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SimplyNoise is probably one of the best sound machines that you can buy for a single dollar. Simply Noise is a great product of Reactor which helps everyone to get an awesome sound machine right on your mobile phone. This app features the highest fidelity pink noise, white noise, oscillation, brown noise, sleep timer, and much more that really helped thousands of people from all across the world from all ages and professions to block distractions… read more
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15 Apps Like SimplyNoise for Android

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1. is an awesome app which enables its users to enjoy music designed especially for the brain just to let you improve the focus, relaxation, meditation, naps & sleep, within 15 minutes of use. – Music for the Brain app comes into the market by Inc. which lets you enjoy music made for your brain. You can easily select from focus, meditation, sleep, nap, workout, and other mental states to achieve and experience the benefits in almost a span of 15 minutes. This application combines auditory neuroscience with mucus and lets you have free access to the first 5 sessions. – Music for the Brain app enables everyone to listen to a variety of genres including beach, bowls and chimes, electronic music, forests, and more. It enables you to choose any of it to get benefits, and you can use it offline as well. – Music for the Brain also enables you to download sessions for offline use. This application comes with a list of subscriptions for 1 month, 3 months, and yearly subscriptions. These subscription prices are for United States customers. So just download – Music for the Brain, and get amazed for improving your focus for the real-time.


2. Sleep Time

Sleep Time is another awesomely used app which allows you to be smart and sleep better. Sleep Time: Sleep Cycle Smart Alarm Clock Tracker brings in the market by Azumio Inc. through which you can enjoy tight sleeping and effective awakening. It allows everyone to sleep and slumber better, and lets you wake up calm, well-rested, refreshed, and well rested every night. It is probably one of the best sleep diary and clock to sleep well and acts as an awesome sleep guru and sleep timer. Having this app, you can wake up at the lightest sleep stage with your sleep cycle timer. Sleep Time: Sleep Cycle Smart Alarm Clock Tracker app also allows its users to understand and analyze sleep precisely through its awesome interface. You just have to download the Sleep Time app, set the alarm clock and put your phone under your pillow. It efficiently detects movements during the nap or bedtime whether you are dreaming and snoring. You can choose soothing and peaceful alarm sounds soundscapes, and lullaby, etc. This app wakes you up gently, and you can receive your sleep score to analyze your sleep duration. So just download Sleep Time: Sleep Cycle Smart Alarm Clock Tracker, to sleep and wake up intuitively.


3. Relax Melodies

Relax Melodies helps you fell to sleep with soothing sounds, introduced by the Ipnos Software. Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds includes more than 35 million downloads which allow everyone to explore a collection of more than 100 sounds. It is probably the perfect app which helps you achieve your restful and quality sleep through its guided meditations. It is a great app for relaxation and sleeps, and you can easily regain the control over the tinnitus, nighttime anxiety, and over insomnia. This application precisely creates soundscapes with more than 50 free relaxing and ambient sounds, or you can even go premium to get access to over 100 sounds. It allows you to explore white noise including hair dryer, vacuum, fan voice, airplane, and more. You can also access rainstorm, slow waves, lapping water, ocean, voices, instruments, ambient melodies, wind, birds, cracking fire, rustling leaves, and so much more. Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds also add a guided meditation to your sleep sounds or white noise to helps you with tinnitus, dreams, napping, stress and anxiety, and insomnia. So just download Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds, and enjoy various other features as well.


4. Binaural Beats Therapy

Binaural Beats Therapy is used by millions of people from all across the globe which carries a process used to entertain or calm the brain into different states. The stuff that it provides to the human being contributes positively to the personal development and well-being. Binaural Beats Therapy brings into the market by Giorgio Regni, which bought the creativity of binaural beats music. This app comes with an ads-free atmosphere and an open source project, and even allows you to support it by helping in the design, development, the translation, and everything that you want to share. Binaural Beats app comes with a collection of different types of presets including sleep, focus, attention, faster learning, pain reduction, meditation, anxiety reduction, creativity, and more. You really need Binaural Beats Therapy if you want to improve your sleep quality. There are a lot of marvelous features of the Binaural app which helps you focus on things with high pitch. The damn elegant response of the users provides the real energy and motivation to this app to improve its working ultimately. So just download Binaural Beats Therapy, and enjoy its creative Binaural features right from your mobile phone.


5. Coffitivity

Coffitivity comes in the market due to people who love the sound of coffee shops, and for those who believe that this fact enrich their creativity. This application was developed by Coffitivity, LLC, which recreates the ambient noises of the coffee café to boost your creativity and helps you work smoother and better. This app is supported by science and backed by a community of creative and extraordinary people from around the world using this app on a daily basis. It is the most suitable addition to your workday arsenal. Through this app, you can filter through multiple audio tracks of Coffitivity to choose your ideal and most likely environment. You can use Coffitivity on the move and even with any internet access. This application helps you enjoy the same sound as you listen in your favorite coffee shop and you can boost your creativity to do things as they needed to be done. It helps you do things by listening to the ambient Coffitivity noises of café and enjoy them in the way you want. So just download Coffitivity and enjoy the café sounds to get your stuff done precisely.


6. myNoise

myNoise is built to make use of all the noises that you like to mask the noise you dislike. My Noise is an elegant and a widely loved app developed by myNoise BVBA Inc. which enables its users to enjoy an entirely free app to enjoy background noises whenever you want. This application comes with background noises that can be used in a diversity of ways throughout your daily lives and even by all the audiences. This application allows everyone to focus on stuff while working in a noisy areas or environments. myNoise is a superb app which helps to settle all your anxiety and also significant in some cases of insomnia or the tinnitus. It is a free, app comes with white noise, binaural beats, spring walk, rain noise, temple bells, warp speed, lullaby sounds, and the white noise machine for the Sci-Fi fans from all over the globe. All these noise are pretty much interesting and surely helps you provide an amazing time. While these sound generators are provided for personal as well as private use only, and its audio streams are subject to the copyright. So just download myNoise, and enjoy multiple noise in this one shop stop.


7. Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is probably one of the best apps which helps you analyze your sleep and lets you discover the perfect time to wake up on. Sleep Cycle alarm clock brings into the market by Northclub AB, which enables its users to get sound analysis and enjoy sleep tracking without even need of placing your phone over your bed while you are sleeping. It is a super intelligent app that tracks your sleep patterns and wakes you up in light sleep without any fumble. This app helps you get the natural way to wake up from the sleep and lets you feel rested and energized. It helps you have the best sleep just to let you wake up in a lighter and pretty jolly mode. Sleep Cycle alarm clock brings sleep analysis with the sleep cycle sound technology or accelerometer. Its free version you can get detailed sleep statistics, daily sleep graph, a snooze by shaking, a selection from alarm melodies, and customizable wake-up window. While on the other hand, its premium version includes long-term sleep trends, sleep aid, sleep notes, comparing your sleep data to the whole sleep statistics, wake up the mood, online backup, and much more.


8. Rainy Mood

Rainy Mood is an extraordinary app which helps you have the most popular rain experience right using it through your cell phone. There are millions of people who have joined this app to fell asleep, do study and for relaxation. This app brings 4 entirely customizable scenes including countryside, ocean, classic, and the café. Rainy Mood contains 3D audio, energy efficient, sound mixer, sleep timer, playing of music simultaneously (even works with your music apps), and lets you enjoy the free lifetime updates. It is probably the leader app when it comes to rain sounds which have painstakingly composed each rain landscape. It carries stunning HD and 3D audio and the algorithmic randomizer which helps your brain to focus and relax. Its amazing massive library includes more than 400 unique thunderclaps, ocean waves, cricket chirps, and various other special effects just to let you feel comfortable and relaxing. While on the other hand, its individual rain textures include rain on grass, wood, tin roof, ocean, leaves, rocks, dirt, and more. So just download Rainy Mood, and enjoy the rain in the type of sound you love.


9. Brain Waves

Brain Waves is another intuitive application which helps you enjoy fully customizable waves with the real-time sound engine. It is a MynioTech Apps production which even allows you to create your own waves from the collection of its presets waves. Brain Waves – Binaural Beats helps you generate pure waves easily without having any problem that will intuitively simulate your concentration, relaxation, and meditation. It provides Theta weaves for meditation, intuition, and memory, Delta for healing, detached awareness, and sleep, Alpha for relaxation, visualization, and creativity, Gamma for inspiration, Focus, and higher learning, and Beta for alertness, cognition, and concentration, etc. Brain Waves – Binaural Beats features mediation helper, brings relaxation sounds, anti-stress, noise block, and help to fell asleep. This app delivers continuous sounds and precisely generates binaural beats with no loops. It also works in the background just by pressing the home button and use it in the app shortcut. While on the other hand, don’t use it while driving, use headphones for better sound, and listen to these sounds at a moderate sound level just to take care of your hearing. So just download Brain Waves – Binaural Beats to enjoy its built-in as well as waves generated by you.


10. Rain Rain Sleep Sounds

Rain Rain Sleep Sounds is another tremendously awesome app which helps you fell asleep with mesmerizing, beautiful, and pure nature sounds. This application was introduced by Tim Gostony which helps everyone to achieve their sleep goals with damn intuitiveness. Rain Rain Sleep Sounds helps its users to mix and save multiple sounds as well as volumes. Its well-curated and handpicked sounds improve the quality of your sleep as well as reduce the stress and anxiety to let you love awesomely. This application provides rain 3D effects, summer rain, city rain, rain dripping, rain downpour, forest rain, rain on a tent, and various other sounds of rain at your fingertips. Rain Rain Sleep Sounds is a superb solution for persons having any probable in sleeping and helps you fall asleep fast. You can lull yourself with dozens of sounds just to make you fell asleep from its lightweight behaviour. It contains more than three million people from all across the globe who used this app to fell asleep. So just download Rain Rain Sleep Sounds today, and sleep tight tonight.


11. Naturespace

Naturespace is a Holographic Audio Theater, LLC’s product which helps you enjoy some best quality sounds for any of your desired reason. Naturespace: Sleep Relax Focus is one of the most supreme headphone listing experience which brings accurate 3D recordings from some of the most elegant locations on this planet that will surely rejuvenate and relax you like nothing else. This app helps you get 6 free tracks with a simple to use UI and an ads-free atmosphere. It brings a vast catalog to choose from and is easy to get started. You can even discover what millions of other people in its community have discovered in this amazing world of holographic audio. Naturespace: Sleep Relax Focus records incredibly relaxing, immersive, and highly curated outdoor environments in 3D using the most flexible and unique technique. The entire hemisphere is preserved when the audio is recorded in 3D whether the sound occurs in front, beside, behind or above the listener. Nature Space is a powerful tool for aiding focus, concentration, meditation, making noises, jumpstarting the imagination, evoking memories, fueling creative process, relaxation, and more. So just download Naturespace: Sleep Relax Focus, and enjoy its entire features for a relaxing life.


12. Noisli

Noisli is probably one of the widely used apps which helps everyone to improve their focus, boost your productivity, and brings a high concentration of life. Noisli – Focus, Concentration & Relaxation is a great tool which helps its users to enjoy the background noises as well as a colour generator for working and relaxing in the way like never before. It carries high-quality ambient soundtracks which allow you to focus while you are working just to boost your productivity. This app is mainly introduced in the market to enables its users to enhance your concentration as well as to enhance your working productivity. This app is also applicable to create pleasant audios for sleeping, relaxing, or whatever you want. Some variety of sounds that it provides includes rain, relaxing waves, white noise, brown noise, pink noise, coffee shop noise, fan, rumbling train, summer nights with owl, fireplace, seaside, water stream, leaves, forest with birds, and lot more. The noisli app helps you create as well as save your wonderful combos to feel more compassionate. So pick Noisli – Focus, Concentration & Relaxation from the store, and enjoy any sounds for any reason.


13. Lullaby for Babies

Lullaby for Babies is another exceptional app and probably the parent’s choice for their kids, introduced by DesenvDroid. Lullaby for Babies is an elegant product especially for kids which allows every parent to calm their babies and let the sleep like an angel. This application helps you use noise sounds to relax your babies by choosing any from its extensive library. It allows you to pick the music of your choice and the time, and put your child to sleep through these beautiful songs that help you calm your babies down for the real-time. It allows you to choose the music as well as specific time so that you can enjoy great quality sound for absolute relaxing. It helps you provide sounds which allow you to calm your babies from the disturbance, distractions, and frustration. Having this app, you never need to sing rhymes for making them feel asleep or relax. Your babies would enjoy ultimate sleeping using its best relaxing sounds. So just download this soothing songs app, and play these songs in front of your young children when they go to bed along with the intention of speeding that process as well.


14. Digipill

Digipill is one of the most effective digital pill, and a must-have tool to help people losing their weight, de-stressing, getting to better sleep, and the like. Digi-pill is one of the world’s best self-help app which helps you prevent insomnia, reduce stress, gain confidence, lose weight, increase the motivation level, reduce anxiety, and more. It also helps you explore your mind, to be more creative in the deeds that you face in your daily life. Digi pill helps you get closer to a traumatic experience and so much more. It comes pre-loaded and free, and you can miraculously see real results in less than 20 minutes. When you get shot of these significant pills, you can easily purchase them from the store inside of this app. there are 12 pills to download right now and keeps on adding more for your convenience. It uses an elegant combination of NLP and psychoacoustics to help you unlock your subconscious in order to change the perception, your behaviour, or the mood.  So just download Digipill, sit back with some headphone, remove all the distractions, and listen.


15. Pzizz

Pzizz is another elegant application which helps you enjoy sleeping at a push of a button. Pzizz – Sleep, Nap, and Focus is brought to you by Pzizz Inc. which enables its entire users to fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed by letting you have more than 100 billion sequences to experience. This app helps its users to fall asleep fast with its intuitive sleep modules. It is an ultimate tool which helps you relax, de-stress, and energize with the nap module. While its focus module helps you get more work done by a better focus on things that you usually do without having any distractions. It carries a distraction-less atmosphere through which you can concentrate on things like never before. Pzizz – Sleep, Nap, Focus also helps its users to track their sleep and nap and lets you focus on the history over time. Its wake up music also brings you gently out of the slumber. It features simplicity, variety, high customization, clinically validation, and no side effects. So just download Pzizz – Sleep, Nap, Focus, and enjoy better relaxation and focus right using this app.

More About SimplyNoise

SimplyNoise is probably one of the best sound machines that you can buy for a single dollar. Simply Noise is a great product of Reactor which helps everyone to get an awesome sound machine right on your mobile phone. This app features the highest fidelity pink noise, white noise, oscillation, brown noise, sleep timer, and much more that really helped thousands of people from all across the world from all ages and professions to block distractions. It helps you listen to sound that you are needed the most at any time, anywhere using this elegant sound machine. SimplyNoise is one of the most simple to use and intuitive tool which enhances your privacy and melts away the stress from your life. You can access this app anytime and easily select any of its features to get indulged into. You can easily find it on the web as well and enjoy one of the simplest and easiest apps with a nice, simple, and clean interface. This app creates awesome sleeping for everyone, especially for babies. So just download SimplyNoise, and enjoy each of its relaxing features right on your mobile phone.