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ShopList (Grocery List)

ShopList (Grocery List) is a gigantically used grocery management tool which makes it so easy and accessible to take a precise eye over all your groceries and manage them ultimately. ShopList (Grocery List): Manage your shopping trip is a great management tool introduced by Whisk Food Inc… read more
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12 Apps Like ShopList (Grocery List) for Android

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1. AnyList

AnyList brings one of the most excellent ways of creating grocery shopping lists and organize or collect all the recipes under one platform. AnyList – Grocery Shopping List & Recipe Manager is a gorgeous app introduced by AnyList Inc. which enables you to create and monitor all your groceries and share their designed lists with their roommates or spouse. It has made it easy to add and cross off items instantly, and lets you have autocomplete feature which suggests some common items as you type. You can precisely add notes to these hand-made lists to indicate the package brand, coupons, size, and more. Any List Grocery Management app lets you create your own custom categories and intuitively keeps all your grocery items into these categories. You can reorder categories to match your desired layout for your local store. AnyList – Grocery Shopping List and Recipe Manager lets you to save items as favorites and access them anytime you want for your current shopping. Users can easily create their AnyList accounts, just to enjoy this app fully by managing their desired items and share them with anyone you want. So just download AnyList – Grocery Shopping List & Recipe Manager app in your mobile and enjoy extreme grocery management right through your cell phone.


2. Bring!

Bring is an exquisite app which includes more than 5 million people from all over the world who are enjoy planning and managing their grocery shopping right through their mobile phones. Bring! Grocery Shopping List app bought in the market by bring! Labs AG Inc. which enables its users to save plenty of their times, efforts, and money while managing and shopping with ease. The app allows you to save all their loyalty cards in your Bring grocery shopping list app’s wallet over your mobile phone. It allows you to create and share shopping lists with all your family members, friends, colleagues, and persons you want. Bring! Grocery Shopping List app allows you to send ready-made, clever messages to inform your contents that you have updated the list or you are going for shopping. This app is intuitively optimized for tablets, smartwatches, and smartphones, and is compatible with all the voice agents including Google Account and Alexa. You can precisely collect and send a huge number of WhatsApp Stickers as well. The catalogue of Bring grocery app including hundreds of articles and you can also add by yourself as well. So just download Bring! Grocery Shopping List app from the store and start creating and sharing grocery and to-do list with others.


3. Out of Milk

Out of Milk is an exquisite app which enables its entire users to enjoy creating and managing shopping lists and stays them with you no matter everywhere you go. Out of Milk – Grocery Shopping List app is a great tool introduced in the market by Out Of Milk Inc. which lets you have shopping list management, to-do list organization, and pantry list maintenance under one platform. This application allows you to manage and keep track of your inventory items such as drinks, spices, foodstuff, essentials, and various others that you always know what you have in your kitchen. Its intuitive to-do list management feature helps you keep track of all your inventories on your daily list. Out of Milk – Grocery Shopping List app is pretty much simple and straightforward which bring three main lists function of the pantry, shopping and to do. You can create and manage multiple shopping lists and also sync or share them on your shopping lists with others for the real time. You can precisely access your lists from anywhere and save much of your items by grouping them into instinct categories. So just download Out of Milk – Grocery Shopping List app from the store and enjoy Shopping, to-do, and pantry management in one single app.


4. Listonic

Listonic is an exquisite app through which users from all over the world can get the smart grocery shopping, which enhances the quality of your grocery shopping by making it easier, smarter, and most importantly faster. Grocery Shopping List – Listonic is a splendid tool introduced by Listonic – Smart Grocery Shopping Inc. which allows its users to have their grocery list on the palm of their hand and get a professional tool for managing shopping list. Listonic app helps you save much of your time by making grocery shopping as faster as possible and intuitively suggests your favorite product first. You can precisely add the quantitates on run time with one simple tap at the same time now. Listonic – Grocery Shopping List app allows you to go shopping with friends and family with much ease by syncing your lists so that others can also see or change things instantly. You can share your shopping lists with others who do not use the Listonic app through text messages or email. It also recognizes units and lets you write a number and a product and also get suggestions through the app. So just download Listonic – Grocery Shopping List app from the store, and manage groceries intuitively.


5. OurGroceries

OurGroceries intuitively keep your grocery list in sync with various family member’s mobile phone and web browser for instant viewing and modification. Our Groceries Shopping List app introduced in the market by headCode Inc. that allows you to have a high rated app for an instant grocery list creation, management and sharing. You can share your grocery lists to others, and the changes that others do in the list is visible to everyone else in seconds. Our Groceries Shopping List enables its users to share their shopping list with others and even share their recipes as well along with one tap addition of items. You can precisely add various items through your voice agents using the Amazon Alexa device such as Echo, Google Assistant, and more. Our Groceries Shopping List also carries a premium version which lets you add photos over multiple items, ads-free atmosphere, web and iPhone version supported, and add items by scanning the barcodes as well. It never let you get sort of all the grocery items and remember you which stuff is to buy and in which quality. You can download Our Groceries Shopping List app from the store to have one of the most sleekly designed apps for managing your groceries on the move.


6. Buy Me a Pie!

Buy Me a Pie makes it easy to create, manage, and monitor all shopping lists of your domestic and professional usages and lets you share them with others. Buy Me a Pie! – Grocery List Maker For Family is an easy to use application introduced by Skript, Inc. which makes it so easy to create, access and modify all your shopping stuff with damn comfort and lets you accomplish things in your own way. Buy Me a Pie! – Shopping List is a multi-platform app which lets you create and manage one and more shopping lists right through one single platform and lets you share the necessary content with your friends. You can intuitively make various smart groups of your products by aisles with the use of plenty of colors assigned to the items, and it will precisely group those items over the list automatically. All the entered items are automatically stored in the in-app dictionary for future instant entry. It also brings the features of smart suggestions, SIRI integration, cross-out sorting, automatic synchronization, intuitive notifications, apple watch support, pin list support, drag/drop support, and more. So just download Buy Me a Pie – Grocery List Maker For Family app from the store to have an ultra-beautiful app for extreme management of all your shopping stuff.


7. My Grocery List

My Grocery List is a simple yet powerful app which makes managing and buying products a snap. My Grocery List – Shop and To-Do Management app introduced in the market by MacroPinch Inc. which lets you have the sleekest tool for managing and monitoring your shopping on the move. This app allows its entire users to spend less time while shopping, keep track of your to-do lists, and save much of your money on the move and while at home. You can precisely fill your shopping lists with simple swipes and get smart suggestions when adding multiple items. My Grocery List – Shop and To-Do Management app let you save much of your efforts as well as money for managing your shopping items precisely in dedicated lists and lets you monitor and modify whatever you want. My Grocery List – Shop and To-Do app let you manage products and lists precisely through one single app. Other than these, My Grocery List app helps you adjust the size of lists, export lists (through the mail, SMS and more), import lists from any text editor, create or manage an unlimited number of lists. So just download My Grocery List – Shop and To-Do Management app from the stores, and enjoy managing daily stuff concisely.


8. YoRipe

YoRipe is a smart tool for people who are looking to save on grocery and manage their kitchen in an excellent way. YoRipe – Grocery Deals, Inventory & Recipes is an all in one app which lets you have more things to do and manage through one single app. It lets you get to know the best promotions in your most likely mart for the real-time so that you can decide what as well as when to buy your things to enjoy even more savings. This intuitive application allows its worldwide users to manage all their food inventories on the move and monitor them whenever you want. You can precisely scan your supermarket recipes to establish a smart inventory list. YoRipe – Grocery Deals, Inventory, and Recipes allows you to catch reminders before your stuff item go bad. YoRipe is probably the only app which intuitively combines excellent food inventory management and the offers discovery in Singapore. It lets you save much of your time, money, and effort and is significant for reducing food waste in your homes. So just give a chance to download YoRipe – Grocery Deals, Inventory, and Recipes app in your cell phone and enjoy all these mentioned featured right in your pocket.


9. Grocery Shopping List Ease

Grocery Shopping List Ease brings the real comfort of managing all your shopping lists right through a single platform. Grocery Shopping List Ease is a great product of InMarket Inc. which is working significantly in creating simple lists and lets you manage them according to your own desire. It allows you to create and collaborate on a grocery list, shopping lists, to-do lists, and any other checklist in a way like never before. You can precisely share your desired lists with your friends and family members and get the best grocery shopping list management experience that you ever had. Grocery Shopping List Ease lets you sync your grocery list to share coupons across several cell phones and get push notifications when other shoppers on your share lists are purchasing various checklist groceries and items. The app brings a shareable grocery list experience so that you can precisely share and collaborate all sort of lists with others with the real-time syncing all for free. Apart from these, Ease Grocery app lets you get reminders, get the history of your past shopping, management of multiple lists, add groceries and other entities, and browse ultimate new coupons. So just download Grocery Shopping List Ease and brings real ease in your life by managing all your grocery lists, to-dos and shopping lists on the go.


10. Trolley Saver

Trolley Saver is another marvelous application through which people can manage their shopping and monitor all the stuff that their kitchen had in a way like never before. Trolley Saver – Shopping List is a fine tool introduced by Trolley Saver Pty Ltd which does all the grocery and shopping related stuff for you. It automatically links your grocery list with all the nearby supermarket specials and lets you get things even handier. You can save much of your money at supermarkets through this took if you do not have time to take no notice of categories. Trolley Saver – Shopping List app lets you intelligently create shopping lists with less effort as you do manually. It precisely creates your shopping lists by telling you if the item is already over your list or not and concisely analyzes your list by letting you choose the most reasonable supermarkets. Trolley Saver app lets you browse all the supermarket special, and you can receive customizable specials by adding special to your shopping list. It lets you monitor the special that someone will love and you can also share your savings and love right through the app. So just download Trolley Saver – Shopping List app and enjoy professional-level shopping management.


11. Shopping List

Shopping List is a great tool which enables its worldwide users to manage all their kitchen accessories on the move and never get short of groceries and shopping. Shopping List is bought in the market by Maloii Inc. which brings a simple and straightforward tool for better management of all your desired things. You can create and access everything you made here, whenever you want. It lets you have one of the sleekest way of create and manage multiple shopping lists using your mobile phone and lets you input items from various input methods. Shopping List makes it easy to input your desired number of items over these curated lists through your voice, from your keyboard, add from database history, filled by you, using voice clients, and even through barcode scanning. It lets you mark multiple items through the highlighter, cut the things that you have purchased (and are not that necessary), and use the input bar to add your desired items. Shopping List app also lets you mark out significant purchases over the lists that you have created here (just by tapping over the item for marking). You can add a limitless number of items, and the app helps you manage things effortlessly. So just download the Shopping List app to enhance your mobile’s creativity and make your shopping more comfortable.


12. Baqaala

Baqaala is an elegant and convenient grocery shopping list management tool through which users can create and manage all their lists with damn comfort. Baqaala App – Grocery Delivery app bought in the store by Dime International Inc. which enables is worldwide users to find fresh vegetables, food, and all the kitchen related groceries and get them delivered on their doors. This application makes it so easy to browse through tons of products, add them over your cart and checkout, and this app will deliver all your desired things to your doorsteps at the delivery time whatever you choose. Baqaala App allows you to make your life easier by letting you enjoy this online store where you can get all the trendy and latest products from Pepsi, KKD, Anchor, Dandy, nestle, Aptamil, Baladna, Pampers, and various others. Baqaala App – Grocery Delivery allows you to choose from a collection of more than 2K items every day and order instantly or may schedule your delivery as per your ease. It lets you have the sleekest experience by having 100% exchange or return policy, search options, tracking of orders, and various others. So just download Baqaala App – Grocery Delivery app and feel free for browsing and ordering all your desired vegetables, fruits, and grocery items without any traffic frustration, supermarket queues, and any stress.

More About ShopList (Grocery List)

ShopList (Grocery List) is a gigantically used grocery management tool which makes it so easy and accessible to take a precise eye over all your groceries and manage them ultimately. ShopList (Grocery List): Manage your shopping trip is a great management tool introduced by Whisk Food Inc. which brings a smart, fast to handle, easy to use shopping list management tool right in your pocket. It brings lots of exciting features which includes intuitive syncing of your shopping lists, creates your own categories, shares by email, calculates the total amount, and superb management of multiple shopping lists all at once. ShopList: Grocery List is a classy shopping list management tool which brings so many customizable options including modifying, deleting, and moving multiple items with simple swipes. It lets you speed up your shopping journey by intuitively lets you sort products in multiple categories. You can also select products from multiple databases, and it brings many units to choose from in metric or US system. Its easy and intuitive interface lets you search for your desired products with damn comfort. So just download ShopList (Grocery List): Manage your shopping trip to experience an excellent tool for creating, managing, modifying, and accessing your daily groceries on the move.