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Shush is a kind of local Whisper application that allow the people to enjoy the free and safe community of the real and expert people of the world. The idea behind creation of this open source discussion platform was to inspire and motivate the people to share their thoughts on any topic without even worrying about being discouraged or threatened by any on… read more
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CityPrism is a social location-based application for smartphone users. This application is just like the Campus Buzz where the students come to share their feelings on any topic with the aim of inspiring others and getting inspired by the posts of others as well.


Honestly is a kind of anonymous social networking application where everything will remain anonymous. This application allows the smartphone users to share their thoughts, feeling, and emotions anonymously without feeling any pressure or the fear of disregarding by anyone.

Psst! Anonymous

Psst! Anonymous is a kind of private messaging application based on the system of social networking as well. It is a kind of anonymous social networking and messaging application that allow the smartphone users to get the secure means of communication over the internet.


Anomo is an anonymous social networking application where the same identities remain private with the aim of forming a social relationship on any common field of interest. This simple to use application is one of the best and creative way to interacting with the real people around you and how are strange to you.


ASKfm is an anonymous question and answer based social application where the people first need to create a profile and after that, they can throw any question to get the opinions of others.


If you like holding discussions on multiple topics, but with the people of your interest then Pal+ is a discussion board based application that allows it, users, to talk with likeminded people and become their pal.


Peach is a kind of social networking application for sharing things vividly with others. Just like its user-friendly interface, the application itself offers a fun and simple way to keep up with friends and being yourself.


GirlsAskGuys is interactive social networking applications where the guys and girls ask seek each other advice on multiple topics from popular topics to controversial topics. GirlsAskGuys is one of the largest communities of the boys and girls who are at this platform to share their experiences and read the experiences of others with the aim of making the helping process easy and getting a chance of exploring the world with a new angle.


LegaTalk is an anonymous taking and personal thoughts sharing application for all type of smartphone users. It is called to be one of the most secure places on the internet for saying whatever is in the mind of the users.


NoName is an application that provides the anonymous chatting room to the smartphone users. If you are a kind of people who want to like chatting with real and new people in a secure and private environment then NoName is a chatting application designed for you.


Spout is an anonymous chatting and feed based application for the iOS and Android smartphones. This social networking and open communication-based application to allow its users to express their self freely without fearing about anyone else.


Expressing ones feeling freely with others and in front of a mass of people is not an easy thing. But thanks to Vent that has made it easy by offering the most professional platform to the people across the globe to come and express their feelings without fearing about any freedom law at all.


Swiflie is the platform of real people only who are considered to be the champions of their field and asks others to share their point of views freely on any topic.


Nearby is also a kind of social networking application allowing its users to chat and meet with the new people around the world. For the readers, it merits to remember that Nearby is not a dating or flirting application at all as it allows them to meet and talk with only those people that share the same point of views as they have on any topic.

After School

After School is also a kind of anonymous social media application but is restricted to the students of school and universities only. This application provides a private space to its users so that they can share the fun stuff with their friends.


The world of internet has given the people power to speak fearlessly. You don’t need the permission of someone for sharing your thoughts on any topic as there is an application named Candid that will allow you to let your mind speak freely in front of others.


Jodel is a community-based application of the read people who come at this application regularly to share their point of views on published topics. They post their own threads as well and invite for the discussions from the other users of this application.

Yik Yak

Yik Yak was a social media based application that has been discontinued now. This application was available for the both Android and iOS smartphones with the system of making its users able to create and view the discussion boards and allowing the others to take part in these ongoing discussions.


Sarahah is an intelligent application that helps you take a look at your strengths, weaknesses, and some other areas of improvements by getting real-time honest feedback from your friends as well as your employees in a private manner.

More About Shush

Shush is a kind of local Whisper application that allow the people to enjoy the free and safe community of the real and expert people of the world. The idea behind creation of this open source discussion platform was to inspire and motivate the people to share their thoughts on any topic without even worrying about being discouraged or threatened by any on. This simple discussion platform is today the greatest sources of the thousands of people across the globe for sharing their thoughts, opinions, beliefs, ideologies and much more without any fear at all. Simply install this free application and image the safe haven where you can truly express yourself, and get empowered to engage in the open discussions with others. Shush also enable the users to discuss even in private mode as well. Just install this free to use application and start browsing on many topics like life, love, relationships, health, human nature and much more in order to engage in a meaningful discussion. This platform can be used for extending advises to someone as well.

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