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Secure Notepad

Secure Notepad brings a classy note-taking technique for its entire users by letting them have a super secure place for creating and storing all their notes. Secure Notepad – Private Notes is a great tool introduced by Dmitrij Vinokurov Inc. which enables teachers, students, artists, creative persons, and other professionals note takers to protect their notes with a password and never let anyone stole their thinking or creativity… read more
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33 Apps Like Secure Notepad


1. Notability

Notability is an intuitive, robust, simple yet an outstanding PDF annotation and note-taking app loved by millions of people from all over the world. Notability: Easy note-taking and annotation app is a great tool introduced by Ginger Labs Inc. which enables all the students, teachers, business specialists, project managers, and other professionals to use this app to enrich their lives by extremely amazing note-taking experience. This application has streamlined your entire workflow by becoming paper-free, in office, classroom, at home, on the street, and over other places. This app brings drag and drops feature to move multiple files, text, pics, web pages, GIFs, and other media from other applications. Notability: Easy note-taking and annotation app allow you to express your artistic side by matching through custom colors with the intuitive color dropper. You can precisely keep all your official notes secure from others through Face ID or Touch ID like encryption techniques. This brilliant note-taking app lets you search and convert handwritten notes, save time with multi-notes, sketching with beautiful colors, import, and share facility, auto-backup feature, and lets you type anyone on its canvas. So just download Notability: Easy note-taking and annotation app from the store and bring your artistic version in the market through the note-taking and PDF annotating experience that it contains.


2. 1Writer

1Writer is a brilliant note taking tool which brings inline markdown preview feature while you write, and full, rich text preview when you are done. 1Writer – Markdown Text Editor is a fabulous product introduced by Ngoc Luu Inc. which brings an intuitive and free to use note-taking, and writing app available in the store. One Write is a powerful note-taking app which enables its users to generate and edit plain text and markdown files and see all these formatted results through the Markdown syntax highlights. Its extended keyboard contains a convenient row of buttons for formatting, special characters, and navigation. 1Writer – Markdown Text Editor lets you insert a document template and create even more robust custom actions through Javascript. It brings fully featured file Brower, PDF and image review feature, full-text search and is available in two dark themes for extreme personalization. It also brings drag and drops support and multi-Markdown feature. Search documents from the spotlight, photo and PDF preview, today widget, open in place support, and various other useful functionalities. So just download 1Writer – Markdown Text Editor app from the store to have an intuitive experience which has combined all the basic text editing features that you expect with all the advanced features that you are looking for.


3. Matcha App

Matcha App is one of the sleekest word processing, note organizing and taking app that puts your entire words down over your mobile screen and simplifies your minds. Matcha – Writing App and Text Processor is a classy tool introduced in the market by InterAre, PT Inc. which brings an exciting range of features for letting you create excellent documents and take notes ultimately. Matcha Word Processor: Create Document and Take Note app enables its users to create pretty much every kind of document that you want and write manuscripts for books right over your smartphones. It contains an exciting way to organize your notes, clippings, documents, and other contents to stay organized. Matcha – Writing App and Text Processor app brings a cutting edge editor which lets you take notes and write a journal (designed for your finger, not mouse). This application brings powerful and secure sync to all your most likely clouds including Evernote, Dropbox, iCloud, etc., and lets you have many intuitive ways to share all your content. So just download Matcha Word Processor: Create Document & Take Note app in your mobile phones and extemporize all your photos, tables, text cards, attachments, and other stuff with more than just words to enrich your document or stories.


4. Keep My Notes

Keep My Notes is an astonishing and a widely used note taking application through which you can precisely capture notes in a way like never before. Keep My Notes – Notepad and Memo is an excellent offline notebook introduced in the market by LiteWhite Inc. which brings an app packed with superb features through which you can write on all the notes, without having any internet connection. You can keep all your significant behind a passcode and make all of your content fully secured. It brings a feature of Memo alarm remainder for all your checklist and to make notes, and this remainder alarm can be repeated monthly, yearly or daily as well. You can precisely write notes using your fingers, and it does not require any mouse or keyboard all the time. Keep My Notes – Notepad and Memo app allows you to set private note locks for specific checklists, to do’s, and other notes without having to lock the entire app. It lets you exchange your recorded notes that you take along with your diary with other apps. So just download Keep My Notes – Notepad and Memo app from the store and enhance your productivity of managing notes, to do’s, and checklists right using your cell phone.


5. Squid

Squid is a marvelous stuff which allows you to take handwritten notes naturally over your tablets and mobile devices as well as the Chromebook sporting apps. Squid – Take Notes and Markup PDFs bought in the market by Steadfast Innovations, LLC which allows its entire users to have a writing experience the same as you would do over paper using a passive stylus, your finger and an active pen. It is an intuitive vector-based app which keeps your notes beautiful at all the zoom levels and on your mobile devices as well. This superb note-taking app can easily markup PDFs to fill out the forms, sign documents, and edit grade papers. Squid – Take Notes, and Markup PDFs app brings all the functionalities of importing images, drawing shapes, and can add typed text to your notes with ease. You can instantly select, move, copy, and paste your desired stuff between notes and pages. Squid Notes Taking app helps you organize and edit your notes within the notebooks and increase your productivity by doing things simpler and smarter. So just download Squid – Take Notes and Markup PDFs app to turn your mobile devices into an excellent virtual keyboard and give presentations in class, conferences, meeting, and business get-togethers wirelessly casting to a projector or TV.


6. NoteLedge

NoteLedge is a marvelous app that enables its worldwide users to enjoy easy to use tools and functionalities to take notes, insert pics, sketch ideas, record audio or videos, clip web content, share and present their work with the world. NoteLedge – Organize Notes, Diary, Audio, and Video app was introduced by Kdan Mobile Software Ltd. which lets you design one of a kind notebook with covers, stickers, your own photos and with using other content with damn ease. It is a beneficial tool for teachers who want to make documents for making the student’s learning journey more comfortable. Note Ledge is a perfect note taking tool for students through which they can take more intuitive, eye-catching, and effective notes in the class, make cheat sheets, and collect more ideas. NoteLedge – Organize Notes, Diary, Audio, and Video helps designers and artists in spreading their sketching ideas over the canvass and record their artistic approach in a way like never before. Note Ledge app helps you be more creative by taking notes with tons of exciting and valuable features. If you want to have all these note-taking features, then download NoteLedge – Organize Notes, Diary, Audio, and Video app and stay organized while making eye-grabbing notes and checklist with multimedia aid.


7. ClevNote

ClevNote lets you create, manage, monitor, edit, and manipulate your memos by letting you have this memo app to write memos necessary daily. ClevNote – Notepad, Checklist is a great app introduced by Cleveni Inc. which supports a huge amount of memos that you do concern over a daily basis. You can easily manage your bank account number by entering the bank account number, and you can also send this app to someone and copy it to the clipboard. You can precisely write down necessary items and use these in a to-do list or the shopping list. This app reminds you about your family and friend’s birthdays and supports calendar mode to manage all your events. ClevNote – Notepad, Checklist also brings the features of cloud backup, remainder function, widget support, restore through Google Drive, and various others. Since the race of internet sites get height, there is a bit difficult for the users to remember it, so you can also manage site IDs using this tool. Clever Note app also lets you write down text memos conveniently. So just download ClevNote – Notepad, Checklist app from the store and manage your memos on a daily basis with extreme comfort.


8. Noteshelf

Noteshelf is a marvellous tool introduced in the market by Fluid Touch Pte. Ltd. which enables its entire users to create, manage, decorate, share, and review notes anytime, anywhere right using their smartphones. Noteshelf: Handwritten Notes, PDF Markup app enables its users to create outlines and checklists in one of the most sophisticated ways and helps you manage things in the way you want. Note Shelf app is a digital note-taking app beneficial for you whether you are a student, teacher, artist, or a creative person. This app helps you take marvelously beautiful handwritten notes, annotate PDFs, type, record audio, create lists, and do much else than a traditional note-taking app. This intuitive note-taking app lets you experience natural writing as fluid and smooth as on simple papers. Noteshelf: Handwritten Notes, PDF Markup app lets you choose from a diverse range of pencils, pens, highlighters, and markers along with a dedicated range of colors and sizes that suits all your needs. You can precisely search your handwritten note in almost 10 different languages and also convert your handwritten notes into real text having this tool. So give a chance to Noteshelf: Handwritten Notes, PDF Markup app for having a simplified yet a professional level note taking experience.


9. Notes Plus

Notes Plus is a robust note-taking app which has enabled many folks to go entirely paperless and does all their creativity over here. Notes Plus: Like pen on paper, only better is a gorgeous application developed by Viet Tran Inc. which lets you forget about the physical papers and have an outstanding digital note taking experience right using your mobile devices. This app carries tons of exciting features for people who take notes of their business, individual, and domestic concern activities. Notes Plus app lets you have outstanding handwriting experience with the razor-sharp ink effects, close-up writing mode, and palm rejection for fine writing. It is significant in converting handwriting to text by supporting more than 52 languages. Some of its significant mobile features include the automatic shape detection, automatic backup to Dropbox, built-in browser for instant reference, left-handed users support, background audio recording, VDA-out presentation support, inserting images directly from storage, and a lot more. Notes Plus is also applicable in exporting note as images or PDF to Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, Email, and other applications. So just download Notes Plus: Like pen on paper, only better app and enjoy note taking to an ultimate level.


10. Annotations

Annotations is a highly recommended note taking app which supports almost all the functionalities of everyday life by letting you do note taking at its best. Annotations – Notes, Drafts, Notepad, and Notebooks is a widely used app introduced by Rodrigo Inc. which enables its worldwide users to flag their notes in several colors to facilitate their identities or the level of importance in your own way. This is a superb tool which can capture a photo with a single click and you can use these photos in your notes that you creates over a daily basis. Annotations – Notes, Drafts, Notepad, and Notebooks app enables you to attach multiple files over the notes to make it more expressive, and you can explore lot more things to take your note-taking capabilities to an up-level. This application helps users to write notes by adding their desired words and special characters from the superb keyboard and change their colors according to the intensities of importance you want them to have. Some of its color schemes include white, red, yellow, blue, and green and you can change it with a single tap. So just download Annotations – Notes, Drafts, Notepad, and Notebooks app from the store to produce colorful notes and also share with ease.


11. My Notes by Mob Utilities

My Notes by Mob Utilities brings a super healthy and intuitive way of taking and storing your notes that you do on a daily basis. My Notes by Mob Utilities brings an excellent way of taking notes using tons of exciting features to produce classy notes. My Notes helps you to organize all your notes in one single place so that you can easily access your desired one anytime you want. My Notes helps you set multiple colors for your notes so that you can use them just for your own concerns of importance or anything else. You can instantly create notes, add multiple colors to notes, capture photos and then add them to your notes and produce notes that elaborates everything that you want. My Notes by Mob Utilities also lets you use recognition links in your daily notes as well for expanding the span of your notes. Other than these, My Notes: Taking Note and Checklists also brings the functionalities of searching in notes, add multimedia stuff, possible receive text and sharing links, shortcut to create notes instantly, and lets you create notes on the move. So just download My Notes by Mob Utilities app in your mobile phone and get a clean and uncluttered note-taking experience for creating and managing daily notes.


12. Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes is a real-time classy note-taking application, introduced by SYM Coding Inc. through which people can enjoy taking notes in a super colorful and exciting way. Sticky Notes and Widget app is a great application carries tons of exciting backgrounds for taking supreme notes by putting your desired words on them. You can precisely input your desired words over these excellent note and use your most likely color of texts. Some of its highlighted note-taking features includes the local backup and restore support, online cloud syncing, scrollable text in the widget, handwritten notes support, and lets you share memos as text or a drawing. Sticky Notes and Widget app brings the feature of the resizable widget which can easily be adjusted in the way you want to have. Other than these, Sticky Notes app also carries some other functionalities such as extensions store, record items, manage trash, organize your folders and subfolders, adjust the transparency, and lets you protect all your creativities behind a password. It is used merely for pinning your favorite notes, storing some important dates, manage all your checklists, remembering the next big event, and a lot more right through your mobile devices. So just download Sticky Notes and Widget app from the store to have a gorgeous notes memo application and home screen widget.


13. Xnotes

Xnotes is a widely loved note taking and checklist management tool which enables its worldwide users to keep all their notes over one place and access them anytime they want. Xnotes – notes, notepad, sticky notes, and notebook is a highly sophisticated tool introduced by 9xgeneration Inc. which brings a simple, easy and fast way to create amazing, colorful, and full-fledged notes for all its users. This application enables its users to attach various multimedia stuff such as text, GIFs, videos, audio, music, and almost all files to make their notes speaks everything about the intended topic. This application brings martial design and user-friendly UI that helps you make colorful notes, change font sizes, display notes by multiple views, and manage everything on a single page. Xnotes – notes, notepad, sticky notes, and the notebook is a simple yet powerful note taking tool through which people can precisely make notes from simple to complex or creative notes in a way like never before. It also carries the features of restore, backup and share notes, and you can also edit or remove their colors as well. So just download Xnotes – notes, notepad, sticky notes, and notebook app and sort notes by alphabet, color, and date or attach all the content that you want for making full-fledged notes for your intended works.


14. ColorNote

ColorNote brings an awesome, simple, and sleek way to enjoy notepad and all its functionalities under one platform. ColorNote Notepad Notes app was introduced by Notes Inc. which allows its users to have a quick way of creating notes on a daily basis with all the stuff needed. This application lets you have an exquisite notepad editing experience whenever you write notes, memos, shopping lists, messages, emails, to-do lists, and a lot more through this app. This apparition brings two basic note taking formats, checklist options and a lined paper styled text option. You can precisely add as many as you want to your master lists, and this list will appear on the home screen of the app, whenever you open this app. ColorNote Notepad Notes lets you organize notes by color, sticky notes for to-do lists, checklist notes for shopping lists, checklist notes to get things done, password lock features, secure backup notes to SD cards, list or grid view, search notes, powerful task remainder, and support online backup. So just download ColorNote Notepad Notes app to enjoy a simple and easier way of creating, managing, and editing memo pad, notepad, emails, shopping lists, to-dos, and other notes.



NOTEBOOK is a highly productive and versatile note taking app which brings so many exciting features for its entire users to write notes and create checklists. NOTEBOOK – Take Notes, Sync bought in the market by Zoho Corporation Inc. which enables its worldwide users to have a gorgeous note-taking and managing experience. It allows its users to create checklists to get things done with the dedicated checklist note. It includes some notable gestures which let you swipe your notebook or note for additional information, Flick to find the note you need, pinch to group notes into a stack, in landscape view, pinch to fold group notes like an accordion. You can precisely change the color of your notes, view notes in either grid or landscape mode, continue recording audio on any screen, create as well as choose a notebook cover, and do various other customization to your notes. NOTEBOOK – Take Notes, Sync allows you to record your notes with audio, scan documents if want to add, attach Microsoft documents, and write notes intuitively. You can precisely organize various notebooks, move or copy your notes, securely lock your notes, use Touch ID to lock, search within notes, and do much else having this tool. So just download NOTEBOOK – Take Notes, Sync app and keep your work and yourself organized.


16. Raloco Notes

Raloco Notes lets you throw everything whatever you want to have over this intuitive notepad app in your mobile phone. Raloco Notes bought in the market by Kenzap Ltd Inc. which helps you get excellent notes saving tool and a good helper to manage your notes, schedules, and everyday thoughts. This app does not support photos of receipt, documents, poster, and is intended to be the simple yet beautiful text-only editor. This notepad app brings various colors and sorting methods together with the custom font selection is one of the most intuitive features from its clients. Raloco Notes app helps you get color customizations, various sorting methods, ads-free atmosphere, notes organization by multiple color combinations, set reminders, status bar notifications, and various others features to extemporize your notes in a way like never before. Raloco Notes does not use any internet or GPS permissions that is the reason that no one can upload your private notes to anyone. You can also edit text files shared from other devices and save changes locally. So just download Raloco Notes app, and get one of the easiest to use notepad app as compared to any other notepad or memo app.


17. My Notes – Notepad

My Notes – Notepad is an intuitive, fast, elegant, secure, and easy to use notepad with cloud syncing. My Notes – Notepad app bought in the market by KeroSoft Inc. which is a widely loved app used by millions of people which can use this app as a notepad, journal, notebook, diary, agenda or anything in between. This app lets you secure everything you want with an excellent app lock which brings the security scenarios of Password, Fingerprint, and Pin. My Notes is an all in one notepad app which helps you have one shop stop for saving, browser, searching, and sharing notes over your mobile phones and tablets. It helps you organize your notes by folder just to let you access everything you want with much convenience. My Notes – Notepad brings the features of add reminders, manage folders, navigate between notes in a horizontal position, store large notes, theme color, dark theme, save notes in the cloud, manage backup, multi-lingual support, widget, dark theme, store large notes, and lot more. Other than these, My Notepad app helps also brings some premium features including ads-free atmosphere, backup support, syncing options, and more. So just download My Notes – Notepad app, and store everything you want in your daily notes or journal.


18. Penultimate

Penultimate is an excellent product of one of the classiest and well-known developers Evernote Inc. which lets you have so many features while you capture your notes, thinking’s, and everything you want to store. Penultimate app intuitively combines the features of natural, distraction-free sketching with the power of intuitive syncing and searching of Evernote. This application is significant for teachers and parents from professionals helping them from taking class presentations to meeting notes. Penultimate effortlessly journalize your notes, thoughts or outline your next big idea in the home, at the office, and on the move. It has made the experience of pen and paper more productive and fluent than ever. This application allows you to choose from a huge number of paper styles or you can also import images to create personalized paper. Its inking quality and technology produces pen strokes looks more comfortable and natural. Its wrist protection feature prevents stray marks for writers of all grasps. Penultimate lets you work over any part of the page effortlessly, and you can zoom in over the location on the page and pinch in and start writing anywhere on the screen. So just download Penultimate app not only for having an extremely talented notepad experience, but you can also stay connected and synced with the Evernote having this gorgeous tool.


19. MyScript Nebo

MyScript Nebo brings an ultimate and brand new way to take notes and helps you be more productive, day after day and is specially crafted for active pens including the Samsung S Pen, etc. MyScript Nebo: Ultimate Notepad App is an excellent note-taking tool which lets you draw, write, and instantly structure and edit your notes and then convert them into genuine digital text in a way like never before. This app is working marvelously great for letting your structure your notes by creating paragraphs, titles, bullet lists, and more. You can precisely convert all your notes into word, HTML, texts, and various other file formats. You can precisely write, remove, and add content and space and decorate and apply styles through its interactive ink feature. MyScript Nebo: Ultimate Notepad App lets you draw interactive and up to the mark, modern diagrams with elements you can move, edit, or delete anytime you want. You can also develop your equations and matrices across several lines and solve your calculations intuitively. So just download My Script Nebo: Ultimate Notepad App to enjoy some extra dose of features which includes smart math supported feature, lets you add rich content, manage all your notes, searching support, intuitive syncing, export as multiple formats, and lot more.


20. Standard Notes

Standard Notes is a superb note-taking application which helps you keep all your personal or private stuff under extremely secure place. Standard Notes bought in the market by StandardNotes Inc. which lets you store all your love letters, business notes, private thinking journals, and various other documents in a secure platform and access them anytime you want. It brings a safe, secure, and accessible place for all your notes, inner feelings, thoughts, and life’s work. This app enables its entire writers to get the best end-to-end encryption technique just to let you make sure that your things are inaccessible from others. Standard Notes brings fingerprint and passcode lock for making it a secure place for managing all your notes and you can also pin a note to organize them in categories. You can also archive note to stash it away and unarchive to bring it back. Standard Notes is one of the easiest note app available in the store, which brings more reliability, security, and long-term experience. You can easily export date through tons of its exporting options that enables you to back up your entire data set anytime you want. So just download Standard Notes app in your mobile devices to get a one-stop hub for all your notes and access them whenever you want.


21. Joplin

Joplin is an excellent tool through which users from all over the world can get an intuitive, open source to do and note-taking app. Joplin – Notes and Reminders app is a great tool introduced in the market by Laurent Cozic Inc. which enables its users to intuitively create and handle a huge number of notes organized into notebooks. This application is making it so easy and accessible to manage all your business, domestic, and professional notes and to-dos. All the notes captured here are searchable, and can effortlessly be tagged, modified, and copied. Joplin – Notes and Reminders app lets you synchronize all your notes with other devices through Microsoft OneDrive, WebDAV, and Nextcloud, etc. Joplin app is available or Linux, macOS, and Windows an all can be synchronized with each other devices so that you can precisely access your notes from mobiles or tablets to laptops or computers. The desktop app can be used to import notes from Evernote through the .enex files such as the formatted content, and multiple resources (including pic, attachment, etc.), and complete metadata. So just download Joplin – Notes and Reminders app and get a fine place to create, manage, and handle an extensive amount of notes that you make on a daily basis.


22. Rocketbook

Rocketbook is designed effectively to work with the Rocketbook notebooks such as the Everlast, Wave, Color, One, Everlast Mini, and Rocketpad. Rocketbook is a great tool which enables its entire writers and readers to have the pleasure of writing over a traditional paper, pen notebook, and various others quality stuff in a way like never before. Rocket Book app helps you get some latest feature of OCR (Handwriting Recognition) which intuitively turns your handwritten notes into digital text and lets you search them inside the app. You can precisely capture and send your Rocketbook pages to the cloud for instant access no matter where you are and which device you are using. It lets you connect icons to your most likely cloud services including Google Drive, Evernote, Slack, OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Photos, Trello, Box, and various others. Rocketbook lets you scan pages by letting you use your mobile device’s camera to capture and frame the page automatically. This app helps you digitalize all your notes and precisely organize them inside the service you use. You can also mark special icons on each notebook page to send your notes to your email inbox or other mentioned locations. So just download Rocketbook app and intuitively capture and send your Rocketbook pages to Cloud elegantly.


23. Leanote

Leanote is more than a notepad app which intuitively transformed or revolutionize the traditional note-taking experience by taking it to an ultimate level. Leanote – Not Just a Notepad app is a fabulous application introduced in the market by Tie Li Inc. which enables its entire users to enjoy capturing all their notes in an intuitive way, and you can have secure access anytime you want. This app brings the features of rich text editor, publish note to blog, markdown editor, note grouped by notebook and tags, support self-hosted service, and various others. Leanote – Not Just A Notepad app carries so many intuitive versions, and each version has an improved face of this application. This app brings extremely intuitive interface for capturing your entire set of notes, and you can precisely search any note any their names and keyword. This app brings both the notes and posts separately so that you can manage your notebook and visit blogs whenever you want. It also lets you edit all your notes with all the essential editing features for adding, editing, and removing essential stuff. So just download Leanote – Not Just A Notepad app and enjoy taking and editing notes in a way you want.


24. Wiz Note

Wiz Note is an excellent Note software which is specially designed for the mobile internet users as well as other internet users. Wiz Note app bought in the market by Beijing Wozhi Co., Ltd which brings an app focuses more on the knowledge of the rapid collection, reading, management, sharing, and caring. WizNote is a lightweight app carrying so many intuitive features for all its mobile users. It has even more rapid full-text retrieval as well as an abundant knowledge organization. Wiz Note is a more stable, much light in weight, and a suitable app for PC and all other mobile devices. You can intuitively synchronize the knowledge between your cell phone and the computing so that you can manage things more appropriately, effectively, and effortlessly. Wiz Note app also lets you use the associated online service for it synchronization with multiple devices. You can precisely get all the intuitive features of better management collection, reading, management, sharing and other intuitive things just by installing this app in your mobile phones. So just download Wiz Note app in your mobile devices and enjoy everything it had for its entire users.


25. Notezilla

Notezilla is an excellent note taking, journal building, and remainder app having loads of exciting features that helps you get things in a more intuitive and effortless way. Notezilla – Notes and Reminders is a useful note-management tool introduced in the market by Conceptworld Corporation Inc. which enables its entire users to instantly jot down their notes, journals, to-dos, and other thoughts on a colorful sticky notes just for having an ultimate, enjoyable experience. Note Zilla – Notes and Reminders lets you create multiple checklists notes and keep track of all the pending tasks or also motivates you to achieve your goals faster. You can intuitively search and collect the right note when it is needed the most and helps you in your daily busy schedule. Notezilla – Notes and Reminders app enables its users to set reminder alarms to notify you about your tasks and complete the crucial stuff on time. Other than these, Notezilla lets you stick notes to your mobile’s screen, protect sensitive notes with password, set tags on your notes, star notes that are important, and lets you manage lists of notes for intuitive and easier access. So just download Notezilla – Notes and Reminders app in your mobile phone and get one of the most sophisticated tools for managing notes and the like.


26. Alternote

Alternote is an excellent tool when we talk about taking notes, saving journals, and managing to-dos, introduced in the market by Oleksandr Rakovets Inc. Alternote: The Journal and Note-taking App is an excellent note-taking app which enables its worldwide users to get one place for all their ideas, plans, imagination, and feelings. It is a gorgeous note taking app which is designed to be the most natural and convenient way to make notes, write down your ideas, plot your creativity or imagination, collect information, and memories. This application lets you have a seamless Evernote integration and service in the chain (just your mobile device and the Evernote backend). Alternote: The Journal and Note-taking App brings a distraction-free interface slightly dims as you initiate typing. It lets you search through content and title as you type. It is an alternative client app which keeps all your data synced under one place. Alter note the Note-taking App also brings compact mode, retina ready and smooth interface, robust searching, and various other modes. You can precisely download Alternote – The Journal and Note-taking App for having an intuitive, faster, and natural way to write down anything you want and get one shop stop for all your notes and memories.


27. MetaMoJi Note

MetaMoJi Note is a must have sketchpad and note app which brings PDP annotation, digital scrapbook and voice memo for your life. Meta MoJi Note app brings an excellent platform where you can capture your ideas, throw your passion of sketching, mention your plans, and store other things in an ultimate way. This application allows you to capture your ideas anytime you want with instant voice recordings, handwriting to text conversion, annotate office and PDF files, advanced handwriting recognition, and various other ultimate folders. This application brings a higher resolution sketchbook with diverse color pastel colors, wheel plate, and advanced calligraphy pens. This application allows you to write, draw notes, and to sketch with a variety of paper layouts, pens, and graphics including calligraphy inks and pens. You can precisely scale your document up to a whiteboard and down to a sticky note while still maintaining visual integrity for 100%. You can precisely share creation by email or upload to Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, and more. You can easily file storing and sharing through Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, and sync all folders to the cloud. It lets you interactively browse the web from within this tool and markup sites. So just download MetaMoJi Note app and enjoy the most sophisticated note-taking tool having loads of stunning effects.


28. MemPad

MemPad is an intuitive application which helps you store things for managing them on time, and never let your valuable and significant thoughts, ideas, and plans to leave apart and faded. MemPad – Remember Your Notes app bought in the market by Diverse TGM Inc. which helps you get an intuitive app for those people who always use their mobile phone and need to write so many things that they manage daily. You can precisely writes and secure them by pressing the Save Button and precisely clear and delete all your notes by pressing the Clear Your Note button. MemPad – Remember Your Notes app always remember what you have written down as long as you remember to click the Save Your Note Button. You can precisely jot down anything you want to save and intuitively through its precise interface. MemPad – Remember Your Notes lets you edit your notes in a way like never before and add or delete things in the way you want. It is an effective notepad app which helps you store your inner feelings, thinking, creativity, works you want to do, and various other things to remember them for long time. So just download MemPad – Remember Your Notes app and jot down everything you want on a precise surface.


29. Inkdrop

Inkdrop helps you get the right pack of features if you want to jot down your daily hacking endeavors right on your mobile phone devices. Inkdrop – Robust Markdown Note-taking App is a robust markdown editor introduced in the market by Takuya Matsuyama Inc. which enables its users to write in GitHub Flavored Markdown with one of the most elegant inline code syntax highlighting support. It carries a sophisticated and straightforward user interface which does not distract you from the content that it contains and comes with customizable themes such as a dark theme for night owls. Inkdrop – Robust Markdown Note-taking App intuitively keeps your data synchronized over all devise so that you can instantly manage to get data from multiple devices. This application keeps your whole notes stored in Inkdrop database and is never reveal your data in front of anyone else just to make sure that things are really under control. You have to need a registered account over the Inkdrop’s website before you use this application. So just pick Inkdrop – Robust Markdown Note-taking app from the store and capture notes once, and make it available over all your mobile, computers and other devices that you have.


30. Notesmartly

Notesmartly is a great application which makes it tremendously easy to organize and manage your stuff with a breeze. Notesmartly – Smart Note-taking App is a great tool produced by Note smartly Inc. which has the capabilities to draw using wideboards, scribbpads, and various other things to collaborate in real-time. It carries a smart dashboard where you can access and manage things with simple taps, and it acts as a central hub to all your docs like scribbpads, notebooks, and wideboards. It lets you get notified about your most significant tasks each day and enables you to focus on important tasks. This is a simple notebook app which carries a perfectly fit place for your research documents, tasks, drafts and lists. Notesmartly – Smart Note-taking App is just like your close friend for grabbing your abstract thinking, ideas, and thoughts. You can intuitively sketch all your ideas until you get it right. You can also have its wide board feature which acts as your personal canvas where you can intuitively plans, visualize, and execute stuff for the real-time. So just give a chance to Notesmartly – Smart Note-taking App by downloading it from the store to get exciting, all in one platform to take notes, image note, audio or videos notes, and collaborative chatting in one place.


31. Tayasui Memopad

Tayasui Memopad is an ultimate tool which lets you draw anything you want and color them with your own choice of combinations. Tayasui Memopad: Draw, share, and store app is a great tool introduced by which lets you draw anything you want using a classy range of pens, erasers, colors, and more. It is one of the most simple memo pad apps which lets you get the fastest and simplest drawing notepad ever possible. This sketch making app allows you to open a blank, ready to draw canvas intuitively, and makes things of your own choice using your own creativity. Some of the classy tools of Tayasui Memo Pad app includes Pencil, Pen, Marker, Paint pen, Pixel, Paint Bucket, Paint area, Pastel, Watercolor and more. Tayasui Memopad: Draw, share, and store brings a collection of 12 highly realistic tools, super-fast share menu, quick importing, minimalist yet gorgeous interface, automatic copies of drawing, automatic saves to phone library, and lot more. While on the other hand, the collection of pro tools that it includes are the text, shapes, cutter, India ink, acrylic paintbrush, India ink, acrylic paintbrush, ruler, edit tip size, and opacity, etc. So just down Tayasui Memopad: Draw, share, and it’s done app in your mobile and enjoy tons of exciting and powerful features of this exquisite sketching or drawing app.


32. Hiro

Hiro is an intuitive, small Bluetooth device that can intuitively be attached to the personal items and valuables, and easily tracked through this intuitive app from almost a range of 200 feet away. The Hiro App is an ultimate simple and user-friendly tool which beliefs in the power of collaboration, introduced by Jaycon Systems Inc. This application precisely displays the locations, your Hiro was connected last time and made it so simple and easier to look for all your misplaced items with a breeze. You can also ring your mobile phones through this app when in range, anytime you misplaced your mobile phones. The developer of The Hiro App welcomes to help you make this app better by downloading the code from its respected source code from the page of Github and also by sharing with them as well. It is an open-source platform because it believes in the instinctive power of collaboration. You can precisely manage all your Hiro’s and deep beep volume, low battery alerts, and various other customizable options as well. Some of its improved features include the smooth Bluetooth connection, enhanced performance, effective layouts, enable/disable hiro’s selection and various others. You can easily download The Hiro App and brings all its feature to your life.


33. Private Notepad

Private Notepad lets you manage, maintain, create, and protect your daily, monthly, and yearly notes ultimately. Private Notepad – Take Notes and Checklists was developed by Alexander Malikov Inc. which brings an exciting new way of taking colorful notes and stores them with extreme protection. It brings an intuitive and effective way of organizing all your notes, plans your day, makes shopping lists, and almost everything with real charm. This app automatically saves everything and lets you protect your notes and checklists with the pattern, PIN, and Passcode. It enables data encryption with the AES encryption which is used in various banks. You can precisely set time reminders to recall significant things and use the undo button to undo changes while you edit the note. Private Notepad app also brings PDF and TXT file support, selective protection feature, label support, dark theme, Google Drive sync, intruder’s photo support, and many other features. It lets you unlock the app using your fingerprint if you are tired of remembering and putting passwords each time you enter this note-taking app, so that you can access everything with fingerprint access. So just download Private Notepad – Take Notes and Checklists app on your cell phone and protect all your ideas, thinking, and visual notes, checklists, and to-dos with secure encryption.

More About Secure Notepad

Secure Notepad brings a classy note-taking technique for its entire users by letting them have a super secure place for creating and storing all their notes. Secure Notepad – Private Notes is a great tool introduced by Dmitrij Vinokurov Inc. which enables teachers, students, artists, creative persons, and other professionals note takers to protect their notes with a password and never let anyone stole their thinking or creativity. Secure Notepad is a very easy to use tool which lets you sort notes by date or name, and its automatic lock will help immediately when you close the app. It precisely keeps all your notes over one place and makes sure that all your private notes are accessible only to you. You can precisely store all your personal notes, passwords, contacts, and various other secret and private information in a precise place and never let anyone to indulge in your privacies. Secure Notepad – Private Notes helps you record everything you need behind a password. You can precisely answer the security questions as well if you have forgotten your password to get it back. So just download Secure Notepad – Private Notes app from the store to keep all your notes and to-dos hidden from strangers and securely protected behind a strong password.

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