ROBLOX is a game packed with action and adventure where the user gets to play as a robot. There is a big world out there where imagination will be needed along skills to make sure new tasks complete on time. Around 30 million players are a part of this community where the creation of new puzzles, games, missions and other genres happen… read more

Apps Like ROBLOX



BADLAND is an original and award-winning game in which people have to fight for themselves and others with the help of traditional tools. This game sets itself in a forest that is beautiful from the outside. Everything looks calm, and the player brought into this finds everything soothing. But suddenly there is a feeling that something is terribly wrong, on contacting others, it is known that there are several traps and puzzles that exist to make sure there is no way out. The person playing the game is one of the dwellers of the forest and has to fight either on their own or with the help of others to combat everything that is thrown at them. For single player, there are more than 100 levels and more stuff is frequently added. For people who want to play as a team, there can be up to 4 players at one time, and 23 levels ti implement various kind of skills. All the controls are one touch and details along with tips is given at every step. This game is available on multiple platforms and can be saved on cloud storage depending on the requirement. All in all, this game is one of the most famous among its categories.


#2 Leo’s Fortune


Leo’s Fortune is an award winning gaming platform where you hunt down the mysterious thief and the cunning that stole your gold. It offers some beautifully hand-crafted and exciting levels for the sake of fun and brings the life of Leo on his epic adventure. Leo’s Fortune is so special and is one of the most drizzling games with amazing graphics and epic sound quality. The person in this game turned home and sought that its gold is stolen and that thief dropped some piece of my gold through the woods. Now he has to recover from a different scenario. It includes recovering through lush environment form Arid deserts to Mossy forests. Survive by solving physics based puzzles and vicious traps through twenty-four exciting levels of the adventure. Just try to survive as long as possible and also try that you have done the game without dying.

#3 Benji Bananas


Benji Bananas is an adventure-based auto-scrolling game developed by Fingersoft. The game is entertaining with its cartoon-based hand-drawn graphics. Like most popular and high rated experience running games, Benji Bananas is also the game with no end. The best part of the game is that unlike typical adventure platformers, which are based on running and jumping mostly, this game has introduced a new action of swinging. The player has to control the monkey swinging from vine to vine in the jungle for the sake of bananas and have to save the monkey from many lurking dangers in the forest.

The game is quite popular among the people and already has more than 35 million fans. The game is packed up with fantastic jungle landscapes, including trees, bushes, hills, waterfalls, etc. One of the most prominent features of the game is the featuring animated stories of the monkey Benji, his girl Bella, and the excitement of the forest. The game is available on Apple App Store, Google Play, and also on Windows Store.


#4 Swordigo


Swordigo, just as the name suggests, is a game where you become a character with a sword and fight your way in touch conditions. Several features of the game will give the feel of becoming part of something exciting. There is an unknown adventure at every step, so it becomes necessary to ensure the care. While every move that is made, has some thought process behind it. Different hurdles such as puzzles, arcades, and others are there and have to finish before the next step even begins. How you deal with it, manage everything and reach the end, depends on the nature of the player’s mind. It is a beautiful world where everything seems nice until you come across something nasty! The sword has several features that can be used to fight against literally anything, but all of them have to be unlocked. This action is only possible if the level of experience grows and skills improve. Different maps exist within, that help in finding the way out, but it is not that simple. The game is free to play and has been one of the most downloaded ones in the past year. In a nutshell, a top quality high definition game which is worth downloading.



LIMBO is a thought provoking puzzle game for the iOS and Android devices and best for people of all ages. The real challenges hidden in this game is that it is full of a  lot of uncertainties that will make for you playing this game really impossible at some points. The game critics called it to the close perfect at what it does as a puzzle game can get. This game is simply the masterpiece because of the mysteries and challenges packed into it. The game is dark and disturbing at the same time is eerily beautiful as well. The challenges of the game deserve to be explored. In addition to the levels of the game, you have to first explore what the game basically demands from its player. Finding the real objective of the game is still a challenge that needs to be get first. If you are looking for that puzzle game that make you its fan then LIMBO is a game that must be given at least one chance.

#6 Jungle Adventures


Jungle Adventures brings back the feel of most famous arcade games that people used to enjoy few years back. This action does not mean that it can only be palyed by individuals who want to feel something old and refresh memories. There are several advanced features within the game that terms as essential for individuals who want to enjoy it. The game base itself on a character Addu, that is living happily with his girlfriend. One day they were eating apples together and enjoying life and suddenly “Evil Lion Monster” appeared from the jungle witout any prior warning and took his girlfriend away. Now life is not that rosy, and things have gotten serious. That evil moster captured Addu’s girlfriend and ran away in thick jungle. So addu goes on adventure to rescue his girlfriend by defeating Lion Monster and perhaps to kill him so that no one else gets harmed ever again. There are different game play options, the graphics are of high quality with all the things giving the impression of latest technology usage. The controls are simple and include jumping, fire, cutting, running and even walking. Therefore, it becomes an excellent choice to spend your free time.

#7 Masha and the Bear: Child Games


Masha and the Bear: Child Games builds on the famous kid’s series and has around 13 different ones within it, that can be played by people. This not only adds to four different games for kids but also for elders who want to refresh their memories. A fairytale play, with high quality graphics that can make people gain interest. The main aim here is to collect berries and sort them properly to make jam, this can be done with the help of your brain. Everything that is falling has some value, how to make sure everything is set according to the order and what will be the changes required, depends on the person playing. There are other features too, anything can happen in the jungle, it is your duty to save the animals, provide them with food, stock up firewood and prepare for the winter. All the characters that were involved in the cartoon series will be part of the game, people select the one they want to play with and set on a journey. The game is free to play but does require an internet connection to complete certain tasks. In a nutshell, an exciting package of games to play.

More About ROBLOX

ROBLOX is a game packed with action and adventure where the user gets to play as a robot. There is a big world out there where imagination will be needed along skills to make sure new tasks complete on time. Around 30 million players are a part of this community where the creation of new puzzles, games, missions and other genres happen. There is no time limitation to play. You get to change your shape; from becoming a vampire, a girl, dinosaur to a miner, there is a lot on offer. It is the largest user based gaming community where 700,000 people have created different games and implemented their ideas. The interface used for this is nice, you get to see all the options on the main screen and just have to click them to get all the details. All the characters that are present can easily be customized. New gear, dresses, and accessories along with tools are provided to make sure everything new is there. The best part is that the game is free to install, but there are some in-app purchases if someone gets involved properly in a game. All an all, it is an excellent place to play a variety of games in the same location.

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