12 Apps Like S.Graph: Calendar Clock Widget

S.Graph: Calendar Clock Widget basically displays a list of events, cases and tasks for a day that the users have set to complete in a day. All of the activities scheduled by the users will be shown up in the shape of twelve hour circular chart and like a dial of the traditional phone. This simple app will assist you in sharpening the sense of the time and visualizing your day to day activities in a more systemized way. S.Graph: Calendar Clock Widget offers a perfect timer of affairs and offers the best means of sticking on day to day activities. This simple to use planner works smartly as an analog clock widget and automatically fetch up all those events and tasks that are stored in the Google Calendar or other tasks scheduling apps installed in the smartphone. S.Graph: Calendar Clock Widget is best for daily planning, time keeping timing, accounting and monitoring of working hours, scheduling important tasks, convenient countdown and much more.

1. Unity Widgets

Unity Widgets is the pack of the hundreds of widgets in multiple categories. The best about the widgets being offered by the Unity Widgets are being crafted by the leading designers of the world that are making this app beautiful for the enjoyment of the smartphones and tablets users. For…

2. Chronus: Home & Lock Widget

Chronus: Home & Lock Widget is the provider of flexible and stylish widgets that are categorized as clock widgets, news widgets, task widgets, stocks widgets, calendar widgets and much more. All of the available widgets will give you the chance of customizing the home screen in a more systemized way…

3. Fancy Widgets

Fancy Widgets is a best means for personalizing the smartphone in a more systemized way. This simple personalizing application allows the smartphone users to enjoy the great amount of widgets in order to customize the home screen of the Android devices. Fancy Widgets is the pack of great amount of…

4. Battery Tools & Widget for Android

Battery Tools & Widget for Android is a simple application for the Android devices just to monitor and optimize the battery. It offers the better information to the Android users so that they can control the power of the battery in a more systemized way. It merits clearing here that…

5. Weather & Clock Widget for Android

Weather & Clock Widget for Android is an app for the Android devices only and allows the smartphone users to precise the time and weather of their mobile phones. Weather & Clock Widget for Android is a great means of beautifying the smartphone and staying updated with the current weather…

6. DashClock Widget

DashClock Widget is basically a home screen clock widget for all versions of the Android smartphones and tablets. With the name of the application it is appearing that this app only offers the clock widgets to its users and it is true to some extent. DashClock Widget focus more on…

7. TSF Gallery Widget

The main characteristic of TSF Gallery Widget is that it offers the 3D styled widgets to the smartphone users. TSF Gallery Widget allow its users to make their smartphone as these are desktop PCs. TSF Gallery Widget will also make you able to enter into the 3D selection mode from…

8. Zooper Widget

Zooper Widget is an extremely a classy, customizable and battery friendly widgets containing application that offers the limitless options to its users for customizing and beautifying their smartphones. Zooper Widget is fully compatible with all kind of smartphones; however, some versions of Samsung Galaxy will face some issues while using…

9. Buzz Widget

Buzz Widget is in fact a widget app for the Buzz Launcher. Buzz Widget offers a great amount of customizable widgets like battery, clock, date, weather, music and much more. It has the finest collection of great amount of icons, layouts, themes, and backgrounds that will make you able to…

10. HD Widgets Free

HD Widgets Free is not the free version of another widgets offering app named HD Widgets. HD Widgets Free is an independent widgets containing app that offer the smartphone users with the system of customizing the main screen of their smartphones. HD Widgets Free is the pack of great amount…

11. HD Widgets

HD Widgets is one of the easiest and simplest ways over the Google Play Store for adding colorful practical widgets to the home screen of the Android devices. In addition to offering ready to use widgets, HD Widgets offers a great amount of customizing feature to its users so that…

12. Beautiful Widgets Pro

Personalizing home screen of the smartphone is an entertaining and funny activity to do that most of the smartphone users like to do. For this, they search for those launcher and widget kind of apps so that they can fill their smartphones with more number of features and functions. Beautiful…

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