5 Apps Like Secret Folder App Lock for iOS

Secret Folder App Lock lets you hide all your private photos, passwords, contacts, notes, documents, and other things in a precise place. Secret Folder App Lock is a classy and a widely used app introduced by Brave Cats S A.R.L Inc. which lets you have the best utility to protect your most personal or official information from the eyes of sneaky intruders just by securing them with a PIN of your choice. This app enables its users to hide their important videos, photos, and other content from other behind a secret icon. Secret Folder App Lock is an all in one app to secure your personal, most important things on your mobile device with a pin. It also supports decoying password as well to open a secondary folder. It enables private web browsing ability as well where you can enjoy searching whatever you want without any fear. It enables continuous updates and also supports to deliver the best app. Other than these, Secret Folder App Lock also has the ability to unlock multiple stuff and enjoy features with the Pro subscription as well. So just download Secret Folder App Lock app in your phone and have fun hiding and locking things with extreme security options.

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1. Gallery Vault

Android iOS
Gallery Vault lets you keep all your private photos, videos, documents and all the crucial stuff behind a strong password that is known and placed by you. Gallery Vault – Hide Pictures And Videos is a fabulous product of GalleryVault Developer Team which is designed efficiently and keep your privacy…

2. Fake Calculator

Fake Calculator is a gorgeous vault app which precisely keeps all your private files undercover and requires a passcode to open up those files if anyone wants their access. Fake Calculator – Secret Vault & Private Browser is a fine app introduced by Raman Kupryianchyk Inc. which intuitively hides all…

3. Folder Lock

Android iOS
Folder Lock is one of the most deserving and preferred file locking application available on the app store. Folder Lock is a product of which lets you secure all your personal videos and photos and keep them behind a pin, password, pattern, and fingerprint lock. It allows you to…

4. Lock Secret Photo Album Vault

Lock Secret Photo Album Vault allows its worldwide users to lock as well as hide their favourite private photos and videos and never let anyone else to touch them without your permission. Lock Secret Photo Album Vault is a product of Mo Wellin Inc. which brings the finest tool to…

5. Secret Photo Album Vault

Secret Photo Album Vault is one of the best utility that intuitively protects your pics and videos of your parties, get-togethers, dates, wedding, honeymoon, and whatever you want. Secret Photo Album Vault is a product of BPMobile Inc. which hide your videos, pics, documents, and other personal stuff into a…

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