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She Reads Truth is an intuitive online community of women who read the Holy Bible together on a daily basis. This application comes with a collection of hundreds of thousands of women gather each day through this app to intuitively read the Bible and encourage one another to live out the truth of the Gospel in real life… read more
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14 Apps Like She Reads Truth for Android

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1. Audiobooks from Audible

Audiobooks from Audible is one of the most famous services related to books online. That said, it is different from other services in a way that people do not have to download books here and read them. This provides them with the opportunity of listening to books. This helps people who do not have time to read text or want to rest and listen to the stuff online. The app is highly customizable, you just have to enter the book name, and it will show you the ones which are available. The search option is advanced, which means you will not have to spend too much time finding stuff. There is chapter navigation option here which makes sure you can skip to the next or come back to the previous section you were listening to. People can sync all the content here and also add bookmarks to resume the book they were listening to. There are different modes which can be selected such as sleep mode. You can also choose different themes that suit your mood or time of day. Overall, the app is the leader when it comes to playing content online without any trouble.


2. Bible by Life Church

Bible by Life Church is a tremendously used application which is downloaded over more than 300 million devices from all over the world, where people can read, listen to, share, and watch Bible. This is entirely free to use application which helps religions as well as non-religious persons to have a bible with them everywhere. Bible by Life Church comes with a collection of 1,400 Bible versions and almost 1,000 languages. If anyone does not know how to read, then Bible by Life Church is an ultimate app for them to listen to audio Bible. It carries tons of reading plans and devotionals in more than 40 languages. Bible by Life Church is absolutely a gigantic app which comes with an enormous collection of things related to the bible. This app lets you customize your Bible with Highlights, public or private notes, and bookmarks. You can access everything online, and even download its versions to access them when you don’t have any internet connection. You can read, study, and share bible with friends and grow together or religions topics. It allows you to experience the Bible app in any of forty plus languages, and switch between its extensive versions and thousands of languages.


3. Bible App for Kids

Bible App for Kids is probably one of the world most famous bible apps which brings easy and kid-friendly navigation. This widely used bible app comes with Life Church, which helps you have colourful illustration, and touch activated animation for effective learning. Through its amazing animations and interactive adventures, everyone especially kids explores the big and famous stories of Bible. This awesome Bible app for kids brings a delighted filled experience efficiently designed to encourage the kids to return again and again. This application comes with engaging and interactive content that bring the Bible in everyone’s life in an ultimate fun and addictive way. Bible App for Kids carries way many fun facts and activates which are designed to help children remember what they learn. For engaging your kids in this app, Bible App for Kids also brings special fun challenges that let them learn rewards. This application brings an extensive collection of stories, and you can easily learn anyone that you want. It includes the Bible stories about Creation of the world, Noah’s ark, Adam and Eve, Abraham and Isaac, The plagues of Egypt, The Walls of Jericho, Ruth, Moses and the Burning Bush, Samson and Delilah, and way more. So just download Bible App for Kids for your kids to begin the lifelong love of God’s words.


4. Bible Trivia Quiz Free

Bible Trivia Quiz Free is another bible learning application which helps you learn your religious book in more fun and addictive way. It is a great Bible reading solution for your whole family, introduced by Salem New Media. Bible Trivia Quiz Free brings one of the best ways to learn about Jesus, Christian People, Christian places, and Christian events in a proper way. You can easily send your own Bible trivia questions and Bible-related ideas, and this app will add your suggestion to it with your name attributed to it if you recommend. Whatever you score here, Bible Trivia Quiz Free will precisely let you track it so you can challenge yourself anytime you want. You can even get your friends to play by sharing this on Facebook, or by an email or text. It’s tricky yet involving questions also includes the related Bible scriptures so that you can read and look up more about it. Unlike other Bible trivia applications, all its ads a fully filtered and do not have any inappropriate material. So if you are thirsty for the Bible, then just download Bible Trivia Quiz Free to memorize the Bible Scriptures in an addictively fun way.


5. Free Bible Guide

Free Bible Guide is another widely used application available in the market which helps you enjoy one of the very first Bible Trivia tools without any support of ads that will disturb your connection. Bible Trivia Quiz Free Bible Guide works offline and enables a smooth interaction between users. It brings easy to get and addicted questions regarding the Bible, and when you answer any of its question it will precisely tell you whether you are right or wrong, and also provides a related reference as well to ensure its authenticity. It brings the ability to store the score online and see how well you are going so far. This application lets you know about your performance, and you can easily check your comparison concerning others. This application is going great by providing some superb features to let you store bible in your minds for better acknowledgement. Bible Trivia Quiz Free Bible Guide brings a collection of more than 1000 questions ranging from easy to complex. This app not only texts the current stage of our mentality but also measure their engagement in our daily lives.  So just download Bible Trivia Quiz Free Bible Guide, and study Bible in an utmost way.


6. Daily Bible Verse

Daily Bible Verse is a widely used app that provides a new verse of Bible directly delivered to your mobile phone. This format of this Daily Bible Verse is to let you have a short yet meaningful Bible verse to let you have strength, inspiration, and new nerves every single day. The verses that it choose for every upcoming day’s scripture have spiritual guidance within their own context for a clearer understanding. It is an ultimate application which allows you to get inspirational scriptures daily from the Holy Bible and you can enhance your Bible knowledge without any extra effort. It allows you to have effective, user scheduled, non-instructive notifications for your scripture. You can easily choose between the Bible translations of the KJV (King James Version), and the NIV (New International Version). Other than these you can intuitively share your daily bible verses with your friend on any social media’s, share the whole app with your colleagues, and save these verses of Bibles as well. So just download Daily Bible Verse, and not only get to know Bible but also learn its verses without any extra effort.


7. Our Daily Bread

Our Daily Bread is another widely used Bible app used by millions of people from all over the world. This app is encouraging people to spend time with the Holy Bible book. You can both read as well as listen to Bible things intuitively and get daily Bible verse to come closer to Christian Religion. This application allows you to read daily verse scriptures in various languages. Some of these languages include English, Thai, Japanese, Afrikaans, German, Dutch, French, Khmer, Malay, Polish, Russia, Myanmar, Ukraine, Malay, Khmer, Hindi, Chinese, and many others. Our Daily Bread lets you come closer to the Christian traditions by joining a gigantic community of Christians which is using this application on a daily basis. This application allows you to read the Bible scriptures in one of the easiest and accessible ways. You can even download a pre month of daily reading when you have internet and access it offline. It carries a built-in audio player to which helps you listen to verses. So just download Our Daily Bread, and remove the Christian religious gap between you and the Holy Bible.


8. BibleGateway

BibleGateway is an application to appreciate the most loved web experience of BibleGateway from the cell phones. BibleGateway is the supplier of different components and capacities that are fit as a fiddle of perusing any piece of Bible and listening to the same, notes making framework, alternative to highlights any piece of most loved verses, impart the content and verses to others, speedy history to effectively switch between various part of the sections, and setting the perusing arranges. The primary preferred standpoint of utilizing BibleGateway is that it furnishes the clients with a considerable measure of components and decisions. Like an arrangement of perusing and listening to the Bible is itself an abnormal state of a component of BibleGateway that builds the level of alternatives for the clients of BibleGateway. At that point comes the perusing arranges arrangement of BibleGateway that gives the clients the arrangement of setting the arrangements with respect to perusing the Bible. Perusing arranges framework is the best alternative of BibleGateway to keep the clients concentrated on their day by day readings, and get the indications of task once a day. The clients can impart their exercises to the companions and other BibleGateway clients too to rouse them to show progress.


9. The Study Bible

The Study Bible provides the wealth of resources from the Grace to You and MacArthur to help you catch and apply Bible words. It allows you to be closer to your Christian religion and allows you to access the verses of Bible without any extra effort. Our Daily Bread features ESV (English Standard Version), NAS (New American Standard), and KJV (King James Version) text of scripture. Our Daily Bread allows you to have immediate access to the Grace to You’s sermon achieve which is featuring over 45 years of John’s Bible teaching with more than 3k full-length messages. This application is intuitively covering all the new testaments and the portions of the old. With this amazing application, you can listen or read to the scriptures of all these mentioned Bibles versions and show as well as hide verse number of the great reading experience. While John MacArthur answers Bible question on this application. Our Daily Bread enables you to add your own notes, highlights bible passages, and even bookmark its verses for better management. You can even synchronize personal data and read study articles, guides, and three of John’s devotions on a daily basis.


10. Tecarta Bible

Tecarta Bible is another intuitive application when we talk about studying and learning bible comfortably. Tecarta Bible is a super stunning, easy to use, and intuitive application efficiently designed for quick navigation and powerful Bible Study. This application brings the same but classier features for the Christian and other communities through which they come closer to bible by reading the articles and verses of Bible. You can add notes, bookmark verses, and create highlights to enhance your comfort and ease of getting stuff. This application allows you to study bible in every light conditions, and also provide a night mode as well to let you study at night without any harm. Tecarta Bible also helps you locate a reference using its robust searching, and easily manage to get you the verse or other Bible things with simple searching. Tecarta Bible does not need any internet connection to study Bibles, devotionals and commentaries. Other than these, Tecarta Bible also brings quick navigation, back button, history folder, both landscape and portrait mode support, word and verse selection (for highlighting), powerful folder system, intuitive sharing, a margin notes, cross-references by tap and hold highlighted words, and much more.


11. Sermon Audio

Sermon Audio is another super stunning and widely used app which allows everyone to search through one of the world’s most extensive library of audios as well as videos from tons of different speakers and stream and download immediately on your mobile device. SermonAudio Android Edition enables you to browse, search, and stream audio, video sermons, and read PDFs sermon as well. It also lets you bookmark any of your most likely churches and sermons and also browse through the featured as well as newest sermon additions. SermonAudio Android Edition allows you to churches by name, denomination, and location, and you can easily find the nearest church. SermonAudio Android Edition allows you to read Spurgeon’s morning and evening devotionals, and even download sermons for offline enjoyment. It also features video streaming and downloading, native phone and tablet formats support, live video webcasting, background play, and native multitasking. Other than these, SermonAudio Android Edition allows you to browse or search by the speaker name, by topic (marriage, family, and contentment), by categories (audio books, Funerals, weddings, etc.), by foreign languages, and the member-recommend sermon picks. So just download SermonAudio, and enjoy its intuitive features.


12. Just1BWord BIBLE

Just1BWord BIBLE is a newly developed Bible app which allows its users to get one of the smoothest Bible learning scenarios. Bible +1application is moving great so far which allows you to simple navigate any of your books, stories, topics, and searching. This intuitive Bible app allows you to highlight Bible verses in a variety of colours, save bookmarks, make notes, and share any of your desired verses to any of your friends. Bible +1 allows you to access dozens of popular version of the bible which includes NIV, NLT, KJV, BKJV, ESV, NASB, The Message, and more. It allows you to get the most version for free and you can even download them for offline use. It allows you to view fully formatted text, explore the Bible by devotional reading plan, quick and easy navigations by filtering results. It is a lightweight Bible app which is available in the market and can easily be downloaded. Other than these, it also lets you explore bible by topic, select multiple verses, keep track of your history, sharing of verse on social media, take advantage of the external display support, back and syncing of bookmarks, highlights, notes, and more.


13. PocketBible Bible Study

PocketBible Bible Study lets you experience one of the most reliable, friendly, and free to use Bible. Millions of users from all over the world are using PocketBible Bible Study to enjoy extremely talented access to their favourite Bibles, devotionals, scriptures, reference books, and more. PocketBible Bible Study allows you to enjoy all these facts without any internet connection so that you can easily access and learn bible on the go, and whenever you want. You just have to download it once, and it will automatically download all the Bibles and Holy books right onto your device to allow you to read whenever you want. Through its extreme level searching engine, you can easily approach any of your desired selection. You can also get any of your desired verse through its colorful chapter, book, or verse chooser. You can easily search your books and Bibles with phrases and words. PocketBible Bible Study allows you to switch between any number of open Bibles and books easily, and also look at multiple books at the same time. PocketBible Bible Study is another intuitive application which carries a number of intuitive Bible features for is entire users. So just download PocketBible Bible Study, and learn Bible intuitively.


14. 1611 King James Bible

1611 King James Bible is an elegant app used by millions of people from all over the world using this 1611 King James Bible app with Apocrypha. 1611 King James Bible – Original Bible app was introduced by Wiktoria Goroch Inc. which introduced Bible reading plans, intuitive notifications, notes, bookmarks, daily verse, and so much more in a single app. Some of the English spelling changes in the John 3:16 includes U = V such as loued became loved and gauve is gave, VV = W (Example is svvord = sword), I = J, Long “s” letters look similar to “f” letters, y with ‘’e’’, nn (Sonne = Son), other spelling differences such as V = U (Example is vnto became unto). 1611 King James Bible – Original Bible is probably one the most printed books in the history of this world. This Bible app does not need any internet so that you can use it whenever you feel free. It is a shocking fact that some words have been changed and spelling has been revised in almost every print done in 1769 and 14 entire books along with the extra prefatory have been removed from every printing done in 1885. You can effortlessly download 1611 King James Bible – Original Bible app from the store and start reading the Bible, and daily verses keep you in touch with your Holy religion.

More About She Reads Truth

She Reads Truth is an intuitive online community of women who read the Holy Bible together on a daily basis. This application comes with a collection of hundreds of thousands of women gather each day through this app to intuitively read the Bible and encourage one another to live out the truth of the Gospel in real life. Its basic goal is to let you read the Bible daily and discover Christ in every page. This extraordinary app enables women from all over the world to connect with the Bible and each other anytime, anywhere. She Reads Truth comes with a dead gorgeous, user-friendly interface through which you can enjoy full-text Bible with the way many translations. This application provides both free as well as paid devotional reading plans, and keep on improvising its content so that you can choose whatever you want. It brings beautiful, shareable images featuring content from the daily devotional and scripture content reading. She Reads Truth also lets you have customizable notifications to remind you to read truth at your ideal time, enjoy Bible search functions, and setting of fonts size, preferred Bible translations, and more features are coming soon.