15 Apps Like Sicher

Using this app you can enjoy both private and group chats in a highly encrypted environment. All of your communication and conversation will remain encrypted. This app can be used for sharing files as well, and that too will continue to be encrypted by the Sicher. Sicher is simply the best one messaging app that makes it sure all local data is encrypted, and password protected. Sicher is particularly for those users who want to get their privacy back. All media messages and text messages are protected with the point2point 2048-bit encryption system of Sicher. Sicher will make it sure only your contact, and you can read the information you send or receive. Sicher has also self-destructed message system. Here messages automatically self-destruct and can never be recovered. The users can set the timer for self-destruction and stay confident your message is deleted from both smartphones forever. Encrypted file transfer is also the part of this app. This app can also be used for sending and receiving sensitive information safely. Sicher encrypts documents, messages, media files and much more and ever stores them on its servers.

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1. Snapchat

Android iOS
Snapchat is a chatting based application that allows the smartphones users to take the snaps and share them with their friends by hiding a message in snaps. Most of the users take Snapchat as a simple chatting app without even knowing about it is a self-destruct message sending an app…

2. Telegram Messenger

Android iOS Phone
Telegram Messenger is a best in the class messaging application for those smartphones users who want to enjoy the real-time security and highly encrypted messaging services. Using this app you will enjoy the highly advanced security system of self-destructing messages where your messages will be destroyed automatically after a lapse…

3. Confide

Android iOS
If you want to get your messages private and encrypted then use Confide that will work as your personal and confidential messenger.  The best quality of this messaging app is that the messages you sent will be disappeared after the recipient reads them. Just swipe to reveal prevents screenshots. This…

4. Burn Note

Android iOS
Burn Note is the name of a real-time private messaging using which you can have real time private conversation with your friends or anyone who is at Burn Note. The private messaging service of Burn Note can be accessed from both apps and its web-based messaging service. Burn Note is…

5. Bleep

Android iOS
Bleep is a protected and secure messaging app by the Bit Torrent that you can use for appreciating the private and secure correspondences. Bleep is the best one messaging app for getting full charge and control on your correspondence by limiting the others not to jab into the security of…

6. StealthChat

Android iOS
StealthChat is a free messaging and chatting app for encrypted calls and chats. Using this app, you can enjoy the self-destructing messaging services as it deletes sensitive messages and photos on both the sender and recipient’s phone. Four main highlighted features and functions of StealthChat are encrypted VOIP calls system,…

7. Signal

Android iOS
The signal that is also called as Open Whisper System is an encrypted voice calling and messaging app for iOS and Android devices. This messaging application deploys an end to end encryption system to make it sure all communications being made among Signal users are safe and secure. This app…

8. Nxtty

Nxtty is an instant mobile messaging app that ensures the security and privacy of the messages and data send to others. It also supports for dating chatting as well. Nxtty is based on the end to end encryption message that’s why it is called to be one of the best-encrypted…

9. TigerText

Android iOS
This instant messaging app covers the tracks of its users. TigerText allows the smartphone users to send texts in such a way that they don’t live forever. Two main advantages of using TigerText are the sender can set the text lifespan, and the text expired and deleted automatically from both…

10. One Krypto

Android iOS
It is an all in one conversation app empowering the smartphone users to enjoy encrypted chatting with self-destruct function. One Krypto is the name of an all-inclusive secure and encoded correspondence app that will make you ready to talk in a scrambled and self-destruct message environment. By utilizing this app,…

11. Clipchat

Android iOS
Clipchat is a great better approach to share private, five-second messages and you memorable moments with your friends. Take a video or a photograph, select a few friends from the list, and tap send. They will have the capacity to view it for five seconds, and after that, it’s gone…

12. Cyber Dust

Android iOS
Cyber Dust permits you to communicate openly and genuinely. Send and get instant messages, stickers, links, photographs, recordings and the sky is the limit from there. Your messages are shielded from screenshots and vanish after they are read. They are vigorously encoded and never touch a hard drive not even…

13. Yabb Messenger

Android iOS
Yabb Messenger gives smartphone users a chance to send content, pictures, voice messages, emoticons, movements, maps, stickers and YouTube recordings to any individual who matters – at whatever time and anyplace – using 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi systems, without spending a penny. Using this app the smartphone users can even…

14. Moolup Messenger

Utilizing Moolup, you can send an instant message alongside a discretionary picture to any cell phone furthermore set some seconds to peruse it. When you communicate something specific utilizing Moolup, it is first sent to the Moolup server against which a little, speedy stacking, one time meaningful website page is…


Android iOS
MSQRD is a fun photography app that helps its users make some stunning and humorous looking photos and animations, change the look of themselves and send these photos to their friends for having fun. It provides an attractive integration with front camera and lets you take selfies with a gigantic…

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