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Sky News is one of the best options amongst the most acclaimed news networks around the globe and effectively the most credible alongside the BBC in the United Kingdom. The application for android and iPhone framework is a high class with every one of the elements laid out accurately… read more
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10 Apps Like Sky News for Android

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1. BBC

The BBC News is one the most honest and neutral platforms that brings people the latest news and proper analysis of the topics that are at the time in trending phase. There are many features of this mobile application that can help you get dependent on this platform. The main advantage of the app is the local versions. No matter where in the world you are, there is the option of using the version of the app in the area you are staying. There are different editions also, for example, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the World. The application has redesigned itself in the past few updates, and there are many changes which have refreshed the BBC and given it a more real look. The color of the app remains the same red which is the usual color. There are different sections in which the app is divided. There is the option of LIVE news, then there are the top stories where you can get to know about the trendiest stuff. There is also the option to select your own news, a place where people can select different topics and then get the news according to it. There are distinctive sections of news from which it can be picked. This can be as science, governmental issues, sports, showbiz, expressions, history and a great deal more. There are likewise diverse forms, for example, Asia, America, Europe, Britain and even a different one for China. This makes it simpler for individuals to search for the accurate news they need. The method for communicating with people is straightforward, every one of the choices are laid out on the left sidebar which guides people in finding what they are looking. Individuals can likewise change the settings for various things, for example, outline, news design, and different elements. More or less, this application is a standout amongst the most genuine and conventional places to get news and perspectives.


2. Fox News

Fox News is the universal news app created by news network Fox News. You can get streaming coverage of live events and exclusive programming available online. It will allow you to search the latest headline by watching Fox News live coverage and on-demand clips.

The user can subscribe to Fox News alerts to get updated news on the mobile screen. It will connect with your favorite shows and news personalities on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more directly from the app. Fox News has a new feature of The Desk News, where you can customize Fox News experience. You can add information to the desk like topics, shows, and tweets.


3. ABC News

ABC News is the one of the best news application. It will find breaking news from the USA and the world, and will keep you updated on entertainment, politics, health, technology, science, and business news. The feature of personalized alerts is also present in ABC News by which this app will keep you update about your interesting topics by sending real-time news of that topic. It has the option of ABC News Inbox, where you can save stories, alerts, and follow-ups appear in one place for easy catch-up. You can also share a headline, or easily stop following a story. Today’s most interesting news from all around the world is now in one place. ABC News Radio provides you updated news in an early-morning jog or driving home. You have the ability to read stories while playing videos on your smartphone. The user can build a playlist on the fly to create a personalized watchlist.


4. NBC News

NBC News will provide you the stories of your interest, right now. The new feature of this app is that you can download stories automatically so you can read stories without an internet connection. NBC News will deliver up-to-the-minute breaking news, exclusive interviews of well-known personalities and different reports from our journalists around the world. You can visit our new section, the Decision 2016 where you will find the latest news about the 2016 election, including debates, polls, and results. A lot of articles, videos, and slideshows are now available on this app. NBC News is the faster and more visual app than ever before. It has split screen feature by which you have the ability to play video when you are reading stories. The user can also play videos on Chromecast or any other Cast-enabled device. Interactive notification will inform you about important stories. NBC News is providing live coverage of all news you want and other stories which you want to share.


5. CBS

Columbia Broadcasting System which is otherwise called CBS is an American television network which has its main office in New York. It is a standout amongst the places where people can watch the news and other related shows all through the United States. Not just that, it has the capacity to make its name far and wide due to the authentic reporting and speedy news. There are numerous features which can be talked about for this application, yet the fundamental ones are that it has remodeled itself as of late, and the progressions which have been brought has made it a standout amongst the most utilized apps with regards to getting the news. The application with its new features such as notifications can send you alerts on the most recent occurring around the globe, and you will become more acquainted about them when you read the details later. There are numerous other elements as well, for instance, individuals can get the opportunity to watch most recent videos and other stuff through the application. This can be used as an alternative for watching TV and sitting before it. There is also the option of installing different gadgets. The main condition is that you have to be subscribed to a broadcasting system, then you can watch stuff on the go. There are likewise numerous videos along with the news which can be found with the details to get more understanding into the story. Individuals who are keen on different programs can likewise get the opportunity to watch the stuff on the app. People can also get more info about a lot of things including games, business, and science. There is additionally a different widget which can be saved on your home screens to guarantee you can see all the news without opening the application. In general, this site has numerous advantages which can be the reason people will utilize it more in the near future.


6. Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera is a standout among the applications that give the most recent news and profound understanding on the developing stories around the world. It was popular path before the applications existed and now has the capacity to become the most well-known since there are diverse options available after the mobile versions were introduced. Numerous elements of this application can help individuals to stay in contact with the news. The principle one is the notifications which appear on the phone when another story breaks out. Individuals can change the settings according to their choice and can choose the time when the alerts will appear. The other advantage of the application is that since it is not a nation particular news channel individuals can become more acquainted with happenings everywhere throughout the world. It is the principal English language based application that concentrates more on the events occurring around the world. There is also the option of sharing stuff with your friends on other social networks for example, Twitter and Facebook. Individuals can likewise watch diverse videos associated with the stories they read and there is additionally the alternative of listening to the live stream on the application. The application gives you the news as well as tell you about the climate, gives you tips on traveling and even helps you to manage your person to person communication so that you do not waste time because of weather. Individuals can also save the stories at one place to peruse at a later time. Many other features of this app are also available which can help develop someone’s interest. The possibility of making your own ‘my news’ segment allows you to keep track of important news. With everything taken into account, this application is one of the best and can progress even more in the coming days.


7. CNN

CNN is a news application which will give you news from The USA and other countries. This app is redesigned for use on both your smartphone and tablet. It will connect you to the world and informed you with the latest headlines and original stories from around the globe. You can follow up-to-the-minute reporting with breaking news alerts and live video. It will allow you share your videos and watch live CNN TV. The user can view here favorite CNN shows live and a large number of video clips or coverage of live events. You can go beyond the limit with international, opinion, politics, sports, education, and entertainment stories. It will let you know about the weather conditions of you area, including current and extended forecast. A gallery is a part of CNN where you can see photos of today’s news. You can sync it with your android watch and can get breaking news or top stories on your wearable device.


8. ABC Australia

Australian Broadcasting Corporation is a news network which is frequently mistaken for the America Broadcasting Corporation yet is a standout amongst the most well-known apps for news and surveys in Australia. A few features inside the application can make people like this platform much more and guide them in perusing the story and watching the stuff of their choice. The fundamental elements of the application are just like any official news channel would have. People are given the most recent news, breaking news alarms and different elements which take place in the world on the exact moment. There are additional videos present in the application with the news you read which can be seen by individuals depending upon their area and the version they are utilizing. There is likewise the alternative of sharing all that you read, with your companions and different people with the assistance of sharing buttons for social networks. There are various sections in which the news has been divided. People have the chance of perusing news about games, legislative issues, national, universal, science, expressions and even showbiz. They can equally make their own particular news area where they can monitor the news subjects that intrigue them. This section can be altered, and things can be included or expelled at any given moment. There is also the alternative of becoming more acquainted about climate and different elements such as temperature. People can see the photographs identified with a story which is just possible if you are in Australia. Individuals can likewise get the chance to watch the TV live inside the application. They can similarly stay up to date with the news on their gadget since they can get notified with the breaking news and events happening far and wide from where they live. Numerous different components of this application can be useful for individuals who need to stay in contact with everything through one application.


9. NPR

NPR News is one of the best places with regards to news and staying updated with every one of the events that are taking place at a quick rate. Sometimes it gets hard to monitor all the news, however this application helps you in becoming acquainted with the stuff because of the assistance of a few elements which make it valuable. Individuals are provided with the most recent news, breaking news alerts and different components which happen around the globe at the exact moment. There is the option of streaming live videos in the application which can be seen by individuals depending upon their area and the service provider they are registered. People can listen to the audio of various channels stream from throughout the world. There are distinctive sections in which news is spread. They have the choice of perusing news about games, legislative issues, national, global, science, expressions and even showbiz. Individuals can discover distinctive channels with the assistance of their GPS or by entering the postal code which help them to listen to the particular channel in the local area. There is similarly the option of becoming more acquainted with the recent weather and other elements. People also get the option of seeing pics related to the news. The likelihood of sharing all the news with others through different social networking buttons, make it significantly more charming. The design is valuable where every one of the features exist at one side subsequently making it simpler for the client to ensure they can see every one of the components. People also get the option of reading news at a later time and can save it at one place. There are numerous different elements of this application too which can indicate it is a helpful tool for somebody who needs to peruse the news and listen to their most loved stuff on the web. This is the reason, it is one of the best places to use for news, perspectives and alerts.


10. Yahoo News

Yahoo is one of the greatest services particular with anything that is fundamental for people and this application of Yahoo News is precisely what a person who needs to stay in contact with the most recent news and stuff will require. There are numerous intelligent elements of this app which make it one of the best places, it might not be the most exceptional, but rather the application gives all the important tools at one place to ensure you don’t pass up a great opportunity for gaining knowledge. The interface is straightforward where you can discover every one of the options at one side. This aide in ensuring you don’t need to look here and there to reach the wanted point. The possibility of setting alerts on the breaking news you need to know is likewise a probability, the application sends you breaking news on the phone regardless of where you are. There are also video clips present with most of the text news to make it more alluring. Once you finish reading a news, all the related stuff will appear toward the end to ensure you don’t pass up a major opportunity for reading related stuff. The main disadvantage maybe of this site is that there is no live streaming of news since there is no channel of Yahoo. All the news here is given by various other news agencies which are as of now acclaimed in the news world. It is not just about news on legislative issues and other stuff, rather there are numerous categories which are available, for example, sports, history, science, innovation, expressions and other. The main aim of this app is that individuals become more acquainted with the events taking place around the world. There are many diverse features of this application as well, which can be useful for the ones who are a news buff and need to stay known with whatever is occurring in the world of news. This is the reason which makes this application a standout amongst the competitors, particularly in the United States.

More About Sky News

Sky News is one of the best options amongst the most acclaimed news networks around the globe and effectively the most credible alongside the BBC in the United Kingdom. The application for android and iPhone framework is a high class with every one of the elements laid out accurately. Individuals can watch the live streaming regardless of where in the United Kingdom they are and regardless of the possibility that they are not subscribed to the news channel. The user interface is laid out in such a way where every one of the choices are available on the left sidebar from where everything can be reached easily. The settings can be changed from here, and individuals can likewise roll out different changes according to their need and also sign in. The application sends you alerts related to the news from throughout the world particularly the UK. There are distinctive versions for individuals who are living in different parts of the world or need information about different nations. Once chosen, the application will indicate news specific with that version. People can skim distinctive articles and once they scroll down, the related articles and news is demonstrated to ensure if a man needs more data about the topic. There is additionally a gadget present which demonstrates all the breaking news on the home screen and people don’t need to open the application to get to that info. All the news is secured satisfactorily and instructive articles ensure individuals can get to know about everything. There are numerous other components too, for example, imparting the news to companions on other informal communities with the help of sharing options within the application. On the flipside, when you have downloaded the application, the interface is new and the option that a person can read news even in the absence of internet gives it another edge. More or less, this application is one of the best options to peruse and watch the news from your gadgets particularly in the event that you are in the United Kingdom.