11 Apps Like Simple Walkie Talkie

Simple Walkie Talkie is another intuitive application which has made it possible to enjoy walkie-talkie through your mobile phones. Simple Walkie Talkie is a Chirco Software’s production which enables its users to bring back the traditional experience of using a real walkie talkie. You can use this app same like you would on an ordinary walkie-talkie. It allows its users to enjoy sharing voice notes with other of its users with much ease and convenience. Simple Walkie Talkie also includes baby monitor mode as well and support Bluetooth and Wi-Fi as a medium of communication. It brings the most realistic features for managing the walkie-talkie in your phone to communicate with your friends. Simple Walkie Talkie allows you to make effective communication while using Wi-Fi, and you have to check that both of the devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi, for better communication. Once you have connected your phones, then you just have to hit the connect button to start the fun. So just download Simple Walkie Talkie to enjoy sharing voice notes on your own walkie-talkie.

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1. Zello

Android iOS Phone
Zello is one of the best among all these walkie-talkie apps, which precisely turns your mobile phones and tablets into a walkie talkie with this lightning fast push to talk radio application. Zello PTT Walkie Talkie is a great product of Zello Inc. This superb walkie talkie tool enables its…

2. Voxer

Android iOS
Voxer is an amazing product that helps its users to enjoy better walkie-talkie communication with their families and friends without any fee or embedded charges. Voxer Walkie-Talkie Messenger is a great application introduced by VoxerPro LLC which enables its users to instantly communicate with live voice just like a real…

3. TiKL

Android iOS
TiKL is an effective communication app which is truly made for people who love to send or receive instant voice messages and avoid text chatting. This is a superb application introduced by TiKL Inc. which enables its users to enjoy an instant speak to or text any of your friends…

4. HeyTell

Android iOS Phone
HeyTell is an effective cross-platform walkie-talkie and voice messenger working immensely great on smartphones. Hey Tell is a fine app which enables its users to instantly talk with friends and family members who uses iOS, Android, Windows phone, and other devices. Using such an amazing application, users can enjoy sending…

5. Intercom for Android

Intercom for Android is an Infinite Buffer’s product which is working immensely great for providing the best features of better communication. This application is filled with some exciting features which allow you to place group calls with other iOS and Android users. You can easily make calls over the Bluetooth…

6. Talkie

Talkie is a widely used application which enables its users to be connected anywhere with this superb tool. Talkie – Wi-Fi Calling, Chats, File Sharing is a great application presented by Dmitry Nikolskiy which brings a huge number of amazing features to its worldwide users. This application allows its users…

7. Virtual Walkie Talkie

Virtual Walkie Talkie is another great utility that allows its users to enjoy walkie-talkie experience for better and text-free communication. Virtual Walkie Talkie is a great stuff of Andro iX which enables its users to convert their smartphone into walkie-talkie for free. This app acts as a walkie-talkie which allows…

8. Two Way

Android iOS
Two Way is a super walkie-talkie app which enables a number of users to communicate each other instantly. Two Way: Walkie Talkie is a great stuff introduced by Selvaraj LLC. Using this application, users from all over the world can enjoy having walkie talkie right on their mobile phones. This…

9. BluetoothTalkie

BluetoothTalkie is a ShashaVS’s tool which enables its users to have the fun of cool voice chatting in an application which simulates the operation of the radio or the walkie-talkie (portable devices reception). This walkie talkie utility works on Bluetooth adapter on your device and lets you negotiate one-way communication…

10. Online Walkie Talkie Pro

Online Walkie Talkie Pro miraculously acts as the real walkie talkie and lets you enjoy all the features and functions that a traditional walkie-talkie contains. It is a superb application which allows you to enjoy walkie talkie with high-quality voice notes so that you can easily enjoy classy communication. Online…

11. Police walkie-talkie radio

Police walkie-talkie radio is another amazing application which is pocketed with some great features. Police walkie-talkie radio simulator is all that you want to become a policeman. This superb application allows its users to imagine yourself as a real police officer having this app on your mobile phone. Police walkie-talkie…

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