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Samaa News App is another widely used app in Pakistan and around, through which people can easily access all the national and international news on almost every topic. Samaa News App is a fine app introduced by SAMAA Inc. through which you can not only grab the news regarding Pakistan but also get the news from all across the world… read more
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15 Apps Like Samaa News App for iOS

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1. MapleBoy

MapleBoy is a widely used online news reader and TV broadcaster for the Chinese audience through which they can easily grab what they want to see right from their mobile devices. This application enables Chinese users to enjoy watching and reading their favourite stuff about their most likely celebs while on the move having this classy app. MapleBoy aggregates news as well as videos from the popular Asian entertainment resources. It carries dynamic navigation bars through which you can enjoy reading news from the full screen of your mobile phones. It brings its efforts in both landscape and portrait mode. Maple Boy app carries regional categorization for videos such as Taiwan, Korea, Mainland, Japan, and various others. Other than these, this news and entertainment providing app also enable its users to enjoy video search and access history of the viewed dramas, news, and shows. This app is easily available on the mobile devices, and itself is a highly progressive app, and you can directly add this to the main screen for catching all your favourite stuff. So just pick MapleBoy, and enjoy watching images and videos for dramas and shows that are aggregated from the popular Official Facebook pages, Youtube channels, Wikipedia, and various social sources.


2. IMDb

IMDb, which is the International Movie Database, is easily the biggest and most authentic app when it comes finding information about your favorite movies and television series. People can not only get to know about shows but can also get to read biographies and filmography of their favorite stars as well as watch trailers of latest movies. There are many other options as well, for example, people can make lists of their favorite shows as well as give ratings based on the satisfaction level. Most of the people, when they want to watch a movie or a show consult IMBb for authentication. The best thing about this app is that it is free to use and details such as the maker, producer, and director, short movie plots along with trivia, quotes, and onset pictures can also be assessed. It also helps you to find movie shows in your local area and people can look for movie timings in the nearby with the help of this app, though this features are just for the United States currently. Facebook is used to sign into this app with the help of which they can share the stuff they want with friends. People can also make their account using the email address. This application has a high social presence since people can access it not only from the web but also on their phones and tablets. Also, it is now available in various languages which makes it easier for people to use it. All in all, it is the best place to get to know about a movie and share your views with others.


3. Frequency

To watch free internet videos, TV, music, and other special events, for example, the Olympics and the World Cup, Frequency is the best option for it. The latest news, food, fashion, health, technology videos, entertainment news, are only one-click away from you. Frequency collects all these videos from YouTube, web, TV channels, and other streaming channels.

The best option of Frequency is that you can watch videos of Twitter, Facebook, and other social media on Frequency. So you do not need to go anywhere else. Just create Personal Tuner on Frequency and add thousands of your favorite video in it. Frequency gets its music from Vevo, Billboard, Baeblemusic, and RollingStone.


4. DramaFever

DramaFever is an extensively used application which enables everyone to discover the new kind of TV, and probably one of the best app for streaming Korean, Japanese, and Chinese dramas on-demand, right on your mobile devices. DramaFever: Stream Asian Drama Shows & Movies bought in the market by DramaFever Inc. which allows everyone to enjoy watching their favourite stuff whenever they want. DramaFever – Dramas & Movies application helps you enjoy the best in comedy, romance, dramas, movies, TV shows, and other stuff by translating it into your own languages. This is a fine entertainment app through which you can carry all your favourite movies and characters right in your pocket. DramaFever – Dramas & Movies enables its users to stream the absolute best in the Asian online dramas. Other than these, Drama Fever also enables you to find out what is on trending and watch My Secret Romance, Goblin, Running Man, and much more. You can also watch Chinese TV favourites and Japanese drams including Mischievous Kiss, Spring Has Come, love O2O, Tribes & Empires, and various others. So just download this free to watch DramaFever: Stream Asian Drama Shows & Movies app and grab all your favourite shows whenever you want.


5. SlingPlayer

SlingPlayer is a sophisticated app which entertains you in a way like never before. SlingPlayer Free for Phone is a fabulous application introduced by Sling Media LLC which helps you watch everything on your home TV and on every device that you want. It intuitively works with every cable and satellite provider and delivers no blackouts, works on 3G, 4G, and LTE, and even internationally. It helps you watch live TV channels and all your favourite stuff while on the move with a hundred percent guarantee. You can see everything on DVR and save all your recordings, and it works with your Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV, etc. SlingPlayer Free for Phone allows everyone to move your TV with yourself while on a business trip, on errands, and even on days with the kids. Other than these, Sling Player also helps you use this free to use app to enjoy viewing and managing DVR recordings, watching on a second TV, watching your favourite sports and shows, and lot more. So just download SlingPlayer Free for Phone and enjoy watching every one of your channels such as HBO, USA, FOX, ABC, A&E, ESPN, XFX, CNBC, SHOWTIME, BRAVO, and various others without restrictions.



VIKI is a widely used application which enables its users to catch Asian, Korean, and other country’s TV dramas movies, and anime right on their mobile phones. Viki: Asian TV Dramas & Movies is one of the highly trusted apps for users who are looking for what basic TV and cable usually offer. It enables everyone to discover and explore the entire world of Asian entertainment by offering a wide selection of popular dramas movies, entertainment videos, and a variety of TV shows on sports, fashion, lifestyle, cooking, and entertainment from Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, and other countries. VIKI – Watch Free TV, Movies, and Korean Drama & Anime bring a highly curated selection of your most favourite TV shows and drams that can easily be accessed whenever you want. This application is making itself a masterpiece by providing subtitles for its global users in more than 200 languages. VIKI – Watch Free TV, Movies, and Korean Drama & Anime are making its way through breaking down all the barriers that are standing between you and the great entertainment. So just download Viki: Asian TV Dramas & Movies and enjoy watching popular global and the latest shows on the go.


7. IGN Entertainment

IGN Entertainment is another widely used app which enables its worldwide users to enjoy the no 1 resource for the video game reviews and news, introduced by IGN Entertainment, Inc. IGN Entertainment – Video Game Guides Reviews News is a must have app for all worldwide gamers comic fans, and movie buffers. It provides you with an easy and fast access to the latest news about your favourite video games, TV shows, and movies. IGN: Video Game News, Reviews, and Guides app allow its users to decide which video game to buy and lets everyone to discover top games as rated by the professional editors of IGN. It brings the best way to decide which movie to watch and game to play by discovering reviews on your interesting games and movies. IGN: Video Game News, Reviews, and Guides also help users who want to get help through The Legend of Zelda, Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto, and others by checking out its comprehensive wiki guides and walkthroughs. You can also find reviews on the latest game by the console. So just download IGN Entertainment – Video Game Guides Reviews News app in your mobile, and enjoy reviews, news and everything on games, movies, and comics etc.


8. Video Tube

Video Tube is another widely used application through which you can get all the benefits from the Dailymotion, Youtube, Vimeo, and other in the only app. Video Tube™ – Stream and Play is a great application introduced by Yau You Music Video Professionals – Tube Studio Inc. which helps everyone to manage your YouTube account, watch all videos, control the playlists intuitively. This widely used tool and the most used video player lets you grab all the news, entertainment, and other crucial stuff by browsing through popular, trending videos. Through this all-in-one app, all the users can log in to their account and watch videos from your channels, watch their playlist, post comments, and manage almost all the stuff. You can easily stream and watch all online videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion with this super talented app. Video Tube – Stream and Play brings unique video widget, login to Youtube account support, subscribe support, browse and manage playlists, discover Youtube channels, watch history, manage and view videos, watch your uploaded videos, and lot more. So just download Video Tube™ – Stream and Play app, and get informed from all the necessary things and manage your accounts intuitively.


9. TBN

TBN is another widely used app which enables its users to get an access to the world’s most extensive Christian TV network. TBN: Watch TV Shows & Live TV is a fine product of TBN Android Developer Inc. through which users can get the positive, uplifting content on demand and live. It is one of the American’s most watched faith and religious channel which helps the Christian community to get a place where they can catch all their favourite content right on their mobile phones. TBN: Watch TV Shows & Live TV brings commercial-free inspirational shows and programming 24/7 day streaming and on-demand videos. This application allows its users to watch their favourite content through the Chromecast on their TV. TBN: Watch TV Shows & Live TV is one of the world’s largest religious network through which everyone can access TV shows and other content on TV whenever they want. It allows you to watch and stream videos and download them to your devices. You can easily download TBN: Watch TV Shows & Live TV in your phone, and access all the Christian TV shows and live TV on your cell phone.



DIRECTV is a fine TV guide app that brings more ease of accessing and watching their daily routine television show, dramas, movies, news, sports, and others. It brings an exclusive collection of shows that you often watch on your television and never want to miss even a single story of them. It improves the efficiently of managing these drama alerts while on the go. DIRECTV allows you to explore and watch thousands of live and on-demand TV shows, favourite movies, and more. There is a huge amount of individuals use this app to increase their flexibility of handling their favourite and daily routine television shows. It lets you record your favourite movies and TV shows for storing and watching them later. It provides more innovative and advanced control over your data and enables you to access your stuff with extreme ease, convenience, and precision. DIRECTV lets you watch and capture your favourite shows and movies and catch up on your favourite movies and shows with scheduled and on-demand recording as well.


11. E! News

E! News is another gigantically used app which informs you about every single thing happens on the red carpet, right when you want to know it, introduced by Comcast Entertainment Group Inc. E! News is a great tool for catching all the actions held on the red carpet from almost every angles and let you have an immersive and professional video experience exclusively. You can discover and watch the latest videos and behind the scene stuff from your most likely shows including The Arrangement, Life of Kylie, The Royals, Botched, Total Divas, Keeping up With the Kardashians, Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry, and various others. This application allows you to be the first person to know all the breaking and hot news right through its up to the mark mobile alerts. Other than these, E! News also lets you have faster-loading articles, full-screen photo galleries, and even videos through a slick home screen that is easy to use and quick. So just download this heavily informative app named E! News and enjoy getting all the stuff for the red carpet season through its award-winning coverage.


12. Sprint TV

Sprint TV is another intuitive application which enables its worldwide users to watch their favourite shows and Live TV channels. Sprint TV & Movies bought in the market by MobiTV Inc. brings a diversity of on-demand shows, most popular primetime, a variety of live programs, news, entertainment, kids, Hispanic, sports programs and lot more. This application helps you catch all the live and breaking news from both international and national broadcasters including ABC News, FOX Business, FOX News, Bloomberg TV, Associated Press, BBC, and various others. You can catch the popular and all your most likely networks including ABC, Disney, A&E, Food Network, and lets you enjoy full episodes from The Bachelor, American Dad, Dancing with the Stars, Catch, Deadliest, Love & Hip Hop, and Austin and Ally, etc. Apart from this, Sprint TV & Movies also lets you grab live sports events, highlights, and weekly programs from some leading sports channels such as ESPN, FightBox, Azteca, beIN SPORTS, and more. It also carries some premium content packages, and you can easily choose any of them according to your own desire. So just download Sprint TV & Movies and get entertained by your favourite stuff.


13. PBS Video

PBS Video is a classy application which helps its users to enjoy watching their favourite PBS shows on your Chromecast, phones and tablets. PBS Video is a great product of PBS Inc. which enables its users to explore a rich and varied selection of tons of videos from booth the PBS archives and new shows. You can enjoy all the masterpiece shows including Poldark, Mr Selfridge, Wolf Hall, Downtown Abbey, Victoria, and much more. This elegant app helps you watch your favourite programs on your desired device, save your favourite episodes and programs, and learn more about the PBS program and episodes as well. You can discover thousands of hours of full-length episodes of all your favourite content and enjoy a daily dose of new videos. You can easily connect with your local PBS station and always know what is trending in your area tonight. You can also grab PBS primetime shows including Antiques Roadshow, Independent Lens, History Detectives, Need to Know, Nova, Nature, Secrets of Dead, and various others. So just download PBS Video app, and enjoy Austin City Limits song performances, original online series, and PSB news hour segments.


14. Supafanz

Supafanz is another tremendously used application which enables its users to grasp all their celebrity social media stuff on one feed and never miss a post from your favourite stars. Supafanz: All your celebrity news & social gossip is a great product of Music Lobster Inc. which updates its entire community of users to enjoy getting the trending and hot news about the celebrities who are top on the showbiz. You can catch the latest celeb gossips and news all in one place straight from the celebs themselves. This is a super-talented news providing app which helps its users to follow celebrities on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms on one free social media feed and say goodbye to the flicking between multiple apps. Supafanz: All your celebrity news & social gossip has efficiently and precisely got tons of gossips and news of your favourite celebrities than ever before through its brand new newsfeed. Other than this, Supafanz app brings articles from some authentic sites Such as Hollywood Life, Entertainment Times, People, BBC Entertainment, and lot more. So download Supafanz: All your celebrity news & social gossip on your phone, and enjoy crispy gossips.


15. SnagFilms

SnagFilms brings one of the most effective places where people can watch free full-length TV shows streamed to your mobile devices, tablets, and even TV. SnagFilms – Watch Free Movies is a classy application through which people can access more than 5k independent movies, documentation, and other TV shows. It brings more than a dozen categories from hilarious comedy and critically acclaimed movies and documentaries to the adrenaline filled actions adventure films. This application also carries a fine collection of movies and documented stuff on homosexuals, international foreign movies and much more. SnagFilms – Watch Free Movies application keeps on adding new titles and movies for its worldwide users on a daily basis. It helps its users to enjoy watching full-length viewing of movies on categories action, horror, comedy, sci-fi, thrillers, erotic thrillers, romantic, adventure, and other categories. It carries full-length kids and family movies and also lets you get classic movies, cult horror, silent, and golden age movies right through any of your handheld devices. So just download SnagFilms – Watch Free Movies, and enjoy watching movies today on any of your Android and iOS devices, Android TV, and tablets.

More About Samaa News App

Samaa News App is another widely used app in Pakistan and around, through which people can easily access all the national and international news on almost every topic. Samaa News App is a fine app introduced by SAMAA Inc. through which you can not only grab the news regarding Pakistan but also get the news from all across the world. It is an all in one app to get the breaking news, entertainment, news, Twitter reactions, Facebook viral videos, News headlines, Sports News, and much more. Through this intuitive news providing application, users can get noticed from the happening from all over the world right on their mobile phones. Other than these, you can also watch uninterrupted free live streaming, political shows, and other reality shows while on the go. It also allows its Pakistani users to enjoy political shows with Shahzad Iqbal, Paras Jahanzaib, and the famous Nadeem Malik. You can also catch all the Bollywood and Lollywood news and enjoy this app in Urdu and English in the same download. So just download Samaa News App, and get all the news effortlessly on your cell phone.