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Siege Hero is an addictive material science based devastation diversion created by War Spark. The foe mansion is under attack and you are the attacker. Bring down whole structures by tossing stones and spare the villagers from the Vikings. Be the Hero of Siege!… read more
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17 Apps Like Siege Hero


A Monster Ate My Homework

The objective of A Monster Ate My Homework is to spare homework from being eaten by creatures by thumping them off a stage in a couple of shots as could reasonably be expected.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds is a diversion where you need to toss a progression of flying creatures against various strongholds and structures made by little pigs. The goal is to bring down every one of the pigs and cause however much pulverization as could reasonably be expected all the while.

Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds Space is the recently released of a standout amongst the most prominent games in Android history, in which you will dispatch the most charming flying creatures in the realm of video games all from space and all that it involves.

Angry Birds Friends

Angry Birds Friends is the most recent portion of the Angry Birds establishment (out May 2013), that leaves aside the topical way of the latest amusements (Space, Star Wars), and comes back to a more common setting.

Angry Birds Seasons

Angry Birds Seasons is the primary continuation of the great Angry Birds, a standout amongst the most downloaded recreations ever, and a positive reference inside the universe of touchscreen-gadget computer games.

Paper Monsters

Paper Monsters is a 2D platformer made in a delightfully created 3D world. As paper-themed amusements are a dime twelve, this one is a flat out emerge and one of the best of the best in its class.

Apple Bin

As each sensible individual knows, apples are by a long shot the best of all organic products. They’re fresh, flavorful, bravo and ideal for terminating out of guns at boards of wood or wormholes.

Fling Monster

Fling Monster is a splendid Arcade Style Physics-based Slingshot Adventure and Tapping computer game by Team Honcho. The diversion offers a stunning amusement play that superbly mirrors the attributes of both Angry Birds and Flappy Bird and permits you to draw in yourself into an astounding fight between the Monsters and the attacking Astronauts.

Catapult King

Catapult King is a game where you have to destroy castles, walls and other medieval buildings throwing huge rocks thrown from our catapult. The main novelty is that we will from a first-person perspective.

Blosics HD FREE

Blosics HD FREE is a game very similar to the classic Angry Birds puzzles, in which your goal, as in the game of Rovio, will be to bring down our goals (which in this case are mere blocks instead of green pigs) throwing one series of objects (balls instead of birds).

Bloons TD Battles

Bloons TD Battles is a game emerged following the successful Bloons Monkey City that comes down to battles against a powerful general. That is, in Bloons Monkey City the aim was to build a city and for this you must conquer the territory based on your defense towers.


Fragger is a fun game where you have to kill all the terrorists of each screen with the help of a lot of grenades and other missile weapons, in what amounts to a relatively similar to Angry Birds mechanics.

Angry Frogs

Angry Frogs is an incredible mind challenging-based puzzle game by the developers of angry birds. This amazing game is produced and distributed by Emanuele Padula and is accessible for Android and iOS devices.

Pandas vs Ninjas

Inspire prepared to fight the detestable Ninjas in the following energizing portion of Pandas versus Ninjas 2 by Ximad! The Evil Ninjas – you can tell they’re abhorrent on the grounds that they generally wear dark and have tricky eyes – have chosen to assume control over the world!

Angry Birds Stella

Angry Birds Stella is the tenth arrival of the establishment most downloaded computer game ever, and interestingly incorporates a female hero, Stella. As regular in the Angry arrangement Birds, the Stella is not the only one in this new enterprise.

Bad Piggies

Bad Piggies is a game that combines both puzzles and platforms, which have to control the dreaded green pigs, the infamous enemies Angry Birds, this time, have become the protagonists of the adventure.

Crush The Castle

The idea in Crush the Castle basic: you’re given a fortification containing a determination of knights, rulers, and rulers, and your ultimate point is to wreck the stronghold and butcher the occupants with a couple of shots from your fearsome trebuchet as could be expected under the circumstances.

More About Siege Hero

Siege Hero is an addictive material science based devastation diversion created by War Spark. The foe mansion is under attack and you are the attacker. Bring down whole structures by tossing stones and spare the villagers from the Vikings. Be the Hero of Siege! Propelled by Armor Game’s internationally prominent amusement Crush the Castle and Angry Birds arrangement recreations. Siege Hero engages the player to toss rocks, oil, fire and a ton of other damaging things on the structures raised by different legends or rulers. The amusement highlights one hundred and fifty levels of fantastic diversion play portraying four verifiably estimated periods of the time permitting the player to battle against Knights, Samurais and Vikings and so on. With an astounding similarity to Crush the Castle and Angry Birds and a considerable measure of different recreations like that, Siege Hero turns out to be one of the best Physics-based Puzzle amusements. You’ll most likely appreciate playing it. This cool entertainment is accessible on iOS, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Android.

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