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Six Corners is a very difficult and to some extent is a frustrating game because of the complexities and nonsense kind of difficulties involved in it. This game can be good for those who are highly intelligent enough to deal with manipulations… read more
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20 Apps Like Six Corners


Don’t Step Doge Tile

Don’t Step Doge Tile is one of the best addictive game that is based one of the most popular games don’t tap on the white tile. In the game, your task is only one and that is not to step on the dodge tile at all because if you will tap on that tile, you will lose the chance and game will start again.

Don’t Step on White Tile – EN

Don’t Step on White Tile – EN is a game where you required not tapping on the white tile at all. That is the basic requirement of the game and the only means of survival in this game.

Don’t step on the white block

Don’t step on the white block is one of the most addictive games on the kik where you need to make the difference between white and black block. The game aims to test the reflexes and accuracy of its players.

Don’t step the white tile

Don’t step the white tile is a highly addictive Japanese styles game that basically tests the reflexes of the people against time and movement. The game is about testing the speed and accuracy of the users in a simple and fun game playing environment.

Bottle Flip 2k16

Have you ever seen the puzzle games like this that shake the mind of the players at each step involved. Bottle Flip 2k16 at first appearance seems to be very easy, but it is not reality because when you will move into the game you will realize that it’s playing environment and system for playing and controlling is entirely different from most of the fast paced addictive puzzle games.

Six – Hexagon Fall!

Six – Hexagon Fall! is really an addictive and challenging puzzle game set in the environment that is full of entertainment and fun. It is one of the most exciting games at the moment available over the internet.

Hexagon King

Hexagon King seems to be an easy to play game but we will never ask it an easy to play game at all because of too much complexities involved in the game.

Jelly Jump

Jelly Jump is in fact an arcade style mind blowing game for the smartphones and tablet devices with a unique style of playing system. In the game there is a jelly and you have to guide that onto multiple closing platforms by tapping on the main screen of the device to keep the jelly moving and jumping all the time and force it to survive as long as possible.
0 is a game where your mission is to conquer one of the largest territories so that you can become the leading scorer over the points table. The game seems to very simple and easy to handle but it is the half-truth.


Spiral is a highly addictive and colorful game where a spiral tower is located in the middle of the game and you have to keep your journey on while moving upward on this moving tower.

Tap Tap Builder

Tap Tap Builder is like city and tower building game but don’t take this game as a SIM based game as well where you construct an entire city. The game basically demands from its players to keep the blocks on one another perfectly and in that’s way create a stunning tower or residential building.


Stack is an appealing and time eater block building kind of game where you have to keep the blocks building on. In fact the blocks or you can say slides are moving down and you have to place them on each other one by one.


ZigZag is a fast paced moving game where your object is on the wall and you have to keep it on the wall at any cost. Your path is not streamline at all rather it is in zigzag format that’s why the name of the game is ZigZag.

Don’t Touch The Spikes

Don’t Touch The Spikes is a simple arcade game that shares some elements with Flappy Bird that is another fast paced moving smartphone game. However, Don’t Touch The Spikes offers totally different style of gameplay to its players.

Tap Tap Fish –AbyssRium

Tap Tap Fish –AbyssRium is a puzzle game that rather than confusing the player and keeping them in hot waters all the time make them able to get relaxed and relax their nerves as well.

Rolling Sky

Rolling Sky is the name of a really interesting, challenging and all time entertaining game that is pushes the boundaries of the puzzle game lovers and their speed and reaction towards the fast paced moving games.


Six! is the latest addition to those mind challenging games that are really shaking the minds of the people. This newest game for the smartphones and tablets is really exciting, challenging and infuriating at the same time because of its different playing style an.

Dancing Line

Dancing Line is such kind of game that keeps its players entertained for unlimited hours. It is a game that invites you to come and test your rhythm and reflexes skills.

Tap Tap Dash

Tap Tap Dash is a highly addictive game with the amazing gameplay environment where the player needs to do that first that is being asked to him. He must not go for doing those activities at all that are strictly disallowed in the game.

Don’t Tap The White Tile

Don’t Tap The White Tile is a fast pace tapping game based on the single player gaming. This free to play a game that is available in six compelling modes is at the moment available for only Android and iOS devices both smartphones and tablet devices.

More About Six Corners

Six Corners is a very difficult and to some extent is a frustrating game because of the complexities and nonsense kind of difficulties involved in it. This game can be good for those who are highly intelligent enough to deal with manipulations. The game basically contains six different corners and one dice. You have to roll the dice but make it sure it must not fall from the corners at all as these corners are the boundaries. The overall game environment is set in a hexagon shaped room and you have to play in all six corners. That is what you have to do throughout the game. This puzzle game is based on the principles of matching as well. With the rolling hexagon you can make the walls to fall as well. The game is very exciting who think they can give the tough to these kinds of frustrating games. Six Corners is simply the perfect one game to be played in the spare time.

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