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Skitch is a great and a widely used app to take a snap. Sometimes we see something that sparks an idea, Skitch is an awesome tool to snap it, mark it up, and send it on instantly. Skitch – Snap. Mark up… read more
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8 Apps Like Skitch for iOS

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1. Greenshot

Greenshot is another elegant application for grabbing screenshots to capture things that you want to store. Greenshot is a lightweight tool with a number of intuitive features that comes out to let you work smoother. You can easily and instantly create screenshots of any of your desired regions with a number of its additional features. Greenshot lets you enjoy easy annotation, highlight or obfuscate parts of the screenshots, grab the selected region, full screen or window, or more. You can even export your screenshots in various ways such as by attaching to e-mail, copy to clipboard, and save to file to share them through social media. Some of its additional improvements include the resizing of functions, image upload, smaller arrowheads as requested, and more. Now you can easily capture any of your desired screen and stuff on it with this ultimate tool. But on the same end, it is not as feature rich as some long-time Greenshot users expect when you were using this on the PC before. So just download Greenshot to enjoy a lot of other options simplifying the work with and creation of screenshots every day.


2. Record it!

Record it! is a widely used application developed by Digiset LLC which allows its users to elegantly capture their screen to record your most favourite games tutorials, app demos, videos, chat conversations, videos calling, and more. Record it! :: Screen Capture brings an outstanding platform for users who want to capture as well as record their screen for their professional, fun or other needs. It allows its users to record their mobile phone screens with ease and then make them able to add extraordinary stuff to that videos with ease. Record it! :: Screen Capture brings video reaction feature through which you can easily add your reactions to your videos after the recording of your videos for an ultimate personalized experience. Record it! :: Screen Capture allows simple video editing as well so that you can edit your videos by trimming unnecessary frames for the perfect video screen recording. Record it Screen Capture keeps your recordings organized in one place for an easy access to them whenever you want. After making attractive screen recording videos, you can share and export them via email, AirDrop, and other apps.


3. TechSmith Capture

TechSmith Capture is an elegant application that helps you capture app demos, tutorials, most likely gameplay, and more on your iPhones and other devices. TechSmith Capture is well-known stuff introduced by TechSmith Corporation that brings an outstanding app for having an effective video capturing experience. It is an awesome mobile phone application that brings an ultimate set of app extensions capable of recording the screen of your mobile devices. This intuitive mobile screen video recorder allows its users to record full video clips using the iOS system’s global recording APIs. You can extemporize your video recordings with a number of intuitive features. You can import screen videos from the screen recorder, and other recording enabled applications. TechSmith Capture brings an attractive library that keeps all your captured videos organized in one place where you can easily access any of your captured videos whenever you want. TechSmith Capture enables you to quickly transfer your videos to the Snagit and Camtasia over a Wi-Fi connection for ultimate enhancements and editing. So just download TechSmith Capture to enrich screen recordings.


4. LightShot

LightShot is another amazing screen grabbing tool loved by a number of users from all over the world of Android, Windows, and Mac platform holders. Lightshot (screenshot tool) is a great application through which users from all over the can take screenshots instantly by hitting power button plus the volume down key buttons or by turning on the floating button. Lightshot (screenshot tool) brings all usual features through which you can enjoy taking screenshots in an ultimate way. Its screenshot capturing ability comes with damn intuitiveness through which you can have more fun with some enhanced features. You can take screenshots with ease and crop them in the way you want. You can easily select their most important selections and cut them to save them for later. Using its ultimate editor, you can put even more emphasis on the crucial parts of your screenshots by applying lines and arrows from the editor. So just download the easy to use Lightshot (screenshot tool) to capture your selected area fast, enjoy powerful editors, share screenshots through the internet, find similar images, and enjoy screenshots one in just a tap away.


5. Monosnap

Monosnap is a great tool for capturing your mobile phone’s screen in an ultimate way introduced by Farminers Limited. Monosnap – screenshot editor is probably an all in one solution for creating screenshots, capturing videos, recording gifs, and sharing files with much ease and intuitiveness. It is a simple to use application that allows you to capture the full screen, selected part of the screen or a selected window with pretty much convenience. With the ultimate 8x magnifier of Monosnap, you can enjoy the cropping area in pixel perfect scenario. Monosnap – screenshot editor brings a number of customizable hotkeys, recording screencasts, highlights details during recording videos, make delayed screenshots, and much more. You can annotate and edit your stuff in an intuitive manner, having this screen grabbing tool on your mobile phone. It allows you to blur private information, highlight important details with shapes, arrows, pens, and texts, and open snapshots in your favourite external editor. Monosnap – screenshot editor brings a number of saving formats, and you can share your files with ease.


6. Awesome Screenshot for Safari

Awesome Screenshot for Safari is an intuitive screen grabbing tool introduced by Diigo Inc. It is an effective application that provides a screenshot extension for Safari on iOS 8. Awesome Screenshot for Safari efficiently streamline the screenshot process in an ultimate way. It allows iOS users to take screenshots in safari along with the full page screenshot support. You can also annotate screenshots with a number of effective annotation tools. Some of its annotation tools allow you to extemporize stuff with lines, circles, rectangles, arrows, and more. Awesome Screenshot for Safari allows you to save these screenshots to photo or you can even share them whenever you want via email, messaging app, social media, and other sharing applications. It allows you to mark on screenshots so that you can effectively highlight or emphasize your important notes or other stuff through a number of colour drawings on your screenshots. So just download Awesome Screenshot for Safari app to bring your screenshot experience to the upper level.


7. Jumpshare

Jumpshare is an elegant tool through which you can enjoy sharing of files in one of the quickest and secure scenarios along with a number of intuitive features like screenshot capturing, screen recording, file sharing, and more. Jumpshare: Secure File Sharing is an elegant application that helps its users to capture and share anything while having everything that you need to share better from one stop shop. There are a number of amazing features of this app that not only allows you to capture things that you want, but you can also extemporize these things with some extra dose for delivering your point of view. Having this superb utility, you can easily and quickly share your videos, screenshots, documents, and photos. Jump share: Secure File Sharing allows its users to annotate photos with extreme features, and share them instantly without waiting for uploads to finish. It also brings an intrusive file viewer through which you can enjoy watching file with more than 200 formats. So people who want to share files, grab screenshots, and enjoy screen recording can easily download this app from the stores now.


8. Apowersoft Screenshot

Apowersoft Screenshot is a free to use yet powerful tool that helps you surf the internet, take snapshots, and edit images on your mobile phones. Apowersoft Screenshot – Capture Screen Easily is a fine production of Apowersoft LTD that is packed with a number of attractive tools. There are a huge number of its amazing features through which you can enhance your long-term screenshot experience. You can easily take a snap of your selected regions, regions of the internet, or even fill a webpage with contents beyond the screen. Apowersoft Screenshot – Capture Screen Easily brings a powerful annotating tool as well through which you can easily annotate your snapshots with lines, arrows, circles, rectangles, texts, and more. You can even crop the most desired region of your screenshots having this app on your phone. Apowersoft Screenshot – Capture Screen Easily brings the most traditional way of taking screenshots. So just download Apowersoft Screenshot app to create screenshots, crop and annotate images, draw your inspiration, and share these images to popular social networks instantly.

More About Skitch

Skitch is a great and a widely used app to take a snap. Sometimes we see something that sparks an idea, Skitch is an awesome tool to snap it, mark it up, and send it on instantly. Skitch – Snap. Mark up. Share lets your stand out bold ideas a bit more and even brighter with this superb application. There are a huge amount of people using such a classy application to capture their innovative stuff with ease. It is a superb application used by millions of people to let them visually share their ideas and thoughts with others. You can use this app in to mark up photos of silly, cool, and inspiring things you see and share them through SMS, email, through any social media application, and more. Skitch – Snap. Mark up. Share also lets you annotate photos of your backyard just to plan out your healthy garden. It is also a productive application for events such as you can utilize this app to capture a map, mark it up, and share them with your friends to show them where you will be. You can also enjoy its premium features but after its download.