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Scutify is another application introduced in an entirely new way to recognize the market. It is an intelligent application through which you can not only make better collaboration with all the social media scuttlebutt on your most favourite brands, stocks, FX, Indexes, and other commodities… read more
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12 Apps Like Scutify

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1. Wishbone

Wishbone is an amazing social application to compare things with the community of people around you. It is a fine product of Science Mobile LLC through which you can not only enjoy the comparison of things but also get amazing things to enjoy. Wishbone – Compare Anything is an elegant utility that helps you compare social content. It delivers a Daily Dozen every morning which is a series of the 12 pop culture based queries with almost two discrete choices. If you pass to complete all these Daily Dozens that you get a Nightly Dozen as well. You can quickly pick a side, and then you can watch how your friends voted in that particular scenario. Wishbone – Compare Anything is a fun application that provides a little bit of information about what is going on and buzzing around the world. It covers fashion, celebrities, music, sports, humour, and pretty much everything that you want to talk or search about. You can easily create a profile on this platform and find other friends for the real-time fun. So just download Wishbone to begin the fun.


2. SoPo

SoPo is a social reviewing and polling application introduced by the great SoPo – Social Pooling App Inc. It is a widely used platform where you can see what is trending and compare anything. You can do lots of amazing things on this polling application. SoPo – Social Polling App lets you vote on a poll and reveal your opinion by sharing it by tapping the option that you like the most from the distinct choices. You can not only enjoy polls from others but you can easily create your own poll in just 30 seconds, and you can easily share it for getting the choice and opinions of other users. Through its Daily Deck feature, it will send you a Deck of almost 10 polls cards to have fun. SoPo – Social Polling App lets you share your polls on any other social media sites including Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, and others to have real-time enjoyment. Other than these, you can also enjoy searching others polls, enjoy its leaderboard utility, follow people and topics, seek opinions from others, enjoy amazing user interface, and a lot more.


3. Voice Polls

Voice Polls is an application that helps you give and gather opinions. It lets you get paid for your opinions in the most flexible way. There are lots of amazing features of this application that helps you to create questions or surveys and get their instant opinions. It is an easy to use and beautiful application that enables you to see how people feel about any range of weight in any discussion. It is an incredible utility that helps you to enjoy opinions on any of your respective topic. Using Voice Polls application, you can easily browse and ask questions. You can even add media to your surveys including Youtube videos, tweets, GIFs from Giphy, Google Maps, SoundCloud tracks, and pics for making it more efficient and understandable. You can easily share your surveys and asked questions on Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus, and embed surveys in the Tumbler, Blogger, BlogSpot, and WordPress, etc. You can easily answer questions and different surveys to get real-time rewards and cash prizes. Other than these, it lets you follow your favourite leader, gather survey results and reports, vote on the best comment, and much more.


4. Social Interview

Social Interview is another opinion based application that helps its users to enjoy opinions from other individuals from all across the world. It is a fine production of Onoko International Limited that helps its users to enjoy Social Interview the Facebook app. It is used by a community of more than 40 million people from all over the world and keeps on increasing as well. It is a choice of many individuals that love to ask questions about themselves or some of their related stuff. Social Interview is an ultimate app for users who want to compete themselves with their friends on Facebook for any of their desired reason. And users just have to answer questions about themselves and their friends as well to share and spread their feeling and love to the people you know. Through this application, you can enjoy ratings of your pics and other stuff and also enjoy their reactions and comments for having real-time fun. So just download Social Interview app to begin the magic of interviewing.


5. The Moron Test

The Moron Test is a widely used gaming application developed by the DistinctDev, Inc. It is a puzzle based game through which users from all over the globe can awake their inner genius. It is a top application to bring your class to a top level from your moron state by tapping, twisting, and shaking through these fun and tricky challenges. This app brings exciting fun gameplay having millions of game lovers from all over the world. The Moron Test is a popular and addictive game which includes size sections featuring hundreds of fun puzzles to enjoy. Some of its minimal features include the support of Global achievements and leaderboards, beautiful graphics, funny characters, amazing music, and sound effects, etc. Some of its provided sections include Old School, Winter Break, Skip Day, Tricky Treat, Late Registration, and some others. So just download The Moron Test app to enjoy watching your friends fail and play now to experience the extreme level of puzzle fun right from your mobile phones.


6. KK Friends

KK Friends is a widely used application through which users can discover some new friend’s usernames on KIK Messenger. It is an elegant approach for different users from all over the world that helps you to remote themselves with the featured user’s profile. KK Friends for Kik Messenger, Usernames for Kik brings an ultimate way to get real-time likes and more visitors and to meet your perfect match. This application helps you discover and add friends on Kik Messenger application by usernames search. You can find your beloved ones, become friends with strangers, and enjoy the uploading of your pictures as well. Using this superb application, you can make new friends and share your thoughts, images, and other stuff with them to have quality fun time. KK Friends for Kik Messenger, Usernames for Kik lets you add other individuals and chat with them on Kik app. This app allows you to find friends for Kik Messenger through usernames searches. So just download KK Friends for Kik Messenger, Usernames for Kik to find new friends on Kik Messenger app with pretty much comfort.


7. Pyne

Pyne is another opinion getting application through which users can easily ask and get opinions on their daily based queries, questions, and curiosities. It is an addictive application through which users from all over the world have the fun of opinions. You can easily browse other’s polls and give your interesting, funny, serious, and casual opinions on them. Pyne. Poll the world is a superb application to enjoy opinions from other individuals on their as well as your polls. It lets you give your opinion and vote to endless questions about dating, lifestyle, business, sports, and other daily life concerns. You can create your own polls, mysteries, and questions in seconds and put them in front of others in no time. Pyne. Poll the world also lets you follow others question makers to answer and follow their questions. Pyne is a fine app that helps you pass your time having fun and engage with a never-ending list of questions about your daily life concerns. Pyne. Poll the world is a fine application to discover some new ideas, deliver your opinions, and enjoy real fun in a simple addictive and quick scenario.


8. HeyCrowd

HeyCrowd quiz is another opinion based application through which users from all over the world can enjoy opinions from other users to get real-time amazing feedback about any of your respective topic. You can easily put any of your respective questions in front of others to check their opinions and reviews about your particular question. You can also discover polls and questions from other of its users and give your opinions on their mysteries as well. This app is filled with an attractive range of members who love to give their opinion on particular questions or situations. HeyCrowd quiz brings an easy way to put your questions in front of others so that others can like and dislike your queries. So if you want to ask which dress is looking cute, which of your girlfriend is gorgeous, about your hairstyle, your newly bought car, and other things from your friends with damn effectiveness. HeyCrowd quiz is filled with Women, Music lovers, Animal lovers, TV fans, Youtubers, and other community crowds.


9. Logic Dots

Logic Dots lets you find the dots, use logic, and win. It is a fantastic and pretty unique application through which users from all over the world enjoy the mix of Battleship and Sudoku. It is an award-winning application and puzzle-based app filled with millions of players. It is an ultimate app for individuals who love to solve the puzzle. It is an easy to play the game through which you just have to place dots on the grid to solve some mysterious puzzles. Logic Dots delivers an easy usage scenario in which blank grid surrounded by numbers it provides, and the player just needs to discover the hidden dot shapes on the grid by making sure that each of the column and row possesses the required number of dots. This app provides more than 250 incredibly complex and addictive brain teasers to have damn fun. You can easily play all the game until the end because it is free to use and does not contain any in-app purchases. So just download this app and have the mysterious fun of Logic Dots.


10. What Would You Choose?

What Would You Choose? Was introduced by That’s So Panda which was developed to enjoy a classic game filled with hundreds of questions, statistics and queries to keep track of your answers. It delivers a huge number of scenarios to choose from, and you have to choose one which likes you the most. What Would You Choose lets you elaborate that whether you have the talent of sing or dance, be your favourite hero or your favourite villain, and choose from doing your best friends laundry and your siblings dishes. What Would You Choose app is a fun way to gather your friends and family around your device and passing it round to take everybody’s turns. What Would You Choose app is filled with tons of questions that possess choosing scenarios. But the only worse thing about What Would You Choose app is that it contains ads which annoy its users the most. But, also keep it in mind that this app does not feature any offensive or vulgar questions to ask so just download it and choose.


11. MySmartPrice

MySmartPrice is a smart application that helps you compare prices to have a discount on offers and other stuff that you buy. It is one of the widely used price comparison application that helps you get the best price and deals for your online shopping stuff in India. It is an effective client for all of your online shopping. Compare Prices, Deals & Offers provides a price comparison engine which scans more than 100 online shopping sites to get you the most reasonable and best price for more than 10 million products. You can explore products from categories including mobile phones, Laptops, Cameras, and TVs, etc. and find the lowest possible price online. It also covered websites like Flipkart, Amazon, eBay, Univercell, Ezoneonline, The IT depot, Infibeam, The Mobile Store, Next, Saholic, and some others. My Smart Price actually provides smart prices for each of the concerned things that you want to buy online. In addition to that, you can also get awesome and attractive deals, discounts, and prices available for online shopping. Having Compare Prices, Deals & Offers, you can easily get expert reviews, purchase things securely, and enjoy shopping anytime from your mobile phone in a quick and easy scenario.


12. We Heart It

We Heart It is an application that enables you to discover photos from the subjects that you want the most and also saves all of them either in the cloud (in your We Heart It account) or on your Android, iOS device. We Heart It works just like other image-sharing sites such as Pinterest. You can select the tag words that interest you the best and search for all of the photos uploaded by other users that include those tags.

You may also follow differently. We Heart It users and become followed in return. Whenever you look for a user whose photos you usually like, you just need to follow them to make it ensure all of their changes appear in your primary feed. When you look at a photo that you want, you just need to select the heart button.

More About Scutify

Scutify is another application introduced in an entirely new way to recognize the market. It is an intelligent application through which you can not only make better collaboration with all the social media scuttlebutt on your most favourite brands, stocks, FX, Indexes, and other commodities. Scutify is a great app that lets you stay up to date with the current market summaries. It provides the most intuitive way to bring all the market details. Scutify is a famous application that helps you see what is happening in the tweets, news, and videos. It delivers an ultimate way to see which stock is trending and you can also follow your favourite stokes as well to see all the updates regarding their stuff. Scutify is a widely used application for investor trades, or any individual interested in markets. There are a huge number of amazing features of this app that not only let you learn, but you can also connect, trade, and prosper. This platform wants its users to learn from others, be on trends, and more sophisticatedly find an edge that they could not find anywhere else.