic, low FODMAP, Vegetarian, and loads of personalized meals plans for any your desired lifestyle. You can precisely choose your desired one from the app and make them your life partner for as long as you want them with you. Plate Joy app allows you to share your passion, taste preferences, dietary preferences, schedules, fitness goals, and allergies as well. PlateJoy – Personalized Meal Planner brings a fine algorithm which uses more than 50 data points of different types about you to create an amazingly ultra-personalized menu.


3. Plan to Eat

Plan to Eat intuitively helps all the busy mothers and other households to get healthy dinner, lunch, and breakfast on the table. Plan to Eat: Meal Planner & Grocery List Maker is a fine app for foodie managers through which they can organize and collect their recipes, make shopping lists, and add desired recipes to their meal planning calendar. This app intuitively gives you the benefits of planning meals by saving your money, eating together, and eating better or healthier food while using the recipes that you have planned on your schedule. Plan to Eat: Meal Planner and Grocery Lists lets you have easy access to your plans of the meal, shopping lists, and recipes while on the move, even when you do not have any internet connection. It can automatically sync your data across your account on its website so that you can access anything anytime you want. Plan to Eat: Meal Planner and Grocery List Maker app brings the features of managing shopping lists, planning meals, accessing recipe book, add or edit your stores, check items off, add or edit items on your list, view planned recipes associated with items and collect recipes from anywhere. Plan to Eat – Meal Planner allows you to have a simple tool for planning all your meals and start cooking with damn confidence.


4. Paprika

Paprika app organizes your recipes, plan your big meals, and helps you in creating your groceries in a way like never before. Paprika – Paprika Recipe Manager 3 is a great, world-famous tool presented in the market by Hindsight Labs LLC, which allows you to plan your meals, organize your grocery list, and save recipes from your most likely sites in this one shop stop. The app allows everyone to download their much needed or probably the favorite recipes from your most likely providers and add your own recipes to the app as well. Paprika Recipe Manager 3 app enables its users to smartly create grocery lists that automatically merge the ingredients and sort them by aisle. You can use its pantry function to keep track of what ingredients you have in your kitchen and also get to know when will they expire. Paprika – Organize your recipes app helps you in planning your meals, saving your favorite meal plans, scaling the ingredients to your desired serving scale, organize your recipes into categories, importing the recipes, printing everything (recipes, grocery lists, meal plans, menus, etc.), and sync your data between devices. Paprika – Organize Your Recipes allows you to effortlessly plan your meals through its weekly, monthly, or daily calendars right on your mobile phone devices.


5. SideChef

SideChef is an up to the mark app which helps you plan your meals for the week through its highly personalized meal ideas as well as recipes from its cooking experts. SideChef: Recipes, Meal Plans, Grocery Lists app was presented in the market by Side Chef Inc. which brings a one shop stop for getting personalized recipes, saving money, securing time, plan meals, and get groceries delivered right to your door. It brings personalized recommendations for the meal plan ideas as well as recipes, and you can enjoy planning meals, managing shopping lists, creating your own cookbooks, and the exclusive CookAssist to remotely control your compatible ranges and smart ovens right within the app. SideChef: Recipes + Meal Plans allows its users to Search recipes by diets (such as gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, low-carb, diabetic, weight loss, kid-friendly, and more), dishes (including dinner, lunch, drinks. Soups, seafood,), and lot more. Apart from these, SideChef: 11K+ Recipes & Grocery List app also allows its users to enjoy searching loads of cuisines such as Italian, Asian, Mexican, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Chinese, Mediterranean, American, French, Pakistani and various others. SideChef: Recipes, Meal Plans, Grocery Lists app lets you have more than 11,000 step by step guided recipes from some top food writers, food bloggers, and renowned chefs.


6. Food Planner

Food Planner intuitively presented in exclusive meal planner, inventory holder, grocery list manager, and recipe collection that can sync to the cloud across plenty of platforms. Food Planner is a gorgeous tool developed in the market by MiniMobile Inc. which lets you have all the options of planning meals, recipes, grocery, inventor, FP store, and various other things under one platform for providing professional level management of your desired foodstuff. You can effortlessly plan your daily meals through a collection of recipes downloaded from all your most likely recipe sites, cooking blogs, and famous chefs. Food Planner app allows everyone to import and manage their recipes from all their favorite hubs, create and sync grocery lists, add their desired photos to recipes, save daily and weekly meal plans for later, backup all their data online, manage inventory, and much else. You can also upgrade the Food Planner app to its Pro version to enjoy plenty of amazing features. The primary goal of this Food planning app is to make it easy to use and instant, while also providing other advanced features. Food Planner allows you to access your recipes whenever you want and use the recipe cooking view to cook from an effective stop by step version.


7. Strongr Fastr

Strongr Fastr intuitively tells you what to eat as well as what exercises to do in order to achieve your health or fitness goals such as the building muscles or losing fat, as well as weight loss, maintaining your weight, or bulking your weight as well. Strongr Fastr Workout, Meal, and Diet Planner is the finest tool presented in the market by Strongr Fastr LLC, which helps you plan meals and get workout routines altogether to meet your fitness motives. It lets you have health plans for all your diet and matches you with the routines of workout. The plans for meals meet your macros and ensure that you are getting the right amount of calories and proteins in a fully customizable way. Stronger Fastr – Meal, Diet, and Workout Plans brings exercises which fits your goals, schedule, and equipment and can be bodyweight or weighted and can include cardio. Strongr Fastr Meal & Gym Plans app carries healthy meal plans support vegetarian, keto, low carb, vegan, paleo diets as well as dietary restrictions such as eggs, soy, gluten, peanuts, dairy, lactose, tree nuts, fish, and various others. Strongr Fastr – Meal, Diet, and Workout Plans carries also brings loads of advanced features such as automatic progression of exercises, the automatic progression of exercises, inputting your own nutrition targets, ability to add periodization, and various others.


8. Prepear

Prepear helps you in creating meal plans through the automatic collection of recipes, grocery lists and share them with chefs, friends, family members, and others. Prepear – Meal Planner, Grocery List, & Recipes is an easy to use meal management tool developed in the market by Prepear Inc. which contains everything you need to cook fresh family dinners, lunches, and breakfasts. It gives you the tool to make every day cooking more fun and helps you in managing and monitoring your meals intuitively. Prepear – Meal Planner & Grocery List allows you to collect your most likely recipe from recipe websites, recipe bloggers, and famous chefs and sort them into the collections for superb meal planning. You can collaborate with your friends to build your own meal collections and never lose another recipe. Prepear – Meal Planner, Grocery List, and Recipes app allows you to organize all your meal process with its definitive meal planner. You can tap to plan one entire week of meals from your own shareable, personal cookbook including lunches, dinners, snacks, noodles, and breakfast. Prepear – Meal Planner and Grocery List brings recipe collection, simple meal planning, smart grocery lists monitoring food feed, easy cooking, and personalized meal ideas right under one platform.


9. Magic Fridge

Magic Fridge helps you in cooking the dinner of the day and helps you in cooking and saving so that you can say goodbye to waste having this app on your phone. Magic Fridge: Easy recipe idea and anti-waste is a gorgeous tool presented in the market by, which lets you decide and managing what you are eating tonight. The app offers you tons of exciting recipe ideas for your everyday meals with the products present in your fridge and cupboard of your kitchen. Magic Fridge: French Recipes app contains a collection of more than 4 million easy and quick recipe ideas to help you cook your meals menus. The app contains cooking recipes curated by the chef for an easy and quick menu. Magic Fridge – Easy Recipes and no More Waste app has simplifies your cooking through getting exciting meal making ideas, simple and fast scenario to prepare an economical meal into your kitchen. Magic Fridge: Easy Recipe Idea and Anti-Waste let you cook your desired delicious meals in less than half an hour and for two people, renew your everyday cooking with this exclusive tool.


10. KitchenPal

KitchenPal contains the management of recipes, health and fitness, grocery list, and various other things into one place, and you can simple scan or add your desired products to your virtual kitchen. KitchenPal: For Smarter Cooking & Grocery Shopping app was presented in the market by iCuisto Inc. which allows you to discover what you need to cook with what you already have in your kitchen, from a collection of more than 4 million tasty ideas and recipes. Kitchen Pal app lets you receive alerts when your ingredients and products are or their last stage. KitchenPal: Cook Smarter lets you know exactly what you need to buy to make a recipe without any wastage. It allows you to get your own grocery lists in seconds and share it effortlessly with your spouse, family members, and friends. KitchenPal – Cook, Shop, and Save Smartly is beneficial in losing weight with the easy and light recipes along with the nutritional information for effortless tracking in the fitness app. You can find what is good for you to eat according to your body’s profile and fitness. You can shop and cook healthily while keeping your health and specific diet in mind, including lactose-free, pork free, vegan, kids friendly, gluten free, vegetarian, and more. KitchenPal: For Smarter Cooking and Grocery Shopping brings intuitive game-like, a sleek interface which works as your virtual assistant and will change how you shop and cook, helping you save money by wasting less and cook delicious meals for staying healthy.


11. MakeMyPlate

MakeMyPlate is your visual diet meal planner, which allows its worldwide users to choose your entire meal plan to achieve your fitness or diet goals and becomes your personal diet assistant for light and healthy eating. Make My Plate – Diet Meal Planner app is a fine tool developed by MakeMyPlate Inc. which lets you stop counting and start visualizing by planning all your meals regarding lunch, dinner, breakfast, and more under one platform. It carries three free to use visual diet meal plans created by to nutritionists and RD’s, that helps you in meeting your plans. MakeMyPlate Diet Meal Planner allows you to use a visual plate portion control system for eating the necessary or the exact portions of your meals, without any portion size guessing. The app combines your most likely eat out food genre or chain within your diet meal plan through its own eat out meat planner. It brings an automatic grocery list which is derived from your meal and can be configured manually. Make My Plate app lets you get and support guidance you need and is managed by a professional nutritionist. Make My Plate – Diet Meal Planner brings complete low crab diet plan, red carpet diet, ultra-gluten free and celiac plan, ultimate paleo diet meal plan, complete vegan meal plan, and more in its premium version.


12. Meal Planner Pro

Meal Planner Pro lets you simply focus on things that you want to have in lunch, breakfast, dinner, or other big meals of the day and manage everything flawlessly. Meal Planner Pro – Grocery Lists app was presented in the market by MealPlannerPro Inc., which carries the ability to add other household and food items to the list in a way like never before. In spite of providing a collection of 1.2 million recipes, you can explore and add brand name grocery products to your desired lists of items. It helps you in combining the ingredients to make your recipes with everyday household items you need to buy into the same list. The shopping list that you create over Meal Planner Pro app can easily be accessed from any of your mobile phone devices and tablets due to its amazing syncing support. Meal Planner Pro Grocery Lists intuitively sync the lists so that the items or foodstuff can be added right from your home while you are still in the store, and is great for those last minute grocery items. Meal Planner is an ultimate end to end solution from anything from organizing, planning, and shopping to the cooking of your recipes. So just download Meal Planner Pro app in your mobile phone and enjoy everything that lies in between grocery shopping to meal planning.


13. What’s on the Menu

What’s on the Menu helps you store as well as keep track of the menu of the week and helps you in managing the food, recipes, and other foodstuff right under one platform. What’s on the Menu – Meal Planner app is an intuitive product of Ranjav Malav Inc., which lets you get to know what and when to take which meal. It is an exclusive app for parents who are tired of asking their kids about what’s the meal of the night, or for people who are living in the hostel or any apartment with friends and always worried about what to cook or order. What’s on the Menu is an elegant app which helps you plan lunches, snacks, breakfast, dinner, and other meals effortlessly. You can create groups and plan your daily meals with the persons you live. What’s on the Menu – Meal Planner lets you get highlights of today’s meal right at the top of your mobile screen whenever you open the app. It is significant for people who are running a tiffin center or mess and consider it a frustration to inform all the customers about the meal. What’s on the Menu also lets you manage the grocery list, set preference for previous meals, get online data backup, and enjoy notifications of the upcoming meals.


14. MenuBlender

MenuBlender offers meal plans for the dinner as well as lunch by providing you access to the most appropriate restaurants for as low as €7 per meal. MenuBlender – Meal Plan Food Booking app was presented in the market by MenuBlender Netherlands B.V Inc. that helps you get your desired meals at a reasonable price. The app carries an efficient system which brings fun and fast way of getting your most likely, delicious, healthy, yummy, and affordable meals whenever you want. Menu Blender app enables you to enjoy cheap eating out of € 12 meals available for almost €7. Menu Blender – Meal Plan Food Booking app lets you save much of your time of cooking the food by preparing it whenever you are on the way. It contains a diverse collection of vegetarian, healthy, and vegan meals for people who love these kind of stuff. MenuBlender app allows you to book your meals in almost 10 seconds and enjoy the meal at home. You can precisely order your most likely foodstuff from the app and get them at a reasonable price. MenuBlender – Meal Plan Food Booking app allows you to reduce the wastage of food by providing a way to optimize ingredients planning right away.


15. Pepperplate

Pepperplate brings one of the most effective ways to flawlessly manage your menus, shopping lists, recipes, and more on the web as well as over Android and iOS mobile devices and tablets. Pepperplate – Recipe, Menu & Cooking Planner app was presented in the market by Pepperplate Inc. which brings an exclusively designed application for creating and sharing your meals, most likely recipes, and menus right under one place. Pepperplate allows you to take your mobile phone into the kitchen and cook your desired menu with multiple cooking timers of the app. You can create recipes and share them with family members and friends via various social platforms. Recipe, Menu & Cooking Planner allows you to combine recipes into menus for the holiday meal and dinner party planning. You can add stuff to your shopping list, and it will automatically sync your data to the website, mobile phone, or tablets. Pepper Plate – Meal and Menu Planner makes it easy to create limitless categories to organize your recipe collection in the way you want. Pepperplate – Recipe, Menu & Cooking Planner is a tremendous app which allows everyone to take their recipe collection with them all the time and does not need any internet connection for the whole scenario.


16. Fitness Meal Planner

Fitness Meal Planner lets you grab the detailed meal plan that will bring you the fitness or health-related results that you acquire. Fitness Meal Planner is easy to use and manage app which simplifies your bodybuilding as well as fitness meal planning process in an exciting and effective way. It precisely calculates the exact need of your macros and builds the most compassionate and reasonable meal plan in seconds to complement your workout. The app lets you enter the most basic information as well as your fitness motives and get the most suitable meal plan according to your needs. You can precisely select the number of meals per day from 3 to 8 and also set the food restrictions and diet type as well. Fitness Meal Planner lets you have the entire meal stuff that you needs to eat, right on the palm of your hand and also tells you the exact quality of your meal dose. You can choose to eat what you want, by substituting the rest. The app lets you get the weekly shopping lists, set your macro ration, edit meal times, get meal reminders to support, set your calories goals, and add your desired items of the food and let it does the rest of the meal planning regarding that.


17. Copy Me That

Copy Me That intuitively combines the features of managing recipes, creating and updating shopping lists and helps you in meal planning right away. Copy Me That – Recipe Manager is an all in one meal planner which makes it tremendously easy and intuitive to copy any of your desired recipe from any food website, meal blog, chef tutorial, and from anywhere you want right into your recipe box. You can use the in-app web browser functionality or add the app’s extension to the chrome as well. Copy Me That – + Shopping List and Meal Planner allows you to organize your entire stack with tags or even use the search bar to discover the thing that you are looking for. The app will precisely sync your data with all your devices and lets you access things while you are online. Copy Me That – Recipe Manager brings an extremely unique and sleek way to plan your meals and then head off to the grocery store with your own shopping lists right within the app, or you can also sort your shopping list accordingly. Copy Me That – Recipe Manager and Meal Planner intuitively let you grab your own copy of the entire recipe without any extra effort or stuff.


18. Hestan Cue

Hestan Cue is an exclusive video-guided cooking scenario which manages and monitors the time and temperature, every step of your recipes. Hestan Cue – A Connected Cooking Experience was presented in the market by Hestan Smart Cooking Inc. which brings one of the most dynamic cookbooks ever written and brings a collection of amazing recipes created by world famous chefs. It brings recipes from the best black bass with dill and caviar emulsion to the yummiest grilled cheeses, while leading you through each step with ultimate video guidance. Hestan Cue – Smart Cooking System helps the most unprofessional or unusual cook to get things done professionally and learn exactly what to do. It automatically controls the necessary variables, including temperature and time. Hestan Cue – A Connected Cooking Experience dials in an optimum cooking temperature for each of the step as you go through the recipe. It also provides you the control to cook your loved meals around ingredients that you have in your hands. Hestan Cue – Smart Cooking System intuitively keeps on updating its meals and recipes to elevate your cooking dish by dish or even step by step.


19. Clean Eating Meal Plan

Clean Eating Meal Plan allows you to eat healthy meals by avoiding all the bad foodstuff and manage each of your healthy meal in a way like never before. Clean Eating Meal Plan app allows you to plan your meals in a healthy way by avoiding all the junk and unhealthy stuff. The app is helping hundreds of people to get on worldwide folks to get on track with healthy eating, losing weight, and feeling ultimate fit. The app provides delicious and healthy recipes for every day of the week. Clean Eating Meal Plan is an all in one tool for managing your dinners, snacks, lunches, breakfast and more for you and helps you focus on things which are really important in your life. The app also manages the shopping list for the week, and you can precisely choose to follow the already customized plans or also replace your desired recipes that you don’t want to eat. Clean Eating Meal Plan app was basically designed to help people losing their weight on calorie range, but you can customize all its plans by lowering and enriching the serving amount. Clean Eating Meal Plan app makes your life way easier and gets the health results that you want by subscribing to get the best version of the app.


20. OrganizEat

OrganizEat brings a better and sleek way to organize all your meals as well as recipes and store your loved recipes in the way you want. OrganizEat: Cookbook Recipe Box Organizer & Keeper is a great tool presented in the market by OrganizEat Ltd, which does not let you manually enter a recipe by providing an automatic approach to everything needed. The app enables you to use the recipe keeper so as to eliminate those collections of recipe organizers or the cookbooks from your kitchen. It is a handy app which intuitively stores your recipes and organizes your own recipes as well. OrganizEat – Recipe Organizer intuitively lets you organize as well as store the recipes alongside ones you found internet enabled. OrganizEat – My Meal Planner & Grocery List app enables clipping of recipes from the recipe blogs or websites by supporting direct importing recipes from over 150 famous websites. OrganizEat: Cookbook Recipe Box Keeper and Organizer app lets you save recipes automatically, add searchable tags to recipes, email recipes to your desired people, view your recipes full screen, add notes and tags, and add your pics to each recipe in your own way. OrganizEat – Grocery List and Meal Planner app allows you to manage your entire grocery lists, meals, and recipes under one place and enjoy the app with its ultimate features.


21. Famealy

Famealy is your online calendar meal calendar where all the friends, roommates, and colleagues can coordinate on what to eat next. Famealy: Online Meal Calendar for Family app was presented in the market by Famealy, Inc. which presents the Do-It-yourself calendar for meal planning for the friends and family. It helps users in planning ahead of your meals for lunch, breakfast, snacks, dinners, or any meal of the day. Famealy – Awesome Meal Calendar allows you to keep your fitness in mind and get the right amount of nutrition for every family member in addition to exercise. Famealy app can intuitively specify who is eating what. Famealy – Meal calendar for your Family allows you to prepare your meals in your own way, get your family involved, avoid bad or unhealthy meal stuff, manage your taste bud, and make changes to your meals in your own way. Famealy: Online Meal Calendar For Family app allows you to share the snapshots of your entire calendar with your friends. Famealy – Awesome Meal Calendar makes it superbly easy to plan when to eat snacks and when to eat meals right from your mobile device.


22. Plateful

Plateful lets you create a highly personalize meal plan of the week in just a few steps and lets you view or alter them according to your own way. Plateful Weekly Meal Planner is a fine tool presented in the market by Happy Accident Apps Inc. through which you can get free to use, simple, and effortless way of planning all the meals of the day. Plateful lets you take the guesswork out of choosing what to have to eat by enabling its exclusive shuffling engine which automatically creates personalized meal plans of the week which carters your desires. Plateful app lets you give your meal plans to that you want to cook and eat by creating your personal collection of meals. Plateful Weekly Meal Planner lets you get a simple meal and recipe manager to build your own stack of meals. You can add notes for a meal and also link to the web sources. You can use its built-in import feature to precisely import meals and recipes from recipe vlogs and websites. Plateful Weekly Meal Planner allows you to save your efforts, time, and money by planning the meals in advance.

More About Recipe Calendar

Recipe Calendar is a fine tool which helps you in saving your cooking time by choosing a meal plan, get the right amount of recipes, go shopping with a compatible grocery list, and cook your meals using step by step guidance. Recipe Calendar – Meal Planner is a fine tool developed by Harmonic Soft Inc. which helps you choose your desired menu and create your own meal plan ultimately. You can choose weekly plans that fit you by style, fitness, and complexity. Some of its health diets include paleo menus, low-calories, vegetarian, vegan, and low-carb, etc. Recipe Calendar – Meal plans and tasty recipes make it superbly simple to decide how many people will eat and which meal will they have by updating your schedule as appropriate. The app lets you choose your desired fitness meal plans if you care about losing weight, health, and fitness. Recipe Calendar – Meal Planner carries a stack of more than 5k recipes including simple, kid-friendly, low crab, and much more. It helps you create your own recipes, create your future menus, and even share your recipes with the entire world. Recipe Calendar – Meal Plans and Tasty Recipes lets you grab the best mix of recipes and updates your today’s meals whenever you want something special for your next big dinner.